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>What the fuck is this?

It's fucking Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart, only the best Mario Kart game ever made.

>But I wanted Red Orchestra!

Sorry, bitches, but I'm gonna force you to have fun for once. Included in the game is a plethora of fanmade maps for both racing and battling, multiple characters both Sonic and non-Sonic like Mac Tonight, Hatsune Miku, Reimu, and Doomguy, excellent music, and gameplay modifiers such as weather events for the sokuniggers.

>You've convinced me. How do I play?

Set up is super easy and it is less than a 500mb download. This game has a Windows, Linux, and an OSX build.
>Download the game here: https://hyuu.cc/
>Download the mods we'll be using in the server here: https://anonfiles.com/56ecbev3pe/Mods_rar
>Install the game anywhere you like except Program Files
>Place the DOWNLOAD folder on the root of your Kart directory
>Start the game (use opengl if you want 3d character models)
<Do NOT enable mods prior to joining the server. The game will load them for you
>Change your controls in options if you feel like it
>Go to multiplayer, scroll to "Specify IPv4 address" and enter the server IP
<Again, DO NOT ENABLE any of the mods prior to joining

>I have no idea what I'm doing or what anything does.

On the main menu, hit F1 on your keyboard to read the manual. This includes all the information you'll need to know to get started, but a lot of the other important things you will learn from playing the game like shortcuts or the types of gamemodes in battle mode.

>What's a "Hell Map?"

Maps that are deliberately made to be hard, awful, and tortuous to race on with the occasional hidden gem. They do not appear in the map list and only have a chance to show up when someone who voted for a random map gets picked. If everyone votes random a hell map is guaranteed.

>What's "Encore Mode?"

The Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania strikes again, activating mirror mode for the track it has appeared on. As in Mania the maps are also given alternate palettes to reflect the change. Enjoy your muscle memory getting fucked.

Here's some tech the game has because lord knows you fags will need it.

Drift storage and air drifting
>Drift storage
When you drift before hitting a ramp or springs your level of drift will be maintained while you're in the air until you let go of your drift button. Use your situational awareness to determine whether your position on the track will allow you to gain more drift or not after landing.
>Air drifting
When you hit a bouncepad you are able to drift while you're in the air. This is especially handy when you hit yellow bouncepads as they tend to lower your momentum unlike red ones.


File: 1606979152427.jpg (142.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zone HUD.jpg)

This server has multiple gameplay mods installed that we'll be switching out every now and then (aside from horns and restat) so read this post to get yourself acquainted with them before jumping in blind.

Annoy everyone around you with loud noises. You press the item button while not in possession of one to honk. By default your horns are randomly selected. If you want to select a different horn open console and type "sethorn [number]/[name]" to change it. If you decide to set your horn by name and there're multiple horns with similar names it will list them for you. You can also set multiple horns by number to have them be randomly selected only from those you listed. If you want to look at the list of horns the server has type "listhorns [page number]" in console to view it. If you want your horn to be randomized again just type "resethorn".

Very simple, run out of HP from getting hit or falling of the track too much and you die.

Love your character but hate their stats? Here's the solution to your problem. Open console and type "restat [1-9] [1-9]". The first number is speed and the second number is weight. Other commands you can use:
>"restat [character name]" to copy another character's stats
>"restat random" to randomize your stats
>"restat off" to back to the character's original stats

Those of you that have played Touhou 10.5 and/or 12.3 will find this familiar. Periodically the weather on the track will change and have various effects on the race. All you can do is adapt as quickly as you can to stay on the track. You will be told what each weather does as they activate. Some have different effects in encore mode.

Another something familiar for those that have played WipEout HD. You have a permanent speed boost that gets faster as you continue to play. Let that accel button go that piece of shit won't help you here. In this multiplayer version of the mode you will race to reach the target zone first while keeping mistakes and deaths to a minimum. Your zone will go up faster when you drift or hit boost pads. When you complete laps and grab items your zone gauge at the bottom will fill up. Once it becomes green you can use a boost that leaves behind a zone barrier for others to run into (press item) or to recover your health (press backwards+item or custom 1). Here's some extra info that will be handy:
>Hitting a wall costs 5hp
>Falling off the track also costs 5hp
>Hitting a barrier cuts your zone gauge in half and depletes 20hp
>Just like a normal race you can be hit by your own barrier
>Dying makes you lose 5 zones
>Healing gives short invincibility
>You can brake for more control at the cost of draining hp
>If you're overshooting a jump brake in the air to drop down. This does not cost hp
>If you're all too shit at the mode the target zone will start dropping after 4 minutes

Battle Plus
Gives more variety to battle mode with extra modes to play. If a map reloads while selecting a mode it is because it is a custom map that was not compatible with the mod. These modes are:
>Bumper Battle
Not much to say as it's ordinary battle mode.
>Ring Runners
Bringing Mario Kart's coin runners into the fray. Collect the most rings before time runs out to win. Attack the other players to make them lose their rings. If you take damage without rings you well enter ring debt which leaves your score at 0 until you climb back up to the positives.
>Emerald Thief
Shine Thief from Double Dash returns in this mode. Grab the chaos emerald sitting on the map keep it with you until time runs out to win. The emerald slows you down while holding it so plan your escape accoringly.
>Mine Blast
Bob-omb Blast SRB2Kart edition. All item boxes give you a mine to throw at everyone else. You can have up to nine mines stacked. Hold the item button to increase your throwing distance. You can also place them behind you like traps in normal play.
>Hot Egg-tato
Hot potato kart edition. One player will be carrying the eggbomb and needs to pass it on to another player by attacking them with an item or bumping them. The last one standing wins.
Bumper Battle, Ring Runners, and mine blast also have team variations that can be selected.


This looks pretty interesting actually, kinda like MUGEN but for Mario Kart


Who doesn't love short notice additions? They go in the same place as the rest of the mods.


pretty cool, thanks for sharing
Sad to say I'm just too busy these days to do anything other than work or sleep


Your links for the mods don't seem to be working for me, seems to be SSL related. If I can get them to work I'll join but being a yuropoor I don't know how the timezones will work





thanks m80


File: 1607307152236.mp4 (6.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, youremynumberone.mp4)

Server shutting down soon. Thanks for playing.


I added a new mod too that's pretty fuckin' neato. It lets you boost when you hit the ground similar to the most recent Mario Karts. You'll have to hold the brake button right before you go into the air to use it.


I heard this game went to shit recently because of drama with the faggot discord devs or something. A shame but at least we can just play the old version


wouldnt be surprising every project that involves discord devolves into tranny drama but whatever the last working version was works just fine anyway when i played it months ago


iirc they keep adding shitty features nobody wants, and when anyone complains they basically say "we're making this game for us to play not the fans so fuck you". Basically the typical elitist faggotry that's so prevalent among vidya devs these days

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