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I was told to make a thread about the mr2 so here it is. Right now I'm in the process of converting it to use a MegaSquirt ECU because the factory one is probably busted and isn't easy to replace. Had to add a couple of sensors in and one of them goes onto the timing gear so I spent all weekend getting the old timing belt and oil pump off, but it's coming along.
Next weekend I plan to get that back together. Didn't get a lot of pictures unfortunately


>I was told to make a thread about the mr2
>converting it to use a MegaSquirt ECU
whats that entail? presumably these cars have a dedicated community for info?


>whats that entail? presumably these cars have a dedicated community for info?
The community's a lot less helpful than you'd think, especially for the supercharged ones. A lot of people who have done it in the past try to keep as much of the original wiring as they can but I hate archaic 80s engine management I'm going to be scrapping anything I can. The biggest things that it needs are a MAP and MAT sensor for measuring manifold pressure and temperature so the ECU can use speed-density to calculate how much air is going into the engine instead of the horrible weather vane airflow meter that they used back in the day that always goes out of calibration because its basically just a potentiometer with a big flap on it that gets blown out of the way by the air going into the intake. What's cool is both of those things can be had for very cheap using factory parts off Chevy trucks.
The sensor I was installing over the weekend is for a crankshaft angle sensor so the ECU can tell where each cylinder is and know when to fire the injectors and coils. Most people keep the original distributor for this but I wanted more control than that so instead I'm using LS ignition coils also off a Chevy truck which are both more powerful and give a lot more granularity in adjusting the ignition timing.
Other than that it's just gonna be a ton of wiring, which I like doing so it shouldn't be a bad project. I'm also just kinda taking it as an opportunity to take everything out of the engine bay that I can and clean it and make everything look nice. The car sat for a very long time and also caught on fire a little bit a few months ago from a valve cover gasket leak so everything is covered in dirt and fire extinguisher dust.
Sorry for the wall of text I'm also just kinda trying to write out what's in my head to keep things straight


hows the crankshaft sensor done?
on my LT1 the distributor has a precision perforated disk thats driven off a spline from the front of the crankshaft
it shines a light through the perforations and uses the interuptions to determine the crank angle
also aren't LS1 coils also self contained ignition modules setup? it just needs a low voltage signal to tell it when to juice the spark plugs?
any plans on how/where you'll mount the coils? in the past i've read thats where creativity is needed for LT1 ignition module/distributor conversion to LS1 coil on cylinder. i'd imagine its even more necessary for an engine thats not even close to related


File: 1691555430416-0.png (1.39 MB, 853x1137, 853:1137, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1691555430416-1.png (1.26 MB, 1000x715, 200:143, ClipboardImage.png)

>on my LT1 the distributor has a precision perforated disk thats driven off a spline from the front of the crankshaft
Pretty similar but it has a magnetic sensor instead of an optical one. There's 36 teeth with one missing so it can find TDC. Pic related is what I'm using, it's a trigger wheel off a 96(?) Celica welded to the 4age timing gear.
There's also a sensor on the distributor for cam angle that I'm going to have to grind a tooth off of to get a sync signal for both of them.
>also aren't LS1 coils also self contained ignition modules setup? it just needs a low voltage signal to tell it when to juice the spark plugs?
ya they're "smart" coils so they don't need an igniter to fire each one, makes it a lot easier to drive, hopefully. I'll probably mount them where the factory igniter/coil sits on the side of the engine bay, and just make a little bracket for them. I helped a buddy convert his RX8 to use LS coils and it just came with a pretty crude bracket like this so I figure I can make something similar that fits in there and just adapt the original plug wires to fit the LS coils.

what do you have an LT1 in?


