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no theory writeups this time around, just talk about what i'm doing to stay healthy
working my strength back up after a few year layoff
skeleton mode this time, 6' ~148-153
just doing deads, weighted dips, and rows at the moment
not being super consistent, 1-3 times a week
linear progression. already starting to plateau. being irregular with the deads actually helps with that, since my fatigue is outpacing my fitness gains
at 275 for 5 reps. if i can grind to 3 plate i'll start doing real periodization


I've been doing push ups, knee highs, and jumping rope in the morning before work. My job is physically demanding as well land surveyor im not going for gains though r8


you should considering strength training, it has such a huge impact on quality of life


what's that? sounds cool
do you get to survey any babes?


File: 1691178255976.jpg (5.07 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230804_131825.jpg)

I thought about getting a curling bar and doing dif reps with it.

t. thinker

>pic related
What I do. Flag up property corners so people know where their boundary limits are. The pipe at the bottom is flagged too, because it's the lot marker. I make topographical maps. Ye I get to survey babes when I'm working in town, the university is nice. It's not really a /h/obby, if someone makes a thread ill post more pics and descriptions.


just buy a mid tier barbell, 3-400 investment will last you a lifetime. get one with some whip and you'll be able to use it for anything
personally i favor cable curls, but since machines are expensive i just hang a weight from a chain and do them like that. i suspect a lot of the 'feel' of a cable curl is the fact that theres no rotational inertia getting imparted to the weight as you move it around your elbow joint


File: 1691938365461.jpg (26.72 KB, 800x800, 1:1, c2711-concept2_modell_d_in….jpg)

years ago i invested $1100 in this swiss made rowing machine. full body workout and cardio whenever i want. probably the best thing i've bought in my life.
rowing is great to stay in shape. trains all muscles while being easy on the joints. highly recommended


just buy them from people failing their new years resolutions on cragislist for 50% off


File: 1692482383147.png (5.4 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 1567229877897.png)

picrel is my current physique
any advice?


lookin good 😍


work on your core like a lot it looks flat and weird when paired with your pecs and shoulders which if you were working on those youre doing it right


>tfw passed an almost brand new one up at a thrift store
>that was only going for $150
still mad at myself there was nothing wrong with it


no thanks im not trying to impress homosexual men or retarded womyn
besides, i doubt direct core work will train it more than a gorillion lb deadlift was anyway
i think at the time i was only overhead pressing anyway for upper. my pecs look like that even if i indirectly train them


What if I only have room for one outside? Are they weather proof, or at least resistant? How durable would you say one is?
i lik this idia budy


a strong core = stronger lifts and that aint a strong core but you do you you clown lookin plank


my core has never ever not even once been the limiting factor in my lifts, so why would I dedicate any time training it directly


then you lift bitch tier weight if you lifted heavy you would realize your shitty gut isnt gud enough


also lifting heavy should work your core on its own im not saying do bodyweight crunches or gayshit like that


yea, so change nothing than 🙄


File: 1693439993985.png (161.2 KB, 598x399, 598:399, blackd_apart_1000px-720x48….png)

they can be used outside but they are not meant to be stored outside. there is a framelock mechanism in the middle where you can separate the rowing machine in two parts. the parts can be stored vertically without needing much space. setting it up or stowing it away takes like a minute.

these machines are super durable. they had them at my gym and the owner told me that they last forever when maintained properly


lolk bitchboi you dont lift shit and just wanted anonymous dudes to jack you off cause you thought you were hot shit when your really just mediocre


>someone says work on your core
>lol fuk u
What advice are you looking for exactly?


i didn't even post my own picture, someone else did
maybe even (you)


File: 1693444092482.png (123.85 KB, 226x234, 113:117, ClipboardImage.png)

>someone else posts my pic asking for advice
>i start replying to people replying to that post
>get into an internet slap fight
wtf am i doing lmao



You dumb boyo.


so sick of newbies asking for advice then getting upset when you try to help them 🙄


File: 1693526210035.png (2.04 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


woah this thing looks vary happy


I thought that was you


Hell yeah, thanks. Will be scouring clist and garage sales. I always wanted one tbh.


