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Are >we looking forward to anything this year? Looks pretty boring so far imo


wo long mitebfun
d4 because i m autist


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>no pictures

Persona 4 Golden, I guess I should try this one out once and for all

Fire Emblem Engage, maybe, liked three domiciles

There's a Dead Space remake? Dead Space was good, know nothing about the remake

Hogwarts Legacy might be interesting even though its kiked

Blood Bowl 3, sure

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? The first one I didn't regret playing, sure even though it's gay

Resident Evil 4 remake? Same as Dead Space, >we'll see

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, sure, botw2? I guess

Street Fighter 6, sure

Diablo IV, it's gonna be bad, isn't it? Very little hope for anything

Final Fantasy XVI, final fantasy, I guess. idfk, it's probably gonna be sorta big

Baldur's Gate 3, fucking finally. It's probably gonna be pozzed out the wazoo but I'm a sucker for games like this

I've mostly given up on nugaming, but these ones are the ones I saw that looked the most interesting. I should try to research more


i been waitin for bombrush

ill fuck with bomberman and sf6

ill get zelda and probably put 400 hours in like i did the other switch one and be generally angry about it 3/4 of the time

got a budy really lookin forward to hollow knight 2

is ys still any good? does this one have any promise?


FE Engage would be goty if switch emulator werked and didn’t crash mid battle


lol get fucked switchlet


He doesn't have a Switch though

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