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No big deal really, most of the time when a pirate group dies there's a replacement within days like with Nyaa and Horriblesubs. Also most the PC games I play personally are indies and old shit from GOG


Yeah obviously cracking DRM on games is more complicated than ripping a video with youtube-dl but what I mean is that the staff don't just disappear so most of the Codex guys will probably just join another group (as most of the Horriblesubs staff did with SubsPlease).
Also despite being more complex I'd say the vidya piracy scene has an edge over weeb stuff. With vidya there's more than one group and there isn't a focus on a single website, while the weebs tend to put all their eggs in one basket so everything is fucked if it goes down (like Mangatraders)


Was CODEX even doing denuvo games? As a toasterfag I'm not that up to date on the modern scene but I heard only Empress knows how to crack those


>mods b& the tor ip
CODEX did a lot of denuvo games


>Handball 17

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