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its a tampa kinda day
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#previous thread

current status:
>10k dead shitskins
>Israel’s Iron Dome system malfunctioned on Sunday. One of its missiles fell straight down onto the street and caused a small fire, according to Al Jazeera correspondent Hamdah Salhut. Israeli authorities said there were no casualties or damage to buildings.
>Intense Israeli bombardment was reported in the Gaza Strip, including around hospitals, on Sunday evening. Gaza also faced its third communications blackout since October 28.
>Israel’s Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu drew international backlash when he implied during a radio interview that dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza is an option.


File: 1699288088748-0.png (22.99 KB, 1298x82, 649:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699288088748-1.png (60.76 KB, 1149x265, 1149:265, ClipboardImage.png)

just learned about blinken's step dad first picrel, samuel pisar was an advisor to jfk too
his grandaddy is second pic
funny blinken served under weather underground barack hussein obomber too


>bobs lawyer
thats about as close to "literally mossad" as you can get tbh


tho i always wonder who exactly killed him
cuz he was in srs shit for defrauding his whole company down to the last cent
which lel was seemingly wholly unrelated to anything mossad and prolly just a private endeavor
makes you wonder if mossad did it themselves because of how big a liability he had become. he was just supposed to go set up some intl MSM front companies
now its getting investigated/audited?? SHUT IT DOWN!!


no doubt a LOT of people wanted him dead. he was the one who taught the kiddos how to control like half the world via blackmail


File: 1699298154153.mp4 (5.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bipoc war support great sa….mp4)

bipartisan support for war w/iran if the iron dome gets embarrassed again lel
lindsey almost chokes to death saying iran is the REAL great satan not usgay and yidral


File: 1699298326671.jpg (902.19 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, saddam sandler.jpg)

>A and B are trying to kill each other
>therefore we must attack Z
iraq-tier justification


my sweet greta's pussad?!


File: 1699299084542.jpg (25.99 KB, 598x316, 299:158, rambo 3.jpg)

tbf hezbo was modeled and named after ayatollah khomeini
couldn't import democracy but shiites got wise on da pick and roll


that image is an edit, it never said that in any release
sry budy


the final redbull is realizing this is literally the same war
iran is and always was the point
fuckers have a lotta go juice under there


no shes just some FAS kid with rich parents
heem was talkin about how blinkins stepdad was robert maxwells lawyer when he was under investigation for fraud, and supposedly the last person to speak to him alive

the "kiddos" in this sense are obv ghislaine and jeff


attack governments through proxies? Who do these arabs think they are? jews? americans?


dayquil joke, my b
thought of the trafficked kids being the perpetrators made me laugh


fuck i hat lookin dumb in front of the five so i'll pretend i knew that


i dont think bob was into human trafficking as much as his daughter
seems he was more in the disinfo and media control line of work

FUN FACT: his son, jizzys brother, tried to scheist the rights for tetris out from under the dude who created it cuz heem was from USSR and couldnt really sell it himself w out risking getting gulagged
gud news is he got cucked after spending a ton of money on it, and the OG guy got the rights back and doesnt have to live in gommie shithole and is prolly rich af


File: 1699311339742-0.jpg (21.92 KB, 355x266, 355:266, 3f6ffb79c1d780c15a735226ab….jpg)

File: 1699311339742-1.jpg (26.75 KB, 248x400, 31:50, 44a90d5b5b236aa2e42fc99071….jpg)

I have been sifting through an old folder.


File: 1699337644438.webm (15.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, israeli discusses establi….webm)



i member that tetris story, no idea that was her bro wtf smol world


make the FUN FACT thread


jews are the antichrist


File: 1699368677013-0.png (315.54 KB, 745x487, 745:487, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699368677013-1.png (1.09 MB, 716x943, 716:943, ClipboardImage.png)

>recruiting like mad
>casualty affairs training expanded (the knock knock, who's there?, your dead son guys)
>yt back in army ads


if ypipo actually willingly fall for this shit then they deserve to die
like if theyre not forced to try and draft everyone then fuck it let the west die


In the last few weeks I've seen so many recruiting threads on /pol/ about how you should sign up now to get cushy office jobs and everyone shits on OP because they stand out just too much


what are ways i can dodge the draft without running to another country or chopping off my leg


convert to judaism


majority of zoomies wont buy into it unless they somehow make it about saving george floyd and black people


knew a dude who that refused to train anymore and got out. it's a bitch apparently, but you can just… not
doubt it'll work in a draft tho but could get /fit/, throw a grenade, and then say you're feelin spheehadi when training gets boring


lot of those support pali and theyre shit soldiers. rw trad zooms are mostly hip the bullshit. no real unifying cause even with another 7/11
tinfoil says the recession is going to force a lotta welfare qweens tho it'd be the most jooish thing ever so that's where my $'s at


File: 1699376323485.png (324.99 KB, 663x697, 39:41, IMG_3125.png)

New army ad just dropped on twatter and it’s all hwites. Yeah, WW3 is definitely happening.


>decades of genocide vary bad stupid goyim
>ok goyim now come help us commit genocide
nothing approaches my hatred for kikes not even my hatred for niggers


im just wondering how the push for goy soldiers is going to go in yurup
i know germoney is a poz hellhole these days but theyve also been having right wing groups keep popping up in their military and police ranks these past few years and the gubmint can only play whack a mole with them so many times before they lose all control


File: 1699378249768.webm (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, #StandUpToJewishHate: Hat….webm)

Is time to stop the hate against jews, blacks, asians and jews. White not included.


File: 1699378509774.jpg (99.52 KB, 853x543, 853:543, Savior of Belgium.jpg)

dont forget the waffle that went awol with a p90 to rush b and got the entire continent searching for him


I know how you feel anon. Niggers might be subhuman low iq violent chimps but they really have no choice or say in the matter. They’re born with dogshit genetics and very little intelligence which basically makes it impossible for them to build, create and maintain anything of real value. Ashkenazi kikes on the other hand have enough white admixture and IQ points to build and create a decent functioning society but choose not to and instead go out of their way to destroy all white civilizations out of sheer jealousy, resentment, hatred and spite. A nigger might chimp out and kill a white person but a jew will import a million niggers, give them free food and housing, brainwash them to hate and kill hwitey, give them the weapons to do so and then defend them in court after the crime has been committed. Jews also financed the nigger rap industry in its entirety and created the modern thug culture that exists among niggers. Make no mistake about it, jews are the great destroyers of civilization. To put it in autistic video game terms, if any other retard like me here has ever played resident evil games before here it is:

Niggers = Zombies
Jews = Wesker
Hwites = Members of STARS


File: 1699380440307.webm (228.42 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1696864447961648.webm)


File: 1699385076818.png (393.81 KB, 925x703, 25:19, Albert Chudsker.png)

9/11 was the last "unifying" moment for the country, last point america was still majority white as well.

how are you going to unify the plump gordetta guatamelons that came over here for free healthcare and government gibs ? you could sit there screeching till your blue in the face screeching about the "holocaust, HITLER, HAMAS IS HITLER" and they are just going to stare back glazed over look in their eyes and say "can i-geta free" with their hand out

now we just get endless psyops for humiliation and demoralization for globohomo

Wesker = Hyperborean Uber Mensch


File: 1699385632685.webm (Spoiler Image, 861.86 KB, 320x556, 80:139, gaza child.webm)

roughest vid i've seen outta this
inshallah the arabic cunts will rise up


i think he is just asleep


prolly an terrorist


actually p fucked tho


looked like nazi to me


File: 1699390820415.png (167.25 KB, 760x611, 760:611, ClipboardImage.png)

it'll be the same playbook of examples made, cointelpro w/e shit, heavy surveillance & then implementing cash for ratting ppl out

it's 100% going to go back to the classic 'willed participation as starvation avoidance'
foundation is already there w debanking for nono words & fedcumrocket coins coming, western economy is in a death spiral


>be a fatass
ISHYGDDT but if that's your case assuming they don't put you in an office or on light guard duty you could probably escape service.
>pretend to be mentally disabled
this one's kinda easy: grow your hair out, dress like a total bum, get a thousand yard stare. if you wanna go full schizo-LARP, say you're hearing voices in your head, but don't think it rationally, you gotta be mystical and shit. you aren't having hallucinations and you certainly aren't delusional, you know you're actually hearing demons or fairies or the mad deadly gangster computer god and they won't fucking leave you alone. in fact, they're giving you hidden knowledge on why your neighbor is actually a reptilian spy or why the nazis are hiding the secret entrance to agartha in antarctica and you know for damn sure you saw little green men pissing in your garden, shit like that.
>piss and shit your pants
they have to let you go for that, at least that's what that one infographic said.
>hide innawoods
where all else fails, go full ted and live innawoods. you're going to be living like a fuckin fugitive tho so gather all your money in cash, get a new ID, change cars, don't show your face on cameras, act natural, etc, then don't leave a trace like the boy scouts.


how long until e-thots start complaining about being hate-raped?


i hat nigers


even if they get you it's piss ez to get kicked out
chink in basic got yeeted for smuggling live rounds from range thankfully, i was 2nd on his kill list


>oy vey dis animal was impoisonatin HITLER! da chutzpah


File: 1699397533391-0.jpg (258.49 KB, 1170x1427, 1170:1427, refugees2.jpg)

File: 1699397533391-1.jpg (309.52 KB, 1170x1430, 9:11, refugees1.jpg)

File: 1699397533391-2.jpg (106.47 KB, 1162x1372, 83:98, refugees.jpg)

memo allegedly going out tomorrow, no idea if real
>A Senate source tells me Sen. Durbin, Congresswoman Jayapal and Congresswoman Schakowsky are circulating this


yah but every time something like that is implemented either the country crumbles to shit in vary short order or you get a dictator that fucks up and kills you anyway i think the current establishment in most places is only just realizing exactly how much people hat them
id be screeching extremistband arresting ppl too if i knew a significant number of them would legitimately torture and kill me after forcing me to watch my family get the same treatment


File: 1699399740066.jpg (334.13 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ea8061763d74ae2301bcbdf696….jpg)



Nothing left to shit up
amerigay is worse than gaza


>crumble to shit
path regardless. they're all arrogant hydrocephs so wouldnt put it past em to try again with magic computer boxes thinkin it'll save it
what else they gonna do? throwin dup as a release valve isn't going to work at this point
ya they're not wrong with the label tbh, it's the bed they made


File: 1699405257487.jpg (105.93 KB, 802x1024, 401:512, sticker.jpg)

forgot pic


funniest thing is keeping palis in amerigay = higher chance of kike killings while deporting them = directly reinforcing hamas


File: 1699406159805.png (5.87 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, pillow revolution.png)

same artist ?
looks very similar


File: 1699406439452.jpg (36.65 KB, 500x436, 125:109, f4c7781c4a7271ebe4c7a5b747….jpg)

spruh they litterally have the same signature on the bottom right


File: 1699406735559.mp4 (510.07 KB, 494x360, 247:180, ahh shaddup2.mp4)


the troon ukrainian jerking off is a nice touch


File: 1699408634236.png (538.04 KB, 587x981, 587:981, 1699408264456192.png)


wew error


how modify islam????


just do the needful sirs


sendings nukrs to pak dogs


i really hate sam hyde for making me aware of who hassan piker is
everytime i see this guy my hatred grows for him
his cadence, the way he speaks, the fake rebellion, "my dude", ugh, its fucking unbearable

like i want an algorithm that just blocks him altogether, because like following any dissident politcal accounts and you will get these bozos that repost a hassan take to dunk on him but you still have to see the hassan take
i just want an algorithm that does like a stalin style purge on hassan and just makes it like he never existed


What is up with AI art and not wanting to draw niggers and beaners?


