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What are some games that you can't wait to see get a remake of?


cyberpunk 2077
seriously this vid pretty gud though if you didn't follow the whole hypetrain into shit show


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I'd really like to see this one remade because although shitty a reworked version could be a great fusion between the Metroidvania games and the classic style


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yeah, and zelda ii with some modern QoL stuff. pretty much any of the cryptic nes titles like that having something like a zero mission or am2r


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>What are some games that you can't wait to see get a remake of?

Maybe Metal Wolf Chaos, the old Tactics Ogre games, and pic related. Morrowind on the new Elder Scrolls engine with all the bugs inside of it would be great.


Metal wolf chaos just got a remake


Are you aware of Skywind? Probably won't be finished for a long fucking time but it might be worth keeping an eye on. Highly doubt it will retain all the old glitches though. There's also Morrowblivion which is the same thing but in the Oblivion engine, and that one is actually finished and playable right now.
Speaking of Morrowind a TES3MP server might be a fun idea for multiplayer if that guy from the webring comes back


If you think about, Simon's Quest was a photo-SOTN. A SQ remake would be pretty nice.


>looking forward to a remake on an inferior engine
this is bait right? it has to be


Never said I was looking forward to it personally, but that guy mentioned the idea of porting the game to the new engine and I thought he might find it interesting. Personally I love the old game too much to give a fuck.


Video game remakes, unlike movie remakes seem like something that almost everyone wishes for. I can see why, particularly for the updated game mechanics, graphics etc but for some reason I still can't fully accept it unconditionally. Honestly, there have been video game remakes which paled in comparison to their originals despite being 'updated'. Even remaking a game completely 1:1 as the original still doesn't really feel right, it is the biggest piece of nostalgiafagging for sure but playing the remade game still doesn't give me the same sense of playing the original. Honestly, I'd rather just get a new game with updated and new mechanics rather than remaking the same game because it really is the people that make the games ultimately. The people remaking the game are different from the ones who originally made it so no matter how hard they try to replicate the original, it simply can't be done in my opinion. Also I hate how people beg for a remake and then believe that the original is made obsolete, such utter disregard to all the people that made the game and those that played it too. Despite being technologically old, they still hold their charms.


the wonder boy 3 remake disagrees


Truth. The only truly good remakes imo are those that remake previously shitty games and make them actually playable. A good example is Metroid 2 (with both AM2R and the official remake). And even then there's still some merit in experiencing the originals in comparison to see how the times changed.


>Video game remakes, unlike movie remakes seem like something that almost everyone wishes for
Er, by everyone you mean normalfags? Anons' consensus is that all remakes are garbage cancer.

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