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its a tampa kinda day
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File: 1710622019371.png (230.66 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, 7f2c2ee21bd4ad6c39269b6c31….png)

yup i rember calling out niggers on xbox live,
those were the good old days…


thassa p old lookin 8th grader


back in my day we just shot niggers
negotiation is for pussies


lel liar
youre prolly the one who kept gettin his milk ganked at lunch


File: 1710630850532.png (63.32 KB, 917x801, 917:801, extremist gamers.png)

Have you seen that shit that they are now targeting gaming companies to fight "right-wing" extremism on their platforms ?

They truly are stealing our trvdivition.


Bullshit and I don't believe it!


spartman, his eyes closed


i got suspended for a week for beating the shit out of the one kid who tried


roblox is literally the nambla logo with different letters. it was always a federal glownigger honeypot.


lol wut?


isnt it just a fucking minecraft ripoff game?


its a lego ripoff, or at least used to be


roblox came out 3 years before minecraft. but yah its just some shit kids game but its a "create your own game" game instead of autism blocks
regardless i think its dumb to say the games were intended specifically for child grooming but there sure as hell are pedophiles and fedophiles all over it. same with any online kids game tbh the number of child molesters on club penguin was astounding and minecraft had a real bad problem with groomers and streamerpedos for awhile there and prolly still does. its almost like kiddie raping predators are attracted to places where kids hang out or something


>but its a "create your own game" game instead of autism blocks
so its NWN for zoomers?
this the part i remember hearing about tho. dont they sell the modules and take like 90%? good ol child slave labor. vidya publishers rly know no shame

and online games have always been for fucking creeps imo
thats why i always liked the dork souls take on it. not only was it kinda clever in-universe, but all communication was reduced to absurdity and abstraction due to only being able to say select phrases. and whaddya know, no chomos. lik imagine trying to groom someone through orange soapstone messages lel


i always kinda liked arena fps's because while text chat was a thing nobody had time to bullshit and admins would kick spectators to make room for actual players. seemed to keep the grooming to a minimum.


doom 2016's arena shooter multiplayer was really fun

it died out because they didnt support it and it got taken over by hackers but during its initial release it was really fun
probably put like 50+ hours into it maybe a bit more

easily the best arena style shooter released outside of tribes in the past decade


>doom 2016's arena shooter multiplayer was really fun
can't say i liked it, matchmaking always sucks and has no place in pc games. since they never added a dedicated server option, multiplayer is dead and will remain dead. didn't help that i hated single player too. i never liked doom 3 either but did enjoy quake 4. mind you i still play the original doom/doom 2 both single and multiplayer to this day so its not like i hate doom. i just hate what they turned it into after doom64. i play a lot of quake 1-3 too, 4 is pretty much dead online since not that many quake players liked it and the few players it did have all went to quake live and later quake champions.

i'd argue they never supported doom 2016 multiplayer whatsoever, they just threw things together in the laziest way possible and hoped automation would make administration a non-issue. same reason gta online is a cheat filled shithole.


File: 1710708317660.mp4 (2.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4_6032841961679884611.mp4)

uh oh hes being funny again


heem gonna win, zero doubt in my mind. i'd love to see the left go apeshit about voter fraud AGAINST them this time and see what comes out of that


Haley sisters, not like this !


lmfao fuck no
martial law will be declared to protect democracy if he were to win
the jews will never make a slipup that might threaten their hegemony like that again


File: 1710720115763.png (1.54 MB, 659x6513, 659:6513, (((Trump))).png)

budy the jews WANT him to win, turns out trying to get an alzheimer's patient to do your dirty deeds doesn't work so well, they fuckn love pmurt again now that he's made it clear he'll work with them and their agenda as opposed to bidup who didn't do shit when isntreal was invaded


>dont they sell the modules and take like 90%? good ol child slave labor
iirc yes and thats something they probably should be held accountable for but as far as the chomos go ive never seen any evidence of the people who run it encouraging that behavior, unlike with shit like discord where the people who own and operate it are rally fuckin suspect and almost certainly work with the FBI if not the CIA. or are the glowniggers
>imagine trying to groom someone through orange soapstone messages lel


>i'd love to see the left go apeshit about voter fraud AGAINST them this time and see what comes out of that
bruh did you forget about the muh russia collusion bullshit they threw at him for his entire term and then mysteriously stopped talking about it when the 2020 election was so suspicious?
nah bidup hasnt been as readily pro-yidsrael as tehy want him to be and if dup gets in again theyre more likely to get a bunch of "patriot" retards to sign up and put a damper on the recruitment crisis. keywords being "more likely", not guaranteed because zoomies and gen alpha have abysmal recruitment numbers regardless theyre either too apathetic or outright hostile to kikes for various reasons


marshall law bc of riots? they lik that
i'll throw 500$ on dup winning to any takers


i'll take that bet


I don't think the yids are gonna be able to rig it enough if they try. Then again women exist and they still mad he belieb in marriage and shiieet so it up in the air.


lmao uhh,
dude they'll just make shit up
look at all the grandmas 'storming the capitol' on jan 6th
there will be an 'imminent MAGA terrorist plot' or 'widespread insurrection' or whatever made up shit they wish were true
they'll just… MAKE IT UP
oh also biden will win with 110% voter turnout


File: 1710732071075.jpg (177.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The greatest goy in histor….jpg)

I'm ready to vote for trump!


is this real?


File: 1710756244957.png (991.41 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, dup touch wall.png)

as real as it needs to be


I probably have the pic saved but I don't feel like going through them rn, when he started selling NFTs one of them was him touching the wall


i believe it
fucking dup NFTs. i can only imagine theyre down ~99% w the rest of em


File: 1710772345232.mp4 (513.99 KB, 400x226, 200:113, Democratic Federation.mp4)

putler won the election with 87% of the vote
they must rly like him for him to get that many votes


File: 1710773306299.png (179.9 KB, 2456x741, 2456:741, ClipboardImage.png)

i'm good for honor system if you are? p sure i'm only one that posts from this vpn location
damn, both those digits arent looking gud for me lel
they can and will make shit up but why would they want bidup?
techbros n glows (redundant) from picrel all want cyber dystopia but it needs to come from dup so the funs owners go along
wonder why they're pushing immigration so hard? theres already 100 mile cuntstitutionless zone at border, ez math there prob be fed level digital i.d. laws to start
any bs maga turrorism benefits da regime, same as last time
military recruitment #'s someone mentioned lasterday
don's proven he's fuckin teefless, and when he's not the brass just ignore him

opposed to them doin what? exact same but taking all the blame for it plus teh impending economy, possible war, and not giving the gun owners a release valve? idg that play
polishit is gayfabe. dems r mommy, repubs r daddy, and the shit they think needs doin is daddy's belt tiem


File: 1710774083973-0.png (1.43 MB, 1527x1403, 1527:1403, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1710774083973-1.mp4 (10.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, niger drones.mp4)


File: 1710774196803.jpg (321.27 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, sample_ef4d6e6fd0b4e38ba5a….jpg)

imagine my disappointment when NFT's came out and it didnt stand for nice fuckin tits


thats a lotta nigers


File: 1710774869043.png (960.38 KB, 3681x1718, 3681:1718, ClipboardImage.png)




lol yea thats retarded
but a lotta bydlo rly do love the guy


>buy infinite dupcoin @ $0
>it goes up to a nickel


File: 1710786108983.png (482.33 KB, 1440x1313, 1440:1313, Laughing Buhanka.png)

There's a lot of election rigging in Russia, but at the same time Putler would win even without it because he is well-liked.
Imagine your economy is so bad that whores go rawdog for the price of a can of spam (which you can't afford anyways), and then some FBI manlet steps in and basically threatens to castrate every big tech executive and large business owner unless they stop fucking around until everyone can afford bread and an apartment. That's basically what Putin is to Russia.
People there want him to bring back the Russian Empire and they're angry that he's too soft on the state's enemies.


I mean, who would you vote for? Putlin or some other guy in CY+9?


File: 1710790000800.jpg (632.01 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Burger-Afro Relations.jpg)

>Suspend the AGOA for Niger back in November
>Surprised Pikachu Face when the country has enough of your shit and kicks you out
What did they expect when they cut off the country's only lifeline keeping them invested in American protocol? Pic related seems to be the current political makeup of Africa. Of the yellow countries it's about a 70-30 split between "hates America but likes gibs" and "likes America and wants to become an ally."


File: 1710791065376.mp4 (3 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jumanji 1A.mp4)

damn just out front. mccarthy shouldve finished the job


But i though black people were based and redpilled ? and were #LeavingTheDemonKKKratPlantation #TrustThePlatinumPlan ???


Ketanji can't even tell you what a woman is.


>1A hamstringing the govt
you mean, working as intended?
most of the constitution is literally set up to leash down the federal govt
sadly they didnt do nearly enough


File: 1710801907736.png (364.49 KB, 2168x1364, 542:341, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1710802138399.png (415.82 KB, 1820x999, 1820:999, ClipboardImage.png)


Wait, I can buy guns in a gun store in America, even if I'm just a tourist?


just possession, unless you wanna private purchase


Not exactly. Gotta find a store that will sell, and without citizenship you can't actually do the ATF questionnaire tax. You can have a sponsor buy and then give ownership of a gun to you though on some technicalities which I'm assuming is what >>1612288 means by "private purchase" since no private seller is going to sell a foreigner a gun.

