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What kind of stereos does /h/ have? I've gone through a few receivers in the past few months, trying to replace my broken 80s JVC unit. I found this Sanyo set at a thrift shop and honestly it's the best receiver I've owned. Internally it seems to be in great condition, and it pushes the strongest and clearest audio I've had so far, even compared to more modern receivers.
I even plug my guitar into it sometimes because it gives a nice clear crisp sound that I haven't gotten with any of my actual guitar amps that I've owned so far.
The tape deck works, but it has some flutter because it's an old belt driven unit. I'm probably going to be replacing it with a newer direct-drive Technics unit soon. I haven't tested the radio because I can't figure out how to wire any of my FM antennas into it, but I like having it just sit there on my desk.
The turntable is a Sony PS-LX250H that I got on craigslist for $15 because the girl said it wouldn't spin. The belt was just disconnected. I also have an older JVC turntable and a Dual direct drive turntable, but the JVC needs a new stylus and the Dual only plays backwards somehow.
My speakers are a pair of Sony SS-B1000s that I bought new, and a Samsung PS-WX50 that I found at goodwill for $6.
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FN FAL build
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that time of year again where I try and predict da nbap layoffs. feel free to join me so >we have a perfectb racket
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Moderator Dox List


Moderator Taluun: Benjamin F Grant - Age 27 1551 Ashland Ave #105 Des Plaines, Illinois Phone: 937-783-4296

wife Brittney Gabbard, hometown Cincanatti

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CNC Machine Build

The project that never ends. Or starts.
was working on it again today. a while ago i placed pilot holes for the rail screws. today i drilled them out. need to tap them. currently 1 fucked up, and 1 questionable holes. going to skip over them and fix them later just so i can make some progress.
not pictured: mine
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old cetme project reupload
at this point, its pretty much complete. test firing went well– some feed issues related to the magazine and the ramp angle. i bought a pmag and modified it to fit– just need to test it. also need to make a screw for the rear sight.

starting from the beginning. parts kits just came in. trunnion still attached to the cut up receiver, as is the charging handle tube, and rear sight. the flat is in the next pic, along with the remains of the receiver after i cut off charging handle tube and got the trunnion out. last pic is just mockin stuff up.
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/tech/ thread

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investigative autism for that one lady
Kate Rodgers
Oldbury, West Midlands UK


Linked In

got a possible address for someone who might be her mother (Joanne Rodgers?). It's likely a family member if its not her mother.

unable to confirm that J.T. Rodgers is mother or father, but quite possible since her profile states she grew up in Oldbury too
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What's your favorite novel and why is it A Princess of Mars?
>badass confederate veteran accidentally finds a portal to Mars while fleeing merciless Indian savages
>uses courage and strength to win respect from giant Martian barbarians
>go on a quest to save a princess and the world
>later fight a conspiracy by an ethnic minority to enslave the world with a religious hoax (oy vey)

>able to leap small buildings with a single bound

>first appearance of orcs
>possibly the most influential sci-fi/fantasy novel

A Princess of Mars http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/62
The Gods of Mars http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/64
Warlord of Mars http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/68
The later sequels aren't that good tbh.
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so my search for a slick looking dropdown application launcher that works well with I3 hasn't been particularly fruitful
its a bit of an undertaking, but i think im gonna take the time to learn the X11 library functions and make my own menu interface from scratch
this should be a journey
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>Fallout 76
<Same world as Fallout 4
<No NPC interaction
<only 24 players total in a server
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anyone know any good fishing trucks
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CNC Autism Thread - Construction Begins

im doing this all to fight the globalist tbh
way too lazy to import whatever got posted on end
i just marked the pilot holes for the rails. next i'll buy a blade (either a carbide tipped one or an abrasive one?) and slap it on the chop saw to cut the steel gantry plate down to size, since its 190 thousandths too long. then i'll drill the pilot holes and actually start assembling some of this. i have two aluminum sections that i'll use to take the bow out of the cold rolled plate, then i'll weld gussets on once its flattish. i need to put some thought into the order that i do this in, since welding will probably warp it slightly and i'll want to make sure thats on the 'correct' side to cancel the warp that already there.
the linear guides have been a bit of a nightmare. i made a mistake on my first order, getting half the number of required carriages. i talked to the chinamen sales rep and following his instructions, made a second order of just carriages. well they fucked up and sent me the wrong rail profile, so the two aren't compatible. im politely asking them to make right, but who knows if they'll do it. i only have another 30 days to dispute the order, so i hope i wont be out anything. if things go south i'll still be out some cash since i'll have to buy linear carriages from somewhere else, and G*d knows if they'll be compatible so i'll have to buy half the number of rails again too.
this project is so vast it hurts to think about the to do list for it.
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vidya gaems?
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It's Oktoberfest time. What do you like to eat with your marzenbier?
It's great with beans and cheese dishes IMO.

Here's my recipe for macaroni & cheese:
* 1/2 lb macaroni
* 1 1/2 oz butter
* 2 Tbsp flour
* 1 tsp ground mustard
* 11 oz milk
* 1 oz swiss
* 2 oz jack
* 4 oz cheddar

Start boiling salted water for the macaroni
Shred the cheese
Melt butter in a frying pan over mid/mid-low
Add flour and mustard to butter, stir frequently until it turns blonde (a little lighter than peanut butter)
Put the macaroni in the boiling water
Stir while slowly pouring the milk into the frying pan
Cook the sauce over mid-low (about 5-10 min depending on temperature) until its consistency is like fresh white glue (if you clear part of the pan with a spatula, it should flow back in slowly), stir frequently and turn down heat if it starts to boil
Drain the macaroni when it's done
Add the cheese to the sauce, stir until the cheese melts in
Mix the sauce and macaroni together and serve
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dream car right here budys
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Well I'm selling the MR2. What should I get next?
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Would you drive this car as your daily driver for 2k a year>? Lets say youd get 2000 a year, but you had to drive this car daily. Would it be worth it?
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Otto von Bismarck invented Germany in 1871.
Has any other invention done more damage to humanity?
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make way me and the pinto are coming through
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best car coming through
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