File: 1699429020559-0.png (242.67 KB, 587x562, 587:562, 1699413667472806.png)

File: 1699429020559-1.png (524.54 KB, 593x839, 593:839, 1699414079646538.png)

File: 1699429020559-2.jpg (148.99 KB, 682x768, 341:384, 1503087439952.jpg)

idc about Kirk but I find both of these posts happening in the same day very funny


But habibi is /ourturk/ he hates kikes


File: 1699447216354.jpg (116.48 KB, 1154x688, 577:344, Judeo-Christian.jpg)

>quoting a verse from before God abandoned them as His Chosen People(tm)
>not one of the NT verses where he refers to them as a den of vipers or children of satan


ai hates niggers and spics


keep meanin to look this up but i'll just ask here; how did the jews redeem themselves in the christian mind?
they'll say they were practicing exactly to the letter and got bitch slapped for it. idgi, is it in the talmudic patch notes?


same thing as a lot of modern christianity, id imagine:
selective literacy
not that many ppl actually read the book cuz its tl;dr and written like autism


lik the phareeses were def involved
they felt threatened politically and figured they could make a buck
and romans were just totally over having to deal with all these random monotheistic zealots at that point


they didnt but they still forever da choshen no matter what buuuut they have to come to the Christ to get into heaven but they STILL da coshen still anyway so you gotta treat em lik they tha best
think lik da prodigal son or smth except christians are more lik a stepson n da yiddles are da REAL sons

thats my understanding from listening to a fair bit of christian newstalk radio except they dont mention the stepchild angle but rly thats how it seems they look at it.
da whole jewdayo-christian gimmick came about in lik 1938 from the 1984 guy iirc
dispensationalism is a helluva drug


talked to a preacher who went to school about it and it was J-man got mad at pharisees and they learned their lesson
so they don't sacrifice lambs nemore? bro, whole point of that is Jesus and ask em about him sometime
stepson is p accurate. makes perfect sense if you ignore the literal center of your religion Jesus AND khazaria and that other nation that just wholesale palette swapped to j while ignoring being a son of abraham AND ignore where Yahweh is literally called satan in bible today
idgi man, scofield was dishing out that fent laced shit


same way how centuries ago priests would bilk their congregations out of stuff, the preachers either cherrypick bibble passages to manipulate the message in favor of kikes or they just straight up lie because like >>1589112 said most "christians" dont actually read all that shit they want tl;drs


>so they don't sacrifice lambs nemore?
they still do, only they call it abortion now


im sure theres some other religious angle that christians/jews are privy to, but from my outsider esoteric-ist perspective, old YHWH was basically just one of several popular mesopotamian storm gods
heem was an str8 oldskool bloodgod, and hed get pissy and flood the tigris and euphrates and kill erryone. so ancient-ass talmud jews would sacrifice shit to him since he liked blood. thats prolly where the lamb/goat/whatever-was-around-that-had-blood sacrifice came from in ancient judaism


File: 1699484538713-0.png (17.16 KB, 800x170, 80:17, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699484538713-1.png (12.19 KB, 726x148, 363:74, ClipboardImage.png)

marcion (not to be confused with gnostics, he just makes the yids so assmad so they call him that) thought yahghey was satan or equivalent
impossible to argue picrels and lookin around it makes enough sense to me that a never do well's got himself a position in the brass
dude on jootube called israel anderson goes deep on it if ur interested


File: 1699487574647-0.jpg (57.4 KB, 460x310, 46:31, 97f930541e960d6016a4b0d0c9….jpg)

File: 1699487574647-1.jpg (57.42 KB, 701x497, 701:497, 132af8c5412bea58e8da0a878b….jpg)



File: 1699487825567.mp4 (3.71 MB, 640x670, 64:67, RIP BOZO.mp4)

>that jewish guy who got killed by a palibro protestor was a previous ANTIFA supporter when they were against a pro-white group but now he died by the very people he once supported

Does it even need to be said ?


File: 1699493879015.jpg (54.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1600155850_00032.jpg)

>this debate
>jewish people
>jewish people arent safe
>we will protect jewish people
>jewish people are under attack
>antisemitism is everywhere
>college campus antisemitism
>we will protect all jews

>not a single mention of the ravenous anti-white hatred


idk why you even watch that shit anymore you can always just assume its jewish cocksucking and be right every time


i didnt listen to the other two
but i checked it out because i was someone streaming commentary over it

but holy fuck
right now, kris krispy is telling us we need to ban tiktok because of antisemitism

holy fuck


let em cook. imma keep using established anti-christian rhetoric as an angle to redbull everyone i talk to
>fucking christians supporting genocide for what
>all these loans i hat are usury that was illegal? why?
shits rally fun


whats ur commentary


File: 1699498435988.mp4 (321.91 KB, 640x360, 16:9, -jBWeRgzxlA_ayI7.mp4)

this was a real exchange, its wild


File: 1699498821321.png (1.34 MB, 975x1090, 195:218, image (1).png)

depressing as hell until you step back and see the absurdity of it


whats even funnier is that the brown man is the best candidate on the stage lmao

if he doesnt do something horrific and self immolate, he might have a shot down the road once the boomers have keeled over

boomers just want gib me muh healthcare, import more mexicans to do labor for me, and swallow israeli cum till it comes out my eyes


what were they actually whining about??
cant be assed to watch some fucking kike puppets dance on stage


just watch the vid


please provide me with a transcription of said events


its the two pajeets calling each other bloody basterds on the road over some shit with those two politicians as the video


I know that boomers are gooning at these but I hope everyone else sees how retarded it is, also Zelensky and Ukrainians must feel like shit


Why are they even going to bother? none of them are going to beat the democrats comprehensive voter fraud when everyone just wants to vote for trump again.


File: 1699518787220.jpg (50.39 KB, 648x864, 3:4, 1697424762387490.jpg)

It's over


File: 1699521473401.jpg (141.34 KB, 941x1131, 941:1131, 20231109_031634.jpg)


its a humiliation ritual, as usual


my clitty started leaking everywhere
oh fuck


no what did they actually slapfight about in the """""""debate"""""""


i need more abby
pls will suck your dick no homo


File: 1699551358796-0.jpg (239.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _db284940-6809-4abd-b3f6-8….jpg)

File: 1699551358796-1.jpg (223.3 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _da7956ca-f555-404f-9dc2-5….jpg)

File: 1699551358796-2.jpg (190.12 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _3d91bca7-4487-4b56-8e22-4….jpg)

File: 1699551358796-3.jpg (178 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, OIG (91).jpg)

File: 1699551358796-4.jpg (141.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, OIG.24D_q6O3RN2ZHoxPK.jpg)

it does not want to give me that roman


>US President Joe Biden has said "When this crisis is over, there has to be a vision of what comes next, and in our view it has to be a two-state solution"
looks like dup's back on the menu boys, with all the jew cum he's been guzzling down as of late maybe he's atoned enough for not being china's buttbuddy


File: 1699557535865.jpg (678.15 KB, 971x1908, 971:1908, Ilhan Omar PSA 9 Rare $600….jpg)

this israel shit is devaluing my graded Ilhan Omar card collection
how the fuck do I sue whoever here told me to buy all these



File: 1699565260873-0.png (71.2 KB, 682x288, 341:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699565260873-1.mp4 (5.45 MB, 858x396, 13:6, oct 7 apache.mp4)

File: 1699565260873-2.jpg (148.71 KB, 1432x656, 179:82, idf shelling heebs.jpg)

File: 1699565260873-3.png (317.16 KB, 673x660, 673:660, ClipboardImage.png)

>Israel admits apache helicopters fired on their own civilians running from the Supernova music festival
>Likewise Israel has admitted to shelling Israeli civilian homes killing at-least 112 Israelis in the process



yo thats an ez buy fr
sheem the next charizard


what are her evolutions ?


shes 3rd stage so none obv
she does have like 6 megas tho


no way aj played this on his show
greg reese makes kino videos tbh and has always dropped anti-zionist dog whistles

this is less dogwhistle and more bullhorn lmao


File: 1699567793212.png (1.28 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, wadina read siege.png)

>i just saw that absolutely schizophrenia in the comments

absolutely based


File: 1699582258655.gif (1.05 MB, 320x180, 16:9, ORA ORA ORA ORA.gif)

>can't pull an USS Liberty
>attack themselves instead


File: 1699819984601.png (46.55 KB, 844x204, 211:51, ClipboardImage.png)

I guess /sp/ is the defacto place to discuss the Jew wars now.


>cafe/k/ got even shittier somehow
wew looks like theres no bottom to that barrel
could try zzz/k/ at least the mod there doesn't let blatant faggots shit the board up


File: 1699831086499.mp4 (1.94 MB, 790x360, 79:36, THE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN A….mp4)




File: 1699832356759.jpg (22.7 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 98ff162e7a1a796d7689ca6412….jpg)

>hating da jooos
>killing da jooos
>burning da jooos
>slaughtering da jooos
new sp anthem?


I'll just post updates to /sp/ until the retards get wrangled or I get told to leave. It's a less bitter pill to swallow.
Only recent update was WHO declaring Al-Shifa hospital decommissioned. The quietness tells me there will be/there currently are more raids. Will get back to posting full updates in the next day or two.


You mean the place where they ban you for replying to multiple people in separate posts?


Just use 8chan at that point


File: 1699875140678.jpg (222.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 34545.jpg)

silly guy. the main reason for anti-semitism is jewish behaviour, not a book


no dude, dont you understand jewish mythology ?
they hate them for no reason, esau was born hating jacob ! he did nothing to him and still that esua the goyims ancestor just HATED him

oyyy veyyy, how much longer must i suffer ! how much longers till i get third temple and enslave all these goyim swine and put them where they were meant to be


what does jeff bozos want with an underground ten thousand year clock in west texas mountains anyway


idfk man anythings better than the cafe at this point


it's 8kun
please don't deadname xem


8kun is still a thing?


Yes qsisters are getting ready for 2024 💪💪💪


File: 1700099997069.mp4 (10.84 MB, 560x320, 7:4, 4_5958326344973553719.mp4)

>can u prove they hq under dat hospital
<wow so were gonna do holohoax denial huh
lel fukn kikes bro
also read that they so certain cuz they built the very tunnels and ha area under that hospital in the 80s or some shit. was reported in sum 2014 article. no wonder they aint wanna tell no one why they know
>uh cuz we put it there :)


>ha area
hq area
dog gone telephone


File: 1700140756818.jpg (48.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, da bait team.jpg)

making the juice deal with their turds over gaza is a gud prank


File: 1700159925750.mp4 (10.53 MB, 480x852, 40:71, mCVjV4KRf0jnGg2q.mp4)



dang this guy seems like a really honest fellow


File: 1700188781533.png (419.79 KB, 679x325, 679:325, biden pain.png)

God I hate kikes


File: 1700195330968.webm (2.57 MB, 1120x628, 280:157, 1700193054947654.webm)

fucking lel


>no audio
gb24gag faggot


File: 1700246282889.png (237.02 KB, 500x506, 250:253, assad curse.png)

sœurs françaises, c'est fini


what a retarded pointless gesture


who must go ?
France about to get BTFO'd by BBC Africans, bout to make the Eiffel tower painting come to life


File: 1700249762154.jpeg (735.95 KB, 1284x987, 428:329, IMG_3150.jpeg)

The David Cameron one on the top right always makes me laugh, it looks like he’s shitting his pants. Cameron went from being prime minister to working for a filthy pajeet street shitter. I almost think it’s like a metaphor for the entirety of englel. The absolute state of bongs.


