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the eternal debate


is it? nv is objectively superior in regards to weapon system and skills. dlcs were more fleshed out (even if some of them were gay as shit) and added more interesting weapons than the two dlcs 3 had. i liked the swamp dlc for 3 but almost exclusively for the environment. speaking of environments 3's world was too big for the number of actually interesting locations it had, most places were pretty bland. nv had some of that going on too but the map was just the right size for the number of locations so it wasnt quite as noticeable. its been a long while since ive played 3 tho so im probably forgetting a lot of things.
i still enjoyed it but i remember liking nv a whole lot more


>99% of people will tell you that NV is the better game (and they're right) but I don't think 3 is the complete piece of shit most people on imageboards will tell you it is
This, NV is by far the best but the Bethesda games are still good fun. The only ones I would consider so bad they are not even worth playing are Mothership Zeta, Operation Anchorage, Nuka-World and 76.


File: 1643923043355.jpg (52.79 KB, 555x555, 1:1, 55555.jpg)

nice quads bro


>(even if some of them were gay as shit)
Seriously what's up with that? I love NV but basically all the DLCs besides maybe HH are complete shit


File: 1643931908735.jpg (399.15 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, Fallout New Vegas Honest H….jpg)

>all the DLCs besides maybe HH are complete shit
I loved the atmosphere of Honest Hearts but it screams cut content, the map is empty and the main quest ends abruptly. It could've been so much better


prolly a change up in the dev team after the main game was released and some proto-soyboys slipped in
also i was way wrong about there only being 2 dlcs for 3 i completely forgot about the pitt, broken steel, and mothership zeta
cant believe i forgot about the pitt i likd the auto axe a lot


Here's my Todd tier list:

>God tier


>High tier

New Vegas

>Mid tier

Fallout 3

>Low tier

Fallout 4
Fallout 76

>Literally no one has played these tier



File: 1643980399208.jpg (4.12 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, fallout4-1643980054803-699.jpg)

Fallout 4 and 76 don't deserve to be on the same tier. 4 is an okay middle of the road game, Fallout 76 is actual garbage


Personally I'd put Oblivion into the low tier, add Skyrim to the mid tier, and make a new garbage tier with 76 in it.


I somehow forgot that Skyrim existed since I haven't played that shit since the release back in 2011 (fucking PS3 version too lol). Should really give it another playthrough sometime but can't be bothered with spending 6 gorillion hours installing mods and fixes
As for Oblivion it's kinda shitty but I have a soft spot for it because of the nostalgia and SOUL


There's not that much difference between Skyrim and Oblivion, it's just nostalgia goggles


iirc Sawyer handled the writing for the main game while Avellone was mostly responsible for the DLC so yeah that's pretty much what happened


isnt skyrim actually a considerable downgrade from oblivion mechanics-wise?


Oblivion's mechanics are pretty much unchanged from Morrowind so technically yeah. But it was also kind of fucked due to the addition of level scaling that turned every enemy into a huge damage sponge in the late game


>the addition of level scaling that turned every enemy into a huge damage sponge in the late game
oh yah the draugr in particular turned into a huge pain in the ass in skyrim
still some funny moments to be had tho i will always find it funny how i can meander around some field and then suddenly be set upon by a giant and be sent ragdolling into the stratosphere


File: 1644193247371.png (512.91 KB, 660x489, 220:163, 1543623470622.png)

This thread convinced me to finally put in the time to install TTW. I'm amazed how they managed to take 2 buggy as fuck games, bolt them together and get it running mostly stable. Bethesda should hire that man tbh


File: 1644367676269.png (4.08 MB, 2800x1400, 2:1, RPG.png)

Which will be king of this gen?

Outer Worlds 2 lol


>this generation
got some bad news for you bro


Didn't even think about that lol. I guess it's not such a big deal since Xbox can just rotate Obisidian and Bethesda in and out so there's only a couple years between games. I wonder what they are going to do about Fallout though, no way Xbox leaves Fallout dormant for 10 years.


File: 1644426434777.jpg (72.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1525740508234.jpg)

Unless the New Vegas team all agreed to come back I doubt they'd bother getting Obsidian to make another game. Probably next best case would be they get InXile to make it since most of the guys there are boomers from Interplay who worked on Fallout 1 + 2. They must at least realize the interest in something like that since New Vegas has the most active modding community and basically every vidya forum that talks about Fallout is still just arguing about House vs. NCR vs. Legion. Hell they even added a lot of NV content to 76 as DLC iirc


Also I didn't realize until now that FO4 is 7 years old holy fuck


ackchually its been 6 hasnt it?
but yah its been awhile
the boston salt party is the last time i remember really enjoying posting on a video game board that had more than 100 users


I forgot they bought InXile as well. If Bioware doesn't get it's shit together then Xbox is going to own the entire AAA WRPG market


Yeah you're right I forgot it was towards the end of 2015, still a long time for the series to be dead though


File: 1644752011303.jpg (933.75 KB, 2006x2173, 2006:2173, Fallout3sucks.jpg)

there's none


it really does suck ass


Outer worlds is one of the worse games I've ever played. The fact that it's getting a squeal is a crime.


At least it means that Xbox is giving it's studios some freedom, since literally no-one except for Obsidian developers was asking for Outer Worlds 2


Besides the plot stuff most of that applies to NV too though. Also Tim Cain didn't like Fallout 2 either but people still suck that game's dick


>people still suck that games dick
2 gets a lot of flak tho, a whole lot more than the first one at least



File: 1645192151072.png (1.73 MB, 1000x1240, 25:31, F03.png)



There is no debate.
NV is the real Fallout 3. Playing the originals really makes you appreciate it even more.

