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Pay up tendies


nintendo alone is enough to make me doubt every single claim retards make about nippon being "based" this is almost as jewish as banking


>every single claim retards make about nippon being "based"
autists on imageboards play games and watch anime thinking it represents how Japan is irl (totally not romanticised, escapist media for depressed salarymen lol). In reality those fuckers give Jews a run for their money in terms of marketing and consumerism. Just look at Pokemon, it's fucking genius in terms of business. The tagline is "Gotta catch em all", but to do so you have to buy the same game twice as two different versions, and then a few years later they make 100 more of them to catch


>but to do so you have to buy the same game twice as two different versions
p sure the expectation there was to trade with frens i mean its still gay to lock monsters behind two different versions but it wasnt aimed at loners lol
also the vast majority of people who buy pokemans arent hardcore completionist autists they just look at what version has the most monsters they like and buy em then maybe trade for any monsters they couldnt get with someone who picked a different version
idk how many monsters there are now but even back when ruby and sapphire first came out something like a third of the monsters were already just filler i cant imagine with the what 1000 (?) that exist now that too many people are that concerned with collecting them all when prolly roughly half of them suck shit and arent even good for furbait


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Yeah not saying it's intended that one guy buys both (those people exist though just look at /vp/) but it works well for their target audience i.e. children because unlike other games you need to buy a copy for each kid (more to do with the lack of multiple save files than collecting mons I guess but still).
>arent even good for furbait
>he wouldn't fuck this


>thats an actual pogeyman
wwwwweeeeeeeewwwww literally jingling keys in front of babbys now huh?


it was from Gen VI so it has been one for like 10 years now lol


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hmm today i will make a pokemon out of keychains2


i havent played furb8mon since gen 3


wait what gen is it now then? 9?


When that new Arceus game releases yeah, Sword and Shield were Gen 8


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>Mario Kart 8 has become Nintendo's answer to Rockstar GTA 5
>The same fucking game for next gen
>Only one free update
<Everything else have to be paid and it's rehashed or scrapped shit
How dare they question Nintendo!?


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>First pack is out
>No zero gravity paths
>Regurgitated maps from the shitty phone app with more blur and lightning
Reminder that Nintentoddlers would call you a retard for pointing out they're recycling the same shit, but it's okay to point that out when other companies do it.


I would like to point out that all the Mario Kart games are basically the same game since the N64 era with little to no changes in-between them. Why you would even buy Mario Kart 8 in the first place is already confusing to me.
Nintentoddlers don't know anything other then consume jap goods and buy everything with a nintendo logo on it. They don't even understand what a a hypocrite is.


Since DS*. Double Dash tried to differentiate itself from the past games with the co-op mechanic. Every game after has just been MK64 HD.

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