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Any of you guys actually ever play these?


>Enter the Gungeon
>Binding of Isaac
>Shovel Knight
>Cave Story
>Rive (a little bit)
>World of Goo
>Duck Game (a little bit)
>Hollow Knight
never liked the Shovel Knight's money mechanic, it's like an insult to injury if you die. Just away a life like in a classic NES game, what is this souls bullshit? Same thing with Hollow Knight, it's infuriating.


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I finished pic related a few days ago, pretty fun beat em up/life sim made by some Russian doomer. Really bought back that feeling of being in the last year of school and having no idea what the fuck to do with your life


ya i played monster boy it was a good sequel to the wonder boy/monster world series. could have been better but whatever i liked it for what it was. there was a furfaggot character that i didnt like. liked the gameplay and levels, thought it was a good and sensible continuation of the series.


all these are fun until the late game when they become extremely tedious. terraria at least has building block autism to offset it tho
>hollow knight
>cave story
loved them both the whole way through with the small exception of the dream castle platforming section with the spinny blades and spears and shit in hollow knight good lord i dunno if im just shit at platformers or if that was some truly evil level design but i hated it
>shovel knight
i remember enjoying it but i dont remember the game if that makes any sense. was real easy iirc


>i remember enjoying it but i dont remember the game if that makes any sense
Yeah I get that, it's fun enough but not particularly memorable. Some of the OST still sticks in my head though


i dont remember the soundtrack at all either all i know is it didnt annoy the shit out of me
it really is pretty forgettable


The only game that caught my attention was a Wario Land kind of game: Anton something.


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Overcooked was fun with friends




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>64 members
>this place is heavily watched
get over utself lel


heavily is prolly an exaggeration but dont forget that the fbi entrapped all the members of a fuckin 3 member discord
regardless its all talk no bite so yah why tf would your assigned programming socks wearing gaygent do anything but post b8 at you lol


Hollow Knight was good.

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