File: 1700250042168.mp4 (1.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Gt3aNtDmzN0TSxCO.mp4)



>Bill Gates: I wanna lower the world’s population
Honestly I don’t know why retards and cuckservatives oppose this. I fully agree with Bill and the WEF when it comes to this. There’s too many useless shitskins and subhumans on this planet who have absolutely nothing to offer and aren’t even worth their weight in fertilizer. I’m fine with Bill and the (((illuminati))) killing billions of people as long as they don’t kill Hwites.


doesn't really seem fair to include people who are still alive though, since "go" clearly means "disappear him"


except they do want to kill whitey because all the other niggercattle are far easier to control


>Metal Slug but casualized
damnit alex


linkola was pretty much right tbh


File: 1700257187806-0.jpg (114.7 KB, 945x2048, 945:2048, F_AaWm-XEAALrAS.jpg)

File: 1700257187806-1.mp3 (3.15 MB, 06 Into The Hive.mp3)

I would agree with this if we had real leaders however our leaders are literally weak willed poofters. These people are constantly talking about global warming being an existential threat and their solution is paper straws. If you had a real leader they would be discussing nuking Africa and South America to save global emissions. Or doing some CIA black magic mind control to foment genocidal ethnic cleansing campaigns in shitskin counties. But I think the whole global population reduction is more like an unatainnable ideal that the neoliberal ideologues would never have enough will to actually carry out.

To me the far more insidious threat are the "make america into china" crowd. You will see articles and thinktank pieces about how "Ameria is empty", "we need more people", "walkable cities, you dont need a car", "zero emission smart cities" etc. all tie into this. These people legitimately think you can make America's 300 Million population match China's 1.4 Billion population by importing all of the third world and nothing bad will happen. By quadrupling our population it will make America into a more effective competitor against China so we can promote more gay drag queen story hour globally. These people want to make you live like a filthy chittering insect in a hive like smog filled nightmare urban cesspit with Soviet style blocs that everyone lives and shares communally. This vision of the world is one where all beauty and natural order is stamped out under an ever grinding wheel of progress.


>as long as they don't kill hwites
yah haha i mean as long as these billionaires dont spend decades demonizing yt as much as possible and actively encouraging shitskins to move to yt countries and rape and kill yts in their own homelands its all gud in my book like that would be wild and vary bad 4 yt


>all the other niggercattle are far easier to control
imagine actually believing this when niggercattle destroy everything around them and are uppity unruly cunts like their countries are easy for glowniggers to prod into civil war for a fuckin reason and its not ypipo magic its bloodthirsty savage genetics
people like bill gates are rich to the point of practically being a different species their minds dont consider these things because them paying to ruin civilization is about as real to them as fucking around in an rts would be to you


File: 1700261642815.jpg (18.25 KB, 360x360, 1:1, DOOON.jpg)

I don't care if they want to distribute condoms and birth control to niggers in low-income areas and abortions in other countries.
I DO care when they buy up all the cheap farmland in Wyoming/Montana to drive up the price of property, don't use it for farming, and promote abortion while simultaneously funding mass migration of a foreign slave class (skin color is irrelevant; ideas/ideals aren't) into my area driving up cost of living and driving down wages.


sorry was playing half-life what i miss?


File: 1700267721803.mp4 (3.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, we stand schumer.mp4)

I just saw this shit. Literally stomach churning.
This guy has been a pestilence upon my gun rights for the past decade. He is an ultra-lib that passed "hat speech" laws and approved anti-white legislation.

And yet, here he is supporting his authoritarian ethno-nationalist homeland as they massacre "muh precious brown people" they love so much.

I want to fedpost.


File: 1700273563781-0.jpeg (109.22 KB, 600x777, 200:259, 24FA36A1-A180-4A44-9255-A….jpeg)

File: 1700273563781-1.png (1.73 MB, 1581x900, 527:300, IMG_3152.png)

>ethnofascism for me, but not for thee you filthy goyim. After all we are the chosen people HEHEHE
literally every kike on this planet in a nutshell. They’re perfectly fine with genocide, as long as they’re the ones committing it. This is why when the time comes (and it will come very soon I feel) Hwites need to close their hearts and do the needful and exterminate these vermin like the untermenschen they are.


File: 1700273912759-0.jpg (416.99 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, based wadina.jpg)

File: 1700273912759-1.mp4 (2.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, alex going off.mp4)

Its really wild how well Hitler described the duplicitous nature of these people. Once you see it, it can never be unseen.


alex jones needs to learn to hate kikes before ill listen to his bullshit again


Anon are you retarded and just glowing in the dark?


He is still a great entertainer in my opinion and and a vastly superior place to get your news from.

He is hardly there any more, maybe now he is considering that Owen Shroyer got arrested but I swear i tried checking in on him and every time it was Owen hosting the show. Bro was just shotgunning Jack and trying to think how he is going to pay the 8 Bajillion dollar settlement against him lmao.


funny how israel is the one responsible for the hueg rise in antisemitism lately
they'll keep trying to blame 80 year old books or green frog pictures for this when they refuse to believe that it's their fault. watching the psycho ones like ben shapiro and every other "based jew" go into overdrive is waking a lot of people up


i think some of em are panicking because iirc theres some shit about how no kike kingdom in the past two millennia has lasted longer than 80 years and >we're only a little over 4 years away from pissraels 80th usurpation anniversary so the particularly religious nits among them are probably shitting their pants and making big mistakes because of it


File: 1700324704043.jpg (941.52 KB, 1524x1872, 127:156, Zionism vs Bolshevism.jpg)

those are the same ones that shit their pants when a red heifer is born too because they think it's a sign of the endtimes, even though it happens all the time despite being a "rare" occurrence. those jews also hold very little power over the state of israel anyway so it's unlikely to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
im also tired of everyone thinking that jews are a massive cohesive hivemind with no division between them, like every fucking race has different opinions on what the right way forward is. so yeah there are juice that are probably good people but there's really no way of differentiating them between the bad ones so it's easier and more effective to jump lump them all together into one group "jew" even if it's not accurate.


It's more accurate to say that there are misinformed Jews who were simply raised that way and know no better (little better than the goyim cattle), and there are malicious Jews who know what they are doing, but that non-Jewish Jews are exceptions to the rule. It's not that hard to judge people on the content of their character while recognizing that even among niggers the man who made that statement frequently cheated on his wife like a nigger.


>im also tired of everyone thinking that jews are a massive cohesive hivemind with no division between them
<it's easier and more effective to jump lump them all together into one group "jew" even if it's not accurate
tired of yoself there spudy


i like to describe them like skaven when people ask
tends to clear things up the fastest


File: 1700329505016.jpg (170.3 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 834763.jpg)

kikes quarrel amongst each other more than any other race. but the moment a gentile party is involved they will suspend their argument and ally against the gentile. in that regard they are a hivemind. this behaviour comes from 16th century and the kahal/qahal structure where a small council of priests (rabbis) and judges (shaphats) became the interface to the host nation. they collected taxes - often a higher tax than what they had to pay to the host - and they regulated disputes among jews. the kahal forbade jews to go to normal courts or get help from gentiles or side with gentiles. if they did the punishment was usually herem (exile). getting exiled was basically a death sentence. this behaviour still gets hammered into most jews and can be observed easily


I glow in the dark because I said that billions of shitskins should die? Fuck off you nigger loving faggot, go watch some more niggerball with your favorite athlete Tyrone Jenkins in it you pasty wasp cuckold. Don’t forget to clap for niggers when one of them cuts your neck with an ice skate you angloid subhuman.


yes that is true. Personally I think the turning point against the kikes in the normalfag psyche was when they started bombing hospitals with women and children in them and then bragging about it online. Killing innocent civilians, especially women and children, is never a good look in the normalfags’ minds.


File: 1700334075048.mp4 (6.32 MB, 576x1280, 9:20, SORRY GATOR.mp4)

Buckeye pls, Hitler is on the way home from the Hyperborean Antarctic base, his arrival is fucking imminent, LETS…FUCKKKING…GOOOOOOOOOOO.


they're own moralfag astroturfing against their enemies came back to bite them in the ass
they went full fucking mask off against some goyim in front of people that have been brainwashed their whole lives to be against that sorta thing
really fucking funny, jewish hubris


File: 1700346183902-0.jpeg (113.48 KB, 1024x901, 1024:901, IMG_3153.jpeg)

File: 1700346183902-1.jpeg (1.88 MB, 2282x1284, 1141:642, IMG_3155.jpeg)

>Drumpf gets elected into office
>spends 4 years drinking joojoo cum
>doesn’t lock her up
>drains the swamp right into his cabinet
>builds a pathetic border “wall”
>spends 4 years ignoring Hwite americans and does absolutely nothing for them

>Biden gets elected into office

>3 years later people are reading Osama Bin Laden’s letter to America and calling out kikes and advocating for TKD in the middle of the streets
>Pro-Palestine protests everywhere, kikes getting harassed and bullied everywhere
>Also creates the first set of sanctions EVER in the history of the United States against Israel



File: 1700347331282.png (197.93 KB, 558x450, 31:25, bidup.png)

he's only accomplished all that because of how shockingly incompetent him and his handlers are
and now with his proposal of a two state solution the juice might just go back to getting zion don back into office when they see he's too senile to be taken advantage of


He’s still extremely based though and his presidency has been horrible for jews and excellent for Whites. He’s accelerating the fuck out of this country and bringing us closer to the collapse that is necessary in order to save the Hwite race. Who gives a fuck how he accomplishes our goals, all that matters is that he accomplishes them in the first place. Results are all that matters and zion donny is a shrimp dicked loser who got us nowhere. As a White Nationalist, I am fully on board the Aryan Joe gravy train. Best president ever, 4 more years. The kikes will try to bring back Zion Don into power but by then it will be too late. Only people who support DonnyCuck and israhell are 70 year old christcuck boomers and they’re on their way out anyways. Everyone under the age of 40 supports big dicked Aryan Joe and TKD.


When do whites get to openly hunt the jew just lik the good ol days?


larp harder


go back to tvch you nigger loving migapede faggot. Go back to posting literal tranny porn on your dead website. Emma Stone got blacked and there’s nothing vol3, the trailer park tranny mod, can do about it. Kys loser.


i said HARDER is that the best you got


Kill yourself tranny3. Emma Stone got blacked and there’s nothing you can do to change that, you powerless incel faggot. Cry more.


go back to tvch, your dead pedo containment site. Gahoole is a pedophile incel and he’s a snitch for the feds. Seethe harder lolcow tranny




go away, outsider.


File: 1700352284869.png (475.78 KB, 873x499, 873:499, IMG_3156.png)

the only outsider here is you tvchtranny. Go post more CP on the webring you fed snitching virgin faggot. Imagine having genetics that are this bad LMAO. If I were Gayhoole or one of his tranny migacel mods I’d kill myself instantly.




fucking error posting r9k bullshit what the fuck


yes im sure IM the one thats an outsider and not you falling into the classic trap of giving yourself away


this shit reads like a 4cuck post


File: 1700353274398-0.png (341.59 KB, 501x535, 501:535, IMG_3157.png)

File: 1700353274398-1.jpeg (60.55 KB, 435x580, 3:4, IMG_3154.jpeg)

nice triple posting Pedohoole. Kill yourself you nigger loving incel faggot. I can smell your anger all the way from here. Zion Donny is getting cucked by Aryan Joe again in 2024, your federal honeypot imageboard is dead, and soon your trannysisterbrother will commit suicide and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop or change any of those things. You are a powerless, gutless, sackless coward through and through. Mald harder bitchtits.


hey can you knock it off with the reports


I mean those faggots started it. I’ll stop when they stop.


who let the retard brigade in


Trump did


jews did it


File: 1700359107386.png (623.79 KB, 948x1280, 237:320, blumpf trans.png)


File: 1700364851613.jpg (271.86 KB, 1164x975, 388:325, e08617eb0783511da599620135….jpg)

>weiner gone


File: 1700372505582.jpg (145.47 KB, 557x518, 557:518, 169801593876.jpg)

>quoting a post and making demands
this certainly seems familiar


File: 1700379318246.jpg (45.37 KB, 403x604, 403:604, fd9084e2a1504d057d36c8a01c….jpg)

ummmm… you know Trump is a zionist right? no, just no.


im not saying theyre a hivemind tho wtf


if you actually dont know why he said that then youre just retarded then lol



tvchtranny is still seething. Yikes, just kys already buddy.


