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It's like 76chan, but on sportschan.
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Onion domain: http://ylcjjrqko7pgobnvzreemm565ea3oj3c7rfqqb4x4twmay6hafv54mid.onion/

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I guess we can start talking about /tv/ and /a/ things in this board. Making it livelier than having botnets around here is good

Big question time though: who does /76/ root for? CIA or Bane? And why doe? Who's got the better plan between the 2 of them?


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idk what even goes on at /tv/ these days besides Sneedposting tbh. I guess /a/ could be fun, would probably just be K-On waifu wars just like le good old days.
We could also possibly just have a single board for all kinds of media but the possibility of having /tv/fags and /co/fags in the same place is scary

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