File: 1691556733021.png (3.63 MB, 1600x1062, 800:531, ClipboardImage.png)

one of these
fun car. they dont big bigass full size sedans like this anymore
pic not mine, but she looked pretty close to that when i got it (paint peeling badly and every syntheic material failing now). it was used as a training vehicle at a big PD until i picked it up in sophmore year of highschool


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File: 1691632325013-1.jpg (3.15 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230809_195602.jpg)

File: 1691632325013-2.jpg (3.62 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230809_201548.jpg)

Replaced the starter on a 2012 Nissan Frontier. Fucking bullshit heat shroud, you don't need to take the bolt off the top of that thang, just the two 10mm bolts at the bottom. Fucking bullshit Nissan, dafuq is wrong with jap cars my man?


File: 1691668813253.jpg (169.14 KB, 720x700, 36:35, Screenshot_20230810_065802….jpg)

>The community's a lot less helpful than you'd think
Pic related, my buddy had an mr2 but won't post about it here because he's a turbo nigger.


File: 1691682605982-0.jpg (3.86 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20230809_180155.jpg)

File: 1691682605982-1.png (35.12 KB, 310x267, 310:267, 1545436858690.png)

managed to work on the car a little bit yesterday. got the trigger wheel mounted and few other small things but need an extra pair of hands to help hold the timing belt from the top while im under the car
your friend sounds like he has schizophrenia
pic related
based, those old body on frame sedans are fantastic


holy shit behead this guy samuel paty style for insulting spee and refusing to help shorkcel with his car


i hate cars, i would never willingly take on a car project.


>need an extra pair of hands
just ask your gf 😎


not funny
im going to kill myself soon


casual friday?
don't worry bro i would have half decade dry spells
we're all gonna make it


any new work?
i've been very lazy with my projects the past month


no updates since the last post, just been busy with work and my other projects and the shop that it's at is like a half hour from my house so its kind of inconvenient to work on during the week. one of these days I'll have it running again


idk why hes so apprehensive it looks like hed fit in just fine not like anyone here gets that upset over insults anyway. or at least not for very long


wait wtf just noticed he said something EXTREMELY problematic
he called british """people"""


File: 1693280228751.png (660.02 KB, 1868x443, 1868:443, ClipboardImage.png)

tell him to come on by
we won't bite
also hows he feel about RUGBY?




File: 1695064087070.jpg (4.2 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_140257.jpg)

Replacin the starter, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, and air filter on the 240 today. Prolly change all 4 break pads and the fuel filter too. Waiting on the engine to cool down to start wrenching.


File: 1695080761079-0.jpg (4.55 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_142005.jpg)

File: 1695080761079-1.jpg (3.92 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_142110.jpg)

File: 1695080761079-2.jpg (5.18 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_165343.jpg)

Well, I managed to get the old starter off. The fucking upper mounting bolt is missing, so I'm tracking that down at work tomorrow. The tune up went well. No time for the breaks or fuel filter, I'll probably do it tomorrow after I track the starter mounting bolt down.


File: 1695080866250-0.jpg (4.35 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_170905.jpg)

File: 1695080866250-1.jpg (4.17 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_175540.jpg)

File: 1695080866250-2.jpg (4.4 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_182038.jpg)


File: 1695238450726.jpg (505.8 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_0372.jpg)

I couldn't find a starter bolt in the whole fucking state, luckily my buddy works at a high performance auto shop and managed to thread these two bolts for me for free and I'll put the starter on today.


File: 1695573232492-0.jpg (4.44 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230920_172720.jpg)

File: 1695573232492-1.jpg (6.49 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230920_191530.jpg)

New starter and bolts installed. Second pic is the spark plugs I removed from the engine.