Also I disagree the only sub par DLC is Old World Blues. Too repetitive, too Rick and Morty, finding the lore for Elijah there is pretty cool though. Lonesome Road is also just kind of okay, I kind of hate the "Nuke your bad guy" ending but it feels like fitting endgame gauntlet.

Also Dead Money and Honest Hearts are just amazing. Dead Money with a couple of the enhanced survival mods and a few extra spooky shaders/retextures and its like Silent Hill meets Fallout.

Its a shame we will NEVER see another Obsidian Fallout and even if we did most of the team that made NV is gone hence even less people with connection to the original would be working on it so you would just get more "LE WACKY POWER ARMOR" Bethesda shit.


eh I didn't like Dead Money that much personally, to me it felt like they were trying to turn the game into a genre it isn't like Operation Anchorage in 3. Although I enjoy taking all the gold bars and imagining Avellone getting mad because I didn't learn his "muh letting go" lesson
Honestly that's one thing I thought they did right in 4. In 1 and 2 getting power armor made you feel like an indestructible walking tank and they bought that back in 4, while in 3 and NV it's just pretty meh (I don't even bother using it in most playthroughs). The fusion cores and getting it in the first 10 minutes of gameplay were both pretty gay though.



>Please sir do the needful


>Its a shame we will NEVER see another Obsidian Fallout

There's always Nexus mods anon


File: 1645607317441-0.jpg (830.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, new-obsidian-rpg-avowed-xb….jpg)

File: 1645607317441-1.jpg (176.23 KB, 1918x1074, 959:537, Avowed.jpg)

We are getting Obsidian Elder Scrolls soon. And it's very likely that the next Fallout game won't be made by Bethesda.


Expansion mods are never good though, last time people got hyped for those we ended up with shit like New California and The Frontier


My only real major problem with Fallout 3 is that you can beat Operation Anchorage without leveling up a single time, and when you do you get glitched Power Armor that makes you virtually unkillable. It's "We Didn't Test Our Product: The DLC".

>SPECIAL stats make no difference
The game is unplayable if you do not at least upgrade your weapon skills immediately. I found out the hard way that your bullets will do whatever they want with a low 'Guns' skill.


That's a problem with all Bethesda games really, Anchorage is probably the worst offender but there's others like Morrowind sending Brotherhood assassins loaded with OP gear to you at level 1. Easily fixed with a DLC delay mod anyway


File: 1645759875135.png (122.4 KB, 763x390, 763:390, Screenshot 2022-02-24 at 1….png)

that could be neat
i hope they lean back into some of the metaphysical stuff that morrowind established

also i saw this today
feels like one of those clickbait rumors that start off completely baseless and will be shot down in a few days after spreading everywhere


Even if it did happen New Vegas 2 would be boring imo. The Mojave has already been done so I don't see the point in continuing the story further


I'm guessing New Vegas 2 is just shorthand for another West coast game


Hopefully that's the case but I could see some suit from Microsoft looking at the NV hype online and thinking "huh guess they want the Strip and NCR vs. Legion again". If they were to rehire all the old staff we'd probably be alright though


>if they were to rehire all the old staff
i wonder if this has ever actually happened


They rehired a lot of the Rare OGs for Yooka Laylee and DKC Returns iirc. Also New Vegas itself is a good example since they hired some of the guys who made 1/2


File: 1645902349197.png (650.79 KB, 720x584, 90:73, sneedclave 100% cannon.png)

I feel like NV 2 would just mean a West Coast set Fallout game. Doubt it will actually happen as it would be a nightmare to write a story while keeping the lore intact. They would pretty much have to pick a cannon ending for NV. My bet is they would go with the NCR wins ending as its the easiest to write even though its by far the most boring. Not to mention that most of the people who made FNV what it is arent even at Obsidian now.

I would love to see them go with the House ending as it the most interesting one in my opinion. It would establish three major powers in the region the Remnants of the Legion, House and the NCR. Not the mention that in the lore the West Coast BoS is its own independent state as well. House having a robot army at his disposal and holding the keys to the NCR's energy creates obvious tension between the two factions. And then the looming threat to the East as the state of Arizona is filled with highly organized tribals worshiping a now deified Caesar. You could definitely make some interesting things with the Post-Caesar Legion.

What would be funny is they steal The Frontier's idea and set the game North of the NCR and just absolutely BTFO those scalefag retarded diaperbaby groomers, SNEEDCLAVE FOREVER


monster boy had a lot of staff from the original wonder boy games


I'm playan TTW right now and actually enjoying it a lot. 3 holds up a lot better when you're essentially treating it as one huge NV DLC because you get the improved mechanics and being able to bring your Capital Wasteland gear into the Mojave and vice versa is fun. Also to me the roleplaying makes more sense. I like how your character is starting NV with some experience in the wasteland, since in vanilla NV despite it being implied that the Courier is an experienced grizzled badass you're still starting out as a noob gameplay-wise


>Yooka Laylee
Didn't that game suck?


It was pretty meh, there was a problem where it had huge open environments with fucking nothing to fill them out. But then I never really liked Banjo Kazooie or collectathons in general so people with a nostalgia boner for those games might've enjoyed it more


Yooka-Laylee is mediocre but the sequel is pretty good.


there was a fuckin sequel? i havent heard shit about that. last things i heard about it was that it was a massive letdown after all the hype and also that faggotry with them firing jontron and removing his voice grunts becaue he quoted fbi arrest statistics
if theres a sequel guess there was enough interest leftover tho


The sequel was made in the style of DKC rather than Banjo Kazooie, apparently it's gud but the lack of multiplayer was a deal breaker for me tbh

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