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File: 1642513292418.jpg (938.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, xboxactivision.jpg)




>a bunch of mature games for mature gamers such as myself
>Candy Crush


File: 1642529516296.png (884.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d5873c13c4ae85186d6257ee80….png)

>Candy Crush
Candy Crush turns over billions yearly, it's probably the most valuable thing in the deal

>a bunch of mature games for mature gamers such as myself

They're getting Spyro and Crash too


Yeah I'm aware, but I just found it funny how out of place it looks in that image


What if they rebooted candy crush as a gritty shooter with brown and bloom graphics?


>List of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft
>January 11, 1999 FASA Interactive
known for Mechwarrior, dead
>April 19, 1999 Access Software
known for Links, dead
>June 19, 2000 Bungie
known for Halo and being only good Apple game developer, sold then reacquired
>December 5, 2000 Digital Anvil
known for Wing Commander, dead
>May 3, 2001 Ensemble Studios
known for Age of Empires, dead
>September 24, 2002 Rare
known as third party developer to Nintendo, effectively dead
>April 6, 2006 Lionhead Studios
known for Black & White then Fable series, dead
>November 6, 2014 Mojang
still alive but unsurprising considering how big Minecraft is
>August 8, 2016 Beam
turned into Mixer streaming service that was quickly killed off
>November 10, 2018 Obsidian Entertainment
>June 9, 2019 Double Fine Productions
>September 21, 2020 ZeniMax Media
Plus dozens of other small companies not worth mentioning. All that's left for them to purchase is Square Enix, EA, Ubisoft and Rockstar. They can afford all of them several times over


>$69 billion
holy fuck


Painting Xbox as a studio killer doesn't even make any sense. They have saved multiple studios that would've died if not acquired (Double Fine, Obsidian, Arkane). Activision was killing itself and not even managing to get games out, they can only go up from here.


File: 1642555500310.jpg (146.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, podracercredit.jpg)

Oh yeah thanks Microsoft for saving Double Fine.

They're sucking up as many IPs as they can so they won't be resold on competing gaming services, it's as simple as that. This is their only option left to keep the xbox brand alive since everything else they've tried has been a failure.

Are you going to be making the same excuse when EA or Ubisoft gets bought next? Every major publisher has been releasing broken crap for years now including Microsoft. Why would the situation just magically improve all on its own when there's less competition?


>Why would the situation just magically improve all on its own when there's less competition?
Xbox wants to make game pass as attractive as possible. They have an actual incentive to make lots of games, and to have a good variety of games. That means instead of just spamming yearly COD, we might start to see some different games coming out of Activision-Blizzard.


a parody game like that mite b cool but i doubt >we'll be getting anything like that anytime soon at least not from any AAA developers


well yeah the games are prolly gonna be gay but i dont think hes claiming there will be big improvements just that m$ isnt likely to simply kill off blizzard when they have rights to potentially tremendously profitable ips


it's kinda funny that candy crush brings in more revenue than any other game on that list
normalfags were a mistake


As far as AAA normie games go it's probably one of the better ones tbh. Never played it myself but given the choice I'd prefer to play a simple little puzzle game over gritty brown shooter with 50 hours of cutscenes #1528931120


i seen people playing on the subway, looks like something you could make in a week even without durgasoft certified developers
nothing wrong with that, i just think it'd be interesting to know why people play candycrush instead of the million other identical games


and also why they pay money for that shit


>it'd be interesting to know why people play candycrush instead of the million other identical games
Probably a fucking hueg marketing budget considering it comes pre-installed on all Windows 10 devices


I can't wait for the day when it's only Microsoft and Sony left. The future of video games is so bright.


>implying anyone will even buy a PS5 when CoD is SeX exclusive
I don't even care at this point tbh, there's enough decent old games to last a lifetime anyway


File: 1642631770150.webm (6 MB, 854x480, 427:240, b347016b2f4c00aeda8e5c25f….webm)

>tfw you missed the late 2000s tech gold rush
>tfw you will never become a gigabillionaire by exploiting retarded boomers
it hurts so much bros…


File: 1642640382877.png (91.05 KB, 361x363, 361:363, comfy.png)

>The future of video games is so bright.
This but unironically.