The real two places it matters are when renting a gun at the firing range I'm sure Hawaii is breathing a collective sigh of relief since this could have ended their foreign gun tourism industry or when an American lends you a gun and a crime takes place (rare, but it does happen and there's harsh penalties).


since when did the constitution apply to non-citizens?


g*d i hate these faggots so much
>bill of rights
>refers to "the people"
>"First. That there be prefixed to the Constitution a declaration, that all power is originally vested in, and consequently derived from, the people."
>"That Government is instituted and ought to be exercised for the benefit of the people; which consists in the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the right of acquiring and using property, and generally of pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety."
>"That the people have an indubitable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to reform or change their Government, whenever it be found adverse or inadequate to the purposes of its institution."
>through context, "the people" obviously means fucking americans, which the USA is supposed to represent

they really are fucking devils
every scheme they can think of to avoid indulging our rights, until they feel like they have to– at which point they go along with malicious compliance.
literal D&D tier devilish contract shit


Not in the store. In some states tho you can buy from private sellers no questions asked


File: 1710852457413.jpeg (538.83 KB, 1357x2048, 1357:2048, GI9jy_SX0AEGU33.jpeg)


pretty neat map
seems strange they'd lay cables right along major shipping routes where they could easily be snagged by an anchor or broken by a sinking ship though. sure it is likely the shortest route but seems like a bit of a maintenance nightmare to me.


them cables are DEEP and super durable, and they show up on sonar pretty well so the odds of an anchor dropping on one AND doing any damage is minimal, just move 10 feet to the right and drop anchor there


File: 1710855180707.mp4 (1.03 MB, 640x624, 40:39, cr kickin.mp4)

of meny thx to bumpbro yest


File: 1710856022759.png (2.44 MB, 1925x1466, 1925:1466, ClipboardImage.png)

was lookin up cost diff and mental floss snuck in a giggle tip


the deep state is actually kind of awesome
- the new york times


wtf i love shadow govts now?


>deep state is postal workers and dmv employees
shitty bait


headline voters r good, more at 11


File: 1710871050171.mp4 (21.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the_punishment_for_being_g….mp4)

>based neighborhood vigilantes


So Washington just got rid of the barr exam because it be raycist and shiiiet lol


SCOTUS rules Texas can imprison illegals on Texas dime, they just can't deport them.


lol when he said executioner i was expecting something a bit more severe. shariah has gone soft
those canes are kinda brutal tho




indonesia getting soft
this shit doesn't happen in the sham where real hardened islamic bros lop heads off

Even the souf is harder than this they take gays and strap their limbs to 4 truks and drive off each direction dragging a fag


Moderate headchopping is pretty rare for faggotry. In Indonesia and Egypt it's lashings, in Iran is dick-chopping (they put gays on tranny meds in Iran), in most of the central asian 'Stahns it's a choice between beatings or chemical castration. IS rural areas aside, the only place with severe punishment for big gay is Saudi Arabia which stones people to death IIRC. The Russians eliminated that sort of behavior, and the Americans reinforced the elimination of execution for most crimes when they took over Russia's sloppy seconds (in the cities at least).


saudi arabia is the gayest cunt
should stone itself to death tbh
imagine being so fucking arrogant that you literally name your country after yourself


Spain was named after /sp/ tho


hmmm, i think there is only one solution
we need to import even more brown people into europe


they are the original /sp/ics


I spent 2 weeks there in 2022
them arab boys are p gay tbh


ocean is BIG and anchor is SHORT


>When we hear “deep state,” instead of recoiling, we should rally. We should think about the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and their lives to serving us
more like power hungry public dole leech NIGGERS whose goal in life is to abuse their position for their own benefit


>massive uptick in cp spam and defeatism across several sites including 4gag over the past couple days
somethings afoot


Gaymer Gays linked Sweet Baby Inc to a DoD contractor and now the gubmint is up in arms that their PsyOp was exposed by a bunch of sweaty nerds.
So same as usual, really.


i don't follow /v/tards please explain


File: 1710955398521.jpg (20.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Hello.jpg)

Me when you post.


i dont think xhe has a bbc for you


fed using mctaxbux against da gamers for DIE again
idk wtf that has to do with sea pee tho


File: 1710960875726.mp4 (20.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bobalooey.mp4)

wud u still an aoc knowing u had to listen to her talk about "work"?



i bet she gives good head


noi dont think shes that cute. if youre drilling for salsa, you can do better than that man. shits mids, if that


seriously all she had going for her was her tight ass and fat perky tits and now like all spixicans shes hitting the wall at 100mph. by next year i bet she'll have an inch layer of makeup on every day to hide the wrinkles and loose clothes to hide the sagging


idk why they keep going with vidya gays since their sales have been stagnating for years because even the dumbest goy eventually gets tired of the same shit. the fact some stupid buggy meme shit like palworld took off so hard speaks to people just wanting something new and fun instead of formulaic preachy slop


she sounds like a 13yo gril


File: 1710965047771.png (40.37 KB, 260x84, 65:21, mr.mfume.png)

is this the politicians version of ngubu?


tbh people are just sick and tired of all the jewing and other bullshit by the industry as a whole.
>buy a game for $70
>shipped broken and takes 3 years before they fix it, if they do at all
>full of game balance breaking microtransactions and $250 worth of DLC
>MOAR DLC later on to re-add the shit that was supposed to be there in the first place
>always-on networking even in single player, when it exists at all
>performance kneecapping spyware DRM and kernel level anti-cheat that lets hackers install arbitrary software on your computer
>anti-cheat that doesn't actually stop cheaters who are allowed to run rampant
>permabanned for calling a nigger a nigger, no refunds goy
>2 hours of gameplay, 48 hours worth of unskippable sjw lecturing cinematics
>game is abandoned by the developer with no refunds and online multiplayer is shut off with no community supported options available
>random remake shows up out of nowhere a few years later completely rewriting the game's story to insert more sjw bullshit and add over 9000 more game breaking bugs
>remake is actually a pc port of the mobile/console version that "streamlines" the gameplay by removing 60% of it and adding MOAR sjw cinematics

meanwhile there are plenty of retards still buying this garbage year after year, feeding the beast as it continually gets worse.


I'd tap that big booty latina's ass. I've seen stupider broads in positions of power who sucked decent cock and shut up after a good reaming. Only with a condom though, I don't want STDs.
She talks like a 13 year old lol
I like big booty latinas
Muy bonita, filling out arenas
AOC actin' like she never seen us
Don't you know she makes the best margaritas?
Put that Cuban on your taco, spread it around like bullets in Chicago
Your body could melt the icecaps, but your brain will cause the financial collapse
Your fiance had nothin' to say when I said your big booty was fine that day!


>meanwhile there are plenty of retards still buying this garbage year after year, feeding the beast as it continually gets worse
theyre doing that less tho. once investors start to realize customers dont give as much of a shit as they used to (soon i think considering esg shit keeps being dropped) things will either course correct a bit or just die. hopefully the latter but probably not


File: 1710980349321.jpg (1.67 MB, 1340x1808, 335:452, 1fa6da0a52edf510cdeb67c466….jpg)

>US Military Desperately Seeking To Stay In Niger
>The Pentagon is desperately seeking to stay in Niger despite the military-led government telling US troops to leave in the wake of accusations from American officials that Niger could be poised to transfer uranium to Iran. Niger was outraged at the allegations and rejected them.
Its over my nigers


>and rejected them
more like Ejected them 😎
fuck the US of GAY


t. paste


the gaming industry can't die soon enough. there are plenty of old games to play if the whole industry collapses at least.




indie devs are doin fine. making bank in some cases

its literally just the bloated AAA crap. theyre all stuck chasing 5yo trends like live-service yims. trying to fleece erryone w gacha mechanics. and theyve fired p much everyone at this point. big studios like ubisoft and the like dont even release their sales numbers most of the time anymore cuz theyve just been making flop after flop

good fucking riddance. tbh its surprising it took this long


>Country that historically hates the French kicks them out
>French willingly motion for you to fuck around and find out so you fuck around and find out
>Fucking around and finding out makes the country side even harder with Russia by virtue of them not fucking around
>Try and fail to rig the local elections in the country and get caught red-handed
>Get formally told to leave by the opposition telling you that you've fucked around long enough
>Make up excuses about Uranium Ore and shiiieet that has to pass through a dozen countries just so you don't have to abandon ship
How much longer until they're calling for freedom in Niger for killing US troops who dindu nuffin?