manulel laborer spigga itt
some days could be lifting mediocre shit whole day endurance building, right right?? other days practically nothingfuck
soo there is a lot of inconsistency
what to fucking do if i want strength
prolly gym would be a bad idea? idk
i was told to hit just legs in the days when im tired


depends what kinda manual shit you're doin tbh
when i was workin at UPS doin unload idk how the fuck anyone could go to the gym after 4-6hr shift
unless you're not workin hard
with any kinda labor i think the most important thing to focus on for long term quality of life is injury prevention. good form, stretching and self massage
anwyay if you want to get strong pick up heavy stuff. since it sounds like your days are variable, just ease off frequency, intensity, or volume on the hard weeks and amp it up on the easy weaks
if you mean more literally 'what to do' then the answer is any linear progression program floatin bout online.


are you talking about Shorksbro™?


it probably wouldnt hurt too much if you lifted heavy on your easier work days and then did some lighter weight higher rep workouts on your shittier days if you have the energy. i also dont get why someone told you doing legs when youre tired is better than other groups like if you get three shitty work days in a row are you going to go do 3 days in a row of squats and deadlifts?
it also depends on how old you are when i was in my 20s and still wageslaving at hard labor jobs i would do ahit like deliver beer and be hauling kegs and shitloads of cases up stairs and hills and still go to the gym after work regardless of how tired i was then wound up big as shit in the process but then i got older and what >>2085 says about injury prevention and good form became extra important because i wont bounce back from fucking up even half as fast as i used to. thats not to say good form and injury prevention arent important when youre younger too since itll keep you from becoming a broke dick later on but you cant be skipping stretches and get away with it as easily if youre in your 30s or older


oh shit sorry i meant Shorksbro™
remember everyone, using demeaning names is hateful and hurtful– possibly even illegal!
police CAN and WILL look up your IP address and prosecute you for online hate speech


i have a set of adjustable (up to 55lbs) dumbbells and thats about all i have space for in my house is there some kinda homemade nigger rigged setup i can whip up for outside that i can use to get swole?


uh, yea dude.
55 is p. light tho, get some 18" spin lock dumbbells you can load them up to like 120 and i doubt it will take up any more room
besides that, just make a deadlift platform and due lifts off the floor. it can live outside, just give the materials some thought if they're liable to get wet


yah i know 55 is light thats why im asking about nigger rigging some outside stonkboy station
>spin lock dbs
what brand do you have?
>besides that, just make a deadlift platform and due lifts off the floor. it can live outside, just give the materials some thought if they're liable to get wet
is there a recommended type of plate that wont get fucked up? im most likely gonna have to leave any outside setup completely outside and i need some plates that wont rust or rot because of moisture it gets vary humid here


if you paint them well that should mitigate corrosion. almost any sort of coating would be sufficient, as long as you weren't letting them sit in a puddle or something stupid. taking care of your barbell will be a bigger concern, since it will have bearings and the bar is a significant expense.
even if your plates were bare, the corrosion wouldn't be significant enough to matter in any functional sense (i can break out the corrosion rate charts if you want to know the idea). if your autism demands you dont touch rusty stuff, i recommend just buying some bumper plates which are just steel plates encased in a polyurethane. keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid UV and they'll stay nice
more importantly will be your deadlift platform, which probly wont be able to protect as much from the weather (unless this is going somewhere that is protected from sun/rain but is still outside?


id just get these they're cheap as fuck and that might even be what i have. 18" is kinda the sweet spot for spin locks in terms of anything over it and the bar pokes out extremely awkwardly, and anything under it you can't get much weight on.

