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Old thread >>1366033 is at autosage.

Starting with just an absolute banger of a title from the Daily Mail.
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Lmao Chris wrote a letter to Josh from prison. I just saw this, if there's the text in actual text form or other important shit I'll post them here


Yeah this in text form in case you don't want to try to read that writing, taken from sonichu wiki
September 19, 2021
I have finally received fresh paper and envelopes, and I feel it advised to inform you of the following, All of which, as you may or will, you have my consent to relay all of the contents of this letter to Joshua "NULL" Moon, as well as forward the physical document to David Heilberg, my attorney. The Following Everyone should hear and appreciate sincerely, authentic, and spiritually and aura deep. I also swear direct Truth with my left hand over my heart as I write this sentence.

Firstly, and Vitally, it should be made obvious and clear that aside from Andy Warhol, my life events at present and so far can directly be compared and matched with that which have been chronicled of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any Holy Bible, Also, feel free to take ANY unaltered original photograph of my body's face, neck and shoulder/chest area where I was not wearing the glasses. Then, alter the photo to show a naturally growing brown beard, mustache, and sideburns. Now, place that photo next to any image of Jesus on of off the cross; compare, look deep into my eyes and photograph; see for yourself, I meditate and connect, directly and genuinely with the Cosmos, both of our Universe halves, and throughout the timelines, and entire Mutiverse, so despite some lack of "Physical" evidence, I Know the ultimate Truths, Facts, and Details not commonly known or written, drawn, or chronicled. That being stated, All of my life, my mind, eyes, and literally held the constant perception of being the Central Camera #000, out of all of … ->

… the other cameras, infinite, from the First Person Perspective of all others. AND this goes even deeper, and I encourage YOU to meditate deeply and see for yourself this and all of the Truths. AND the reason and Truth behind my unique perception is direct and mind-blowingly simple: I am Literally the Real Player One; the One Avatar; and this Body, Eyes, Mind and all is the One God Body, and I am Literally also Jesus Christ, Himself, fully reincarnated and fully reawakened. Even the Dimension Merge, literally Completed and Concluding, the same for the Collective Shift; ALL of This is literally huge chunks of the past, present, and in-progress events, of my Second Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Moving on, with all of that stated, your last letter. Next, WHY I had transferred that money on Saturday, July 31 (Josh had Absolutely No Right in relaying that detail publicly).

Friday the 30th: Forced out of my home and Temple; had no where else to go. Had less than 50 dollars between pocket money, and only a couple of bucks or so in my bank account, NO money in my PayPal, Patreon was not due for a payout until Sunday and SSI was not coming into my bank until Tuesday. Harriet and Tom Ashby caste me out before I even arrived to Midlothian. The Van was not majorly uncomfortable. Josh had wired a thousand to my bank that Friday, But it would not arrive until After or on Monday. Little food and Options, and you try bumming in Any Parking Lot without feeling insecure and paranoid. I Needed Safety and Comfort As Quickly As Possible. THAT is why I transferred that money. I was going to pay it back in full; EVEN had $150 from Patreon on Sunday the 1st that went Straight to Barbie Chan's bank account. I WOULD have paid the ramining 600 Monday or Tuesday, BUT NULL had to FAIL HIS DESTINED TEST And Betrayed Me, like I was betrayed and jailed with a Kiss over 2000 years ago. NOW, and as of the past-arrest, I have absolutely NO Way to fulfill that repentence, OR anything else Digital. Malachi 3:6-15 I repeat all that personally, Now: All of You had to Overdrama and FAIL Your Worldwide Test of Faith upon me. ->