What's up with the money pit??


i had to buy a used car and now i am upset


we have a 1000 HP mitsubishi heavy industries engine going on a ship right now and the starter is literally just two little things that look JUST like that


been a busy couple of months.. havent had time to work on it but ill get back to it eventually


What kind of car did you get and y u mad tho?


cuz i accidentally jumped a curb on my last one and it punched through the oil pan, exhaust, and engine cradle and insurance siad it was fukd. they gave me a lot of money for it though but i still had to buy a car i didn't want to buy in the first place
ended up getting a 2012 civic cuz i like hondas and it was fairly similar to my last one, but the whole car shakes at low gear and i think a strut might be busted cuz something is rattling when i hit a bump even though nothing is hanging underneath
also got jewed by the dealer and ended up paying like $1000 more than what they were selling it for because of (((fees))). convinced them to fix the front bumper though since it was hanging off


lol wut kinda shady (((polish businessmen))) they b havin in florida? That sounds like some okie doke used car salesman from Dallas kinda horseshit right there.


not quite dallas but death to hyundai dealers


>got used crown vic a year ago for a gud price
>ran gud until recently then had to get a bunch of shit fixed mostly my fault because i drive my vehicles hard as shit
>also got a new job further away and now the gas mileage is killing me
>wanna sell
>resale value is way the fuck below what it was last year
fug. i can still afford something with better mpg but still.
i know i put another ~15k miles on the crown vic since i bought it but kelly blueballs says its only worth like $900 trade in value now when a year ago it was more like $3000. do they keep track of work youve had done on your car? i havent had to file any insurance claims. or is 15k miles really that much of a value killer? im bad at car shopping


it shouldn't, see if anyone else in your area is selling one in similar condition for the same price and price yours accordingly. you can check in other states too and adjust for cost of living in your area compared to theirs.


just hold it and wait for drop in EV kits to be more mainstream
thats what im doin with the 94 caprice. goin non-op because the cats are finally failing and i won't pass smog this year


ev shit doesnt seem like its taking off as much as people said it would. not that i'd be opposed to never again having to shove hundred dollar bills into my gas budget every fucking week but i dont wanna be taking a trip in the mountains and not have a plug to recharge within a hundred miles
>cats are finally failing and i won't pass smog this year
>pass smog
is that a thing? how do you even get caught out for that? inspections in my state involve checking lights windshield wipers and tire treads and p much nothing else


>ev shit doesnt seem like its taking off as much as people said it would
legacy makers are doing a very poor job transitioning. every journo hack faggot said itd be fucking OVER (this time for REAL) for tesla once the legacy companies took a shot– but then it turns out the reason cars are so shit these days is because of those [legacy] niggers in the first place (they suck at making cars).
that might tie into a very bizarre trend im seeing– tesla is the only company ive ever seen that have an actual campaign to smear them on social media in a similiar vein to anti trump stuff. really wild and has ofc immediately turned all the gullible boomers into hating teslas for either leftist pussy-toy cars (real AR15 mattel vibes) or some sort of right wing scam run by literal hitler himself elon musk
anyway for the foreseeable future, tesla is going to be the dominant player, so it will take however long it takes them to scale up to making enough cars for the market
give it a few years. there will be big battery / charging breakthroughs, price will drop dramatically, and charging woes will mostly disappear.
but the way i see it, its inevitable outside of some niches. electric motors / infrastructure just make shit so much simpler.
>how do you even get caught out for that?
its called living in faggotfornia and having a formal, measured out the tailpipe smog check every other year on my dime (100-200 dollars)


niggers broke into my car
they didn't take anything but they rummaged through the glovebox and center console and left the door open
surprised they didn't take my dad ray ban's then i'd have been RLY mad


i hat niggers


me to budy


are jags good cars, i really want one but i don't know anything about cars and i just rly like saying "jag"


knew someone with an older v12 and said it always had problems
but she asked me to look at it and thought it only had 6 cylinders so y'know pebcak and all


I have never heard anything good about jags either. It's always someone boomers complaining about how expensive they are to maintain. Allegedly after Ford bought them, they were better. I just pressed X for doubt


>got 2002 honda civic
>smells like fuel inside
>fuel pump filter is rotten
>replaced fuel pump filter myself
>car cranks but won't start
>nothing sounds fucked up outside of it not fuckin starting
>can't find any solutions online because all search engines are gay bullshit run by india nombr ons
man i wish i knew more than fuckall about cars. from what i can tell with the few useful search results i got i probably flooded the engine so i'll let it sit overnight and air out but im not getting my hopes up


that wasnt it. my battery mite b ded. fuck i hope this doesn't cost me a shitton to get fixed


