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Why is this place so dead?


y ur mom so dead leaftard




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i almost want to write an imageboard browser that uses the json api that most altchans use to browse and post in them. every interface is different for every altchan and it's annoying to browse more than one. then again it has it's own charm. still, i don't know anyone who uses email to get notified about replies to a thread since 4chanx is a thing. oh btw 4chanx supports sportschan as well.


Must watch immediately



Isn't there some multi-chan browser for Android devices? shouldn't be too hard to make something like that for desktop.


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yes there is but everything is hardcoded i.e. if you want to add support for a site you have to program the logic on how to parse it and everything manually. if there was some convention people used for this it wouldn't be an issue. still, yet another imageboard is not really an answer to this problem lol.

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