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Is /v/ looking forward to any vidya games releasing this year? Personally I'm gonna pick up SMTV and No More Heroes 3.
pic somewhat related


This year? Fam, I just started sonic mania.


Yeah I have a hueg backlog too but it's nice to check out new releases from time to time if they're actually good (which is rare).
Gonna play that one myself too sometime since I just played through the Sonic 3 source port


Are there even any new worthwhile games for this year?


its january depending what you dig theres possibly something but its been a short year




I'd be hyped, but it didn't seem like XIV really got support. Plus SFV I think really killed all the steam the FGC had built up over the years. I'm casual at fighting games but enjoy watching high level people.
Shit's just so boring, wish they would have done Garou 2


everyone hated XIV but it was still good theres really no bad kof. samsho has like 3 dlc seasons or whatever if thats what you mean by support i doubt kof wouldnt get post launch characters. yeah sfv is shit but whatever who cares i wanna play kof xv its gonna be good regardless of how popular it ends up and itll be popular enough that youll be able to find people to play so ¯\_(😊)_/¯ have a hard time thinking it wont be good


Does /v/ have a list of upcoming games for 2021? Could be useful for this thread


I found this which seems to have most of them:


>GTA V [Next Gen]
holy shit gta6 never ever


It's probably gonna be shit anyway. Guarantee the whole plot will revolve around le evil orange man and other American politics bullshit


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File: 1614631638386.mp4 (38.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, solarash.mp4)

Looks so damn good, I miss when Sega made action games. This one reminds me of old Sega too


Thanks for posting I'll play that

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