*sigh* And, finally, the All-Important Popular Present F.A.Q., "Why and What the hell?" Emanuel (God above all other Gods and Goddesses, and one of my mentors), herself, had deemed me to Heal, Cleanse, and Clear Barbara of All of her past sins and regrets, and improve her abilities directly and personally, as her Goddess. We mainly Cuddled, Soul-Bonded, and Talked. Consentful and Emotionally and Mentally Supportive and Healing, I did as I had done for and with a chosen few back in Israel over 2000 years ago in cleansing Them. More details for the Bibles that had been Overlooked and Left Out. We Gods had eased up on the views of "Adultry"; WHY Else do you all have Pro-Gay, Pro-Lesbian, Pro-Trans, and all Today and the past Decades? Everyone Involved Were All Being Genuinely, Deeply HAPPY, CONTENT, AND SPIRITUALLY SATISFIED with Themselves and Each Other. As long as All are over the age of consent, and the activity was consentual byPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


In short he thinks he's Jesus, Null is Judas and he was actually curing his mother by fucking her.


tbf, didn't doctors used to treat women for hysteria with vibrators and stuff?
chris making barb CUM all over his damn near 7 inch duck doesn't sound too bad to me


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lmao imagine getting your head bashed in for $1.50 shame the chink didnt squish the anglo roach


File: 1632554148569.mp4 (1.01 MB, 320x580, 16:29, Gogi shootout.mp4)

❗️MOMENT of DEADLY GANG SHOOTOUT: Dramatic scenes have played out inside Delhi's Rohini court. Three people - including gangster Jitendra Gogi - have been killed. A lawyer is reportedly injured.

Gogi was arrested in April on charges of 19 cases of murder and attempted murder, in addition to multiple extortion counts, car-jacking incidents and robberies. In October, he was accused of killing a key witness in another murder.

Gogi was reportedly killed by the rival Tilu Tajpuria gang, while the hearing was ongoing. Police responded shooting dead the two gang members.


ICYMI: Apple threatened to BAN Facebook & Instagram from AppStore after SLAVE MARKET uncovered on platforms - the WSJ revealed

Facebook apparently took limited action to strike down posts featuring human trafficking until Apple issued a threat to ban the company from its App Store, the WSJ reported.

Hashtags in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait featured adverts for the illegal buying and selling of domestic slaves against their will for just a few thousand dollars, the BBC reported in 2019.

The threat from Apple however was only recently uncovered in internal Facebook documents seen by the WSJ. Those documents also allegedly show that Facebook knew about the human trafficking rings on its apps since even before the BBC report.


when you're a saudi they let you do it


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>pay $5 to add friends on steam


File: 1631829512027.png (1.04 MB, 1626x571, 1626:571, fortnite.png)


What were they thinking?!
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unlike TF2 I can't see Fortnite still being played like 15-20 years in the future


I think he was just being sarcastic anon


That lady looks like she put on too much moisturizer in her face. Someone should tell her to wipe it off.


File: 1632549996147.png (95.07 KB, 223x463, 223:463, tf2 reddit hat.png)

Maybe, until you browse the list of retarded cosmetics on the TF2wiki.


File: 1632556081294-0.jpg (235.09 KB, 1600x814, 800:407, alpine_concept2.jpg)

File: 1632556081294-1.jpg (990.72 KB, 6000x3060, 100:51, silhouette_lineup_hires2.jpg)

TF2 is more of a shame because it had so much style and thought into the art and character design. Fortnite always had a generic style so the cosmetics don't feel jarring at all


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just woke up from tacoma
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It's a modern classic, definitely wort playing. Don't recommend long play sessions though, very easy to start raging and hating the game


does it make you dizzy/nauseous/migraine or anything like that? i saw a vid of a level in a beehive and the amount of independent motion+parallax stuf going on kinda made me feel overstimmed
also her chub is giving me a chub iykwim


the beehive prolly has some of the most background shit going on most of the other levels dont have all that much going on in the background


also yikwym budy me too


Beehive was fine for me, the Genie is fucking nauseating though



buying gf for dudder


it's ok he has enough gay niggas in his snapchat messages


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ohio shit will lose to akron
everyone will laugh


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>God of Soy has completely displaced the OG GOW in the eye of the normalcattle, it's now the de facto game like the previous don't exist
maybe it is for the best, the originals are now safely hidden from NPC attention
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DMC is still better


