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remember Marty at Zeni/id shiddin on Mick the composer years ago? https://www.reddit.com/r/Doom/comments/gdg25y/doom_eternal_ost_open_letter/

Mick responded https://medium.com/@mickgordon/my-full-statement-regarding-doom-eternal-5f98266b27ce

Bethesda issues picrel and are getting dragged queen


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is dom etunl good gam?



know if theres a mod to remove glory kills?
why tf they decided fast paced action game needed constant repetitive animation interruptions to even play is as baffling as ppl enjoying it


gimme dat tl;dr, i'm too lazy to read long articles about internet drama


bethesda stole music & fukt things up, one of their brass wrote fukn reddit post blaming composer
composer lit him up 2 years later
beth now cryin about harassment


one of the best fps ever made

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