they take 1" plates which are mostly standard sizes. the bulk of mine are 10lb plates, but they also make 25lb ones (mostly intended for 1" barbells which are dumb) that will have some utility if you do a fuck ton of db work.
personally i just bought enough plates to fill up an entire dumbbell, gives you a lot of utility in the least amount of $


im gonna be setting up like a picnic canopy or something like that the wind in my yard never gets too bad in my backyard so i dont gotta worry about it blowing away but moisture will definitely accumulate
thanks for all the info it should be enough for me to get a gud start. im gonna be building this setup as i go too like i'll get a concrete pad then build a garage on top of it then i can put in some olympic tier shit but thats gonna take a few years unless i get a significant bump in pay somewhere along the line


anyone know how to fix golf elbow? already fell for one yim
take any muscle pain supplement advice for hospice if ur offering too. taking magnesium malate already, but should prob quit chowing kratom


i looked that up and ive been dealing with that for years had no idea there was a specific term for it other than "PAIN"
i would also like to know this
>fell for the kratom yim
do you get withdrawals if you try not to take it?


literally just stretch as a preventative. stretching fixes like 80% of issues before it even starts. anyway almost all injuries, especially overuse injuries follow the same pattern
a physical therapy textbook would advise you to lay off activity (avoid things that make it painful) until its settled down a bit (i'd recommend until you're pain free during non-intensive day to day tasks), then to do proper stretching (don't overdo it) and a gradual (seriously, slowly build back up) return to activity
continue to stretch as a preventative measure. massage (even self applied) also helps a lot
you'll have to look up what stretches you should do for golfers elbow. also look up how to stretch properly (proper breathing, duration, etc)


>lay off activity
>job requires repetitive activity that causes this
fuck it i'll take that excuse to leave i liked driving better anyway


whats the repetetive stuff?
maybe you can modify your actions in a way to avoid it
anyway, you could even get a doctors note or whatever saying that you have a repetetive injury and they'll put you on LLD


File: 1694101573583.png (613.93 KB, 780x456, 65:38, ClipboardImage.png)

thx rush's best album bro. agree w stretching guess picrel are supposed to work
i'll drop lik a single gallon of milk when it flares up & have to get the waifu to open jars shit's embarrassing af
not dt's but your whole body gets a deep ache. it's an alkaloid analogue so there's prob an ez fix i drop it. tbh it's great for a lot of shit, just doing a kilo/month


File: 1695177548333.png (52.87 KB, 143x255, 143:255, 1570844225001.png)

not bad for 3mo progress I think


hubba hubba


sick pop without being golf bally.
hows lookin now and what's ur arm routine?


shit now. thats a pretty old pic of me, i might have been following a steady routine for about a year at that point?
i stopped working out regularly, then later ended up losing 20-30 lbs over a few months i default to skeletor and was dealing with vary stressful life stuff
i think my routine at the time was deadlift. shit ton of deadlift. i supplemented with a set of barbell curls at the end of the workouts. i dont enjoy bicep exercises so i hardly did any


sry budy, shit calmed down? same boat if it makes you feel better except i go skinny fat
ever tried hammer curls 21's? were the best bang for the bicep buck for me. cross body hammers rekt my hospice ass joints


ya not as miserable but still very very busy
mostly personal productive busy, but some repetitive work overload busy
i'll get back into it once i rebuild my gym. few other projects in line first


do a shitton of rows
barbell, dumbbell, machine rows it dont matter it'll build up your biceps and your back musclays
rowing machines will build up your endurance real fuckin quick but if you want actual strength do barbell rows. be real careful with your form on those tho theyre as unforgiving as deadlifts if you fuck up and do some stupid shit


i have a preference for bent over dumbbell rows, i was doing ~110 for reps and it was glorious


very nice


got lik 4 herniated discs and one completely blown, cant fug with the touchy stuff. hospice sucks so hard


how tf are you working out at all i assume even running hurts like a motherfucker for you