>Xbox is back

>Activision is back
>Blizzard is back
>Konami is back
>THQ is back
>Lots of new AAA studios
>Lots of new indie studios


im gonna have to doubt that tbh but maybe the indie studios will push something out thats rally good instead of just meh


I just wish I'd have known that bitcoin would be relevant in the future back when it was basically only used by /b/tards to buy weed on silkroad


File: 1642736327869.png (1.69 MB, 9240x3624, 385:151, this is worth 146,121 doll….png)

>Konami is back
Konami cares more about making NFTs then good games at this point.


Konami is getting back into the console market, they were going to show stuff at last year's E3 but they didn't think it was good enough to show


Did they at least tell us what they were working on. Is it like a new MGS or silent hill or something?


File: 1643059684701.png (140.48 KB, 4096x3312, 256:207, when bones fight evil2.png)

iirc all we know currently is that they're dissolving their mobile and arcade divisions in order to focus more on the console market, so no specific games that we know of yet.
If I had to guess I'd say we'd get a new Castlevania before anything else. It's just a platformer so they're cheap to develop, and that genre is big at the moment (Metroid, Bloodstained, the other 50 gorillion indie Metroidvanias etc) so it's obvious there's interest there.


i mean i like SotN and all but ffs i wish >we could just get another straightforward platformer castlevania like 1 + 3.
cuphead sold well iirc. idk why AAA would think its something that wouldnt sell. CV is a huge IP, and like you said, itd be ez and cheap af to develop


File: 1643072044538.jpg (278.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bloodborne-Gameplay-Video-….jpg)

If the leaks are true then the line-up is:

>Castlevania Reboot (Konami)

>Silent Hills (Kojima Productions)
>Silent Hill spin-offs (Bloober Team + others)
>Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake (Virtuos)

The obvious choice if they really want Castlevania to be relevant again is a Bloodborne clone. It would print money.


Yeah I'd love a new Classicvania, would be perfect for the game about Julius in 1999 that everyone wants. Maybe hire the guys who made ReBirth if that studio is still around since it was pure kino. But given the recent popularity of Metroidvania stuff I think another SoTN style game is a lot more likely, and I'd be alright with that because it's still better than the series being dead like now.
meh, I think at this point we've seen plenty of times that Castlevania just isn't really suited to 3D gameplay. Also I'm really not a fan of souls-like stuff and don't get why everyone wants FromSoft to make every game, but that's just a personal thing. inb4 git gud lol


>I'm really not a fan of souls-like stuff and don't get why everyone wants FromSoft to make every game
fags on youtube yimmed about souls games hard enough that it became a viable marketing tactic im pretty sure half the retards who spout "souls-like" dont even know what a souls game plays like


>Bloodborne clone. It would print money.
that would take a LOT more money and a lot more time tho


By the time it comes out it will be more than a decade since LoS 2, they should go big or not do it at all


>I think at this point we've seen plenty of times that Castlevania just isn't really suited to 3D gameplay
yea those n64 games were rough

hes right tho. a bloodborne rip-off, with CVs stupefying amount of lore, would prolly print
thanks to over-yimming git gud, zoomies see beating a souls game as some sort of hardcore gaymer rite of passage theyre rly not that hard once you realize lvling up your equipment is more important than your char. theyd prolly buy it even if they didnt want it, all so they could avoid being bullied by their autistic discord friends


idk im still not putting much faith in konamis ability to do anything right
this is the same company that decided to drop all console development at a time when consoles were as big as ever so they could FOMO into the mobile market ~10yrs too late, i might add and the fucking pachinko/gacha market which is nipland only

old nip suits are fucking retarded and notoriously inflexible when it comes to rapidly changing markets


>which is nipland only
That's not exactly a small market tho, there are 125 million of those yellow fuckers (many of whom are dumbass otaku willing to pay money for jpegs). Plus I'm pretty sure gacha stuff does well in China and there's probably at least a few weebs in USA and Yurop playing them. And even if the game fails it's not like they spend much money on drawing some anime girl pics and paying some chinks to throw them together into an Android game. As for pachinko they're probably making Yakuzabux from that shit.
I don't know why they decided to drop console development though, maybe something to do with the drama surrounding Kojimbo?


monopoly is gud

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