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>We are thrilled to announce that Tonic Games Group is joining the Epic Games family. Tonic Games is the development company behind the hit sensation, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

>For Fall Guys fans, your gameplay isn’t changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms. Your favorite colorful beans will still stumble through the chaos on PC, PlayStation, and soon Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Buying a one hit wonder studio lol


fall gays imo


Got 'em


File: 1614872871099.png (159.8 KB, 680x585, 136:117, boomer2.png)

Makes me feel old when these are 2 of the biggest games around and I know nothing about either of them


i wanna play the mem game with the little dudes running around and saying sus is it any good


It's not a bad game, but the concept has been done better with stuff like The Ship and Unfortunate Spacemen. I think Among Us succeeded because of the super low graphics requirements, not because it was the best in the genre


just play werewolf IRL, it's the same thing


is that like mafia


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lol this image is still relevant
checked. Goddamn I miss The Ship and I still can't believe it never really took off. Was it just too ahead of its time?


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>The less successful Among Us
>Gone from Steam
>No more TF2 Scout skin
<Literally the only thing they gave a shit about

You're not missing much, it's just one of those Mario Party games turned into a full fleshed out game.



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