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Some madman actually ported the CD-i Zelda games to PC, but with improvements like better physics, controls etc. They're actually not that bad honestly.


nothing to add, just forgot there's a /v/ here


same. that's an impressive amount of work for a piece of shit


How does it run and play OP?


Pretty good, I believe the whole thing was made using Game Maker so they'll work on toasters and shit. Gameplay-wise they're pretty average platformers. I've never played the original versions due to CD-i emulation being shit but I assume it's a big improvement. Also the OST is surprisingly good. Compared to the other Zelda games I'd say they're at least more enjoyable than Zelda 2 if nothing else.


I'll try it out later then. Thanks for the recommendation bro


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No problem breh. Also there's some cheat codes if you're interested:

Down, Attack, Up, Attack, Use(Toggle God Mode)

Left, Right, Left, Right, Attack, Use(Unlock Worlds)

Right, Down, Right, Left, Up, Down, Attack, Use(Max items, max health, upgraded sword and lantern)

Up, Down, Right, Left, Attack, Use(Toggle special mode)

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