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Post interesting books - fiction or nonfiction. Explain what makes them worth reading.


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These four books all have loosely the same topic. How and why we are influenced by others. There are ofc more books but these provide a solid foundation.

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein
>The first book that made the concept of nudging popular. Must read if you don't know what nudging means.

Big Datas Threat to Liberty Surveillance Nudging and the Curation of Information by Sætra, Henrik Skaug
>Book from this that describes how big data robs us of freedom and privacy and how information is curated to nudge us.

The Power of Persuasion: How We're Bought and sold by Robert V. Levine
>Popular book that explains different methods and techniques used to persuade people.

Resistance and Persuasion by Eric S. Knowles, Jay A. Linn
>More scientific (sociology) approach to the topic than 'the power of persuasion'. How does resistance work and how to overcome resistance.


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Inside the Aquarium by Viktor Suvorov
>Very interesting book by a former GRU agent who defected to the UK. explains why people in russia have nothing but praise for putin when they talk to the media. the training part seems a bit exaggerated but then again russia is know for it's old school approach to espionage.


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Annals of Gullibility: Why We Get Duped and How to Avoid It by Stephen Greenspan
>The first book to provide a comprehensive look at the problem of gullibility, this groundbreaking work covers how and why we are fooled in areas that range from religion, politics, science, and medicine, to personal finance and relationships. First laying the groundwork by showing gullibility at play in the writings of historic authors we all know, developmental psychologist Stephen Greenspan follows with chapters that describe social duping across the gamut of human conduct. From people who pour bucks into investment scams, to those who follow the faith of scientologists, believe in fortunetellers, or champion unfounded medicine akin to snake oil, we all know someone who has been duped. A lot of us have been duped ourselves, out of naive trust. It's not a matter of low intelligence that moves us to, without evidence, believe the words of politicians, salesmen, academics, lawyers, military figures, or cult leaders, among others. Greenspan shows us the four broad reasons we become drawn into gullible behavior, and he presents ways people can become less gullible.Greenspan takes us into the vast realm of gullibility from the fictional Pied Piper to the historical Trojan Horse, then through modern-day military maneuvers, political untruths, police and criminal justice scams, and financial and love lies. While there have been earlier books focused on liars and manipulators of all sorts, this is the first to focus on the gullible who are their victims, and how the gullible can become less likely to be taken again.


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is this a good book? its expensive



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I wrote these TOP WEW LAD shiptoasts and compile them into book into poetry into sheer autistic ART and Aryan BEAUTY and MIGHT jej m8 just.. jej :^)


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wow fren this is really really good and ufnny funny thanks for posting :)


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Neil Postman - Amusing Ourselves To Death
A prescient view of how technology and entertainment affect the people and society in a negative way.

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