File: 1700419927586.png (356.82 KB, 979x739, 979:739, IMG_1323.png)

If the (((deep state))) decides to put zion donny back in “power” during the 2024 election just to shift all the blame from the world’s problems from jews to the Chinese and start WW3, make sure to be one of the MIGAmutt subhumans who signs up to die a horrible and ultimately meaningless death against the chinks and ruskies. Amerimuttland will lose anyways. You should go back to /ptg/ over on cuckchan, that’s more up your alley.


File: 1700420061129.mp4 (27.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, CoZVGMCc_jNc0HT71.mp4)

gud job palibros



I wish Gahoole didnt get into an internet beef with triple XXXXXXL men from Canada and start associating with absolute lowest tier bums because his little mini-documentary/parody of Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory on Godwinson was kino.


/tv/ on any chan will never be a normal board
last i remember, 4/tv/ was constantly flooded with cp by actual pedos, not glowniggers(pedos), and the only reason why the irish ogre got to where he is now is because the old /tv/ admin on 8ch left after the pig blowjob video leaked


4chan /tv/ now is just BLACKED general
when i was browsing the AI thread i came to know the lore
they basically had to be kicked out of the board because they were just using AI to generate images of their favorite female celebrities having sex with blacks

shit is insane
4chan has fallen, billion must die


they're hitting the tanks alright but are they destroying them? i haven't seen pictures of burnt out tanks like in ukraine


bruh you can see some of these tanks literally going up in a fuckin inferno does that not count as burnt out?


i'm wondering where the ground engagements are, all i've seen is tanks and no infantry


also the real question is why tf are there still no jew foot patrols? these rocket guys are just walking around the fuckin street in some of these videos that seems way more suspicious than tanks getting popped
like is it just yids being fraidy bois or do they just not give a shit at all anymore?


File: 1700424252452.webm (16.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, joo shootaroo.webm)

srsly all ive seen is yids holed up in buildings being shot the end of this vid is the only one ive seen where a foot patrol gets btfo


File: 1700424974971-0.jpeg (91.03 KB, 759x1075, 759:1075, IMG_3161.jpeg)

File: 1700424974972-1.jpeg (207.08 KB, 1595x551, 55:19, IMG_3162.jpeg)

>4/tv/ was constantly flooded with cp, blacked porn, tranny porn and the board’s users were actual pedophiles
it’s funny you say that because tvch has all the exact same problems today. Really makes you think…I guess being a chomo makes you age 10x faster than the normal population.


a huge fireball doesn't mean that there is penetration


File: 1700427279459.jpg (99.89 KB, 800x484, 200:121, outside al shifa hospital.jpg)


theres also been multiple videos of the turrets popping off too
i know cafe/k/ is a gay shithole but someone there does post worthwhile videos and pics its just the rest of the board is fuckin worthless


File: 1700428496850.jpg (67.65 KB, 742x1024, 371:512, 1699478531717064m.jpg)

Because the jews that walk around end up dead almost immediately. Theyre terrified to go there without a shell of armor. They are cowards.

Those appear to be modified versions of the "rpg30" to be fired externally (from more traditional rpg launchers) instead of from an internal tube like how russia uses them. russia developed a while back to deal with MBTs. They've been in use in afganistan/syria and took out even abrams.
I had a video about them but cant find it at the moment.
They're very cheap to make (compared to what theyre capable of destroying).
You see the narrow tip at the front? that penetrates the armor if hit direct (if hit at an angle they can deflect) When they hit directly, the tip inserts like a syringe, then they payload explodes most of the force through that tip into the tank or the tanks damaged armor like a syringe causing an incredible amount of damage.
There is also something about their flight designs that make them resistant to trophy defense systems.



lel get fucked kikes


>Ryan Dawson continually pushing the Israelis are Europeans narrative

Why ?
Like is this nigga retarded. These fucking people leeched of Europe for years intentionally to horde both wealth and genetics then run off back to Yidsreal if the heat ever got too hot on them. Like Jews literally WANT their women to get fucked by white men because they trace their lineage matrilineally. It has literally been their survival strategy is to hide among the native population same reason why they pushed circumcision on Amerimutts.

Its a retarded take and it plays into their blood magic scapegoating tactics they love to do. "It wasnt us who killed those people it was the Europeans !"


idk havent seen him in a while

he might be talkin bout da 13th tribe aka ashkenazi
i genuinely dont think any of them nor any of their ancestors were ever from the levant. they sure dont look it. iirc the prevailing alternate theory was that they were cousins of khazars that just started following judaism way tf back. idk about that either tbh, but it does make more sense as to how tf they ended up in far eastern yurop and asia


>they're hitting the tanks alright but are they destroying them?
Yeah, there been reports of destroyed tanks and dead kikes, hell even a fucking drone can stop a tank as seen in ukraine.


>dig big hole
>b8 tank
tanks btfo eternally


File: 1700526585056-0.mp4 (21.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, galaxy-2.mp4)

File: 1700526585056-1.jpg (54.77 KB, 527x527, 1:1, 326a3ce2ec762e06836558b9b3….jpg)

we did it houthi sisters


>iranian-backed rebels hijack a bahamian-flagged vessel leased by japan en route to india
and this hurts israel how?


File: 1700538353582.jpg (319.43 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, tco_-_2021-11-15T102816.10….jpg)

the sand niggers wanted all the samurai on board obviously


it was obviously a ship used by the poo-joo axis


File: 1700546631505.webm (26.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, This-rabbi-says-the-funda….webm)

lel, i can't imagine kikes envisioned this when they came up with their tranny agenda


File: 1700546878984.png (1.48 MB, 1080x2340, 6:13, Screenshot_20231121-010712.png)



File: 1700547145618.webm (343.26 KB, 378x320, 189:160, bebebebebebebebebebebeb.webm)

He drank their own kool-aid.


File: 1700571568405.jpg (224.84 KB, 1080x1365, 72:91, GAHOOLE BTFO'D.jpg)

Gayhoole is such an ugly pedophile, so much cases among the guntstream crew.




File: 1700576062220.png (393.82 KB, 473x900, 473:900, Tariq NaSNEED.png)


i need mouse grill piss in me tbfq spfam


nigga looks like jontron in a wig lmaoooo


holy shit he does


File: 1700594770287.mp4 (16.98 MB, 1280x718, 640:359, 4_5974576856249143917.MP4)

— 🇮🇷 WATCH: The launch and impact of Iran's 'Fatah' hypersonic ballistic missile


>doesnt hit israel
Got my cock hard for nothing.


missile actually made the vine boom sound effect in the last clip


>gayops at the US/Canada borders
>FBI helping with investigation
>Found Yemni and Iranian passport
Totally legit glowing.
Trying to help Turdeau falling appoval rating and giving some casus belli into expanding the conflict.


shut the fuck up and let ZOG bomb Iran you liberal piece of shit


i guess it wasnt a bomb they like flipped their car or some shit and the gas tank sploded? thats what they said on the radio
tryna do a barrel roll over the border
theres like a bunch of speedbump/spiketrap things right before you go over on either side


they were goin p fast i guess
idk it sounds dumb af
they didnt show anything other than some unidentifiable burnt junk on the burger side on the news, just said two died and some guy got shrapnel from the explosion

if they actually just crashed its prolly just the 2 guys lol
figures msm would try to make it terrorist attack without knowing wtf was even going on yet


File: 1700700428494-0.mp4 (274.78 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 5e03517e50254c696c11871575….mp4)

File: 1700700428494-1.gif (3.27 MB, 498x278, 249:139, battlefield3-c4.gif)

woah its like one of my videogaymes


idk why they dont just straight up orchestrate some shit its not like they havent done it thousands of times by now and even if no one buys it its not like they even pretend to give a shit about what the plebs think anymore
idk im tired of farces. farces are for arses
lmao that fuckin "tunk" sound when it sticks to the vehicle. i knwo its a bomb but itd b p funny if there was some jackass among the arabs just mildly annoying the yids by sticking magnets to their shit


Gas tanks don't explode outside of Hollywood. Electric car batteries on the other hand…


>Gas tanks don't explode outside of Hollywood
<average drive in china.mp4


gas goes up p ez man
they were drivin about 80-90 and rolled the car and ruptured the gas tank


so it looks like two guys were out at the injun rez at one of the casinos. prolly in tonawanda, they got like a dozen of em
prolly just got hammered or yakked up on blow and decided to cash out and head south and whip around the streets in buffalo

i know it seems stupid like "how tf can you accidentally go thru the US/CAN border?" but its honestly easier than you might think. that part of the city runs right along the niagra and then its like one turn and a sign that says "have ur passport ready" and youre on the rainbow bridge with no way back unless you back out over those spike traps
sounds like they had an "oh shit" moment, then tried to turn and hit a median and did a sick flip


File: 1700752244678.jpg (70.55 KB, 600x381, 200:127, kybl51-b78608850z.12010022….jpg)

maybe it was a ford pinto and someone rear ended it


File: 1701108989506-0.png (498.51 KB, 606x788, 303:394, holocaust hoax red cross.png)

File: 1701108989506-1.png (1.11 MB, 996x1228, 249:307, 1701097763369850.png)

File: 1701108989506-2.png (724.25 KB, 672x828, 56:69, holocaust hoax jew camp se….png)

I don't know if he knows what he is doing.


wow he just destroyed pro-hamas libtards


i thought it was a big nono to even bring those up?
cuz that was like a whole lotta innocent ppl that got hung for some shit that, according to red cross, didnt happen


yes the fuck they do they just dont blow up as ridiculously as hollywood makes it seem but rolling a car and hitting shit at a high enough speed is enough to ignite that shit and burn your ass alive


this shit is so fucking funny
>letter dated sept 15 1944
>typical holohoax narrative
>report dated nov 22 1944
>red cross visits auschwitz specifically looking for those things
>no evidence.


also i love reading the wikipedia holocaust pages because its just filled with so much contradictory info
like little kid making shit up as he goes and forgetting what he's said
like wtf lmao, these are three sentences in a row that seemingly contradict eachother and nobody is batting an eye


can jews stop lying through their teeth and being short sighted for one fucking second


>no further exterminations
does that not imply that there were exterminations prior?


File: 1701173604423.jpg (63.95 KB, 600x801, 200:267, joolies.jpg)


File: 1701180640209.jpg (26.13 KB, 686x386, 343:193, norm holo.jpg)

And this guy starts talking about Red Cross letters and how the dates dont line up and I'm just like, ya know 600 or 6 Million, it was a terrible tragedy either way.