>good fucking riddance. tbh its surprising it took this long
Icebergs tend to have two stages when they drop into the ocean. The initial moment where the ice-rock hits the water where you can see what's about to happen and have maybe 2 minutes to get outta the way, and then the point where the majority of the icerberg has plunged into the water and the wave finally shoots off at full force towards land.
All of that to say "big things fall into the water very slow, but very hard when they finally do."


yea you could see it coming a ways off for sure

but its rly coming home to roost now
lik how do you continue to make games if you fire all of your developers? you simply cant.
theyre bailing water out at this point. just buying time to try and get their stock options exercised before the price goes thru the center of the earth lol


File: 1710990333656-0.png (438.66 KB, 873x975, 291:325, Give me crypto for my hrt ….png)

File: 1710990333656-1.png (304.86 KB, 640x2400, 4:15, Empress Tranny Schizo.png)

>here are plenty of old games to play if the whole industry collapses at least.
its become so pozzed even the pirate scene is full of tranners and schizos


>lik how do you continue to make games if you fire all of your developers?
I feel like this is the reason they're pushing for uggos in vidya so bad. It probably has little to do with the DIE stuff and everything to do with only being able to get arts college students to graduate. Conversely the people who went into vidya as a "pioneer" career path and went to college for it should be just now making their way into management positions. Movies had a similar issue in the 80s/90s where before that the majority of filmmakers did it for shits and giggles rather than as a focused career path. I've also heard it said that ideological employees are less likely to quit in shitty working situations which is one of the main reasons a lot of big corpos push their workers to get into the far-left shit in the first place.


This too shall pass. We're one economic slump away from all of these people being forcefully de-transitioned by lack of funding for 'dem programs. Notice how the tranny problem only started when HRT got covered by insurance.


p sure fitgril is actually a gril tho

dunno about the other one, but judging by the schizopost, def looks like a real deal legbeard
those chicks fucking HATE troons


lik idk where you got that other one being a troon from tbh
thats a radfem fo sho. prolly posts on lolcow given her rampant schizophrenia and IB lingo

either way, anyone who un-denuvos shit is cool in my book
i dont even play nu-vidya, but fuck that noise


wait that wall of text calls tranvestites faggots and ur sayin its written by a tranvestite??


>thats a radfem fo sho.
Yea im totally a gril too spart UwU


you might need glasses man
seems lik a reasonable gal to me


ya that's pbv a gril did you even read that wall of text sheem even go into binary being reality of the world


I think this is the first time I feel a little bad for the glowniggers. Dude chopped his dick and balls off and all he has to show for it is his security clearance likely being revoked and a broken heart.


File: 1710996996269.png (243.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

this is kinda interesting and maybe matters in some way


File: 1711006194809.jpg (801.05 KB, 1079x1331, 1079:1331, putin coon.jpg)

someone explain this in sportschan terms


>using repacks, ever
archive.org or gtfo
gog-games.to if you are too lazy to figure out what an iso is and are too dumb to look up how to fix common problems


File: 1711022186547.png (24 KB, 1898x233, 1898:233, ClipboardImage.png)

i bring bad news


>he doesnt know gog-games.to is going private.
>yuzu and citra got btfo by nintendo for scamming their paypigs too hard
its easier than ever to pirate but everything nowadays is regressing


File: 1711022784183.png (216.31 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr.png)

wikileaks guy might be pleading guilty


archive.org is only good for abandonware


depends on how you define abandonware.
i find old shit that is sold on gog and steam that is also on archive.org all the time.
besides, nothing made in the past 10-15 years is even worth playing anyway.


erryone jumps on the incelbros but the "ppl" literally choppin it off skate on the hornt rage charges
incels can shoot a batch on demand doofus. gamergate2 should just be about callin troons angry sexless tbvh


i dont nu-vidya either
but i think youre missing the point dude

those games sold on gog are specifically not the ones that are getting released with massive DRM spyware shit lik denuvo. thats gogs whole thing, muh "no DRM". thats literally why you can pirate their shit so easily and install it on as many devices as you want. its just an installer, which is what youre pirating

and archive is absolutely LOADED w shit thats not abandonware too. for ex, MOST romsets. their thing is that they were ruled as "muh digital library", so they are allowed to host otherwise very much still copyrighted intellectual property. its just not considered distributing copyrighted material when they do it. for everyone else, be that sketchy romsites, or you, its still infringement tho the distribution part is still the only part they ever rly go after
ffs you can DL whole system BIOSs on there, for recent systems too, which is DEFINITELY fucking illegal

if you wanna play nu-games, you often dont have a choice. its either a repack that haxxxed out the 50GBs of spyware, or paying full-price for a game + 50GBs of spyware


>choppin balls off
thats a pooner
no balls to chop


think the state tried blocking his guilty plea bc it lowered the charges to mishandling classified
some chick just got arrested for sending in evidence of erection fraud in michigunt too. behind all the spin on it and the bs they tacked on after the orig charge was "tampering with voting machines" read:getting the info
full on bolshevik revolution o'clock


no one's fucking a bottom surgery, assuming it even works, is my point


lol theres some wild ones out there man
never doubt it


i think the issue is hes already been serving time in jail in UK for that same shit
idk how it works intlly, but if its the same charges, you cant be forced to serve multiple sentences in diff cunts for the same charges
least thats my understanding of it


yah, here it is
>If prosecutors allow Assange to plead to a U.S. charge of mishandling classified documents—something his lawyers have floated as a possibility—it would be a misdemeanor offense. Under such a deal, Assange potentially could enter that plea remotely, without setting foot in the U.S. The time he has spent behind bars in London would count toward any U.S. sentence, and he would likely be free to leave prison shortly after any deal was concluded
hes already served 5yrs in london
he knows if hes brought to the US, hes dead as dinner
his lawyers trying to avoid that, get him released from prison in london. then he can fuck off to el fuckuador and lay low and enjoy his retirement
dudes got an ENORMOUS amount of crypto. he just needs to avoid going stateside for any amount of time or hell be epsteined for sure


>their thing is that they were ruled as "muh digital library", so they are allowed to host otherwise very much still copyrighted intellectual property. its just not considered distributing copyrighted material when they do it.
arent they getting sued because of it?


>Assange outstayed his welcome in the cramped Ecuadorean Embassy where he angered officials by not cleaning up after his cat, skateboarding in the hallway and allegedly leaking personal information about Ecuador’s president to a rival.
lmfao holy fucking mother of based
i never heard that one


im p sure they were, and it was ruled fine. hence why archive in its current state has all that shit

but you know how that stuff goes. theyll change a few words in the charge and just try again


Didn't this nigga died?


no cuz he didnt actually get extradited to the US
UK courts actually made a decent call
>After being kicked out of the embassy, Assange was promptly jailed in London. A British judge ruled Assange had a history of evading justice and so should be kept in Belmarsh prison awaiting decision on his U.S. extradition. In January 2021, a British judge ruled Assange should not be extradited, saying his mental health meant he would be at risk of suicide if convicted and held in a maximum-security prison.
ie: they knew he was going to get suicided



>Apple has kept an illegal monopoly over smartphones in US, Justice Department says in antitrust suit

>WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department on Thursday announced a sweeping antitrust lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of engineering an illegal monopoly in smartphones that boxes out competitors and stifles innovation.
>The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New Jersey, alleges that Apple has monopoly power in the smartphone market and uses its control over the iPhone to “engage in a broad, sustained, and illegal course of conduct.”
>The lawsuit — which was also filed with 16 state attorneys general — is the latest example of the Justice Department’s approach to aggressive enforcement of federal antitrust law that officials say is aimed at ensuring a fair and competitive market, even as it has lost some significant anticompetition cases.


I see. Though that /pol/ went full schitzo over it a few years back when he was in the embassy in equador saying they had a body double or some shit


pol gets taken for a ride all the damn time
iirc it was specifically one of his interviews while in the embassy was thought to have been doctored.
theres always a lot of well-poisoning surrounding a guy like julian. its the only real way they can combat him


Apple has been doing antitrust shit for over a decade, they just stopped working with the feds/started working more directly with the CCP lol.


not gonna lie this interview got me spruh
tbf heem rally glitchy


fit"girl" repacks are convenient if you dont want to browse forums and get every game, followed by 10 updates, figure out which cracks, unlock dlc and do all the annoying shit. or just want to be able to give the magnet to someone without having to send them 10 download links and walk them through using jdownloader so you can play some coop game.

fitgirl i dont think is an actual girl, i think it stated as a tribute to their fetish, but then later on used it as a way to maximize gains from paypigs.

empress is probably a girl that hates trannies and spergs about them being faggots and how she hates them and theyre just mentally ill degenerates. I think empress assumes fitgirl is a tranny and hates "her". empress has said these things in-game, in forums, and in that nfo.


i mean its not like its hard to alter a video after its been released, then spread that shit to all the useful idiots. he hasnt had direct internet since before holing up in the ecuadorian embassy

his biggest issue was that he used to sign everything w his PGP key thang
id assume he lost access to that or it was otherwise COMPED, seeing how hes been essentially imprisoned since 2012, and literally imprisoned since 2019


File: 1711041990683.png (149.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

🇨🇦 Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are

Right from the get-go, the report authors warn that whatever Canada’s current situation, it 'will probably deteriorate further in the next five years'

A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation.

“The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations,” reads the report, entitled Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada.

“For example, many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live,” it adds.

The report, labelled secret, is intended as a piece of “special operational information” to be distributed only within the RCMP and among “decision-makers” in the federal government.

