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what is the deal with coom shield?
it seems like it bans all the TOR exit nodes whenever anyone posts from TOR
if you're going to do that just block TOR don't build a rube goldberg device to make it usable but unusable


so i just made a shit post on /sp/
refreshed through nine bans, one or two each day from the 30th and one from the 16th
how does an IP address get nine bans while it's banned unless someone is slapping bans on a huge block of IPs?
most of the exit nodes are like this


File: 1651842452131.mp4 (368.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2022-05-06 09-03-51.mp4)

<typical IP tbh


because /sp/ gets incessant spam and cp spam from tor exit nodes
>don't build a rube goldberg device to make it usable but unusable
that was the entire point of it tbh
if you want to make post in good faith consider either finding an TOR IP thats not under ban or not posting with TOR
or file an appeal.


there isn't much point posting with TOR anyway because your posts just get deleted along with the CP


who cares faggot nerd




Just use something else instead of TOR to meme post then


what the fuck did you do
cum shield literally impossible to get past now
bans expire before the reload/appeal and it rebans the IP during the reload


>have to refresh past like 40 bans to find out if the node is banned


but I don't have a shitposting loicense

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