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here is my take: anyone killing "invaders" that will just shit out more spawn that same day is just accelerating the persecution of whites and scaring the normies into wanting more gun control. (guns are needed to protect/deter all your other amendments from being infringed on by the government by the way) there are only 2 options left at this point.
>1. whites are pushed into a corner until all the built up rage of being replaced, outbreed, and diluted within the minority population reaches a melting point (keep in mind whites are a very small percentage of the world population). they will begin to kill cops, journalists, and politicians. they will kill cops because they enforce the same laws and bills that are passed with malicious intent towards replacing/genociding whites. they will kill journalists that are mossad/cia/fbi/nsa contractors/assets and other journalists that vilify whites/spread smut and melting pot/commie/talmudic propaganda that is contradictory to the white christian values that made the US what it was in the 50's and destroyed germany pre-hitler election(still not at pedophile acceptance stage yet but it's full steam ahead). and they will kill politicians that blatantly lie to the public with plans and promises that only benefit the invading population while plundering the "white majority" (for now)US citizens in the process(people of color always outnumber/vote democrat).
>2. first they get disarmed because trump is a zionist and so will every president after him if nothing changes with this epstein/pizzagate shit. then they become vilified and attacked by cops that "have to get food to the dinner table" and diluted iq fluoride mongrel hordes that dont conform to gunlaws until they die out and everything goes to shit because once they are usurped communism will roll in and anti-semitism will become punishable by death again just like under stalin. whites then tuck their tails between their legs and fade out into a sea of brown.
go ahead and keep accelerating. maybe youll end up cucked like australia/sweden OR cause some sort of collapse/overthrow of the government where a ton of people will die.(~8% of the population is needed to overthrow the US government) either way it will all be a huge shitshow and all we can do is watch and speculate and determine what's a false flag or not. thanks for reading my blog, fuck jannies and fuck glowniggers/jidf.


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fuck jannies and fuck glowniggers


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Shootings are making people more solid in their views. The gun control people become more insistent that the second amendment people are crazy, and the second amendment people become more intransigent. Putting violence on TV makes sane people want to be armed.

If they somehow manage to get red flag laws passed, sjew will abuse them, leading to a backlash, and the new response to moderate gun control will be Never Again™.


I am jidf meep meep
Poor thread


dudman pls mak sportschan pol


Fucking no for so many rasins
No Incel shooter borts


WRONG! okay, uhmm…this time…THIS time it's gonna be a politics board, sound good?


I get your meaning but thankfully duder dosent want that cause with the sp cries for jihad itd make sportschan a constant debate against Islam with redditors and drumpfers be funny as fuck at first then absurd as it kept going literally forever
I'm glad it's a handful of people here sometimes


no i dont want this to be the next 8chan


thanks for setting the little options back on the side of the name
the blue boxes were distractingly sized






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terrible like always.

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