In addition to worsening living standards, the RCMP also warns of a future increasingly defined by unpredictable weather and seasonal catastrophes, such as wildfires and flooding. Most notably, report authors warn of Canada facing “increasing pressure to cede Arctic territory.”

Another major theme of the report is that Canadians are set to become increasingly disillusioned with their government, which authors mostly chalk up to “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories” and “paranoia.”

“Law enforcement should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by misinformation campaigns and an increasing mistrust for all democratic institutions,” reads one of the report’s “overarching considerations.”

Ironically, among the report’s more heavily redacted sections is one carrying the subtitle “erosion of trust.” “The past seven years have seen marked social and political polarization in the Western world” reads a partial first sentence, with the entire rest of the section deleted by government censors.

The censor’s pen also deleted most of a section warning about “paranoid populism.” “Capitalizing on the rise of political polarization and conspiracy theories have been populists willing to tailor their messages to appeal to extremist movements,” reads the section’s one non-redacted sentence.

🔗 https://nationalpost.com/opinion/secret-rcmp-report-warns-canadians-may-revolt-once-they-realize-how-broke-they-are


hahaha :(
this is no error


>Apple has kept an illegal monopoly over smartphones in US, Justice Department says in antitrust suit
last i checked android was the monopoly


i always used gog installers for the same purpose and worked fine for me. the things gog don't have my friends are smart enough to figure out with simple instructions how to install once i find a legit source for the files and i tested it first. usually archive.org but there are still a few reputable torrent sites left that don't do shady retarded shit with their downloads.
i usually install things first and work through the problems beforehand and then tell them what to expect. very rarely does it come down to workarounds and fixes i haven't encountered before. i have done this for friends with games i don't even play myself just because it rarely takes me all that long to work out any issues that might be encountered. my friends are patient enough to give me a day or two of notice before deciding on something potentially troublesome to play. my friends are generally capable of doing this themselves (albeit with more time and effort), but having one person figuring it out and giving everyone else instructions avoids problems.

it only really gets annoying if each friend gets their shit from different sources and none are compatible for various reasons, which i have come across with repacks before.


>Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are
will never happen. canada managed to inherit both the british love of taking it up the ass from the government and the french love for running away. so the ones who stick around will continue loving it up the ass while the ones who don't enjoy doing that will just run away to israel


if you come across a game where you can get the game, but the updates arent as active, fitgirl torrents are usually very active even after a long time. fitgirl also applies patches and stuff to that decensor games and just puts them all in so they unpack that way.
for example fitgirl even has switch emulation with different emulators, the rom, and bios files and its all preconfigured.

The gog games online is often easy enough to emulate using the galaxy emu, but its local. problem is its never updated. however steam has goldberg, which makes netplay extremely easy and its actively updated.


>defending apple
Found the hipster faggot.


File: 1711049241001-0.png (1.33 MB, 1512x1411, 1512:1411, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1711049241001-1.png (599.99 KB, 782x860, 391:430, ClipboardImage.png)

jared! we need more sneakers jared!


that was the aired vid proly still find on RT. oh ya forgot about his key being mia too. i got tricked, it happens.
honestly surprised there wasn't more wikileaks fuckery than there was considering they gaped, what, 3 prez in a row? credit to em for a tight ship tbh. beyond gay that every leak is going to be deepfake or fact checked as deepfake now


Does spartman pronounce it sp-oh-erts, sp-arts or my personal favorite ths-parts?


Android is a platform where anyone can make an android phone and anyone can make an android OS since the base OS is open source with Google's particular android OS being the only proprietary component of the phone.
Apple is a proprietary OS on a proprietary motherboard with serialization of mundane shit like the logic gate used in a timing circuit (effectively a 555 timer chip with a built-in serial code) that bricks the motherboard if you replace it with an exact replica part with a different serialization code. In the 90s this would be like microsoft bricking your PC98 for using a third party monitor.


mhm whyboi
if you a raycis, we finna take yo shit
a blaq quane deserve a gold course mhm an das da mofofuggin bix nood tea


i don do "t"s
don need em
don wan em



power move


played tf2 earlier today and learned that most of the provisions in the geneva conventions were specifically targeted against canucks cuz they were the ones doing most of the raping and war criming in wars
pretty weird to think about



if canada collapses and they think theyre just gonna swim tf over here, they got another thing coming
i will waste the fuckers wholesale
lake ontario will run red with their pussyass blood, and their last words will be, "im sorry…"


File: 1711056782564.jpg (55.02 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, A FUCKING LEAF.jpg)

i believe it
remember when their air force was run by this guy?


never forget


just finding random bullshit stories from reddit and quora
>in ww1 leafs would toss cans of food in kraut trenches to get their hopes up, then after they came out they'd throw in nades and blast them
>reports of scalping and turning prisoners into pinatas
>I visited a friend's brother's father in law who fought in WW 2 as infantry. He said they got in trouble for shooting POW's. So hung a bunch from a bridge and left a sign, saying “They were not shot”
>Canadians just have a rule. Cross certain lines on us. We cross them on you but worse. You can follow our war history. We've had few instances of official war crimes due to the fact were generally inventing new ones in response or responding with the same war crime just worse that our enemies started on us.
>No soldier is gonna scalp anymore. Ww1 and ww2 were unique circumstances. But. That doesn't mean we won't do other gnarly stuff if someone crosses lines. There's a reason why we have an amazing military reputation. But also why the jokes persist. We mastered the rule book and we know when we can break it. We don't start the rule breaking. We just win at it besides america.


ngl tho
the idea of buffalel becoming this border town shithole akin to tijuana is incredibly hilarious to me. all the gangbanger retards will rob the shit out of em. and youll have illegals trying to swim across the niagra and getting sucked into the undercurrent, tossed around for several days underwater, before getting thrown over the falls.


File: 1711069671860.png (353.83 KB, 593x726, 593:726, ClipboardImage.png)




leaf and auscunt soldiers are some of the most vicious cunts around particularly their speshul forces
aussies would have a blast mutilating gooks back in vietnam and i cant remember if this was leafs or aussies but there were a couple instances of them chopping hands off of ded insurgents in afghanistan/iraq because they needed the fingerprints but didnt want to bother hauling a smelly sandflea body all the way back to base



File: 1711080255592.jpg (137.9 KB, 1041x1080, 347:360, a022e7c2f6b3c5a1107c79a64f….jpg)

I remember the day donald dumpf was btfo


What makes a man isn't being BTFO but in owning a BTFO and giving the bird to the BTFOers.


File: 1711124946450.png (172.8 KB, 684x752, 171:188, Oekaki.png)


I'll donate when #28 happens


File: 1711126388511.png (18.86 KB, 500x250, 2:1, crying dotz909.png)

this is a saaaaaad story


it's only sad if you don't donate


File: 1711131272293.jpg (78.46 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, 1699876296901177m.jpg)

>excitement of a yankees game


why are you crying?


dotz just learned about racism and hitler
that guy was a real jerk


File: 1711150739518.jpg (112.74 KB, 1280x750, 128:75, IMG_20240322_183746_811.jpg)



yah no kidding. doesnt matter if it was 600 or 6 million, Hitler did some mean things…


>deep packet inspection technology
fancy term for a facebook scraper


reminder to always use a vpn and dns besides the one your isp uses by default
also what >>1612975 says, he was probably just posting retarded schizo shit on faceberg thinking nothing would come of it


guy looks like the schizo phenotype

he was probably fedposting on facebook and then wondering why he go arrested

what a dunderhead
at least have the cool schizophrenia where you start telling me about the hidden meaning of tv shows and rant about human alien hybrids or how computers are the source of all virus and sickness


>computers are the source of all virus and sickness


ya but how long til them start using all the hardware backdoors n sheeyit
if u online they got ya


"parallel investigation" or just outright planting shit too
hav a feel whats coming is gonna mak peeps wish they were kulaks


sportschan caliphate strikes again on the poccnr


that implies the federal government will be able to keep its shit together long enough to deliberately kill millions of its own citizens and that clearly isnt the case
they might cause a shitload of suffering yeah but their actual control over everything isnt anywhere near as firm as they want you to believe and deliberately murdering/imprisoning fuckloads of people all at once like the ussr did isnt going to play out the same way since 1) amerigay isnt 80% wasteland 2) though theyre universally against the citizenry there are still factions within the government that will readily fuck with each others plans and 3) even if literally every white complied with some ussr tier shit the shitskins are forever unruly in the best of scenarios and are now something like 50+% of the population and shitskins are something that the ussr was never able to tame even at the height of its power. >we're probably more likely to have some form of balkanization and all the fun that comes with that than some early 20th century dictator tier meticulously planned massacres imo


hope so budy
but them already usin gay.i. for irs. it's gon be a financial lockup which is worse than prison


File: 1711162726611.jpg (102.91 KB, 844x540, 211:135, D7S1oVeWsAAwvNV.jpg)

this would go hard as a shirt


File: 1711167264690-0.mp4 (778.04 KB, 640x360, 16:9, shootan.mp4)

File: 1711167264690-1.png (274.13 KB, 669x712, 669:712, Eckusu.png)

