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no theory writeups this time around, just talk about what i'm doing to stay healthy
working my strength back up after a few year layoff
skeleton mode this time, 6' ~148-153
just doing deads, weighted dips, and rows at the moment
not being super consistent, 1-3 times a week
linear progression. already starting to plateau. being irregular with the deads actually helps with that, since my fatigue is outpacing my fitness gains
at 275 for 5 reps. if i can grind to 3 plate i'll start doing real periodization
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u report anything youll be wakin up in an ice bath minus a kidney >weve got a gud thing going here now take your spiky turds and git


a new 24 hour gym opened up nearby and i got back into regular lifting for the first time since cuck cough ruined the last gym and i went to go deadlift a couple days ago and tweaked the shit out of my back with a pathetically low weight and now i can lift shit unless i just wanna do seated curls or triceps
i think im getting old


Be sure to change in the wimmins room I hear you can get away with that now.


they dont have locker rooms theyve just got two small changing rooms its a tiny gym in a small town
aimt no whorbs go there yet either i dont think theres a single one in a 20 mile radius that isnt obese




when doing exercises with dumbbells do you guys count the weight of a single dumbbell when you record your exercises or do you count it with both combined?
for example if you do a dumbbell bench press with 70 lbs dumbbells arebyou recording that as 70 lbs or 140 lbs?


dude just record the single weight. doing combined is just adding extra math for ?? reason


that is what i do but i was talking to someone who does the combined weight and i thought they were doing flys with fuckin hundred pound dumbbells and it turned out they were 50s and it made me wonder if id been recording it all wrong


if you lift them individually (free weights) you count them as singles since each arm is pulling their own weight
if you do them both at the same time (barbell) you count them both together + the bar since they're both working at the same time to lift one combined weight


my gym added a long backroom with a punching bag. i wanna learn to kickbox but theres no classes being held there its just for general use. is it possible to git adequate at something like that without a sparring partner? im still gonna practice my punches and kicks but i dont think id know if i was actually getting better unless i either found someone to spar with or picked a fight with one of the local junkies who will prolly just stab me


i'd say if you're capable of being critical and detached and can film yourself, you should be fine
find some way to measure your progress, find resources (books, videos, whatever) to learn the proper stuff, then have at it.


this is great advice >>2410. some things you'll miss from certain angles so multi cams would be ideal. if not try filming it twice at least for the basic basics. you wanna be autistic about those
your body and the bag will tell you a lot too


im definitely self-critical and autistic enough to do that so i'll give it a shot


the punching bag came off the wall
they didnt even mount it to the studs wtf its like a 75 pound bag or some shit idk how the mount was even staying on the fuckin wall to begin with


as in they just straight had it bolted into shitty drywall by itself


lol wut?


they mounted a heavy punching bag to a wall mount that was then bolted into just drywall. i punched it a couple times and the fuckin thing fell off the wall, i musta been the first one to use it because i didnt even hit it that hard. shouldve gotten a pic but i gtfo asap because im not footing the bill for that shit in case theyre cunty enough to try and get me for it. thank fuck they dont have cameras


did you film it? lmao retards those fuckers heavy, we had one in our basement and it was chained around a steel truss, fucker wasn't going anywhere


no i hadnt set my phone up yet i walked in threw a couple quick punches and TIIIIIMMMMBEEEEERRRRR then i bolted
im gonna be back up there tomorrow for a regular workout maybe the holes are still there. if they are i'll get a pic


lelmaof wtf man. sure you're not going to some dudes basement and getting chlorophormed?


