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i don't know really anything about vtubers or their audience other than it seems like one genre of this phenomenon is like fags watching twitch thots playing vidya except replace twitch 3dpd thots with vtpd thots.

this dazzling and super interesting and definitely not gay insight just came to me now while doing some GETball scouting at /vt/ where >they mention "hololive error" which appears to be a game on steam: >https://store.steampowered.com/app/2062550/hololive_ERROR/

and "hololive" itself appears to be a vtuber agency. so this appears to be a game made with the intention being that vtubers will play it and make cute scared noises or whatever in their dumb fake squeaky voices while NEET jack off to it. Am i understanding this correctly? the game looks fucking terrible obviously, low effort…i wouldn't even call it a "game".

this begs the question: is there an entire catalog of these types of purpose-made games?

are there mainstream games that seems to only be fun if you are watching someone else play it or if someone is watching you play it?


mainstream games are already retard tier and have been for like half a decade at least


Way longer than that lol. But ultimately who gives a fuck about what streamers are playing anyway?


lik a million total "people" at any time of day from numbers of just large streams


a million aint even a lot
twitch makes a fuckton of money though, extracting cash from mentally ill zoomers is a great business model


actually not even just zoomers millenials have been doing it for like a decade too


This, as annoying and obnoxious as they are I find it hard to hate Twitch thots and vtubers because ultimately it's the fault of the simps who enable them. I'd totally do the same if I were born with bobs and vagene


its worse than that, the biggest twitch streamer is adin ross, a rich jewy-looking kid that speaks like a nigger
if your gonna give away money for free you should at least give it to a chick whose at least showing off her tits instead of some retarded kike
twitch makes me want derica more than anything else tbh even twitter cuz its a depressing window into what the gamers of tomorrow are consooming


well if its any consolation they prolly wont reproduce


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When people give money to male streamers it's usually some fucking beta 12 year old who thinks he's their friend


You should ask yourself: Why vtubers are talking like if they're dealing with toddlers?

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