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lmao looks like one of those Unreal HIRE THAT MAN games


The Switch achieved the biggest buyer's remorse in this generation:
>Drifting joyconz
>Only 1 interesting 1st party game
>Shitty RPG's
<Going back to censorship
<Bare fucking bones 1st party games
Don't let his emancipated cattle confound you with their autistic screeching: "Nintendo understand (((us)))", the new Mario Soccer game proved that shitting back the waifus they drool over didn't fucking make up for their incompetence.


><Going back to censorship
where specifically? I remember the whole shitshow with that Persona FE port but otherwise it seems like they toned that down a lot since the Wii U/3DS era


supposedly theres some shitfits being thrown about panties being changed to voids but otherwise idk its not like nintendo had a huge lineup of sexy shit to begin with
yah i know theres a lot of porn of nintendo characters but almost none of it is on model and a lot of the characters look like literal babies in niptendo games any sexual shit is almost entirely on the behalf of horny weirdos with warped sexual preferences that are too old to be playing baby games in the first place


i lik splaton put prob 400 hrs on 2 and i lik 3 more
samsho was on everything but da switch one was the only one where the online was worth a dang
the yoshi game was a huge downgrade from da wii u game
i rally rally liked kirb star ally
animal crossing ate a shit ton of lazy time and i rally enjoyed the dlc, that put a lot of life back in the game for me. havent played the series since the first one tho so take that as you will
smash has a five minute input latency. shame, that
supr maro hat trick left me indifferent

da joycon are shit with tiny babby sticks


>got his hands on leaked sanic AGAIN


>there hasn't been a new sonic game in a while
>make new Sonic game
>its terrible
Its like clockwork really


File: 1668050061179.jpg (31.26 KB, 300x384, 25:32, Costanza black.jpg)

They love to throw away their Happy Meal's by Sony or Microsoft, yet they host orgy parties whenever a RE or Sonic teaser get shit out and the final product is just the same thing or worse. Did they fall for the cult-like advertisement campaigns?


>some shitfits being thrown about panties being changed to voids
That's not even really Nintendo's fault, CERO are just complete autists about it. Here's an interview with Sakurai about it:
>Sakurai: One of the first things they say in overseas ratings reviews is “no guns”—that I can understand. But in Japan, they immediately ask “could you show us all the female characters upside-down?”
>Interviewer: Well, that’s, uh… Are they checking for panty shots?
>Sakurai: Precisely. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U almost didn’t make its scheduled release date because of ratings issues. We had to revise Palutena and Wonder Pink’s models over and over again.
>Interviewer: All because you might be able to see up their skirts? Seriously?
>Sakurai: We had Palutena wearing shorts and made the inside of Wonder Pink’s skirt too dark to see anything. Nevertheless, CERO told us the designs were “sexually provocative.” They were being ridiculous and frankly quite juvenile.
>Interviewer: Some players take great sport in finding that sort of suggestive material even where it doesn’t exist—they see what they want to see. In that sense, it seems like an exercise in futility for ratings boards to determine what is and isn’t “sexual.”
>Sakurai: Underwear is just a piece of fabric. If you’re more worried about something trivial like whether you can see some cloth than whether a game includes firearms, you clearly ought to get your priorities in order.


sucker eye's a faggot guns are far more erotic than pantsu


and that's a good thing here's why:




Now the co-creator is behind bars for causing a fraud.
>Imagine being one of the minds behind Sonic

Funnily enough that was brought up when Mai from KoF got turned down, because you know, who the fuck played Super Smash Wii U? However the japanese can get real assbackwards when censoring shit.

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