You might check the fuel pump relay. Always trouble shoot the simple stuff first. You can take the battery to xyz.parts and they will test itfor free


File: 1715681409308.jpg (77.92 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, P76528M_P04_ANG.jpg)

that wasnt it. i shoulda just replaced the entire unit the mechanic said i did everything right with the filter part i replaced that attaches to the housing unit and pump but it didn't matter because the pump was on its last legs and i probably finally killed it when i disconnected it from the battery
oh well lesson learned im just glad i didn't destroy some shit that was gonna cost me thousands of burgerbux


>fuel pump
That would have been my next guess. Hope your tank is empty. They are p easy to replace as long as the tank isn't full.


i dont have to do it anymore the mechanic went ahead and took care of it. im a dummy and thought that just because i heard the pump was turning on that it meant it was working fine and sending fuel to the engine which it very much wasnt so i panicked
>hope your tank was empty
the tank was half empty and i didnt have a problem switching the top part out it just sucked shoving it back in the tank because the new hoses were stiff and kept getting in the way


plus i didn't wanna wait another week for the bottom part


>went to remove coolant sensor so i could put a new one in
>fucking thing snapped in half with the threaded part still screwed in
>start thinking this honda is cursed
>thankfully the coolant had lubed the threads up enough for me to slowly extract it with a small screwdriver
>thank you god
>open box for the new one
>lady at the auto shop gave me the wrong one
>shop closed by the time i found out
a miracle followed by disappointment


thats how it always is at every store that employees braindead wagies
why i thoroughly believe they shouldn't even be making the 7.25 federal minimum wage or whatever the fuck it is


That’s also always exactly how it goes when you break a sensor, or cross thread something then make the recovery. Pb blaster is your best friend.


how fucked are you if you crossthread a spark plug? i didnt do that but i was thinking about it after i replaced them


Depends, is it just the plug or the port too? If it’s the port too it could have an effect on compression. Air/fuel escaping possibly, also possibly never getting the plug out. Look into it I’m pretty sure you can just get a tap and die set and reset the thread. If you just cross thread the plug throw it away and get another.


alright so i probably wouldve realized by now if id have fucked that up? the cars running fine now. except the fuckin ac and its hot as shit around here lately idk if i should try fucking with that myself or not


Yes you would know if you cross threaded it by now.
Try recharging it. If it’s not that, it could be ‘’’just’’’ the clutch which is easier to replace than the whole compressor if it’s not that it’s the compressor


Forgot to ask, does that car have a serpentine belt one long belt that goes to everything, fan, ac, power steering or are they all individual belts?


i think it has a leak somewhere i already tried recharging it and it was back at zero the next day and was blowing lukewarm air instead of full on cold air. just one belt. maybe i just didnt put enough in or it was totally empty and the shit i did put in simply wasnt enough? i may have to just deal with it if its some shit i cant fix because ac repairs are an amount of money my destitute ass cant afford right now last i checked


that sounded redundant let me clarify what i meant
i put some canned refrigerant in it until the pressure was right and then thebnext day it was back at zero pressure when i checked. i was thinking maybe it needed time to cycle through the system and i should go and put the rest of the can in there


That sounds like a leak to me. Might be a gasket, it’s been a while since I’ve messed with replacing a compressor. It’s not too hard if it had its own belt. However idk how you’d find where the leak is at, it might not be the compressor. :/


fug i might be going the whole summer without ac then
done it before and im not looking forward to it


Any news? Ac not really my thing, hope it turns out well though. I’m about to have to change my external fuel pump i think def filter hopefully not anything more excessive. Will post updates this weekend as they develop :P


nah when i have the time im gonna see if i can figure out if there is a leak myself. the mechanic would charge me like $125 for an ac system check and i dont wanna pay for that when i cant afford to have it fixed outright right now anyway. if i cant figure it out then there will be suffering and i have already mentally embraced it


