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My favorite dead fucking game. Does anyone want to come back to play it? I tried starting a /v/ guild a year or two ago but it didn't pan out. The guild hall is fully maxed out because I got rich from a gacha pull of sorts.

>What is Guild Wars

Comfy MMO with a heavy emphasis on skill/build variety. Even if nobody is on you can do most content solo now as game mechanics will allow you to get a team of NPCs to do a lot of work for you if you build them up right. There's no subscription once you have the game, and it has a lot of content from years of support.

>How P2W is it?

Like every MMO on the market it couldn't escape the micro-transaction train. Currently the store is a barely functioning web 1.0 page that sells things like extra storage. You cannot directly buy money/power through the ingame store. The only possble exception would be a mercenary hero slot to expand upon the amount of class combinations that your NPC team can have. To take advantage of it, you need to have another well-equipped character anyways.

>How can I get it?

Well fortunately for you anon it's free! Just buy the trilogy & eye of the north on steam, write down your keys and refund it. They never get deactivated.

>How do I get into the guild?

Just leave your character name here and I'll invite you to it. Guild has around seven active people at the time of writing.


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OP is copied from original thread on tengu/v/. Unsurprisingly, the one that was shilling this game so hard was the tengu himself.
For contact details, he's idling at Rizon's #2hu8ch


>Guild Announcement by Chaika Trabant
This is why censoring names is pointless, you fuckers always forget one.


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they don't make em like they used to

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