File: 1711167264690-2.jpg (106.41 KB, 1107x1000, 1107:1000, including concerts.jpg)

Anyone got the removed video?


imam duddder personally authorized the jihadaroo in moscow


File: 1711176308675.mp4 (13.97 MB, 848x848, 1:1, 1_5184045845762278992.MP4)


theres a video of some dude in wasco ca eating a dudes leg that just came off in a train accident or some shit no im not posting it im sure itll be everywhere by the time you wake up and see this i just wanted to make this post to let you know i saw it first


heem ONGRY


that wont mean much when the dollar doesnt mean much


File: 1711193931628.jpg (10.44 KB, 210x295, 42:59, 122119.jpg)

i get this guy. i mean how many times do you get the chance to eat human flesh without doing something illegal?


why are whitoids even allowed to vote tbh
jews and niggers will get their gibs no matter what conservacucks do


File: 1711197559352.png (481.86 KB, 505x475, 101:95, 1580942303466.png)

yall really finna post about this and aint finna post it ?

booooooy, yall a goofy ahh fr fr


File: 1711201099419.jpg (293.62 KB, 716x643, 716:643, 1711131007200805.jpg)

This woman fucked everyone in her job and is going to get 500k from them now, wew


i cant be mad about this tbh its amazing shes getting laid and winning dosh with a chin like that
like how fuckin desperate can pigs get? surely theyre able to bag something better looking just by going to any bar with one of those gay blue stripe flags on display


Bitch was getting dicked down by an entire League of Nations of cock and is getting paid for it. Not to mention that her head looks like a pumpkin

Mhm, thats the motherfuckin' tea sis 💅💋


no more tea



This is typical amerinigger behavior


street 5 is a workplace 8. high stress jobs is a den of fuggin too. restaurant workers all bang each other, granted thats a harder job than bein a jerk but ykwim


File: 1711207154595.png (224.62 KB, 2167x1094, 2167:1094, ClipboardImage.png)

fuck, 133
>isilis claims responsibility for pestering roosha
the 80s are officially back baby


honestly it could be anyone at this point, lotta people have a reason to hate russia now considering they've pissed off like half the globe (NATO, jewkraine, ISIS, chechnya, etc)
should've used that spicy mystery gas on them like they did last time


isis' involvement guarantees usgay and pissrael links at the vary least so it doesn't matter either way for ukraine unfortunately cause the hohols are on the same dole and serve the same masters as isis and ukraine is a lot closer of a target than some suddenly reactivated terror cells from the shittle east


File: 1711208388774-0.mp4 (10.54 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, crocus shooteroo1.mp4)

File: 1711208388774-1.mp4 (4.06 MB, 640x640, 1:1, crocus shooteroo.mp4)

File: 1711208388774-2.mp4 (517.24 KB, 720x720, 1:1, crocus.mp4)

File: 1711208388774-3.mp4 (420.87 KB, 480x848, 30:53, crocus hall.mp4)

beat me to it. putler is claiming they're tajiks which idk shit about other than they're PfP w nato
from nato's site:
>NATO and Tajikistan have developed practical cooperation in many areas, including security and peacekeeping cooperation, the fight against terrorism, border security, crisis management and civil preparedness.


Isis is basically like /spee/ where they claim responsibility for everything


isis is actually basedis for doing this becausis opera is gaysis
checkm8 nigruls


>the fight against terrorism


honestly it's probably isis and not any false flag involvment
not everything is a psyop, more likely to believe it's just intelligence failure and sandnigs being sandnigs


bish got that appalachian gremlin phenotype


anyone ever considered the music was shit?


File: 1711221075188.mp4 (14.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, COMPED.mp4)


Even the GOAT Stephen "COMPED" Paddock didnt even get half of that. Them Central Asians and Middle Eastern boys put all them chudcels so shame.

Also just goes to show how much our media inflates "MUH MASS SHOTTAN" as if its some statistically relevant cause of death in America.


yah russia should just ignore an american/israeli funded jihadist group killing over 100 of its people
psyop or not the west is to blame for this and youd have to be insane to think that glowniggers wouldnt be perfectly fine with such an "intelligence failure" when theyre p miffed about putler makin bacon with their favorite cp factory


paddock was one guy tho lol


budy you act like all these isis tards are on on a leash 24/7 under cia mind control but at the same time the cia is completely incompetent and can't do a decent psyop to save their lives, pick one
maybe, just fukn maybe a few of them decided they were gonna go for the high score for allah good boy points the west be damned


so crazy that we never got a motive from the vegas shooting and everyone just forgets about it today


It's probably ISIS that Ukraine let through their borders. What's more important to remember is ISIS works for America so it's an attack by America by proxy in the eyes of the Russians.


lol shut up autist


It is both. Government as a whole is incredibly incompetent because it's basically flavor of the month with competing interests, but when they decide to take decisive action they tend to do so with extreme prejudice.


no it's not you fucking tard, pick one and only one
does it glow or does it not


File: 1711224601476-0.jpg (133.34 KB, 1051x720, 1051:720, Autism be damned.jpg)

File: 1711224601476-1.mp4 (4.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Autism be damned.mp4)


In this case, it glows hard. If it's somewhere in bumfuckistahn then chances are the glowniggers don't know, but shit don't happen with the Tajiks unless the CIA knows about it.


lol shut up autist


File: 1711225053065.gif (1.37 MB, 600x338, 300:169, Autism Attack.gif)



>act like theyre phreaks on a leash
no, i do not, im saying theyre american/israeli creations and any actions they take are directly the responsibility of the burgers/yids even if theyre not specifically ordered to carry them out
you dont beat a pitbull and raise it to kill everything it sees and then not face consequences whwn it escapes the yard and eats a toddler


fun fact: he was born in england and both his parents are english. they immigrated to canada when he was 7. damn immigrants eh


you better be fasting for ramadan


There's further proof in this in that even the Taliban hates them for being the first secular standing army in the region in years (despite their name). All the other moderate headchoppers require you to at least know the books before becoming a soldier.


The goverment made the shooting and blamed on his innocent brother.





the british might be a bunch of fags
but beans on toast is pretty fucking great

i just had some bbq baked beans that i mashed then spread on some toasted caraway rye bread, yeah thats a gooood snax


File: 1711237705536.png (87.5 KB, 285x363, 95:121, Toast Sandwich.png)

most of the british food memes came from ww2 when the krauts were bombing them and they had nothing else to eat cuz of rations and shortages
fish n chips is gr8 through


Isn't the purpose of a toast sandwich that you're supposed to smother it in gravy?


lol gud luck with that when youve gotta run back and forth across the street and dodge schnitzel bombs just to get flour to make the gravy




File: 1711246931843.webm (16.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4_5764728834385515625.webm)


ISIS just published their video of the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.


no sportschan


File: 1711248790597.png (163.79 KB, 480x323, 480:323, ClipboardImage.png)





is slashing the throat of an infidel a sport?


hard to imagine being so glowed out that you can walk around for that long just wasting that many unarmed civilians
theres hardened war criminals that couldnt do shit like this


File: 1711282905667.png (236.63 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1635100030880.png)

>cutting the dudes throat
>after he was already shot
>doesnt even mercy kill him

Now that guy is a real jerk !


theres plenty of documented massacres of civilians by soldiers that says otherwise


its just a lot of ppl to go around double-tapping for just 3 or 4 guys


lik at the very least i dont think anything at that scale has ever been filmed


that mall massacre in nigeria a few years back was like that it was a small handful of dudes roaming around shooting tf out of people and it was caught on security cameras
not as many people died though prolly because a mall typically has a shitton more readily accessible exits than a theater would
its definitely been a thing since the invention of repeating/automatic/semi-automatic guns tho. like small gangs of bushwhackers would go and fuck up whole towns during the american civil war. that vicious side of people that enabled warriors to go in and wipe out each other's villages has always been around. the past couple decades of comparatively less heinous shit in the western world is truly an anomaly when you look at this shit in terms of centuries instead of decades/years


i want to edit HSV's into random things and just hide them there, kinda like the penises from Fight Club but somehow even worse and gayer


File: 1711302031967.jpg (114.76 KB, 360x346, 180:173, scared-again-shiba-inu-115….jpg)


so why do jews hate tesla so much
the qty of obvious goypiece news getting vomited out is sorta astounding
its on par with politics


ya people dont seem to remember that brigands in the civil war would do stuff like hold peoples legs to a fire until it cooked to the bone then leave them to die
real heinous shit that involved prolonged cruelty that we really only see widespread (even back then) in shitholes like apefrica


because elon is being a bad goy lately or at least playing that role
mite b genuine mite b playing jewish number games with tesla and twatter stocks idk its hard to tell with musk


threads disappearing
i dont feel well duddderspros


File: 1711303928533.png (198.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


man osiris really needs to get his bitch under control. isis is goin WILD


then stop fucking spamming pedocel


File: 1711307840299.jpg (252.27 KB, 2048x1018, 1024:509, model-s-burned-down-norway….jpg)

its the one electric car company that isn't owned/operated by a jew. he's part pennsylvania dutch, and the jews absolutely HATE the amish.