>anon doesn't rent living rooms from questionably straight older turkish men


File: 1718503229929.jpg (2.82 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 8078.jpg)

they patched the old hole and painted over it so i didnt get a pic. looks like they learned their lesson tho they got it mounted into a wall that has conder blocks behind it now
i was wondering why this guy has a whole strip mall under his house


>pic is sideways
hat goyphones


>run day
>i dont wanna
>take a shit big enough to clog an industrial strength toilet
>wanna run
>run so far away
>run all night and day


never trusted wall mounts but cinder blocks prob work if they mounted properly
kickin it out again is gud training goal


if they used long enough bolts it should be gud but idk with these people they mighta used some short stubby shit
those blue ones are usually a couple inches long tho right?


color doesnt mean much w amazog and chinesium camo now ime. idk how they wouldn't go thru both sides of that block tho so prob 👍
ideally they put oversize washers on the back but unless you're spinning back kicking it shouldnt matter


im a little ways off from doing that kinda ninja shit but im still gonna keep a close eye on it for sure


are minimalist running shoes an epin overpriced yim or is there actually something to it? i recently got some cheap shit shoes that don't have a whole bunch of padding and "arch support" and i find that i don't hurt anywhere near as much after a run with these, but they're still not "minimalist" shoes


long as it matches yeem feets structure, runnin surface, and gait. forgot the guidelines you'd have to look em up. runnin is hard af on you either way


i do trail running mostly, running on asphalt is gay and boring. dunno bout the gait tho.
>running is hard af on you
i know but that last pair of shoes i had was supposed to be some super supportive fancy shit and ive never had shin splints that fucking bad before


also ive got normal arches, none of that flat foot stuff thankfully


trail running is sweet. pay attention to whether you land more on the inside/outside and heel/toe and dyor on an insole or new kicks if needed but sounds like the cheap shits are gud
le fancy shit of anythang is p much all worse than garbage any more


oh thats what you meant. i tend to favor the outsides of my feet if im not concentrating on my form. dunno where i got that from since im not knock kneed or whatever and i dont walk like an autist.
guess i'll stick with the cheapshit. tbh i only bought the fancy ones because it said something about being gud for trails and i thought maybe theyd last longer than the cheapies. i do like running in the rain too maybe that fucked em up quicker but i was having the shin splint issues before i did any rain running


outsides falling first is just how them built. if you lift your foot and let it dangle it'll curl in
ya probly not the rain spro shoes are kinda like toof retainers, BiS brand is gonna rek you if they dont fit ur gait
i know fuck all about the new materials or longevity cant help ya there




you're responding to something from 20 years ago
that guy died from his golf elbow ages ago


your reality is 20 times too fast for this bort, you have died of old age and reincarnated into at least 12 different dummies by now


ordering now thx budy, shits expensive but you seem legit


i did sprints yesterday in ~92 degree weather and at one point it felt like i was vary hot inside and out but also felt invincible like god was hugging me or something and i expected to feel fucking terrible today but i'm fine this has been an update from a running idiot who apparently cannot die from heatstroke


>felt invincible like god
you actually are. are you interested in some literature and do you have an active drivers license?
heatstroke only happens to weak retards ime, cold dgaf tho


if its cold just run more faster


lel true. got gnarly hypothermia once wasnt running tho so coulda done that and now i feel dumb


i didnt stretch properly or maybe im low on potassium because i got woken up at 3am by the worst charley horse ive ever had in my life last night i would rather break on of my fingers again than go through that


day 3 of BPC-157 1000mcg a day pills. from what i'm reading it'll take a couple weeks

idk if youre a supplement bro but magnesium malate has helped everyone i've recc'd to
hat supplements tbh but foods basically poison so whattya gon do


2poor4supps gotta stick with food
i most likely just didnt stretch properly anyway i ran over 8 miles and only stretched like i ran for 3. i could tell something was off in that leg on the drive home from the park and normally if i get a charley horse it happens very soon after whatever im doing


only ran 2 miles today just to gauge my short distance runtime. 17m 30sec, i know i can do far better than that
made sure to stretch right and got some banans on the way home. luv me some banans


shit man that's not bad time, fact you can do it all is better than most people


thanks budy. i used to be able to run 2 miles in just over 14 minutes but i got fat for a couple years and idk if i'll ever be that fast again but i'm gonna try god dammit


I will now begin my blog

I have been doing a lot of oly weightlifting and it's very fun bros

Program goes like this, basically
Day 1
Snatch Pull
Front Squat

Day 2
Push Press
Overhead Squat

Day 3
Clean & Jerk
Clean Pull
Back Squat

My delts are so fucking sore every day it's rough. But it's worth it for the technique gains.

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