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Does /v/ play anything like this?
Recently been playan OpenLara, only the first TR game is fully playable so far but it's pretty impressive. Someone even ported it to GBA lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igEUjEci-eg


just picked up nethack again it's pretty cool


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OpenTTD is probably the best source port I've seen so far. You don't even need the original game files anymore since they made new open source assets (imo the original graphics look nicer but it's a nice option for people who can't be bothered to pirate the game from somewhere)


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Neverball is fun
Plus you van make your own levels easily


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Absolute fun


So basically Monkey Ball? bretty good I guess


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Super Monkey Ball is an arcade game while Neverball is more of a fast paced kinetic puzzle game that uses the same control style. Tons of different levels with different styles, a few of them are pure racing but most others you have to unlock timed doors hit switches or access teleportation portals. The advanced levels are just as hard the ones in Monkey Ball.

For people with trackball mice I can also recommend Trackballs. It's an old game with ugly UI but you don't need much to do a decent Marble Madness clone.


so basically marble madness? bretty good i guess


Using the trackball as a control device is a genius idea actually, I'm surprised it wasn't more common

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