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its a tampa kinda day
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coincidentally almost right at summer part II
i think the next jobless reincarnation is coming out? which is pretty good except for how fucking creepy the MC acts as a child
idk what else is coming out
things im waiting to end
>Hell's paradise
>Tengoku Daimakyo
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changing anything for the sake of change is fucking stupid


their trying to restore the original colors tho


dragon ball is n-tier


but there's literally only one nigger


File: 1691625265529.jpg (964.77 KB, 2776x3699, 2776:3699, 5422a955aee317b16696ce5707….jpg)

dbz is nigger tier tbh


you are a gaynigger


>Dragon Ball
how the fuck lol


poopon the turd


File: 1693014688360.png (729.06 KB, 736x687, 736:687, ClipboardImage.png)

>nagatoro unlocking fetishes i didn't even know i had
i want nagatoro to make me cry.


i have had the same experience i want golgo 13 to kill me


same i wish i was dead too


File: 1693263764491.mp4 (1.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Boys when logging in to Di….mp4)

heres your new anime of the season sisters


what is this so i can give it a 0 rating


>just an ordinary school boy
>but suddenly an gril
>*shitty song*
>uwuuuuu so qt3.1444
>prolly some shit love triangle
anime would be better off written by AI


you know what mite b cool is if there was a BLAME! annie may written and partially animated by ai instead of that cgi shitfest movie it got
that manga is basically ted kaczynskis worst nightmare


AI would just write the same gay shit, only there'd be no ppl behind it so it'd be even more unhinged.
careful what you wish for.


what spee thinks of one piece?


It’s an amv of an amv made by a chuck n fuckime company. I wouldnt be surprised if they made a show out of it since trapime in manga is just below isekai shit in popularity.


zom 100 troped tf out but pretty gud art & characters so far
listen i'm as gay as the next spartan, but not THAT gay


gays in my gook cave paintings?
what the fug dudders


full of worn out shounen tropes and boring as hell


this season's "show about nothing"?


i like it more than most shonenshit. why are you trying to get into it? i know the mangas at like 1100 chapters or some shit now but it doesnt take very long to catch up to it. wano arc was way too drawn out tho i fuckin hated it by the end
i only just started with the cuckime its alright in small doses and theres some filler in there that varies in quality


kinda relate to the whole pirate and adventure shit
thinking that having a real fucking peg for pegginng and a small parrot would be based


i'd like to have a peg to shove it up the ass of my enemies and stuff the parrot up there afterwards


back to /cow/


it's really fuckin epic imo, I've been reading it since the mid 00s. finally getting a lot of pay off and stuff. it's a slow burn. I can't imagine starting to read it now tho also

>wano arc was way too drawn out tho
this is accurate, tried to do too much and didn't do very much well till the very end I guess


fucking BORING and UNDERWHELMING return to jujutsu after a 1 month layoff
it feels like an episode out of the middle of the season
maybe if i rewatched everything and went right into it itd feel fine


File: 1693626105862.gif (892.41 KB, 442x471, 442:471, 0713e9348cf60b1e759b8f481d….gif)

>everything is sequelshit
>nothing original this season
i sleep


undead murder farce has been slightly above average
level 1 demon lord and one room hero is also at the top of its genre which is a VERY low bar, but at least its got more goin on than 99% of its peers


the end of wano was ok but not enough to make up for how fuckin boring the rest of it was. thankfully the newest arc is looking pretty entertaining so far. i wonder how long itll actually be until the whole series is actually done with, i know oda said hes on the final saga but it takes like two years to complete an arc unless the next ones are gonna be much shorter than the past couple were


File: 1693848172402.png (236.79 KB, 426x239, 426:239, ClipboardImage.png)

not current but just finished BOCCHI THE ROCK and it was really good
its mostly just a slice of life school comedy, but the jokes land and they splice together live action, 3d, and other interesting visual stuff into them that really elevates it
some stop motion clay in there too


just another k-on clone to me


File: 1693857132169.png (6.02 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

is k-on that creative?
i might have to take a watch. i always assumed k-on was generic moe shit tbh


how the fuck do your reliably embed with youtube links these days, i can't find any combination that works


it is
I couldn't even finish the 2nd ep it was so moe


the "embed" thing works fine for me
overly restrictive browser settings maybe?


could you post what your embed link looks like? i've been having issues off and on forever now


>jobless reincarnation
>ep 11
that was nice.
teased it long enough


jb slut doesn't make up for the slog
i wanna see demonbro do smth other than eat lunch, full on cunytrash now


i just use the standard yt url like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eUoWqAHryU in the embed thing and it works fine.
stripping out parameters may or may not be necessary, have not checked but i do it just in case.


oh and m.youtube (mobile) links might not work, did not check that either


>anime would be better off written by AI
Japanese cartoons and anime have their own audiences, from shonenshit to yurishit.


File: 1695164054274.png (1.17 MB, 564x542, 282:271, tiddies.png)

anime is written in ways that appeal to the japanese market only and western consumption is just coincidental at best. westerners complaining about it is kinda silly because they were never the target audience in the first place.

its kinda like if the japanese suddenly started complaining that family guy and the simpsons are unfunny garbage and need to be rewritten in a more anime-like style. i mean they'd be right but rewriting to fit their idea of "good" would not be the way to fix them.


>Reborn as a NIGGER, Now I Wander the Ghetto season 2 announced
These isekai titles are getting out of hand


Post pics or it didn't happen. Would be funny if a nip reborns as a nigger and makes a harem of niggresses in the hood while avoiding getting shot by niggers or the police.


idk if being reborn as a nigger would even work.
i mean being reborn as a nigger means you can kill niggers all you want without the cops bothering you but some other nigger might shoot your ass and you end up isekai'd into something else before the anime ends.


File: 1695253336043.jpg (592.45 KB, 1052x1099, 1052:1099, 242a793d3d8993167595745e1e….jpg)

I want to be reborn as a cute shota again UwU


File: 1695255769921.jpg (114.71 KB, 683x683, 1:1, 1695181303722.jpg)


File: 1695256869069.jpg (134.47 KB, 1010x1200, 101:120, 28a05e5fa9cd695929a7013855….jpg)

sup rat


woah, this thang looks kinda shy

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