I wonder what her orgasm face looks like.


this fr fr
i want to stick it up her autistic pooper and see what kind of noises she makes


woah demonrat greta caught red handed


this girl exists solely to piss off boomer cons and that is funny to me


she exists to serve MAGA BWC in the dup world order


File: 1701193485895.gif (896.28 KB, 480x313, 480:313, giphy.gif)


its been reported she has an "aryan princess" tramp stamp and has been seen in public in leggings that said "BWC" across her ass cheek


Good thing that MAGA BWC share the female around.


just imagine her softly moaning, "uhhh, hoooow…..dare you *deep exhale*" as you were just slamming her tight pink lil bhole


File: 1701207987301-0.jpg (159.5 KB, 750x1124, 375:562, 1617167741486 Kopie.jpg)

File: 1701207987301-1.webm (929.24 KB, 388x236, 97:59, 1687521821199167.webm)


she's 17 bro…..


why would Greta have a tattoo of her getting foked while getting foked?


File: 1701223860596.mp4 (10.94 MB, 720x900, 4:5, gretard.mp4)

she was so much hotter when she was like 13, but i'd still slap that meat all day if ya know what i mean.


i just have thing for autistic potato chicks
there was this total 5/10 butt faced autistic chick in my HS that i know really wanted my weenie, she also had really big fucking titties
in fact she touched my penis at a party and probably would have done more but i didint want to get bullied by my bros for doing things with the class autistic weird girl who came to class wearing stupid cartoon shirts and other autistic nonsense

she also hung out with all the complete ugoo fat bitches and was the objectively hottest of the freaks

but looking back, i should have done it because big titties are big titties


File: 1701226757231.mp4 (10.09 MB, 574x1080, 287:540, Unhinged crazy girl weirdo.mp4)

Mentally damaged women (mentally damaged by woman standards) are the most attractive women on earth. It's even hotter when theyre socially inept. Especially when theyre crazy.


weird gen z humor or something


It was a good choice saving yourself for marriage, anon.


wats the story behind that i wanna know what her tardlet logic was


remember that video of that autistic chick covering herself in peanut butter while wearing a bikini ?

that shit makes me diamonds


File: 1701306920091-0.png (1.05 MB, 864x1361, 864:1361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701306920091-1.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 95185311c872dc7dfa7b76a6e….jpeg)

Yeah im thinking DEATH TO AMERIKKKA


I can fix her, bro


i hope niggers kill you for wasting those trips


but demonKKKraps are the real antisemites !!!!


fuckin beat me to it


File: 1701310845252-0.mp4 (4.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Crab Rave Bass Drop (EARRA….mp4)

File: 1701310845252-1.png (467.31 KB, 1405x1006, 1405:1006, RIP BOZO.png)

File: 1701310845252-2.mp4 (3.71 MB, 640x670, 64:67, RIP BOZO.mp4)




RIP in peace king


so what does this even mean legally speaking? is it just "if you say bad things about israel you're baaaad"? i'm just assuming they're doing this so that later on the feds will just go out and terrorize/arrest/kill people in the future for calling a spade a spade and all


File: 1701313426923-0.jpg (119.64 KB, 1369x669, 1369:669, GAJiT3aW4AAmTtp.jpg)

File: 1701313426923-1.jpg (115.65 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, GAJfZCIWYAAdhGr.jpg)

>crying over a war criminal


Holy, MAGA Boomer sissies, its never been this over.


tbh i miss the one where some whore pumped 60 NIGGER GALLONS of orange juice up her asshole and shat it out on her face in the bathtub


they have to send whatever they lass to the senate for final approval before bidup signs whatever it is into law and yes theyre gearing up to come and ruin your life for saying maybe genocide bad even if precious kikes are doing it


tubgirl? that was actual shit tho


File: 1701349656228.webm (7.59 MB, 480x360, 4:3, god bless.webm)

at this point they can call me an antisemite just for breathing, i don't fucking care what labels they want to attach to people anymore since the whole hummus boogaloo has shown just how divided all of these parties really are. they do D&C shit for the past 60 years then get upset when their golems don't follow through with sudden policy change


but oceana has always been at war with westasia


well fuck.


File: 1701374180762-0.png (110.23 KB, 475x924, 475:924, oy vey.png)

File: 1701374180762-1.jpg (90.99 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, GAJ5MHkbwAA-9IH.jpg)

File: 1701374180762-2.jpg (82.83 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, GAJ3HOlbUAAMMqL.jpg)

>jew kvetching that tiktok is making the zoomies antisemitic !!!
>right around when congress passes laws that equates anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism

Its also just a blatant lie, these idiots support Palestine because they see brown people hurt which equals BAD which equals HERESY against their Esoteric George Floydidianism religious views. Its not because they all read Mein Kampf and started thinking about the Jewish Question they just see Jews are "dem evil ass craKKKas and shiiiiiet" because their niggerified brains have been worshipping niggers all their life.

I expect banning TikTok to start becoming a more real prospect.
Conservacucks will be gooning in their Noahide clitty cages and wearing their cutest "BiBiC Only" panties to be the best Goy and ban TikTok the fastest. Niki Haley will probably advocate for a small tactical nuclear strike on TikToks headquarters.


>I expect banning TikTok to start becoming a more real prospect.
But jews shat on trump for proposing this??? Was trump right???


but now jews even the diaspora libshit jews are kvetching and peepeeing their combat diapers over the "rise of antisemitism"

so i dont think you will see them raising a ruckus about banning tiktok or if not a ban on the app, they will ban anti-semitism but allow it to be anti-white


you can see the generational backlash this will wind up causing too like how do kikes not see that going full streisand like this is only calling more and more attention to their stranglehold on everything in the west? they really are shit at long term plans everything they do is opportunistic and when their oast behavior comes back around they fuckin panic like no one else


File: 1701401937147.jpg (54.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, p4b6s_1.jpg)

both sides have said on multiple occasions that banning that chinky social brainwashing app needs to happen sooner rather than later. mostly because unlike western social media, the US glowniggers don't run it the chinky glowniggers do and it has nothing to do with whatever is actually said and done on it.
this latest antisemitism scare is just their way to get the average jew brainwashed goy on board with the idea. up to this point there has been resistance because of "muh free market" and partisan politics bullshit. well that and the average retard don't know that tiktok is run by the enemy and assume its just another western jew owned zoomer trap.


Hostages have been transferred. Jewish women were hugging and kissing their captors on the way out. I suppose this means the fighting will resume shortly.


only know a few teens but they all know someone (or are themselves) redballed on the j and yt powah
so stepping back, heebs=right+left. left has the power. progressive stack bs and fuck the man.
dont think you could create a bigger suicidal time bomb if u tried tbh lel


>Jewish women were hugging and kissing their captors on the way out.
What a bunch of sluts.


Buckeye' sister sent him a text that she is never coming back and "wants to be bred by Arabs multiple times". He started crying and screaming on Discord his mom came in and tried to comfort him but I think he pooped his pants and started cumming.


wonder how many of them are willingly pregnant


Probably several, but equally none because race-mixing is illegal in Israel (only for Jewish women though) and they'll be too ashamed to admit it if they were.


>race-mixing is illegal in Israel (only for Jewish women though)
so what was with that one video where the yid dude was complaining about yid womyn hooking up with ayyrabs?
i cant find it maybe i just mixed that up with some other shit


That was Buckeye on Discord.


being illegal dont mean aint no one does it


uhm yes it does now give me your guns sweetie >we need to stop school shootings in chicago


File: 1701621121001.png (59.65 KB, 600x605, 120:121, ClipboardImage.png)

palestine status?


gaza still rubble
yids still gettin got
hummus still in the broader whack a mole theater of the war on thebside of the moles
gaza civilians still gettin cleansed
supposedly arab neighbors arent actually in support of hummus? some of them prolly arent but theyre getting their rockets from somewhere nearby


The same as before, too bad that the other muslim countries are not joining the fun.


yah if the yids are having this bad of a time with hamas alone even with how incompetent ayy rab armies usually are the kikes would be on the back foot if even one of the others invaded
fuck i hate desert people so much


apparently them niggas pulled out of northern gaza because the yids were getting BTFO'd


File: 1701694099586.png (1.02 MB, 800x693, 800:693, ClipboardImage.png)

yids now ordering the southern half of gaza be evacuated as well
fuckers really are going to occupy it indefinitely


>having immense trouble pacifying the rubble of gaza city
>i know lets go fuck with another urban zone
is bubba net-them-yahoos going senile or something?


What did they expect from the kikes? They want all palestine for themselves.


justice for farfour


It's the usual MO
>Palestinian citizens, we're going to shell this zone please evacuate
>Don't leave, die, someone will retaliate
>Leave, have no more home, jewish settlement gets rebuilt and take your place
>Why do they persecute me so?


File: 1701901051623.jpg (18.93 KB, 480x334, 240:167, St. Anger.jpg)

i was just thinking about this last night and how truly horribly fucked palis really are
>order a city of a million people to evacuate souf cuz we gonna bomb you
>obliterate a city that's already in the stone age back to the paleolithic age then invade it to blow it up some more
>"ok now we're gonna do it again in the souf so evacuate again"
>egypt only letting in a marginal number of refugees since they're already strained
>entire rest of the strip is a giant target
>yids sure as hell not going to let them cross the wall into their territory again
do they want them to swim across the fucking med or something so their patrol boats can torpedo them like they're playing battleship or something?
rest of the arab world are too pussy to invade and the entire rest of the world has been 100% brainwashed into believing israel are the victims. this is one of those nightmare scenarios where there really is zero hope and no way out for palibros.
like seriously, fuck israel and every jew that lives there. God's chosen people my ass.


File: 1701907418006.jpg (3.96 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, 71b51174594fb83b8ed859ed88….jpg)

dont worry spro,
one day we will get to see kikes get their comeuppance


>entire rest of the world has been 100% brainwashed into believing israel are the victims
most retarded statement in the thread. even completely ignoring how pretty much only ziocuck boomers and the government give a fuck about israel anymore if the support for them was that absolute then the us wouldve already started bombarding the strip and the kikes wouldnt have had to send anyone in at all
fuck i hate fags like you


nvm i dont actually hate you but i am super pissed and piss drunk right now fite me over it cunt i'll puke down your ass crack


File: 1701913029547.jpg (172.66 KB, 533x594, 533:594, Lolwutpear.jpg)





>the entire world does care about palestine, that's why tel aviv hasn't been turned into 1945 dresden by the people who are actually in charge


Public support doesnt matter.
All that matters is controlling the public.


not what i said but ok now i do hate you and i want to kick you in the balls and make you lick my hemorrhoids


don't mind the hating me and kicking my nuts part but i'm not licking your hemorrhoids


just carpet bomb the fuck out of both of them
let <deity> sort it out later


I have NORMALFAGS who refuse to get involved talking about pizza gate, Biden being two feet in the grave, Scalia didn't have a heart attack, Russia/Ukraine, Kikeshit, religion, and rigged elections. More importantly those normalfags are all becoming preppers because of inflation, and preppers are one of the worst things for corporations because it means market saturation and profit loss to the shareholders. It don't matter if the government ignores people, if enough angry normalfags maliciously comply or do something parallel to the system because it works better, the whole thing shits the bed fairly quickly.


That is something I have been noticing.
Lots of prepper commercials being pushed heavily even in normie spaces.

I saw Rumble and its was literally all boomer catnip ads about gold, food storage and bugout shelters.

Then again maybe they know there is a worse than 2008 style crash coming and are planning to make a few shekels off it.


File: 1702090200745.jpg (422.34 KB, 1280x1815, 256:363, e61f6db5bba66fdacf5fdb9a09….jpg)

how to prep for the spartan holocaust?
asking for a friend


At bare minimum get a solar charger and download a survival guide or twelve onto a phone. Buying non-perishables and utilizing them in your regular cooking will get you used to any funky tastes but generally they taste fine when cooked. Look up how to make them better; rinsing in a colander helps in most cases for canned vegetables to remove the calcium preservatives. Just keep in mind they were sealed under heat and pressure. Frozen vegetables are the most nutritionally stable form by the way.