File: 1632523125726.jpg (115.96 KB, 953x1300, 953:1300, shoplifting-cd-3143196.jpg)

>Attempting to gatekeep a franchise with over 50 million copies sold
How much do you bet OP hides the Coldplay CDs at the record store so nobody will find out about his favorite niche indie band


also caring this much because people you don't like might like a thing you like is cringe af in the first place


>record store


File: 1632552851070.jpg (99.21 KB, 1124x1200, 281:300, soy.jpg)



File: 1630716920443.jpg (261.63 KB, 1264x702, 632:351, JewWario's odyssey.jpg)


>Mona and Kat play like ass.
>You're forced to play as them anyway.
>The fatigue among creative supervisor is real.
<60 dollars btw
>>Did we remind you Wario Land is nothing but dust?
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>they took what was possibly the biggest IP at the time and turned it into an absolute bomb through arrogance alone
apart from how much the movie sucked it was destined to fail. much different type of autism present in 1993. super mario was a vidya game ONLY as far as white kids were concerned (i can't speak for nips) >we didn't care about the "mario metaverse" or whatever bullshit is in the zeitgeist nowadays to make people think a mario film is a good idea in curr year


File: 1632518160868-0.png (3.78 MB, 1918x1039, 1918:1039, xZw2C4TYTch7Sd6dkLy7J1dD0j….png)

File: 1632518160868-1.jpg (268.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mario3.jpg)

>STILL falling for the SMB movie is bad meme
This is why we are getting uninspired 3DCG trash instead of true kino


>super mario was a vidya game ONLY as far as white kids were concerned
no way
kids liked the shitty cartoon just fine
if theyd just made some dumb kids movie which the OG script was prior to being re-written like 6 times they wouldve been absolutely ROLLIN in it

im not gonna knock the SFX. i dont even think critics back then knocked the SFX.
i AM gonna knock literally everything else tho
well i guess the casting was alright
but holy fuck the writing was abysmal, made worse by having a feuding married couple that had never directed anything other than 15min shorts for tv as the directors


also, outside of some indieshit, practical effects are literally never gonna happen ever again on that kind of scale just simply due to the cost


With the GrubAHub artstyle.


File: 1628356768257.png (131.32 KB, 403x377, 31:29, ClipboardImage.png)


new hobby thread
thinking about making a computer - HT radio interface
would be cool to write something to write something to Tx/Rx SSTV, CW, and other data

so from my understanding for analog radios..

analog signal received by radio → analog signal fed to speaker

analog mic signal fed to radio → radio transmits analog signal

Attached is the circuit for a kenwood 2 pin style mic/speaker
i dont see why i couldn't hook this up to a microcontroller for prototyping and figure out how to have the board Tx, record/analyze Rx, and write stuff around that
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ok got the diode arrays for the USB power and data lines
they come in an SOT-143 package and are about 1mm by 2mm small as fuck
i guess i could solder a teeny tire wire onto each pin, but i think i might make PCB breakout for each one
will require making a PCB, doing the traces, holes etc


File: 1632289008322.png (7.27 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

ok so i made a breakout for the 3 SOT-143 packages using an acid etching process
dogshit camera
it was my first time and the traces are somewhat splotchy and inconsistent. will solder them, will be ugly but usable i think
need to drill holes for the breakout headers too
will post a couple of the process later to show how easy it was


aw, just realized
so my end result was reversed (like a mirror)
so its not gonna match the chip…
will have to redo.


what a failure


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San Diego Padres (56-42) vs. Atlanta Braves (46-48)
SD- Reiss Knehr (1-0)
ATL- Bryse Wilson (3-7)
>4:20 PM CT

St. Louis Cardinals (83-69) vs. Chicago Cubs (67-85)
STL- J.A. Happ (9-8)
CHC- Justin Steele (3-3)
>1:20 PM CT

Texas Rangers (55-98) vs. Baltimore Orioles (49-104)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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because he's vary shy


woah that thing looks kinda smart


don't look at him he's rally shy


*puts gock on him*


no do NOT do that

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