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I was told to make a thread about the mr2 so here it is. Right now I'm in the process of converting it to use a MegaSquirt ECU because the factory one is probably busted and isn't easy to replace. Had to add a couple of sensors in and one of them goes onto the timing gear so I spent all weekend getting the old timing belt and oil pump off, but it's coming along.
Next weekend I plan to get that back together. Didn't get a lot of pictures unfortunately


>I was told to make a thread about the mr2
>converting it to use a MegaSquirt ECU
whats that entail? presumably these cars have a dedicated community for info?


>whats that entail? presumably these cars have a dedicated community for info?
The community's a lot less helpful than you'd think, especially for the supercharged ones. A lot of people who have done it in the past try to keep as much of the original wiring as they can but I hate archaic 80s engine management I'm going to be scrapping anything I can. The biggest things that it needs are a MAP and MAT sensor for measuring manifold pressure and temperature so the ECU can use speed-density to calculate how much air is going into the engine instead of the horrible weather vane airflow meter that they used back in the day that always goes out of calibration because its basically just a potentiometer with a big flap on it that gets blown out of the way by the air going into the intake. What's cool is both of those things can be had for very cheap using factory parts off Chevy trucks.
The sensor I was installing over the weekend is for a crankshaft angle sensor so the ECU can tell where each cylinder is and know when to fire the injectors and coils. Most people keep the original distributor for this but I wanted more control than that so instead I'm using LS ignition coils also off a Chevy truck which are both more powerful and give a lot more granularity in adjusting the ignition timing.
Other than that it's just gonna be a ton of wiring, which I like doing so it shouldn't be a bad project. I'm also just kinda taking it as an opportunity to take everything out of the engine bay that I can and clean it and make everything look nice. The car sat for a very long time and also caught on fire a little bit a few months ago from a valve cover gasket leak so everything is covered in dirt and fire extinguisher dust.
Sorry for the wall of text I'm also just kinda trying to write out what's in my head to keep things straight


hows the crankshaft sensor done?
on my LT1 the distributor has a precision perforated disk thats driven off a spline from the front of the crankshaft
it shines a light through the perforations and uses the interuptions to determine the crank angle
also aren't LS1 coils also self contained ignition modules setup? it just needs a low voltage signal to tell it when to juice the spark plugs?
any plans on how/where you'll mount the coils? in the past i've read thats where creativity is needed for LT1 ignition module/distributor conversion to LS1 coil on cylinder. i'd imagine its even more necessary for an engine thats not even close to related


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>on my LT1 the distributor has a precision perforated disk thats driven off a spline from the front of the crankshaft
Pretty similar but it has a magnetic sensor instead of an optical one. There's 36 teeth with one missing so it can find TDC. Pic related is what I'm using, it's a trigger wheel off a 96(?) Celica welded to the 4age timing gear.
There's also a sensor on the distributor for cam angle that I'm going to have to grind a tooth off of to get a sync signal for both of them.
>also aren't LS1 coils also self contained ignition modules setup? it just needs a low voltage signal to tell it when to juice the spark plugs?
ya they're "smart" coils so they don't need an igniter to fire each one, makes it a lot easier to drive, hopefully. I'll probably mount them where the factory igniter/coil sits on the side of the engine bay, and just make a little bracket for them. I helped a buddy convert his RX8 to use LS coils and it just came with a pretty crude bracket like this so I figure I can make something similar that fits in there and just adapt the original plug wires to fit the LS coils.

what do you have an LT1 in?


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one of these
fun car. they dont big bigass full size sedans like this anymore
pic not mine, but she looked pretty close to that when i got it (paint peeling badly and every syntheic material failing now). it was used as a training vehicle at a big PD until i picked it up in sophmore year of highschool


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Replaced the starter on a 2012 Nissan Frontier. Fucking bullshit heat shroud, you don't need to take the bolt off the top of that thang, just the two 10mm bolts at the bottom. Fucking bullshit Nissan, dafuq is wrong with jap cars my man?


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>The community's a lot less helpful than you'd think
Pic related, my buddy had an mr2 but won't post about it here because he's a turbo nigger.


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managed to work on the car a little bit yesterday. got the trigger wheel mounted and few other small things but need an extra pair of hands to help hold the timing belt from the top while im under the car
your friend sounds like he has schizophrenia
pic related
based, those old body on frame sedans are fantastic


holy shit behead this guy samuel paty style for insulting spee and refusing to help shorkcel with his car


i hate cars, i would never willingly take on a car project.


>need an extra pair of hands
just ask your gf 😎


not funny
im going to kill myself soon


casual friday?
don't worry bro i would have half decade dry spells
we're all gonna make it


any new work?
i've been very lazy with my projects the past month


no updates since the last post, just been busy with work and my other projects and the shop that it's at is like a half hour from my house so its kind of inconvenient to work on during the week. one of these days I'll have it running again


idk why hes so apprehensive it looks like hed fit in just fine not like anyone here gets that upset over insults anyway. or at least not for very long


wait wtf just noticed he said something EXTREMELY problematic
he called british """people"""


File: 1693280228751.png (660.02 KB, 1868x443, 1868:443, ClipboardImage.png)

tell him to come on by
we won't bite
also hows he feel about RUGBY?




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Replacin the starter, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, and air filter on the 240 today. Prolly change all 4 break pads and the fuel filter too. Waiting on the engine to cool down to start wrenching.


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Well, I managed to get the old starter off. The fucking upper mounting bolt is missing, so I'm tracking that down at work tomorrow. The tune up went well. No time for the breaks or fuel filter, I'll probably do it tomorrow after I track the starter mounting bolt down.


File: 1695080866250-0.jpg (4.35 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_170905.jpg)

File: 1695080866250-1.jpg (4.17 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230918_175540.jpg)

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File: 1695238450726.jpg (505.8 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, IMG_0372.jpg)

I couldn't find a starter bolt in the whole fucking state, luckily my buddy works at a high performance auto shop and managed to thread these two bolts for me for free and I'll put the starter on today.


File: 1695573232492-0.jpg (4.44 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230920_172720.jpg)

File: 1695573232492-1.jpg (6.49 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20230920_191530.jpg)

New starter and bolts installed. Second pic is the spark plugs I removed from the engine.


What's up with the money pit??


i had to buy a used car and now i am upset


we have a 1000 HP mitsubishi heavy industries engine going on a ship right now and the starter is literally just two little things that look JUST like that


been a busy couple of months.. havent had time to work on it but ill get back to it eventually


What kind of car did you get and y u mad tho?

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