If you have money a 90 day food supply and a camping kit can go a long way in case you either have to get the fuck out of Dodge or just need to borrow the propane burner during a power outage to cook dinner. Prepping is less about "the government will do something bad" and more about "if something bad happens, my quality of life will drop but I will be ok [for a while anyways]."


Oh right and a water cooler. Find a water source that you like (try several from different grocery store filtration systems or buy your own) and then buy like 25-30 gallons of water since you'll regularly go through that much water (cycling it) before it would go bad. Actively use it for drinking water. It costs a few bucks, but it ensures you always have a few gallons of water without having to store it in a shed or something by making it an active part of your life.


buy gun + scope
find and shoot people like >>1593945 from vary far away (make sure he doesn't know youre watching)
steal his stuff
then kill yourself for being gay


stop being gay and reproduce
that is all there is to it


File: 1702094689264.webm (1.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Man Is Angry about Global….webm)

>anime weeb fag shit


buy gun and basic supplies
gather up some buddies with guns
shoot bandits like >>1593948 because he's stupid enough to try surviving alone lmao
take all their shit
fuck bitches
rebuild civilization or some gay shit like that


File: 1702141920110-0.jpg (1.6 MB, 1504x2964, 376:741, Bosnian Survivalist.jpg)

File: 1702141920110-1.jpg (992.32 KB, 2160x2880, 3:4, Bug Out Checklist.jpg)

File: 1702141920110-2.jpg (510.66 KB, 500x3205, 100:641, MREs.jpg)

dropping some actual guides


yah be like thisnguy except get stabbed and fucked up the ass by your "buddies" because they ackchually hate you


get a shitload of books on homesteading, electrical, mechanics, etc
turn off your main breaker & water on weekends every so often too. can see what you need and test the stuff you get
tbh the play is making buddies in small huwite town. just big enough for accountability and some strength but them still lik being left alone
being rambo would be cool for a week tops but bugging out isn't sustainable


i dont wanna be rambo i just wanted to shoot at anime


>just big enough for accountability and some strength but them still lik being left alone
so it's supposed to be something like a Boer kommando or IRA flying column?


gtfo with your knowledge


File: 1702192779579.png (379.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


its gunna be something like this actually >>1594106


Bullshit, it is more like 90% muslims and 5% kikes.


did you misread that?
space spaaaaaaace


File: 1702310508441.mp4 (799.97 KB, 480x570, 16:19, vivek peeing.mp4)

say it with me, Mister Bloody President


at least he wasnt in the street


most literate /sp/anon
error posatn


File: 1702553206974.mp4 (1.63 MB, 848x464, 53:29, 4_6035055059543265694.MP4)


File: 1702566627443.png (2.13 MB, 1182x1023, 394:341, ClipboardImage.png)

Khan Yunis now Khan Yunwas


File: 1702574421753.mp4 (19.83 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5179608470235645044.mp4)

ight spoys time to get your free CRomotion and go to the spront lines

t. spajor CReneral spudder


>still havent pacified gaza city
they really would be fucked without the usa. too bad they went and deliberately shat it up beyond repair lol


>youre not defeating hamas
i mean theyre having a bad time of it but lets not get too wild here hamas is gonna be starved out at some point. maybe if their fellow gayrabs werent cowering in fear of usa retaliation theyd wipe the kikes out


a war of attrition on their own turf that theyve been prepping for for years?
it might take a WHILE to starve them out
this was very obviously their plan. aggro them and instead of pressing that initial advantage, fall back and pick em off as they come into gaza
only real options IDF have left is to just carpet bomb the whole place completely theyre trying and/or just fucking wait out the clock
neither of which looks good intlly nor garners any sympathy for israel. and hamas knows this. the longer they can draw it out, the worse israel looks to the entire world


the rest of the world already hates israel but as long as they have all the fancy new wepon from usa and the threat of sending the uss gerard ferd to the med nobody's going to do shit. unless they do something huge to escalate the war like dropping a baby nuke nobody else is going to join in and people will eventually forget about it like how nobody cares about ukraine anymore.


>the rest of the world already hates israel
the rest of the world provided israel with the guns in the first place
whatre you on about? the peasantry? ppl can cry atrocity all they want its not gonna stop israel first bullshit from like half the relevant world govts. only way i can think of to stop that is what hamas is doing tbh. pull IDF into a no-win war and televise the casualties
nu-war is weird stuff man


when i say "the rest of the world" i mean abdul and mohammed that run a produce stand in marrakesh, not president shekelberg who's secretly or openly funding isntreal and supreme leader comb my knee who's doing nothing but pounding sand. the difference is that the people under shekelburg aren't going to die for israel no matter how much the government threatens them, while the people under ayatollah will gladly serve as a human shield to get them joos if they do something profoundly stupid
>nu-war is weird stuff man
it's more that the everyday peasant (us) now has access to every piece of information happening on the battlefield in a matter of minutes, when medieval serfs didn't even know they were getting invaded until they woke up in the other guy's country one day. humans weren't supposed to get this far up the tech tree anyways, the industrial revolution should've been the hard cutoff.
like look at nuclear reactors and arc smelters and shit like that and how brutally people get killed by them when they fuck up and tell me we were meant to live this long without getting deleted by a meteor


we were meant to live this long without getting deleted by a meteor


nuke energys p clean tho
like its mostly just a superduper infinite hydroplant except you dont have to dam up and flood a whole area to do it
just gotta dispose of some crappy rods every once in a while. dig a hole and throw a buncha concrete in it itll be fine shits not even that hot at that point anyways
or they can just turn it into MOAR bombs or whatever tf


>a war of attrition on their own turf that theyve been prepping for for years?
i mean yah its not like the entire middle east hasnt been doing that for the past several decades the kikes arent any exception to doing this retarded shit


yeah i know it's the cleaneset there is but that's only if done properly. bureaucrats and retards tend to get in the way and fuck things up
>hey phil the reactor has been draining contaminated fluid for seven hours and we don't know how to stop it
>hey ivan the reactor is going critical even though we SCRAM'd it
>hey yoshi the backup generators are flooded and the reactors are melting down and making steam bubbles


oh i know theyll do it anyways
so does hamas
and theyll look rly bad doing it, both in terms of military logistics, and intl sentiment
itll still happen anyways cuz bibi gives zero fucks and needs kebab fucking removed from the levant NOW so he can fucking oil. dudes been edging to this for like 20yrs


its not the cold war tho so they dont make reactors with positive heating coefficients like that anymore. chernobyl style runaway supercritical thangs cant rly happen in new plants and tbf chernobyl was literally bureaucrats ordering the reactor to be put into what shouldve been a functionally impossible configuration for it to even get into. so even those old reactors arent that unsafe if you arent totally fucking retarded. the other one next door was still running up until like 10yrs ago lol. no problems

closest you can get is fukushima and that can be solved by ya know not fucking building nuke plants on fucking fault lines
lik wtf just go geothermal youre on like the biggest fault line ever


File: 1702653924806.mp4 (4.81 MB, 352x640, 11:20, 2_5470010450571705848.MP4)


JUST IN - Many injured after lawmaker detonates multiple grenades during a council meeting in Transcarpathia, western Ukraine.

Preliminary reasons why Transcarpathia MP Batryn detonated grenades became known

Deputies approved the budget for 2024 at the session. The mass media write that Batryn argued with them very strongly - he demanded that the deputies report on the budget for 2023, and then approve the budget for 2024.

A few minutes before the explosion, the deputy argued with his colleagues that it is not possible to give the village head a 50% bonus and a monthly bonus of 100% of his salary during the war. At some point, Batryn left the hall and returned 2 minutes and 40 seconds later.


>26 injured
>0 ded
>in that tiny room
how fuckin shitty are their grenades the concussive force from the blasts alone shouldve fucked up their organs in a room that small


if they were corrupt and pockketing the people's dobsons while a fucking war is going on then yeah i'd be upset too


>look bratan i know theres a war goin on i just need a 1200% pay raise
<no pidor. you need grenade


File: 1702676335702.png (40.67 KB, 145x148, 145:148, carlos.png)

HA talk about an explosive board meeting


theyre prolly p fuckin injured tho
nasty jagged lookin shrapnel comin out of those things if you watch it back slow


Japan isn't allowed to have nukes so the nuclear energy keeps their nuclear industry alive for the day when they do build them. It's like how all their not-aircraft carriers can be converted to jet-use in about a day by taking out the helicopter cuck cages.


His only mistake was staying in the room with them when he could have clearly left. People don't deserve shit when a war is going on, the village head should be happy to have a roof over his head and food in his stomach.


i think it might have risen to 1 ded so far


well yah ofc they are every single person in that room will at least have severe tinnitus and probably random bouts of dizziness because of brain damage. its just crazy how lucky they all are to be alive because theres been instances of rooms full of soldiers in full body armor btfo to death by a single grenade


he prolly wanted to die with them because fuck going to slav prison


File: 1702682042470.jpg (58.5 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, IMG_20231215_180754_768.jpg)


File: 1702683733825.jpg (127.39 KB, 1080x1078, 540:539, IMG_20231215_180754_768.jpg)

ero posting


BBC says 26 fucked up, 6 are gravely wounded suggesting they'll be dead in 48 hours, and grenadebro is currently in the intensive care unit because they want his ass, fragmentation and all.


yea the gall to be talking about writing yourself in bonuses for next years budget when half your village is prolly out getting shot at by ivans is crazy
i can certainly understand his frustration


this is how you deal with politicians.
a shame none of them died.


one did fingers crossed for more going to meet satan in the next couple days


kinda wondering if any of them will learn a lesson from this
prolly not because bureaucrats are all psychopaths but at least theyll all be deaf as shit and scared for a good while


theyll just learn to add more graft for security
politcunts are phreaks without leashes


anyone capable of providing security is either dead or on the front lines or guarding memelensky tho


File: 1702743026697.mp4 (6.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GWm_z_VSBmWPy1sY.mp4)

Hamas bro killed CR


File: 1702744955903.jpg (37.56 KB, 500x385, 100:77, Noice.jpg)

>that tank hit
rip dogger

error post unique oregano
this is a unique post on sportschan dot org


fukin GUD!


from what i understand dogs are basically seen as rats throughout the muslim world


yeah well that's their loss cuz those puppers can run and they can BITE


yea but they cant do literally anything else
in the desert theyre basically just useless eaters. most are way too stupid to catch rodents or do anything helpful
theyre also an unironic pest with feral ones running around


i'm talking about the shepherds and malinois they train for bomb sniffing and tracking, not the mutts that wander around at night eating trash


well call hamas cuz theyre prolly not gonna ever fund the dogjahadeen otherwise
iirc mohammad actually said something about dogs being unclean animals and that allah didnt like em too so theres also that


>those dudes standing in abclose group
do yids not learn or something this shit keeps happening


>do yids not learn or something
They’ve been kicked out of 109 countries and they still haven’t learned how to stop being bloodsucking, baby fucking, thieving, scheming, lying, ratlike, pieces of subhuman shit. What makes you think they will ever learn anything? They are the women of races: incapable of ever learning, accepting responsibility, and dealing with the consequences of their own actions. Antisemitism exists because semitism exists yet these faggots will never admit it. Kikes need to be buckbroken completely for the good of the world.


I'm sure they can find some one-armed one-legged vet with tinnitus to guard the entrance with a rifle on a tripod because he wants to eat bread/pig instead of rat and grass.


File: 1702761932759.png (240.67 KB, 850x425, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

When you live in an urban environment, dogs, cats, small-breed goats, and chickens are about the only things that won't get you a second glance (chickens and goats for halal reasons). You gotta work with what you gotta work with. Plus Hamas isn't 100% Muslim so they probably have some Christbros and dark-skinned variety kikes in their ranks who can handle the canine units.


the jews are so scared to enter the tunnels, they send highly trained dogs, so hamas shoots them.
It's a shame the jew sent the dog to it's death instead of a jew.


