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I'm relaying this message to some "duder" guy, hopefully he can help us out.
Hey sportsball fans
Didn't really know where else to post it and didn't want to delete a thread just for it, so here goes

Ever since the fall of 8chan/8ch/Fullchan/Redditchan/9Fag or whatever you wanna call it, several anons from various small imageboards banded together to create a new, federated system (like those in old message boards) to connect several imageboards together without the need of a centralized administration, meaning that whenever one of them acts like a bitch, he's gonna get dropped off the rotation without having to lose the whole place to a lone gunman faggot.
We improperly call it "webring", essentially it's a small script that allows an imageboard to connect to other ones, seeing the kind of boards that are being posted on, with the ability to directly choose which IB to follow (i.e. the owners have dropped Cakeboy's boards multiple times). Its main purpose is to avoid situations where some company like Cuckflare could potentially take down an entire community leaving them with no bunker to move onto.
Think of how many more GETs you could snatch
So what do you say? Feel like trying this thing out? If so, here's an example https://anon.cafe/webring.json of how it looks, you can go to the main board and seek instructions on how to get on it.
I should mention, this project IS NOT DONE IN COOPERATION WITH 8CH, as plenty of anons have decided to stay on the bunkers, for instance, /monster/ and /animu/ have no intention of ever going back.


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>without the need of a centralized administration
<he's gonna get dropped off the rotation
>blaming "a lone gunman faggot" for taking down a whole site
>I should mention, we are a bunch of cowardly fags so we must take every opportunity to announce who we do and don't side with so that our mccarthyist friends won't target us


This seems pretty interesting. I'd be interested in giving it a shot.
There has always been talk of an "inter chan alliance" but nothing much ever came of it. I like to be on good terms with the other smaller boards.


>I should mention, we are a bunch of cowardly fags so we must take every opportunity to announce who we do and don't side with so that our mccarthyist friends won't target us
Never ever said or implied any of that. We know WHY we went down and WHOSE fault it really is. But we have to also buy ourselves some time to regroup the communities that have been exiled. If you want to know where the non-LARPing, non r/the_donald /pol/ users went, I could tell you, but I'm not ratting them out like so.
<he's gonna get dropped off the rotation
Has only happened to the one faggot who kept a link on his twitter feed.
Likewise. I don't speak for everyone, obviously, but the opinion of sportschan on the bunkers ranges from positive to very positive, everyone missed you guys when you left 8ch and the place has never been the same after some communities left.
We're hoping that Jim "feed him to the piggies" Watkins' new Cloudflare service will be of use to unite anonymous posters under a service that won't drop them like a prom night dumpster baby because of "Muh PR".


I agree with you on everything except
>trusting Jim with anything


It's not really trust. It's hope. Hope that things will work out, whoever's in charge next time.
Again, as I mentioned in the OP, it's not like we're doing this for 8ch or anyone else's sake, more because we realize the need of an anonymous community and the only way to retain it, in the absence of a GOOD version of 8ch, is to have a backup option in the bunkers and federation system.
Bitmitigate sounded like a good alternative for the whole of twenty minutes when they had to deal with even more twitter faggots destroying their business. A Cloudflare alternative that won't kick its clients for political reasons is a necessity. If the fat q-boomer is the only one providing it, so be it. If a better alternative comes around, I don't see why one should stay loyal to someone who frankly doesn't really care about the communities as much as sticking it to his ex business partners.


The vichan version is at https://gitlab.com/Tenicu/infinityaddon-webring

If you run into any trouble, you can ping the dev on Rizon via /msg Tenicu help something's not working


>that won't drop them like a prom night dumpster baby because

That sounds inhumane. Have any of you heard this happen near your high school growing up? I've never heard that happen once were I lived
>t. asking for a friend


hes referencing the family guy gag which wasnt that good i enjoy family guy as a shitty throw things at the wall sorta show just didnt enjoy this gag that much tbh
its even less funny out of context but its not the worst joke ever
shocked how much people grabbed onto this gag tbh but whatever people do that


Yes the reference is as the other anon said, but I do know of a couple of girls who had abortions right around the final semesters of HS so who knows if it's true or a shitty joke

Anyhow, please, get in the webring asap


1999 called, it wants its' technology back


Well that was pretty tasteless
I heard abortions happen a lot in Russia sadly. Unsure if this is 100% true




File: 1569396062677.png (50.97 KB, 1127x525, 161:75, webring drop down.png)

Yes, it is old technology being used in a similar manner. Basically, all the imageboards on that place link each other. It's a way to create a shared community without having to be located on a single site, and to attract users to each other's website.
Let me show you what it looks like when you install the plugin:

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