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>Jedi: Fallen Order 2
>Star Wars FPS
>Star Wars strategy game

EA gets one talented studio and they send them to the Star Wars mines lol


fallen order was decent but kinda boring, i dont think i bothered to finish the game
probably the best star wars game since the force unleashed though

good news though is that ea doesn't have exclusivity for star wars games anymore, so maybe something decent will come out from a smaller studio


actually i forgot about kinect star wars


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Does Star Wars still get any decent games? I had a ton of fun back in the day with Galactic Battlegrounds and the old Battlefronts. Seems to be one of the only series that gets actually good licensed games


not recently but if that news about ea not having exclusive rights to it anymore then we may see sumthin gud in the next couple of years
im still mad how badly castrated ea's battlefront games were i mean i didnt expect much from them but god damn im glad i didnt pay for that shit


File: 1643240396292.jpg (185.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Star-Wars-Jedi-Fallen-Orde….jpg)

I liked Fallen Order but one big problem it has is that all the good bosses are at the end of the game, I can see why people might quit early


Star Wars has been dead ever since disney bought it


Aren't they remaking KOTOR too? I can't remember if that was just a nightmare I had or something that actually was announced.


There's six games in development
>The three Respawn games
>Eclipse (A David Cage game)
>A Ubisoft open world game
>KOTOR remake

So yes it's real but EA isn't developing that one

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