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downloaded and started playing this expansion because i rally likd the base game
the deaths are even more bullshit now thanks i hate it
8/10 bretty gud tho im just bad at it
anyone else here play this?


no but I want to fuck those things


theyd just crawl up your peehole and sleep in your bladder
but for real give it a try its on gog-games so you can just get it for free.
you will prolly die a lot though. sometimes the enemies spawn in some bullshit spots and you gotta either find an alternate route around them or try your luck with killing/evading them
real pretty for a pixelshit game too half the appeal for me personally is exploring and looking at the environments. the other half is chucking spears and killing everything like a true nigger


i play it
>deaths are even more bullshit now
skill issue
there's a multiplayer mod for it too but its
>steam workshop only
the fat cat is really fun to play though


>skill issue
ur right i shouldve been skilled enough to know there was a daddy long legs literally right on top of a tunnel exit when the entrance wasnt flashing or anything
im ok-ish at the game but it is notorious for bullshit deaths
i havent played the fatboy yet i started with jihad cat and then started with the blue one but that ones cycles are ridiculously short. dont get me wrong i like how challenging it is regardless of occasional unfortunate enemy spawns
>steam workshop only
damn so i guess i couldnt play it with you if you were interested?


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i played the fat cat
hes absolutely rotund
>i guess i couldn't play it with you if you were interested
The mod is this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2925115616&searchtext= supposedly it works through an alternate client of the game that just hooks into a mod that the host loads, other players join your instance and pick if they want to play a slugcat or some other creature in the world. I heard it's a fucking hassle because it relies on some third party server made by the mod maker that constantly breaks, but as long as someone owns the game and can download the mod through the steam workshop it should work. I tried downloading the mod through those steamcmd tools a while back but steam wouldn't let anonymous accounts download it so it's probably locked to accounts that actually own the game or the DLC.


Actually nevermind I found it on RainDB (they actually updated it finally) and there's a direct download that possibly works in pirate copies to host with, here https://andrew.fm/rainworld/raindb/Minimalist_Multiplayer.zip
Gonna be playing around with it a bit and see if it works.

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