File: 1709688820836.jpg (80.2 KB, 800x599, 800:599, Planet Fitness.jpg)

id stay away from machines cuz they invert how the workout should really be done in a real scenario (pushing weights when you should be pulling them and vice versa), working with free weights feels a lot more natural and gives you good balance too instead of just sitting on a sweaty chair


i dont run due to a blown knee, it's real old yeller hours here
chowing kratom, going swimmers fizeek, and coping by saying mass-maxxing will bite u in old age


reminds me ppl should start listing past new years stuff on classifieds soon for spring clean
those cheap weights on amazong are p gud long as you check the bars for burrs, can get a bench too for a couple bills


you can stay competitive swimming a lot longer than pretty much any other activity tbh
i swam so fucking much for ~20 years of life tho that its pretty much destroyed my desire to do it at all ever again for really any reason. kinda sucks now too– its been so long that when i do (rarely) swim, it feels terrible. like im still technically proficient because its basically hardwired at this point, but i also still remember how it felt when i was at my peak and the difference is so huge that its p. depressing


why were you swammin so much?
can devote your whole life to staying active but old man time still comes for his slice. i was a monkey in my 20s; sk8ing, tramp, standing backflips, jump a car. hopped on a board couple years ago and could barely push.
vary humbling but its better than rogan types who pump endless cash into treatments that fuck u up so you can play make believe


i swam year round competitively for a long time then when i was done with that i had to do a lot of it for military stuff too which was fairly miserable


how bad does swimming hurt compared to other exercises? is it just like a minor difference or is it orders of magnitude less painful? ive somehow only had minor short term back problems so far (thank christ) and those were bad herniated discs are supposed to be like childbirth levels of pain from what ive been told


as a non-contact low impact sport injuries tend to be repetitive stress injuries– primarily in the shoulder. i'd never have shoulder issues but i'd occasionally strain things in my back
the only real 'injury' i ever had was i flubbed a flipturn and cracked my heel hard as fuck on the pool edge. also rammed head first full speed once into a wall which was p. gay
in terms of the 'feel' i would try and describe it as full body track and field sorta feel


oh fug that'll make u hat it. not tryin to get info but i thot u were army?
-guy that's probly guessin ppl wrong


swimming actually feels great bc you're decompressing the spine in a lot of strokes. basically doin the rx'd stretches in low resistance
pain depends on which disc and which way it shot, if it doesnt fuss with your nerves its rally not bad.
when they do its directly poking a raw nerve so its just a different kind of pain. get used to it but your legs and back muscles can still act on their own to protect themselves. like when ur hand moves on its own off a hot stove.
when u first get them its like getting a deep "gotta shit" cramp while passing one of them sideways spikey turds at same time but it eventually just gets mildly annoying


that was probably me


>like getting a deep "gotta shit" cramp
oh i se-
>while passing one of them sideways spikey turds
spikey turds? wtf do you eat bamboo or something?


no i was doing swcc pipeline stuff until my femurs were obliterated before being rated into the gayest rating of them all


damn, sucks budy. seems like every dude i know who went in got screwed somehow


never had to do lamaze to get a sea urchin out?


nah i wouldn't say i got screwed. i don't wanna even imagine what i'd be like today if i didn't get my world view absolutely obliterated. failing at something so central to me at the time really stripped me down and set me up for what came next
military environment is really disgustingly nepotistic and unfair. a complete lack of standards and objectivity, a selfish mercenary atmosphere, and being ruled over by actual retards completely obliterated the notions i had of the US as a country. turned me from a loyal zogbot (i joined out of a literal sense of civic duty LMAO) into a uncle ted/mcveigh sympathizer within 4 years
crazy stuff.


well that's good i assumed you would've ended up dealing w VA
did a vary brief stint and you describe it about perfect
>don't wanna even imagine what i'd be like today
i prob wouldve been kilt but ya you really have to see first hand to comprehend how backwards the gub is irl


are you that guy who joined the muhreens and failed out of bootcamp?


no but now i know what lamaze is and im still wondering wtf would give someone a spiky turd i hope youre joking
>turned me from a loyal zogbot (i joined out of a literal sense of civic duty LMAO) into a uncle ted/mcveigh sympathizer within 4 years
same here budy though you got it way worse physically all i got was a few minor leg and foot joint issues and about ten years of alcoholism but im over that thankfully


never talked about it, it's way to specific


File: 1710419674623.jpg (134.36 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, bhg-spiky-balls-sweetgum-t….jpg)

u guys rally dont have turds that feel spiky sometimes? obv not actually this it just feels lik ur gonna blow an o ring