are you sure youre not talking about the one in kenya? thats the only big one i can see, with the somalis. that wasnt even half as many ppl
boko haram used to do similar stuff i guess, but most villages they hit dont even have 300 ppl. these guys killed 133 and lik 300 injured last i saw. thats fucking insane

all im saying is its certainly not common.
its a notable level of dehumanization. i dont think something like that has ever been filmed


It's twofold.
1) Tesla is a front for Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a snake-oil salesman who specializes in conning Jews out of their money.
2) Elon isn't playing ball with their WEF/Globalist agenda and they propped him up into his current position, so they are mad and retaliating.


shaddap schitzo realest spiggas get caught in youre civil war


Shina yearly government summit ended and the CCP told people to eat the bugs and be happy so it's murder-month now.


yeah the nairobi mall massacre i knew it started with an n and didn't end in igger
they didnt get as many because malls have exits in every single store on the perimeter. if they attacked a theater with more limited exits funneling everyone into a handful of spots they prolly wouldve killed people until they ran out of ammo
>takes a level of dehumanization
islam is a subhuman religion to begin with so it makes sense the extremists dont have a shred of humanity to spare between the entire lot of them


File: 1711313550820.jpg (320.02 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, fanduel.jpg)


File: 1711313551463.mp4 (3.01 MB, 720x480, 3:2, crocus city hall aftermath.mp4)

i just had no idea ISIS even had a presence on the rushka, outside maybe chechnya.
and wtfs up with the fire? do they just not have sprinklers or any kind of fire safety shit in russia? vidrel was apparently done with a handful of gas bombs


says they caught em about 200 miles down the road. headed towards ukraine
which i suppose isnt rly surprising, good a place as any to hide, amidst an active war. and i doubt most ukranians have much care for a hundred or so dead ruskies considering.

seems like running into the ass-end of the russian militaries frontline would be fucking stupid too tho. maybe they expected to be killed and just didnt know wtf to do cuz they hadnt planned that far ahead


prolly should've gone to chechnya until things blew over, they stil haet vatniks for levelling their capital in the 90s


Hm hm. Naruhodo. They should swap to growing drugs.


>subhuman religion
Rude. Islam is a religion that establishes clear guidelines so retards don't do the retarded. That doesn't mean it's specifically aimed at subhumans.
All that being said Christianity is better for the thinking man.


makes me wonder if the speecoins in my sportschan account are safe


File: 1711316178506.jpg (1.02 MB, 1169x1080, 1169:1080, 1618704172492.jpg)

>change gpu's pcie slot
>fire up windows again
>boots up fine
>gets to windows but fatally crashes

>oh shit did i fuck something up

>try to reboot
>boots up fine
>run a few stress tests
>everything fine
>run a intensive game
>everything fine

Apparently Windows 10 likes to poop its panties, if you so much as change a Sata cable slot. Man I sure hope Microsoft makes their OS a subscription service for this high quality product they provide !
I really wish Linux gaming wasnt a meme and I could just tell this faggot company to go fuck themselves.


install gentoo


i mean it was only like 4 dudes and russia can simply be driven to from the middle east so it doesnt necessarily mean theres a significant presence in russia itself. plus if them running to ukraine is real its also not an outrageous possibility that some rogue agent involved with that clusterfuck put them up to it. idgaf how much they deny having anything to do with it the hohols are every bit as shitty as vatniks and only idiots trust the words of a slav at face value
>do they just not have sprinklers or any kind of fire safety shit in russia
maybe they went and disabled the sprinkler system before the shooting started


what games made in the last ten years that cant be run on linux or windows 7 are even worth looking at?


CR wtf you doin with dat bish?


🇷🇺 Bribes and negligence killed more people in Crocus than terrorists

According to a German construction expert, modern buildings of the same type as the Crocus, built in the current century in Europe, cannot burn down like the Agalarov(concert hall: physics will not allow it.

Analyzing the video of the fire, the expert notes: the lights in the premises did not turn off and the emergency lighting did not turn on. What does this mean? This means that the emergency fire extinguishing system was dehydrated or not built in at all. If it worked as is customary in Europe, then in two minutes, 150-170 liters of water would be thrown out of special pipes in the ceiling for every square meter of the room. Such a blow can extinguish or extinguish any fire.

But of course, with the lighting working, the injection of water would lead to a short circuit and the death of many people in the room. However, the transition to emergency lighting was not programmed, which means the fire extinguishing system did not work.

Second element. It is known that many people suffocated from carbon monoxide inside the building. There are already more victims of this kind than those killed by terrorist fire.

Nothing like this could happen in a certified building built to modern standards for this type of facility. Why? Because all such buildings are equipped with a forced ventilation system. These are windows or hatches that open automatically if the detector detects an increased level of carbon monoxide inside. Holes open in the roof and life-threatening gas escapes into the sky. This system, by the way, works without electricity, using compressed air.

And third, materials. The way the Crocus burned shows that cheap Chinese materials (glass wool, plastics, cable braiding, etc.) that are prohibited for use in public buildings were used in its finishing. Reason for the ban? Flammability. In Europe, they have long used non-flammable glass wool, plastics, etc. They, of course, are two or three times more expensive than their Chinese counterpart. But they have one advantage: they do not burn in a fire. And they don’t kill those who are inside.

It is not surprising that the Agalarov family never formally commissioned this very concert hall. As it became known, it is not listed as a properly registered capital construction project on the cadastral map of Rosreestr.

Apparently, the amount of bribes required to accept such a dangerous facility exceeded all reasonable limits, and for the Agalarovs, taking into account the above-mentioned monstrous violations of standards, it was cheaper to renew the status of a building under construction than to put it into operation.

As a result, most of the victims in Crocus died not at the hands of terrorists, but from the criminal negligence of the owners and regulatory authorities.

As a side note, the owner of the Crocus City Hall has been revealed to be an Azeri-Sephardic businessman named Aras Agalarov, who is friends with the Aliev clan and ex president Medvedev



File: 1711324072555.jpg (276.51 KB, 1453x2048, 1453:2048, 24c832e41f20e4a4fdcc32fe18….jpg)

>not gonna read all that
lets just say it was da joos and glowniggers, mkay?


File: 1711326885901.jpg (176.09 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, EZUX73DVAAAGI5j.jpg)

i picked up elden ring
its been pretty fun so far
my old i7-6700k would have melted trying to play it with my 1070

tbh the "le open world" is boring and it detracts from FromSoft's strong suit which is level design but once you get out of the "open world" and into their designed boss areas it really shines

so far i been through stormveil and raya luca and they both looked and played like classic from, like riding around on your horsey is pretty and all but its ultimately padding and not even the GTA fun padding where there is a good radio station playing and random black people to intentionally run over on your way from a to b

i was looking forward to dragons dogma 2 but yikes, looks like that game has some problems


but i thought god emperor putler fixed all the ebil corrupt oligarks in russia????


File: 1711327736063.png (54.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

kinda neat and pretty obvious now that i know about it. future stuff with future tech. soon wont need any humans except for refilling and recharging the things, recharging can be automated with a dock. ykno them tracters are sat programmed nowadays and run the entire farm entirely unmanned, just gotta have fuel. pretty sure they can do more than just till unmanned, think they can seed and even sneed. now its the drones turn. take a break tracbro. the farms getting tended from da sky now.


File: 1711329069822.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cc199682f462a99462f2c3284b….png)

fromsoft games are pretty boring once you played one soulshit youve played them all


probably doesn't help that there are dozens of clones that think being insanely hard is somehow fun


nothing wrong with a gaym being hard but if the only difficulty is "fuck you" then yeah that gets really annoying
for most vidya ur supposed to start the game on normal (or easy if ur a lil bitch) then play hard it you liked it and want an extra challenge, then if you're a masochist you play the super-turbo-one-gorillion-damage-per-hit-die-motherfucker mode you unlock when you beat hardmode
and there better be something rly good at the end for getting that far


who ever said that? tell them theyre retards. he just killed off the ones he thought would get in his way theres still plenty of alive ones
plus even if he did do that killing the owners of a dangerous building doesnt magically fix the dangerous building


eh im not really into dork souls


im sure this will in no way be used to harm and control citizens


File: 1711335144442.jpg (66.36 KB, 1363x704, 1363:704, Mulder_Scully_host.JPG)



File: 1711362259900.png (499.56 KB, 680x642, 340:321, Im-just-surprised-Hunter-B….png)

gud mor budys


File: 1711368997685-0.png (2.15 MB, 1990x2040, 199:204, 349756.png)

File: 1711368997685-1.mp4 (680.13 KB, 480x360, 4:3, This is a crisis.mp4)

the end is nigh


>a fucking leaf
>doesnt even have the syrup
>still has trudeau

canada sisters, its never been this over


>the winter that wasnt
couldve fooled me
its been lik 20 and blizzards all month

canada has no reason to exist anyways, VT and ME has better sizzurp


File: 1711379443641.png (8.08 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>Saudi Arabia to be appointed chair of UN’s gender equality forum amid ongoing assault on women’s rights


That's as comical as the Chinese being on the human rights board/forum at da un


How the fuck is that even possible? Isn't the canada always stealing maple syrup from all over the country to have it in the reserve?