File: 1703144926790.webm (603.01 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 345647586.webm)



why was this on mtv?


early mtv i guess. they also didn't allow nigger music on mtv until michael jackson


them hootys bout to start mining da water


too bad the jew who let the niggers in wasn't fired


File: 1703464349561.png (653.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1703471928553.jpg (126.04 KB, 800x822, 400:411, 0c600eda94ac535fda2fdfc13a….jpg)

God is the Greatest
Death to America
Death to Israel
A Curse Upon the Jews
Victory to Islam


whoa thats almost as gud an idea as protecting an unguarded henhouse by showing a fox where it is
lmao bullshit that dude just wanted to indirectly kill someone


File: 1703525359406.png (923.79 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, desu.png)

since when did desu cut her hair and convert to islam?




File: 1703783479792.mp4 (7.33 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Israel's Video Of Hypothet….mp4)

Worst korea sisters, not like this…


that korean mom needs a BWC

only problem is korean woman are deception masters, they act all sweet and wholesome until they get their hooks in you and then they drain your soul from you


they keep trying this emotional manipulation shit even though its clearly not working as well as it used to i thought these people were supposed to be good at propaganda


They have female levels of grey matter with male levels of intelligence. It's not a super power, it's just called "being really good at short-term solutions."
Kinda like the boy who cried wolf or the cunt who cried raep, they've just started to run out of golems willing to listen.


If the Norks attacked worst Korea it would be by artillery barrage, not a HAMAS-style attack.


Well, if she had a gun and had a plan for a Best Korea attack, she wouldn't be scared for her life.


they ran out of emotional capital with chinkypox and ookrane




Whta happen spoolio??


what's da update?


Not much. Israel can't break through into the heavy urban sectors of Northern Gaza so they have resorted to just artillery shelling it to rubble. Khan Yunis is a shit show. America is sweating bullets after Russia started using cheap Kimskander surplus ballistic missiles supplied by the Norks on Ukraine following the most recent Belgorod raid. They have nothing to match that sort of Russian escalation with and the Allahu Snackbars are patiently waiting for Venezuela or China to escalate so they can move in and start seriously fucking with Israel. Iran especially after the kikes bombed a funeral anniversary for one of their war heroes.


> Allahu Snackbars are patiently waiting for Venezuela or China to escalate so they can move in and start seriously fucking with Israel

any source for that ?
dont get my hopes up


The alternative is America allowing an oil-rich dictatorship in their backyard (Venezuela is preparing to invade Guyana and will have to invade Brazil to do it because of Guyana's river systems)/allowing China to take over the South China Sea. Every aircraft carrier in Yidsrael is an aircraft carrier not keeping the peace in South America/Asia/the rest of the Middle East.

America isn't going to have a choice in this matter and the Muslims know it. Venezuela/China are existential threats to the security of the country. They might go full retard and protect Israel instead, but then America will be invaded by a foreign power before the end of the decade if so.


>Every aircraft carrier in Yidsrael is an aircraft carrier not keeping the peace in South America/Asia/the rest of the Middle East.
Israel have not one, not two, but 3 burger carriers, don't you think 7 carriers can keep the other shithole countries under control?


its much harder to keep thick jungle shitholes under control with a carrier than mostly arid shitholes with sparse cover from aircraft/missiles


also paper tiger or not the chink navy is going to require the bulk of those carriers being around to get them to fuck off if they do try some shit


File: 1705102061202.jpg (70.89 KB, 640x371, 640:371, 20240112_172703.jpg)


murrika could always idk… actually bother drilling oil domestically and not give a fuck about what other countries are doing for a change.
but then again that is anti-semitic apparently.


Murrikka on that end game shit tbh fam. Who's going to have oil last? Murrikka. Who's not drillin to appease green peace and any other faggot eco turrist group? Murrikka. Once it all runs dry, who has infrastructure running through a soufag cunt waiting to flip a control valve to flow?
[austism]thasss riiiite…[/autism] MURRIKKA


Oh that's so gay I can't do that FIX IT DUD


Ehjhh…yeah srunkbposter us drunk. OK. Well a real man sticks by his posts. My bad for going to public school just relax man


File: 1706129899018.mp4 (829.29 KB, 352x336, 22:21, 1_5100718867425002353.mp4)


File: 1706130028758.jpg (62.7 KB, 607x841, 607:841, 4.jpg)

based ?




File: 1706134947452.webm (2.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, facts dont care about our….webm)

i want her butt on my face though


File: 1706135278867.jpg (82.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, hitler was right.jpg)

I miss him.
eroporsitng sepoitwsting.


File: 1706201600815.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 1940x2586, 970:1293, dicc.jpg)

exactly why kissinger did the thang to get petroDOLLAR, but NOT actual oil. cuz then everyone else makes us rich drilling their own oil, and in the meantime everyone gets to buy our debt worry-free and get their compounding annual whatever% on 9000 gajillion. wealth itself inflates into nothingness, the peasantry is fleeced, other cunts can buy MOAR funs and defective fighter jets to kill each other for us, and we get to run a major world power based on literally nothing other than the rest of the world being the cucks willing to hold our bags
it provides absurd geopolitical leverage

as much as i dislike neocons, their plan for world domination is the only one that actually makes any sense. unlike those of many of their peers
only problem obv is you gotta A N N I H I L A T E russia and iran, and they dont rly feel like dying rn.
but lik whatever theyre a buncha losers anyway


File: 1706290148158.mp4 (1.14 MB, 1240x720, 31:18, ssstwitter.com_17061077734….mp4)

Just saw this
TL;DW: Jews were trying to use a 15 yo to explain how it's only genocide when it applies to them and the retard straight up says this one is also a genocide


lol glad to see gen z retardation is universal
gonna be fun watching these creatures' offspring undo all their hard work in a single generation


File: 1706302058078-0.gif (136.61 KB, 400x500, 4:5, laughing slut 1.gif)

File: 1706302058078-1.gif (218.07 KB, 400x500, 4:5, laughing slut 2.gif)

>Do not use that genocide to describe this one!
Gotta love when they break roleplay.


which genocide is "this" one though?
the west trying to holodomor russia out of existence through sanctions?
the west trying to holodomor best korea out of existence through sanctions?
russia trying to holodomor ukraine by going scorched earth on it for going on 2 years?
israel's genocide of a small group of sand people who literally could have built boats and left decades ago? seriously if the cubans can figure this out so can the palestinian sand niggers
"generic" white genocide of the west?
they are all jew instigated and perpetuated.
the video lacks context, and it is just some city council nonsense that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.


whatre you stupid?
theyre not gonna just leave and let the israelis turn al aqsa into a fucking gay bar or whatever
no ones going anywhere, no matter how shit it gets


lmfao wew
fucking kikes are so god damned bloodthirsty right now they can't even do their narrative right


>dude they just couldve given up and left
nah no entire population just up and leaves their homeland willingly youd have to be a sociopath to expect that
also personally idc if they die but since the kikes have a hand in all of that other shit i hope they give the yids as much hell as sandniggerly possible to the very last little sand flea
if kikes hadnt subverted and shat up america so hard theyd prolly be enjoying near 100% support even from zoomie burgers but their own "poor brown pipo y u do dis yt? :(" narrative is biting them in the ass now and they fuckin deserve it


Apparently the IDF confirmed in private that the Gaza Health Ministry casualties are accurate. This comes after world leaders were insisting the death toll was fake and gay.


File: 1706320504083.mp4 (8.54 MB, 886x508, 443:254, itv.mp4)

>Israel doesn't do Bomb Damage Assessment so it relies on the Gaza Ministry of Health to determine what it destroyed and how many civilians it killed
>routine BDA was skipped to 'save time'
>the army also agrees that the figure from the Ministry of Health is an 'underestimate', since it is based on hospital data
>the IDF source estimates that in excess of 8000 people were killed without their bodies ever reaching a hospital


holy shit this lil slut needs some serious rape correction

its obviously talking about the palis you twat
embed related for full video


File: 1706322238695.jpg (126.92 KB, 640x566, 320:283, 1706321685450868.jpg)


File: 1706327116753.png (117.58 KB, 832x398, 416:199, ClipboardImage.png)

>Bite the hand that feeds you
>Cry about losing funding and supporters


File: 1706328720005.jpg (63.63 KB, 680x680, 1:1, GD52sJhXcAA9YNp.jpg)

huh ?
that seems a bit odd…


File: 1706329614925.mp4 (96.52 MB, 848x464, 53:29, 1_5017369550962820151.MP4)

The American Templar Knights (truckers) are riding to take back the Holy Land (Texas) from the swarthy invaders

꧁𝓡𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓐𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓸 ꧂


>Nobody is discussing it
>It's next week
I expect nothing and will be pleasantly surprised if it's something.


well yea
they both wanna wipe each other out completely
anything less would be considered a failure


File: 1706359254943.jpg (386.88 KB, 2556x1308, 213:109, lel.jpg)

- kike ex-soldier entered gaza alone and unarmed seeking to infiltrate hamas
- after less than a mile in, changed his mind and turned around
- drone-striked and killed by his own govt


kikes want and are attempting to wipe out palis and steal the rest of gaza
im sure palis would like to wipe out the yids but they have no real hope of achieving that (and neither surrounding arab states nor iran will do the wiping for them), so a palestinian state is already a win for them


>uhmm no sweaty ackshually theyre the gud guys
you drink too much koolaid just cuz its convenient


File: 1706366978199.jpg (108.46 KB, 719x1280, 719:1280, you do it for them.jpg)

>uhmm no sweaty ackshually theyre exactly equivalent
you pretend to be retarded just cuz you suck yid cock


File: 1706370973881.png (25.58 KB, 249x290, 249:290, 1687206906529.png)

Proof they should have left hitly alone to finish the job.


dunno about gud but palis having a state of their own effects me in exactly zero ways meanwhile kikes continuing to thrive and bully everyone around them is costing me tax dollars every year and their zionist agents in my government keep threatening more censorship and disarmament
actually now that i put it that way yah palis are gud fuck you let them have their shitty plot of desert and stop harassing and shitting up my god damn country over it


/sp/ro youre over here in another thread prolly bitchin about the fuckin mexican invasion
motherfuckers are collecting welfare and mowing lawns
thats it

you take all these hamas goons and drop em in your cunt, then youd have ACTUAL problems
these kids have been wired up to fucking kill since they were lik 6. theyre rabid dogs. same breed as the IDF goons who shoot kids for sport


>motherfuckers are collecting welfare and mowing lawns
>thats it
lmao dont forget the murder and rape and palis arent coming here by the millions either tpaste


idk man until some fag sets up a sportsbetting style site where >we can real-time bet on live firefights i just dont see a point in picking sides in gay desert wars
be they globalist games of footsie, muh righteous jihadi meme shit, just literal genocides, whatever
its almost always just a bunch of lunatics shooting each other for vague reasons that usually arent even their own

i think hamas are cunts and are knowingly leading their own ppl into indefinite suffering under the heels of the israelis.
imo their leaders dont wanna "win". if they won theyd have no power and no reason to exist anymore. they want endless small-scale conflict since that means they get to play god with the next gen of kids too. rinse, repeat
and for the record i think exactly the same of the israeli govt

also all that aside i just think religious crusader/jihadi in the 21st century is a bad look overall. prolly can hardly even read the book they claim to be fighting for
if they did theyd realize all their imams are a bunch of wahabbist psychos just making shit up to get them to go kill


File: 1706391134126.png (23.83 KB, 420x294, 10:7, A.png)

>trust me bro, those palis being massacred at the other side of the world are much badder than your illegal lawnmowers, which is why you should ignore the fact that the yids are orders of magnitude worse than either


File: 1706392129592.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hamaskot.jpg)

>inane wall of text
>"both sides are equivalent, don't pay attention, don't bother making political choices based on national interest"
hamas are freedom fighters seeking to the end the occupation
death to the idf
death to tpaste


im not getting drawn into an argument with you because neither of us are going to change our minds
fuck muslims
fuck spics
fuck and eradicate yids
and most of all kill the dutch


lol yea its cool
your entire worldview is based around REEE I HAT NIGGERS
mines based around REEE I HAT WAR
ends up at about the same place anyways
death to america, death to israel etc


gonna have to try harder than that to goad me back intonthe argument mr wooden shoes windmill fucker


no hard feelings btw i just dont wanna argue
and call people windmill fucker because i think its funny


File: 1707390661360.jpg (66.53 KB, 1225x400, 49:16, IMG_20240208_023703_938.jpg)


idgi why are the juice is chickens?