you mean like when theres undigested peanuts or corn in em? i wouldnt describe that as spiky more like rocky like theres a bunch of sand in the turd. get your liver and pancreas checked out if you regularly find theres undigested food in your shit if you leave that alone too long it can be real bad later on


liver would explain it, stopped since i chilled on the booze. thanks dr spee


np thatll be $4000 plus minimum 10% tip unless you have insurance and no >we do not coordinate with the VA


only 4k?!? i'll report it to insurance to make sure i'm not committing fraud


u report anything youll be wakin up in an ice bath minus a kidney >weve got a gud thing going here now take your spiky turds and git


a new 24 hour gym opened up nearby and i got back into regular lifting for the first time since cuck cough ruined the last gym and i went to go deadlift a couple days ago and tweaked the shit out of my back with a pathetically low weight and now i can lift shit unless i just wanna do seated curls or triceps
i think im getting old


Be sure to change in the wimmins room I hear you can get away with that now.


they dont have locker rooms theyve just got two small changing rooms its a tiny gym in a small town
aimt no whorbs go there yet either i dont think theres a single one in a 20 mile radius that isnt obese




when doing exercises with dumbbells do you guys count the weight of a single dumbbell when you record your exercises or do you count it with both combined?
for example if you do a dumbbell bench press with 70 lbs dumbbells arebyou recording that as 70 lbs or 140 lbs?


dude just record the single weight. doing combined is just adding extra math for ?? reason


that is what i do but i was talking to someone who does the combined weight and i thought they were doing flys with fuckin hundred pound dumbbells and it turned out they were 50s and it made me wonder if id been recording it all wrong


if you lift them individually (free weights) you count them as singles since each arm is pulling their own weight
if you do them both at the same time (barbell) you count them both together + the bar since they're both working at the same time to lift one combined weight


my gym added a long backroom with a punching bag. i wanna learn to kickbox but theres no classes being held there its just for general use. is it possible to git adequate at something like that without a sparring partner? im still gonna practice my punches and kicks but i dont think id know if i was actually getting better unless i either found someone to spar with or picked a fight with one of the local junkies who will prolly just stab me


i'd say if you're capable of being critical and detached and can film yourself, you should be fine
find some way to measure your progress, find resources (books, videos, whatever) to learn the proper stuff, then have at it.


this is great advice >>2410. some things you'll miss from certain angles so multi cams would be ideal. if not try filming it twice at least for the basic basics. you wanna be autistic about those
your body and the bag will tell you a lot too


im definitely self-critical and autistic enough to do that so i'll give it a shot


the punching bag came off the wall
they didnt even mount it to the studs wtf its like a 75 pound bag or some shit idk how the mount was even staying on the fuckin wall to begin with


as in they just straight had it bolted into shitty drywall by itself


lol wut?


they mounted a heavy punching bag to a wall mount that was then bolted into just drywall. i punched it a couple times and the fuckin thing fell off the wall, i musta been the first one to use it because i didnt even hit it that hard. shouldve gotten a pic but i gtfo asap because im not footing the bill for that shit in case theyre cunty enough to try and get me for it. thank fuck they dont have cameras


did you film it? lmao retards those fuckers heavy, we had one in our basement and it was chained around a steel truss, fucker wasn't going anywhere


no i hadnt set my phone up yet i walked in threw a couple quick punches and TIIIIIMMMMBEEEEERRRRR then i bolted
im gonna be back up there tomorrow for a regular workout maybe the holes are still there. if they are i'll get a pic


lelmaof wtf man. sure you're not going to some dudes basement and getting chlorophormed?


