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i deleted a thread instead of a post by accident
in exchange i offer yu all i hav


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this is a halal hot pocket image board


Best Xbox 360 game


ugh, 'no'
ur series is confusing and messy. interactive games shouldn't turn into anime


This board truly is the best /v/! I'm fucking gooming!


nigger this is the hot pocket thread. If you're not going to post a image of a hot pocket or talking about hot pockets you need to go elsewhere.


fuck you now its a blogpost thread i played deus ex for the first time and holy shit what a game great writing coupled with the retarded voice acting and the fact that nearly all of the conspiracies it was meant to be taking to the extreme have actually come true made it all worth every second of playing it except the flashlight is extremely irritating to use and i couldnt reassign it to a different button because for some reason that option wasnt included in the game even though everything else could be reassigned what the fuck
or am i retarded and theres a way to reassign it and i just wasnt looking hard enough?


also the swimming parts were tedious glad there was basically no required swimming sections


deus ex is great. I don't recall there ever being a way to reassign buttons but I could be wrong.


no you can reassign most buttons except for augs which isnt a big deal for most of them since theyre not really used as often as the flashlight, but the game is dark as fuck so the flashlight will be used a lot especially if you do a stealth run and have to sneak through rally dark alt paths
not really a huge deal but too many times i fucked up and got my brains blown out because i kept trying to hit "f" to toggle it instead of f12 and an enemy saw the light


>retarded voice acting
>implying it wasn't god tier
It's cheesy as fuck but the delivery of JC's one liners really makes the game for me. As for the controls I never really had a problem personally but maybe try using something like Joy2key?
Also if you're gonna replay it I'd recommend GMDX (specifically the fanmade v10 version since the old one is kinda fucked). Basically it's a rebalance mod that improves the AI and makes some of the augments more useful. There's some questionable changes but it's a good way of mixing things up for a second playthrough


cheesy is just another way of saying retarded but yah it was gud i wouldnt change it ever
deadpan "what a shame" and that chink lady full on doing the ells as arrs will never not get me rollin
i might give that gmdx thing a try when i get around to another playthrough but im gonna find something else to play first i dont wanna start a second playthrough and get burned out on it halfway through

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