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My american niggas join the ARF and support us, america is dying and we are being led around like cattle by the liberal, Zionist, globalist, gay media like fox news and cnn. The only non brainwashed political network is Third Position Radio and the Seamusite Fascisti. The Reformationist cause is one that all americans must strive for to gain the corporate state.

tl;dr: americanreformationfront.org


No thanks fed


i could do that
i could also sit back and watch this shitstain of a "nation" die without posturing then ultimately doing nothing to stop it like a cuckold retard


You are part of the problem


oh no fuck im part of the problem you and people like you refuse to take any actual action against fuck nnnnooooooo


what is it with Americans and their gay politics LARPing lol


shut it, an*loid scum


Romania-sama… I kneel…


i dont fuckin know for some reason fags here like to prance around and scream and chest thump like theyre gonna do shit and then just meekly go back home when politicians ignore them im so fuckin tired of seeing it everywhere like kill your enemies or shut the fuck up and put the ball gag back in our mouth


Burgers like to larp like their founding fagthers and always love to do cringey shit like revolt over whatever dumb thing they can think of

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