>anon doesn't rent living rooms from questionably straight older turkish men


File: 1718503229929.jpg (2.82 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 8078.jpg)

they patched the old hole and painted over it so i didnt get a pic. looks like they learned their lesson tho they got it mounted into a wall that has conder blocks behind it now
i was wondering why this guy has a whole strip mall under his house


>pic is sideways
hat goyphones


>run day
>i dont wanna
>take a shit big enough to clog an industrial strength toilet
>wanna run
>run so far away
>run all night and day


never trusted wall mounts but cinder blocks prob work if they mounted properly
kickin it out again is gud training goal


if they used long enough bolts it should be gud but idk with these people they mighta used some short stubby shit
those blue ones are usually a couple inches long tho right?


color doesnt mean much w amazog and chinesium camo now ime. idk how they wouldn't go thru both sides of that block tho so prob 👍
ideally they put oversize washers on the back but unless you're spinning back kicking it shouldnt matter


im a little ways off from doing that kinda ninja shit but im still gonna keep a close eye on it for sure


are minimalist running shoes an epin overpriced yim or is there actually something to it? i recently got some cheap shit shoes that don't have a whole bunch of padding and "arch support" and i find that i don't hurt anywhere near as much after a run with these, but they're still not "minimalist" shoes


long as it matches yeem feets structure, runnin surface, and gait. forgot the guidelines you'd have to look em up. runnin is hard af on you either way


i do trail running mostly, running on asphalt is gay and boring. dunno bout the gait tho.
>running is hard af on you
i know but that last pair of shoes i had was supposed to be some super supportive fancy shit and ive never had shin splints that fucking bad before


also ive got normal arches, none of that flat foot stuff thankfully


trail running is sweet. pay attention to whether you land more on the inside/outside and heel/toe and dyor on an insole or new kicks if needed but sounds like the cheap shits are gud
le fancy shit of anythang is p much all worse than garbage any more


oh thats what you meant. i tend to favor the outsides of my feet if im not concentrating on my form. dunno where i got that from since im not knock kneed or whatever and i dont walk like an autist.
guess i'll stick with the cheapshit. tbh i only bought the fancy ones because it said something about being gud for trails and i thought maybe theyd last longer than the cheapies. i do like running in the rain too maybe that fucked em up quicker but i was having the shin splint issues before i did any rain running


outsides falling first is just how them built. if you lift your foot and let it dangle it'll curl in
ya probly not the rain spro shoes are kinda like toof retainers, BiS brand is gonna rek you if they dont fit ur gait
i know fuck all about the new materials or longevity cant help ya there




you're responding to something from 20 years ago
that guy died from his golf elbow ages ago


your reality is 20 times too fast for this bort, you have died of old age and reincarnated into at least 12 different dummies by now


ordering now thx budy, shits expensive but you seem legit


i did sprints yesterday in ~92 degree weather and at one point it felt like i was vary hot inside and out but also felt invincible like god was hugging me or something and i expected to feel fucking terrible today but i'm fine this has been an update from a running idiot who apparently cannot die from heatstroke


>felt invincible like god
you actually are. are you interested in some literature and do you have an active drivers license?
heatstroke only happens to weak retards ime, cold dgaf tho


if its cold just run more faster


lel true. got gnarly hypothermia once wasnt running tho so coulda done that and now i feel dumb


i didnt stretch properly or maybe im low on potassium because i got woken up at 3am by the worst charley horse ive ever had in my life last night i would rather break on of my fingers again than go through that


day 3 of BPC-157 1000mcg a day pills. from what i'm reading it'll take a couple weeks

idk if youre a supplement bro but magnesium malate has helped everyone i've recc'd to
hat supplements tbh but foods basically poison so whattya gon do


2poor4supps gotta stick with food
i most likely just didnt stretch properly anyway i ran over 8 miles and only stretched like i ran for 3. i could tell something was off in that leg on the drive home from the park and normally if i get a charley horse it happens very soon after whatever im doing


only ran 2 miles today just to gauge my short distance runtime. 17m 30sec, i know i can do far better than that
made sure to stretch right and got some banans on the way home. luv me some banans


shit man that's not bad time, fact you can do it all is better than most people


thanks budy. i used to be able to run 2 miles in just over 14 minutes but i got fat for a couple years and idk if i'll ever be that fast again but i'm gonna try god dammit


I will now begin my blog

I have been doing a lot of oly weightlifting and it's very fun bros

Program goes like this, basically
Day 1
Snatch Pull
Front Squat

Day 2
Push Press
Overhead Squat

Day 3
Clean & Jerk
Clean Pull
Back Squat

My delts are so fucking sore every day it's rough. But it's worth it for the technique gains.

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