Finally they are going to put women in their place, just as the chinks did to the sodomites!


File: 1711392387598.jpg (257.77 KB, 1000x1468, 250:367, e87ff8bb60863970c121ec824f….jpg)

That Russian """ISIS""" aka Mossad terrorist attack got me thinking back to when Bibi's right hand guy was on RT and chimped out. I remember he said something like "when this war is over, Russia will pay the price"

I wish could find the clip, its definitely pretty ominous. We really do be living in some interesting time when unironically news stories kick off every few month with a looming threat of WW3 behind them.


idk i doubt it
lik yah ISIS in syria def acted in the indirect interests of IDF in the civil war, and yea they def received CIA funding/weapons during that time.
but mossad has their hands full rn, and the western powers already have putler where they want anyways (locked in some bullshit forever war)

the whole thing reads lik someone made a sleeper cell in moscow, ya know just in case, and then they just forgot about em


File: 1711394010421-0.jpg (421.69 KB, 2560x1436, 640:359, federation-entrepot-barils….jpg)

File: 1711394010421-1.jpg (62.66 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, hm.jpg)

the strategic maple syrup reserve (yes that is an actual thing) has a max capacity of 216000 barrels. that's a lot of maple syrup. call me a conspiracy theorist if you want but it think certain (((commodity traders))) are behind this. i mean canada stops all arms exports to israil and shortly after all maple syrup is gone? coincidence? i don't think so…


File: 1711395814848.jpg (78.71 KB, 669x853, 669:853, maple.JPG)

They maintain the "reserve" more like a bank where they store it to keep the price of maple syrup high rather than for having it in reserve. What it actually indicates is that the price of luxury goods has been past the threshold of "can sell on the market" long enough that the reserves haven't been built up. Leafs admitting their government is Jewish with maple syrup and/or did not account for inflation when releasing from the vaults is egg on face compared to just lying and blaming climate change for their poor fiscal syrup policy.


idk wtf theyre even talking about anyways tbh
my cousin has a bunch of trees tapped on her farm and sheem literally just sent me home w a liquor bottle full of the shit
syrup shortage my ass


dark souls is the only truly excellent one. basically perfect level design, perhaps the best in all of vidya
p much all the rest dont follow the dark souls formula tho, they follow the demon souls formula on lvl design; where you just warp to-and-fro different areas. gives more variety in the areas, but loses its biggest appeal imo: the interconnectedness

that said, other than dark souls, proper, i still say demons souls is worth a play. its got a lot of cool areas and the most novel boss fights in the series. never had a ps4 but what i played of bloodborne on my roommates it seemed p fuckin gud; i liked the emphasis on "parrying" (or that games version of it). i thought 3 was meh tbh.

i also really liked dark souls 2, because even if its world was kinda just random nonsense, it still has a lot of rly memorable maps. its also one of the few "soulslikes" that actually tried to differentiate itself. buncha cool lil hidden mechanics lik powerstancing and stuff that the rest of the series never bothered to develop on

as for imitators, i wouldnt bother tbh. ime they usually range from pale imitations at best, to actual soulless cashgrab shit
youd be better off just playing a diff 3D action game like MGR or one of the old DMCs imo


File: 1711410976887.mp4 (2.07 MB, 484x270, 242:135, Feds Raid Three Homes Owne….mp4)

Diddy do it, Spee?

Maple syrup is not that rare, but it is time and labor intensive which is why it costs money to produce at scale. If the maple reserves are empty, that just means the maple syrup is fetching market value and some bureaucrat who never expected this to happen in their lifetime was too stupid to increase the asking price cutoff creating a scenario where other individuals could afford to mass-buy the maple vaults with intent to resell at a later date.


i heard he fled the united states ?
what was that nigga up to ?


breaking news the yankees got blankeed a couple days ago by some little league team from mexico


remember when some dudes heisted like 10mil worth of syrup from that very reserve


File: 1711418608461.webm (169.43 KB, 872x480, 109:60, thats not true.webm)


>what was that nigga up to ?
From the reports I've gathered he was basically trying to be a Black Epstein complete with using videos of politicians doing shit to little kids to hold power over them. The issue is he was stupid enough to get a black producer in on it instead of a Jew, so his producer snitched on him and provided all the documents since the more honorable niggers are disgusted by cheese pizza (or at the very least they want out when they realize how satanic it all is).
>The raids come just weeks after a lawsuit from one of his former producers was filed, alleging a criminal racketeering enterprise that included murder, sex trafficking, illegal firearms, and drug trafficking.
>Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who filed the 73-page lawsuit, had collected video and photo evidence of Combs’ alleged crimes going back years. Some of those images are included in the legal filing.
>As stated in the lawsuit, the defendants named in the above paragraph knew that Combs used private jets, yachts, and commercial planes “to entice, recruit, solicit, harbor, provide, obtain, and transport young women, young men, and underage girls for purposes of causing commercial sex acts.”
>Jones also states in the filing that Combs “has hidden cameras in every room of his homes,” while maintaining recordings and “compromising footage of every person that has attended his freak off parties, and his house parties,” including celebrities, music label executives, politicians, and athletes.


Looks like Diddy landed in Antigua in the Caribbean after picking up a bunch of his friends across California. DHS is tight-lipped meaning they either lost him or shit's in-progress and not looking good. Guess we'll know by the end of the week.




File: 1711445139032.mp4 (1.2 MB, 480x256, 15:8, 2_5193118337109868805.MP4)


File: 1711447365072-0.jpg (87.07 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 240326-francis-scott-key-b….jpg)

File: 1711447365072-1.png (747.91 KB, 1520x1013, 1520:1013, 240326-francis-scott-key-b….png)


>Diddy do it, Spee?
lel and prolly a lot more. most of the rap game is just "a place to launder drug/prostitution money". makes total sense hed wanna diversify his offerings. chomo politicians/celebs pay top dollar after all. and theyre thirsty enough to trade irl influence for a nut

and even back as far as the 90s he was arranging to have ppl killed all the time. ffs the guy who killed pac testified that he was literally in talks w him, but hadnt finalized the payment before he got the opportunity to waste him. so he just barely missed getting conspiracy charges for that a few months ago. dudes prolly been under investigation for 20yrs at this point. and he somehow dodged getting RICOd lik a lot of the other guys did a few yrs back
>tfw trying to run blackmail ring
>while under investigation for laundry list of other smaller charges
>feds find wayyyyy crazier shit
>pretend they were always investigating that instead
>get ur mansions raided
>they find everything cuz yous a dumb nigga that keeps your chomo blackmail tapes just laying around
>fuck off outta the cunt
not necessarily legally sound on the feds part, but whos gonna stop em? theyre the feds, and frankly, its refreshing to see them doing their jobs


we just crashed


>reports indicate the captain of the ship is a Samdullah Hydain


cant keep getting away with this


why do big boats keep gettin stuck in canals and knocking over bridges wtf


run into da support or wtf?


ya you can kinda see it in >>1613551
>crimean bridge survives multiple missile strikes, truk bombs, and drone attacks
>burger bridge gets one-tapped by a cargo ship


The casualties are not known yet right? I googled and it seems only predictions so far but Google is also slow as shit to update their index when something new happens
Imagine dying while trying to cross a bridge though, it's absurd how rng life is


File: 1711465474782.jpg (87.27 KB, 700x836, 175:209, aRex2rj_700b.jpg)



File: 1711466118013.png (293.79 KB, 1280x1600, 4:5, spearchuck.png)



BREAKING: new camry ugly asf fr ong


They were already known for hiring bottom of the barrel pajeets/SEAniggers and the collapsing world economy means they have to pay them in bowls of corn/rice instead of pennies now.


Not known but believed to be about 7 people. I mean it happened at 2 in the morning the casualties should be fairly low and mostly drug addicts.


Pajeets are industry standard for cargo ships. I think they pay them on average like $3k/year salary and 80% of that pay is international law banning outright slavery.


>80% of that pay is international law banning outright slavery.


File: 1711470799563.jpg (103.92 KB, 687x900, 229:300, 1710066053225886.jpg)

It might be on purpose considering how pro-Israel India is


I just wanted to post that pic btw, that isn't a serious post


File: 1711474002526-0.mp4 (3.29 MB, 904x720, 113:90, bridge heemed.mp4)

File: 1711474002526-1.png (251.66 KB, 1756x735, 1756:735, ClipboardImage.png)

its just so ridiculous
another angle in this vid & some rumors saw on xshitter

nother dude brought up a good point that this is haltimore. new one's going to $ skimmed, DIE'd, and named mike brown memorial or some shit. i gare-ahn-tee all them MA noggers in office are already angling bootyglug
nu amerikwa stuff be sussy af baka hours


they are quite pro-trump as well, not a coincidence




is we gettin mo handouts? sources say, probably

>For 13 straight years, the port has led the nation in importing and exporting cars and light trucks.

