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in morrowind, if u try to loot the body of ur summoned daedra before it disappears, it crashes the engine


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>if u try to loot the body of ur summoned daedra before it disappears, it crashes the engine
werks on my machine, I used to use that shit to farm high level weapons and sell them


ive never bothered since gold comes so quick in morrowind, but ebony staffs are based af for enchantments like 100 enchantment points iirc and i feel like i never find em in-game. so i made a snap decision and tried to grab it from the golden saint and AS SOON as i closed the loot menu it gave me the most instantaneous CTD ive ever had in morrowind and ive had a couple
the only ""mod"" im runnin rn is the unofficial code patch so maybe somethin in there didnt like it idk

i remember doing a similar thing in oblivion to try to keep the necromancers >use the skull of corruption
>kill the clone
>quicksaving/loading and looting the clone before it despawns
>then give that one to the dude
>run back and get the real one
it didnt crash, but i remember it gave me this weird undefined item. when i dropped it, sometimes it would spawn a permanent giant yellow exclamation point, and sometimes itd just crash the game outright. maybe in morrowind something similar happened and the corrupted item just fucked the game to death?


>using dwemer spiders for creepshots
nice touch


I'm glad I saw this pic again


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It's a pretty well known method for farming weapons so it's probably just your game or classic Bethesda quality coding. I'd recommend using OpenMW these days anyway, it's a lot more stable than the OG engine (pretty much never crashes), and plays nicer with Tamriel Rebuilt (definitely worth playing if you haven't yet). Only thing you miss out on is MWSE-Lua mods but that shit's gay anyway.


prolly am gonna try TR tbh
i just wanted to play vanilla again cuz ppl always bitch now how MW is "unplayable"
ill tell ya whats unplayable: skyrim. its like they took the most boring playstyle TES ever had sword n board and decided "yea that should be the ONLY playstyle"
GG retards

truly, we never knew the privilege we had having stats and dicerolls in RPGs till they were gone


Lol yea, there's a reason why Skyrimfags can't play the game without 6 gorillion waifu tiddy mods installed. Hell even those kinds of pure warrior builds are more fun in morrowind, at least you can use scrolls and get potions/enchantments that are actually useful


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ackshually if there is anything nice i could say about skyrim its that at the very least the sword n board feels less floaty than oblivion, so i guess something improved.
i remember once i tried an orc that used blunt in oblivion and the big hammers felt like i was swinging a squeaky toy at everyone it was retarded serves me right for not just abusing spellmaking again tbh

the issue is that this very slight ""improvement"", from a confused RPG with an identity crisis high on LoTR movie-hype, to a very meh grey and brown """action""" game, comes at the expense of basically everything else. ffs the only magic thats even remotely useful past like lvl20 ime was illusion, and even then u gotta be like totally specced into it or it just bounces off

i mean i had played demons souls quite a bit by the time skyrim came out so my expectations were prolly way way too fucking high, but i saw that game having both highly autistic RPG stat-based tism, as well as the best realtime combat system id ever seen at that point shoutouts to drakan order of the flame tho that shit was way ahead of the curve. 1999 and a MUCH better ARPG than shitrim. better dragons too like goddamn bethesda how do u make dragons suck?? and i thought
>"oh FUCK u put gud quest writing on top of demons souls combat and its literally 11/10 GOAT of all time"

oh well at least modtists are still making morrowind mods
based modtists


and while im goin on about modtism, i prolly am gonna try TR/set up openMW eventually, but i heard theres a new-ish survival mod (not compatible w openMW) called ashfall
im hoping its not too autistic, as that kinda stuff can get completely out of hand quick, but then i liked S.T.A.L.K.E.R. anomaly, so as long as its less autistic than that i figure it might be fun

i rly like the idea of roasting kwama eggs over an open fire tho sounds comfy af tbh


I tried the older version of that mod (Frostwind I think) and remember finding it overly tedious. Unlike STALKER where finding food/water/sleep can be a challenge, it's everywhere in Morrowind so it mostly just means you have to spend more time fucking around in menus. Can't say anything about Ashfall though, maybe they improved it with all the lua shit


it looks like they did the anomaly thing so you can adjust all the autism in-game. the ideal solution imo. i remember when i tried misery mod and i can only imagine the bydlo who balanced that was off his tits on vodka. spent forever fucking with shit manually, finally got it decent enough, then anomaly came out and had the in-game GUI w sliders and it was like, no shit that shouldve been there in the first place

but if nothing else the scripts hes made for being able to add custom skills and menus to MW is rly fucking based. does skyrim even have stuff like that? i mean i guess they dont have stats lol but can they add whole perk trees/mechanics like that?
if not, skykiddies btfo the fuck out

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