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fucking around with item underflow is based
currently building a team of eldritch abominations to eviscerate the elite four
tho i accidentallyed my trainer ID so now most of them dont obey me, which fits the theme i guess

are there any other old games that have zero fucking memory protection like gen 1?
its really fun watching these old games cough up these hexadecimal hairballs and keep running as if nothings wrong


>it caps them at original resolution
p gay


Based, I've always loved gen 1 Pogeyman for the glitches. Even Bethesda haven't managed to make a game this fucking broken (yet)


this board isn't dead?


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brokens kind of a weird word for it.
bethshit is broken as it crashes all the time. even during regular gameplay and not even fucking around too hard

itd be awfully hard to accidentally give yourself item underflow. youd need to be duping stacks of 255 rare candies A LOT, to the point where it deletes every slot in your inventory, then somehow know to give away one of those now non-existent items giving you an inventory capacity of -1 or 255
and in terms of writing literal jibberish directly to its RAM, it handles it a lot better than i expected tbh

unless i go full retard and delete whole lines of code, or start clicking fucking everything at random, most of my crashes have been from accidentally moving my players x/y coordinates out of bounds. and that happened even when i used gameshark codes as a kid


>vids r corrupted
im never gonna be a twitch titty streamer wtf


Yeah of course things like arbitrary code execution won't be something you'd just come across accidentally, but there are a lot of other glitches where that can happen. I remember encountering glitch Pokemon like Missingno a lot as a kid completely by accident.
Might be your browser or something, they werk on my machine


File: 1605907852798.mp4 (5.65 MB, 160x144, 10:9, glitchville.mp4)

>I remember encountering glitch Pokemon like Missingno a lot as a kid completely by accident
that makes sense
theres quite a few different missingnos in the various unused hex values. one for each fossil sprite, one for the ghost sprite, and a couple others.
and the values arent too high, so thats why you can find them randomly if you accidentally glitch out or do the old man weedle catching tutorial thing

its the higher hex values like C4 and beyond where youd need some absurd circumstances to trigger it
tho most of those critters either just make horrifying sounds forever, or make a horrifying sound and crash you immediately
caught a couple cool ones tho

the really REALLY high ones like the Ds and Es and beyond end up spitting out wild "elite 4" encounters where they have full parties of lv 215 abominations. usually at least one will have a glitch move that will just absolutely fuck your save file to death
so thats fun

>Might be your browser

heres a cool glitchtown i found that i actually got to explore for a bit before it kysd
it thinks im on cycling road, hence the constantly moving down. i prolly couldve just flown out, but whatever


I think the only time I've tried out ACE stuff myself was for getting specific Pokemon in R/B/Y for 3DS and transferring them over to S/M, but watching some Youtube channels about the subject it seems interesting for glitching too.
>tho most of those critters either just make horrifying sounds forever, or make a horrifying sound and crash you immediately
Kek this was the best one I've found, sounds like Pikachu being thrown into a fucking meat grinder or something


fuck, embed didn't work


lmao the super glitch corruptions in yellow seem way more unchained
gonna have to try that one next

that zzazz dude has some cool vids
he actually just saved my ass this "playthru"
one of my mons kept overwriting all of its moves with super glitch moves which are basically corruptions that, as soon as you view them directly, start copying and pasting the RAM in front of itself, ultimately nuking the entire game every time it leveled up to lv43. watched one of his vids and it turns out that one of the sprite tiles that makes up the bottom corner of the trees tell the glitch to stop copying itself indefinitely.

so lesson learned:
if your eldritch abomination keeps nuking reality every time it levels up, just go to a screen where theres a tree in the top left corner and the corruption will be relatively minimal

havent tried it yet, but that also means that depending on how far down the screen that particular sprite is, it can allow you to directly control the level of corruption that you get.
would be interesting to see how far you can push it


Yeah it's a bretty good channel. Crystal_ and chickasaurusGL are also some good channels to check out, but their videos are mainly focussed on Gen 2 and 3 respectively iirc.

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