It should be pretty straight forward after you find the leak. If it’s just a line it probably shouldn’t be that hard to replace it yourself.


better break out your soap sudsing spray bottle budy


92 subi SVX, 120k for 3 racks. average condition for year
check eng lights on, finna might after pulling code unless you guys know something i dont


File: 1717714852845.jpg (1.44 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, svx eng.jpg)

was just a sensor and i dont live in a commie county. thing scoots, lets hope it doesnt immediately blow a tranny
didnt know only 14,000 made it to usa


>blown trannies
now THAT brings back some good times…


fuck yeah, love these things


File: 1718241057076-0.mp4 (14.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, VID_20240612_185903.mp4)

File: 1718241057076-1.jpg (1.53 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_20240612_185800.jpg)

File: 1718241057076-2.jpg (1.24 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_20240612_185653.jpg)

get why they did the wrx after playing in this
was thinking about setting my niece about to turn 16 up with it but i'm leaning towards keeping. parts are $$$ and she doesnt need this much go and rarity for a first
if i held it til i croak she'd come out way ahead but idk. would be sick for a first car


yeah a 16 year old is just gonna crash it anyway, i'd hang onto it at least for the sake of preservation. would be a nice gesture though…
honestly a decently clean SVX can get you a couple bucks on bring a trailer
you're gonna blow that engine up revving it cold like that lmao

im still working on the mr2 btw… finally doing all the wiring for the megasquirt. i havent taken any pictures because its all torn apart and filthy and looks like shit but maybe one of these days ill finally drive it again


>blow eng revving
ya i cringed a bit watching it again, evan williams fault

hat wiring and those look like a ton of it. that the last thing you have to do? gonna feel so sweet when its done


keep forgetting to check my ac lines for leaks but i installed a new radio in the honda so i learned a little about wiring i guess. the new radio sucks but at least it has an aux port and bluetooth
i wish i had a fucking garage so bad working on cars is fun but theres not much i can do besides basic shit on an uneven gravel driveway


ac is for soft queers anyway, build yer vril
what can't you do on gravel? ramps'll hold and there's pans and magnetic livestrong wristbands now for errant nutting


key word here is uneven i have to go to a neighbors driveway to change my oil lel
also its nice to have a garage so you can set up a chain fall or to roll one of those fuckhuge roller jacks around. neither of which i can afford anyway, i'm just a poor internet nigger fantasizing


File: 1718418485603-0.png (16.26 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718418485603-1.png (11.78 MB, 4000x2252, 1000:563, ClipboardImage.png)

>hat wiring and those look like a ton of it. that the last thing you have to do?
thats the last major thing at least before i put tires on it and do some suspension work to make it drive nice again. its gonna be really nice after all this time…
working on making this bracket and harness to run the ls coils
>ac is for soft queers anyway, build yer vril
nah fuck that, ac is necessary anywhere in the south. im selling my legacy because it has an evaporator leak. its 100 degrees out every day and i really dont feel like fixing that… i have replaced every other ac component and they just kept breaking one after the next. im too old to have no AC in florida… even the mr2 is going to have ac
bro just come by im working on clearing out all the trash from the previous owner in my garage you can change your oil here


oh ya forgot about roof stuff. poor nigger too, my carports too janky to even think of a w beam up there
thats sum tasty looking spaghetti, damn nice work. what're you doing to the suspension?
never bother recharging my ac and it gets 100 here. good thing bc the SVX is the last year for em on r-12. high desert though so the sungravy hits different, swampass blows


File: 1720664866762.jpg (3.56 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, IMG_20240710_191850.jpg)

i was wrong about a/c sorry
went to recharge and found this on an r12 sticker, anyone know wtf?
thought it was converted but it doesnt fit the 134a, just some quick coupling?

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