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its a tampa kinda day
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to that one spigga thats jazz:

you seem way more jazz than me im just some retard
is there any books that have actual transcriptions of wayne shorters chords? youll see transcriptions/analysis for solos vidrel, which is sick, but never the crazy shit going on behind it. ive heard it said that he generally wrote in very specific piano voicings, not the usual chord slash thing most did. meanwhile every realbook ever has these shit approximation polychords that literally never sound right, nor resolve the way his do
or even worse just say like Gb7alt as if that somehow narrows it down with wayne

what do fusion nerds do generally? just sit there and add in the notes from the melody as the implied extensions at any given moment? pencil it in at the top of their chart? just wing it and add random lydian nonsense on top?

how to fusion/wayne shorter


File: 1701990529708.jpg (74.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f03ec852cf9341412222388660….jpg)

jazz is nigger music


its a lot more than just that my dear adolf
its arguably the logical extension of 20th century classical. it certainly shares the complexity, if not in form, then in harmony, melody, rhythm, timbre and any other memeword you can think of to explain music. the good timeline, as it were, where we didnt descend into fullretard post-modern wankery

while all the retards were over there wanking over schoenberg or whatever jew making a math equation into a shit sounding composition, duke and trane and mingus and all those guys were pouring over satie, debussy, ravel. and you might be surprised the degree of crosspollination. i know ravel in particular wrote several of my favorite pieces after spending time overseas going to clubs in harlem during the renaissance

i feel like jazzers were possibly the only ones in the entire musical world who understood the impact of not only the belle epoch, but also dada, futurism, cubism, and all the other fuckin artfag movements in yurop that were pushing art in the early 20th. and moreover tsome of em even knew how to apply it so it wasnt JUST pointless wankery. yurop of course just decided to kys itself and make gay art about politics and gommunism etc as they do
but the jazzers were like, wait no, i can fix her.
and id argue they did


at least post jazz that is built for the white man


actually true, it's niggered up classical music


>niggered up classical music
cool idea imo


nah, it's more like niggers can't operate in a given structure


goddamn that's good. you got any more like this, /sp/igga?


the guitar makes this song sound like the track from dragon's dogma character creation screen.


was gonna say it sounds like ps2 era jarpig but didnt wanna sound rude


Romantic Warrior is a full album kiddo


yah i know niggy, i downloaded it five days ago. im talking like recommendations for jazz fusion in general. this shit's great.


wat about jazz metal




hey that's pretty gud, kinda sounds like dream theater


this is GAY


now what about technical metal


found some jazzy shit from a band founded by the guitarist of watchtower. it's pretty gud

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