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its a tampa kinda day
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lmao this shit is 🔥🔥


File: 1701098334032.mp3 (3.54 MB, KFJ - Game of the Name (Co….mp3)

oh so that's where the dividing by zero meme comes from


>listen to a few negative xp songs
>youtube recommending these absolutely insane blackpill incel channels
>"society wants all sub 5 males dead"

like arent you all about "trust and safety", why are you promoting this shit youtube ?


File: 1702917996393-0.mp3 (7.9 MB, Ozzy Osbourne - Let Me Hea….mp3)

File: 1702917996393-1.mp3 (14 MB, Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die.mp3)

I find myself randomly humming these two quite often, underrated songs by Ozzy


it is so so over


but as a sub-5 male did it ever really begin ?


replaying deus ex just getting reminded what bangers were on the soundtrack



wish someone dumped the full tape when they had it
i had a dupe of one some michigan band gave to me when i was a kid. long gone


at least this ones not gone


File: 1703947115399-0.mp3 (12.35 MB, Nightwish - Storytime.mp3)

File: 1703947115399-1.mp3 (11.79 MB, Nightwish - I Want My Tear….mp3)

File: 1703947115399-2.mp3 (9.61 MB, Nightwish - The Crow, The ….mp3)

File: 1703947115399-3.mp3 (9.94 MB, Nightwish - Turn Loose The….mp3)

File: 1703947115399-4.mp3 (10.4 MB, Nightwish - Last Ride Of T….mp3)

Nightwish's Imaginaerium is one of my fav albums and here are some songs from it. Pretty sure I've already posted these but that must be years ago, I haven't listened to this album myself in a very long time


Tally Hall is nice, albeit very hipster-y


some good tracks on this one


used to live nextdoor to some skin guy
he used get rally drunk and try to show me a tape of these guys lik once a week or so
i remember when he moved out he gave me a cardboard cutout of assad, which i always thought was very kind of him


sounds like a rad as fuck dude


File: 1705131506997.mp4 (11.72 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Tunak Tunak Tun Video _ Da….mp4)


i lik skams budy


poor guy just wanted to oi
wherever he is i hope he found his mythical land of oi


i think he was from midwest somewhere cuz he knew a lot of chicago guys and got culo to come play
they were kinda fucking strung out when i saw em tbh, i guess our dope wasnt as gud as shitcagos, but they managed to channel that p effectively. drummer looked like he was going to actually die, but didnt fuck up once
theyre def worth a listen if you like the mean shit.



File: 1705414159613.mp3 (8.19 MB, Buckethead - Jordan.mp3)

A classic, I used an online m4a > mp3 converter hope it didn't lose too much in quality


File: 1705882282781.mp4 (4.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2_5291984571548582991.mp4)


File: 1706249732357.mp4 (6.51 MB, 720x734, 360:367, 2_5303301818963482819.mp4)


happy friday /sp/iggas
god damn the united states of america


File: 1706519319619.mp3 (5.1 MB, Rise-Against-Re-Education-….mp3)

I've already posted this song multiple times before but I really like it, I don't understand why it's not more popular


File: 1706890718625-0.mp3 (9.86 MB, 08-1-800 Suicide.mp3)

File: 1706890718625-1.mp3 (10.59 MB, 10-Diary Of A Madman.mp3)


nice little shoegaze dreampop band

banger of a music video too


wow its been a minute


File: 1707687119273.flac (57.41 MB, 04 - Gamemaster.flac)



File: 1708023834367.webm (13.09 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Electric Light Orchestra ….webm)

owari da


File: 1708056631591.mp3 (30.52 MB, cledus_maggard_and_the_cit….mp3)


File: 1708121099310.mp3 (5.84 MB, 16 Yo Soy Milk.mp3)

i lik how the ol "[insert band name] blogspot" search query still works for basically all hipster shit
youd think most of that direct DL stuff wouldve been taken down a decade ago


ya but a loooooot of ded links to the file host sites


based kim keepin the dream alive w mega


them niggas still tryna extratite him lol


lol wasnt he raided in like 2012?
get fucking bent fedfags


File: 1708436480001-0.mp3 (16.66 MB, XCOM 2_ Shen_s Last Gift O….mp3)

File: 1708436480002-1.mp3 (19.91 MB, XCOM 2_ Shen_s Last Gift O….mp3)

I don't like posting video game music here but I really like these two


up the punx

pull out ur gock n jam



shit, forgot the link. self explanatory


File: 1708964776907-0.mp3 (11.3 MB, Iced Earth - Anthem.mp3)

File: 1708964776907-1.mp3 (10.8 MB, Iced Earth - Anguish of Yo….mp3)

File: 1708964776907-2.mp3 (9.48 MB, Iced Earth - End of Innoce….mp3)

I find these three calming and like them a lot, maybe you guys will too


File: 1708988678274.mp4 (10.13 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Drifter.mp4)




division by zero
error posting


bumparoo theres still some stuff in this thread i wanna listen to


negative xp makes good punk music unironically
this one is a banger


File: 1709277533902-0.mp3 (5.55 MB, 1 Last Breath Death Rites.mp3)

File: 1709277533902-1.mp3 (4.81 MB, 2 Living Hell Death Rites.mp3)

File: 1709277533902-2.mp3 (2.48 MB, 289333791.mp3)


they always remind me of the spits if the spits were a bunch of imageboard fags instead old 00s punk retards



lol hey i kno those guys
you ever listen to lethargy?
it was brann and bills earlier band
way too techy for their own good lol you can see why they tried to smooth it out a bit once they got signed

not rly a metalfag too much but always liked lethargy way more tbh

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