>jew commits crimes against humans
>if he dies he will go to hell
>grab chicken and torture it until it dies
>chicken aquires all the kike sins and goes to hell instead
>kike is free of sin now, until he does the same shit again, and again, and again


Oy vey! Not the Jewish cookie shops! They're literally bakin' 'em in the oven not buying after they put up the Israeli flag!


>grab chicken and torture it until it dies
>chicken aquires all the kike sins and goes to hell instead
wait why would that be how it works?


lrn2embed fag


because goats are harder to replenish
in the chance you seriously dont know its literally scapegoating, which is another jew ritual to erase sins via btfo'ing a dumb animal, but with chickens instead of goats
this is why youll occasionally see smelly hassids get together and start killing chickens in the streets of new york for no apparent reason


>illegal lawnmowers
we need more illegal dishwashers tbh


I browse several boards, it gets tiring remembering which ones have vichan-style embedding and which ones have lynxchan-style embedding.


File: 1707483984505.jpg (162.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

a shame nobody considered coming together to have all imageboards standardize on basic frontend features, with their differences being largely backend related and unique additions that too become standards if they are popular enough.


wonder how big xer systemd is…


that is fucking great lol


File: 1707485997798.png (15 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>standardized front end
so you want to make it easy to develop spam and ai bots? do i see a faint glow around you…?


it is easy regardless of what you do. the small frontend differences that do exist are less than 15 minutes worth of work to compensate for. standardizing video posting methods would do absolutely nothing to make the spam posting less trivial.
besides, a lot of the shit we are seeing here is pretty obviously manually posted by someone who clearly lurks the site.

the frontend parts the spammers actually exploit (posting text, posting images, etc) are already pretty much standardized. anti-spam measures however are largely backend work and obviously should not be standardized and should be constantly changing on an individual imageboard site basis.


shut the fuck up….. NIGGER!!!


go back to /pol/ you KIKE


that site on it has first comic less than a month ago heres hopin guy cranks out sum gud'ns for a while yet


Who is that semen demon?


Creation date is February 2021 so probably from one of the winter/fall animes.
Couldn't have been very memorable since she didn't appear in any of the quick-lookup methods (Elna Stong kinda looks like her but kinda doesn't). Try smug/rec/ maybe?


Oh sorry, modified date is December 2020 so probably a fall amine.


File: 1708321597506-0.mp4 (4.1 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5085026435609920461.mp4)

File: 1708321597506-1.mp4 (10.07 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, 2_5371042094695598456.mp4)

ongry yenta in japan


lmao look at that deranged kike


letting kikes into japan was a mistake


dudder said so good and need girl


is that sarah silverman? or is that just the generic template jew woman?


both and neither


don‘t speak in riddles


File: 1709266771961.jpg (268.97 KB, 959x1280, 959:1280, IMG_20240229_231654_346.jpg)

is this real
apparently budy got rolled over by a isral bulldozer while being a prisoner
looks crazy enough to be fake as shit but who knows them yiddlers are p evil


looks like a combo of ground meat, shit, and a flattened tube of toothepaste.
id say real.
besides, i've seen actual video of kike bulldozers aiming for fallen people before. and it wouldn't even be the first documented case of 'killed by israeli bulldozer'. they've done it to americans, their "greatest ally", why wouldn't they do it to the 'human animals' in gaza???


File: 1709268178744.jpeg (602.49 KB, 1080x1165, 216:233, gore.jpeg)

The chosen people would never do that!


>they've done it to americans
i believe it but also sauce?


they have been known to use bulldozers offensively before


>is it real
>yids did it to Americans


yah i was gonna say hamas just talked about that one chick



ty u3u


forgot how edgy ed could be


lol yah its p gay
but tbh i miss the days when >we could afford to be unilaterally edgy towards everyone and everything. things are so much more pick-a-side nowadays, and im certainly not sitting with those other fucking nerds


>forgot how edgy ed can be
One might say there are some real EDgelords over there amirite


no you am not rite


File: 1709701926437.mp4 (6.16 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pentagon Spox Asked Point ….mp4)


File: 1709710466052.webm (4.83 MB, 394x854, 197:427, 1709378048488437.webm)

shitskins in a nutshell


When are they going to kill all the kikes?


File: 1709787664056.mp4 (18.57 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, -Vc7amwIRQE_pZ3T.mp4)


i saw aoc got bullied out of a movie theater by a literal leftist mask cuck with a GHOSTian phenotype

its pretty funny seeing them eating their own


File: 1709838194249.jpg (84.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hehe.jpg)

>know exactly where you stand and who is friend and foe
just another advantage of national socialism


lol shut up autist


I miss him


the more i hear about this Hitler guy the less i like him


something wrong kitten


no heem just doing some critical thinking which most poltards aren't capable of


thats what i keep tellin white women, and once i get my job back i'll get a based gf to worship another man with as he runs our lives unlike these cucks


File: 1709907370797.mp4 (9.48 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, killstreak perk.mp4)

>3 kil, 11 injured from aid drop
whoever made that joke was a prophet


they didn't blow up though, they had plenty of time to get out of the way but they still got bonk'd
burgers did nothing wrong


>ZOG military is now directly taking part in hostilities


qdups hat hitler tho
honestly this whole conflict has been a net positive all the way around
10s of thousands of ded muslims and thousands of ded kikes i hope it lasts a whole lot longer




now 15 drowned trying to get crates that ended up in the sea


File: 1711835362746.png (2.06 MB, 1734x1898, 867:949, boom.png)

lol shouldn't these go to ukraine?


No, their Jewish masters need it more to kill muslims.


File: 1711990084589.png (214.18 KB, 2511x944, 2511:944, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1711990591744-0.mp4 (1.41 MB, 720x1088, 45:68, bombin iran1.mp4)

File: 1711990591745-1.mp4 (1.39 MB, 480x848, 30:53, bombin iran.mp4)

6 total ded
building hit was adjacent to iranian embassy, reported as iranian ambassador to syria's residence


it's kinda funny how a country can bomb another country without declaring war and everyone is OK. why don't shitskins form their own nato? attack one member equals attack all members answer: because shitskins pretty much hate each other


iran is a shia kuffar retarded version of islam tbh


well that and the usa can still easily ruin their countries despite how retarded and incompetent the military has become
give it another generation and israel will probably be shit out of luck though considering how things are going in the west


no they don't pretty much hate each other, they DO hate each other more than you can ever understand
their leaders complain about this shit all the time too, too many feuds going back a dozen generations that nobody will let go, just like the balkans.


seen a few headlines about leadership making diplomatics but ya idk about the average muhammad


depending on the cunt the average muhammad may hate each other on a tribal if not family level
afghans are a perfect example of this theres plenty of little itty bitty villages all over the place and they will go and murder each other if given the opportunity. the taliban only vaguely ties them together on a national level and even if the jew ess puppet government hadnt been abandoned then kicked square in the dick theyd have caved in on themselves real fast the moment daddy usa stopped handholding them


File: 1712019297500-0.mp4 (302.91 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Jews protesting Jews day 1.mp4)

File: 1712019297500-1.mp4 (186.68 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Jews protesting Jews day 2.mp4)

Jews protesting big Jew. They want the erections.


>April Fools day timestamp
>Guy's name is Reza Zahedi (Raise the head)
Can't tell if real or good prank.



File: 1712020533844.png (514.46 KB, 807x1024, 807:1024, big jew.png)

oy vey go- i mean fellow chosen ones you put me in power and now i will stay here
>benjy was tried and convicted of corruption but they put him back in charge anyways


File: 1712066864044.png (72.01 KB, 2530x284, 1265:142, ClipboardImage.png)

-eyeran vows revenge. chyna, saudis condemn the attack
-yt house sending jake sullivan* to saudi to threaten the salmon king err hopefully normalize with israhell. again.
-erdogan out of turkey

*previously yale's 'center of globalization' & former obomber policy director (instated feb 4th 2011) during libya's "civil war" (feb 15th 2011). wife was a clerk to merick garland, just an all round peach


*erdogan's party took an L, heem not out
fookin ell


he is a great guy and leader of turk
do not slander turk

faggot greko-armenian jewish tampering


File: 1712069808028.mp4 (9.3 MB, 920x920, 1:1, Turkey.mp4)

all hail king roach


File: 1712719266067.mp4 (7.33 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1_4949532986358891267.mp4)

>not a single dispy will hear this


File: 1712724837496.mp4 (23.53 MB, 480x270, 16:9, KmTEQZWS9ZVfzWmR.mp4)

the full thang


the fuck is a dispy?


File: 1712749771631.jpg (29.04 KB, 360x360, 1:1, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa_c….jpg)

>pic related
>he doesnt know




File: 1712843577485-0.mp4 (1.92 MB, 480x848, 30:53, haniyeh.mp4)

File: 1712843577485-1.png (1.84 MB, 1466x778, 733:389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1712843577485-2.mp4 (1.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, haniyeh car.mp4)

-isntreal hit hamas leader's 3 sons and 4 grandkids
-3 sons were heemed. grandkids 10, 8, 4 ded and another 4 yr old survived somehow
-iran still threating retaliation for embassy, usgay keeps issuing FAFO warnings against. "ironclad with israel"
-date of rafah invasion by yids supposedly set


>3 sons 4 grandkids
does he have more? that seems like a p small number considering palis fuck like rabbits and all have fuckhuge families despite the kikes' best efforts.


bros still in double digits


yea you gotta kill all the 10yos
thatll def make em not wanna kill you for the next 3 generations or anything lik that


They can tried, but the USA will die for Israel instead.


lel with what soldiers? the usgay would have to reinstate the draft at this point and that didnt go over well last time and that was when the cunt was more than 50% white and far more patriotic


File: 1712885968543.jpg (234.61 KB, 1908x1146, 318:191, 1413839833194_wps_65_Trans….jpg)

>with what soldiers?


File: 1712889392068.jpg (143.38 KB, 743x995, 743:995, at and t.jpg)

notice that they are so deranged they have to wear the skirt as well ?

like as if that shit is seductive, with those manly faces sitting there with those shaved man legs, yuck

smdh, literally The Great Satan


its obviously a fetish


Just like homosexuality, trannies are just mentally ill.


Get ready for a wild ride as we explore the hilarious ways Baby Boomers are outsmarting Millennials! In a world where youth is often celebrated, it’s easy to underestimate the power of experience and wisdom. But let me tell you, Boomers are showing us that age is just a number, and they’ve got some seriously impressive tricks up their sleeves…


>and they’ve got some seriously impressive tricks up their sleeves…
Like dying for Israel?

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