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It's habbening


inb4 the internet becomes unusable for the next few days because of angry Smash autists


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>only 1 actual new game revealed
>doesn't even release this year
Guess it's another year of replaying old shit. Guess we have SMTV to look forward to at least


Right on point but somehow it's the normalfags that are upset about the new smash character rather than the smash autists this time around.


Why's that? guessing they were triggered by anime tiddies or something


Pretty lackluster stream overall. Did not see anything interesting


>inkopolis is fucking gone
what the fuck


Maybe all those memes about Splatoon being post-apocalypse were actually true


they were, there's a fossil of a human skeleton in the first game
but the trailer starts with the city from the first game looking like planet of the fucking apes


Oh yeah I never noticed it was the same place at first. Looks like we're getting Splatoon: New Vegas or some shit

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