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hey guys im new to guns how do I look
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Autism Autism thread

Anyone ever consider autism as a hobby?

I mean being autistic takes a lot of time and effort, and most people don't really understand why you do it. Most friends, family, and women think you are crazy for having it, much like many hobbies.
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ITT i manage all my trainees as they ignore me


Probly gonna tweak this more later so you have a more advanced sprint program since you're not coming from complete inactivity, but should work for now as is.


General program guidelines:
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What are some alternative careers which won't make me kill myself?
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Speaker Autism

I found some strange speakers at goodwill today. No markings on the outside or anything. Probably homemade boxes. The "crossover" is just a capacitor. They were only $7 so I thought I'd give them a shot. Surprisingly, they sound really good. They have that vintage new england sound, like older KLHs and Advents. I looked up the model number of the speakers and they're Oxfords from 1969. I don't have any other information, but it seems that these speakers were used more in guitar amps than in stereo speakers.
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this is the Lounge?
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i build gun
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/ath/ or /fit/ email to teenbro

pic unrelated
backstory for the email writeup is skinnyfat angsty teenbro poorfag wanting to get fit without any equipment or knowledge

Program Success and Standards

A succesful program is measured primarily on one basis: progression.

If a trainee is not making progress, in some form, than the program is a failure.

Because progress is the basis of a sucessful program, there has to be a method of measuring progress.

For strength training this is usually measured as an increase in a certain repition maximum (1RM, 5RM etc)

For endurance or explosive sports it may be an increase in speed or distance

Regardless of what is being trained, in order to compare progress from day to day, a certain level of conistency is required

For strength training this comes in the form of standards for form. If one wants to compare a repitition from today, to a repititon from yesterday, there must be some standard of consitency.

As an example the bench press must touch (not bounce) the chest, and lock out fully to count. If one were to compare a 135 bench press done to strict standards, to a 150 bench press done without, the change in weight is meaningless.

Another example may be trying to compare a 1.5 mile timed run between different courses. Without consitency, changes in performance can not be interpreted.

Therefore standards must be applied for progress to be measured.

Standards chosen must be repeatable. For example a half squat wouldn't be a repeatable standard, because the 'half' position is incredibly vague. A full squat, where the crease of the hip breaks across the top of the knee is.

Likewise, using a bounce off the chest for a bench press is not repeatable either. Was there the same amount of bounce today as there was yesterday? More? Less? Such a standard cannot be reliably repeated.

All exercises must have a consistent standard if it is going to be progressed.
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how does someone under 18 acquire a gun in minecraft?
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Whittling Autism

I ~~made a gun~~ whittled and try stick.
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What is a good, easy host for a forum? A hobby board i frequent just kicked the bucket and I am looking into setting a new one up. I don't trust jewgle because i feel they will direct me to normie shit.
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just did some modifications to this gun. lookin pretty gud
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Waiting period for receiver over. Made fixture, torqueing barrel in morning. Haven't stripped the flats yet, thankfully. Have it 4.5 deg off TDC now. Made fixture with some scrap teak and a rasp.
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Year 2 Edition
Making progress lately.
Once the ad hoc support /adjustment blocks are up, and I drill out the threads on the X backplate I can start work on the X plate and Z backplate
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Watch Autism Thread

To be completed friday
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EXTREME /h/ autism project: Howa Type 89 receiver dimensions

ok im gonna try to get as many pictures of Howa Type 89s as possible, and using cues from the pics, try to get general receiver dimensions, then tabulate the data and try to see if i can get anything that makes sense
gotta be careful to avoid airshit rifles. that stuffs big in nippon and obviously the Type 89 one is p. common there, so it shows up a lot in pics
phase one will just be to collect the pics. 89 is a relatively unknown rifle. nippon doesn't export it because of their laws, but its obviously heavily based on the AR18. i think the designers even made AR18s under contract for a while.

this is a long term autism project.

step 1: collect pictures

things to avoid
>images of non-JIDF or American troops carrying a Type 89 (aka airshit larpers)
>rifles at an expo being handled/not chained up (they're airshit rifles)
>rifles that look beautifully made (they're airshit rifles)

things to find
>close up of rifles and parts
>pics of rifles with reference items (known sized objects like stanag mags, scopes, LBE etc)
>disassembled type 89s (not many part pics)

I'll dump all the pics i have now. if you find any that aren't here, please post them too
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