>The port supports about 15,300 direct jobs, according to the state, and another 140,000 jobs are linked to activity at the port. Just last month, state officials noted multiple records set in tonnage and value of cargo



File: 1711474570863.mp4 (3.86 MB, 1294x720, 647:360, birds eye.mp4)


File: 1711477445445.mp4 (3.29 MB, 904x720, 113:90, bridge heemed.mp4)

Who was driving? A woman?


File: 1711477697397.png (282.14 KB, 568x319, 568:319, 11230390364378.png)

>battle beagle

Lol, he is probably all about this shit. I think he is the guy with the line "Maintenance of complex systems is their greatest weakness". He usually tweets and retweets stuff of this nature.

Planes falling from the sky, rolling blackouts and routine medical procedures resulting in death are all positives as the systems collapses under the weight of its own stupidity.


File: 1711477842217.png (95.59 KB, 650x483, 650:483, vagina.png)

I was only joking…


File: 1711478589480-0.mp4 (6.79 MB, 1400x720, 35:18, balt power.mp4)

File: 1711478589480-1.mp4 (936.06 KB, 960x720, 4:3, buttplug magic.mp4)

"can't build it, can't maintain it, but they want it" or smth too. he's spot on
i'm agnostic on accelerationism tbh. hard point against it everytiem some yt dad goes on tv saying to not blame the poor oppressed bipoc who raped and beheaded his 14yr old daughter, but igi. not above a petty phyrric at this point


if we actually built things here instead of fucking china there wouldn't be such a demand for such bullshit


File: 1711479305258.png (422.38 KB, 567x758, 567:758, bieber got that bussy didd….png)


>portraying a nigger as a monkey using the art style of niggers
kinda based tbh


lel when tf did beebs hang w puff?


if youre talking about the bridge i think you are most of those missiles and splosions were on the top of the bridge, you can fuck that part up real gud and it'll still be standing
plus a fuckin cargo ship is a shitton of weight, have you seen the damage that the cargo ships the navy kept wrecking into did to the navy's ships while leaving the cargo ships themselves much less damaged? thise things are built to take tremendous beatings from rough seas which is why you shouldnt put niggers or seamonkrs in charge of any if them


itd be p funny if the only ones to die were just blacked out junkies on the shore under the bridge


There's rumors circulating that the bridge was a Chink cyber attack because of the nature of how the electronics failed and it makes sense from a process controls background.


>that trukr that made it a few seconds before impact
keep on trukn budy gods on your side apparently


wait its sped up but still he missed that by like a minute at most


did they close the bridge?
i only saw a few cop cars on the right side that were parked go in


why would they do that?
btfo a ship thats prolly loaded with their garbage exports and fuck up a port of one of their major trading partners? doesnt make any sense


File: 1711498497019.png (170.54 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, ClipboardImage.png)

new stonetoss just dropped



rly likin his new style



the pic confused the shit out of me until i looked up "ta57" lel
im no vodkanigger sympathizer but fuck those faggots they better hope those 72 virgins theyre promised in the afterlife are real because theyre about to earn that shit


72 incel forums users
they just endlessly spout black ideology and rate you on a scale of 1-10 and tell you how over it is for you because you weren't born a chad with a perfect jawline and proper canthal tilt and you are a zulu-omega-subclass9 male


>canthal tilt
another gay useless thing i learned today
do kids really obsess over this kind of shit? no wonder theyre so neurotic


9 ports closed primarily for the automotive industry which is always at odds with China. Automotive parts are the primary way people get non-Chinese components for PCBs as well.


whats the one where you draw the lines on the man and woman and if one is leaning into the other it means som eshit or something


weren't cop cars, bridge maintenence guys, apparently. doing routine pothole repairs in off hours


green line dont lie


File: 1711535308042.png (105.36 KB, 991x755, 991:755, 1711442857496979.png)

Haven't fact checked it myself but here
Captains being Indian and Ukrainian is some meme magic tier shit, assuming it's true


it's rly not their fault, it's the fault of whatever that power failure was and the shitty engineer in charge of it


sportschan officially claims responsibility for the baltimore jihadaroo


i mean wtf did you expect them to do? get out and paddle? the captain couldve been a stoned ape and it wouldntve made a diff. the fucking boat was off. its just gonna keep going in the direction it was going until it hits something


if anything the fact they got the boat running again (twice) shows they were at least doing their jobs. right up until impact

polar opposite that one cruise capt who was banging some romanian whorb when he was supposed to be driving and capsized it


yah the company that owns the ship let it go to shit and now nobody has access to a pretty major port for a vary long time because of it. at least with the evergreen or whatever they got it unstuck in a couple weeks, gud luck clearing the wreckage from a fuckin big ass bridge in that amount of time


they didn't work for our economy though, they was going to sri lanka
of course people that work on boats are going to be foreigners everywhere they go


dam imagine mashin sum romanin gnash n it gettin so wild you fuckin capsize wew


heard they was two port employed pilots on da thang when it all went wild


File: 1711563707099.mp4 (8.78 MB, 620x348, 155:87, Costa Concordia coast guar….mp4)

ya the whole reason the ship crashed anyways was because he wanted to go on a dick waving mission close to the coastline to impress the tourists, so he went in a shallow, rocky no-go zone that everyone knew you were supposed to stay out of and ran it aground anyways
best part is he tried to sneak off the boat in one of the lifeboats, coast guard found out during the rescue and went apeshit on him
>Schettino said that, before approaching the island, he turned off the alarm system for Costa Concordia's computer navigation system.[21] "I was navigating by sight, because I knew those seabeds well. I had done the move three, four times."


File: 1711564283032.jpg (111.9 KB, 1087x1080, 1087:1080, MAX AHI.jpg)

>Passengers were in the dining hall when there was a sudden, loud bang, which a crew member (speaking over the intercom) ascribed to an "electrical failure".[39] "We told the guests everything was [okay] and under control and we tried to stop them panicking", a cabin steward recalled.[15] During this time, "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic was playing in the dining hall.[40]


ayo when zion donny gonna drop his $60 limited edition talmud???


File: 1711578816007.png (162.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr.png)

not rally new news but
>frys turned into high interest loan cyber kikes
how da mytee have fallen


>because he wanted to go on a dick waving mission close to the coastline to impress the tourists
Don't forget that the company told all captains to do that, got found out, but they manage to bribe the judge and only got a small fine.


File: 1711584107116.png (193.35 KB, 1162x792, 581:396, texass.png)

deep in the fart of texass 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


john lieberman is dead




yah more executive orders and laws will totally endear people to the kikes and israel
tbh at this point idfc if tranny enablers actually take over at least they hate israel as much as i do


>include the definition of antiyidism in free speech policies
so define it and then say "this is totally okay because speech is free" ????


File: 1711585637482-0.jpg (1.64 MB, 5024x5456, 314:341, cvcvzsetergear.jpg)

File: 1711585637482-1.png (894.41 KB, 2860x2392, 55:46, 1000033279-2.png)


it's all too blatant5me anymore spudy
lik an exact fucking repeat of bolshevism which erryone w/internet should know the result of to the FUCKING LETTER only *laugh track*
vary depressed lately, rally gotta tune out and drop in


>gotta tune out and drop in
finna re-learn how to hardflip this yr tbh
used to be able to do em gay when i was a kid, but i wanna do those crooked ones where you turn lik a quarter BS to catch
so sick


ya its way too smooth, should post vid. there's ways of doing shit that just looks 10x better
ever fuck around and accidentally learn a trick? had hardflip okish when i was sk8rboi for lik a month then just totally lost it


File: 1711608082934-0.png (77.24 KB, 674x329, 674:329, 324675.png)

File: 1711608082934-1.jpg (45.15 KB, 634x349, 634:349, fgt.jpg)

>fag turns out to be a pedo
this is unheard of


I wonder if the ship is looted already. It is in Baltimore but it is also in the water


ISIS = USA/Israel
We’ve known this for years now


>t. landlubber
you ever tried to swim distance like that? even lik a mile or two, youll be whipped. nvm diving and bringing shit back to shore. port of maryland is absurdly deep hence the giant fucking cargo ships running into bridges
its def not something youd decide to just go do on a whim, or for your crack/heroin money as it were.
not a chance

you could bring a boat and a winch i guess, try playing the retard lottery digging up random chunks of twisted metal or more likely, get your winch hopelessly stuck for 5 mins or whatever till the coasties find you immediately and tell you to fuck off. thats a very big, very important port. theres gonna be dredges out there picking that shit up all hrs, all day/night, for months at least

tl;dr pools closed spreh


Gays and pedophilia !?!!?


yall ready for dead kike on a stick day?


Pascha isn't until May 5th.
Kikes aren't Hebrews. Genetically and theologically they are closer to the pharisees and even that is arguably a push.


shut up nerd
get on the cross and be crucified


based and romanpilled


File: 1711643726162.png (1.71 MB, 1082x1138, 541:569, bank-man.png)

>Sam Bankman-Fried has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for defrauding customers and investors in his failed crypto exchange FTX, a Manhattan court ruled Thursday.
>Before announcing the sentence, Judge Lewis Kaplan said there was a risk “that this man will be in a position to do something very bad in the future, and it’s not a trivial risk.”
>Kaplan agreed with prosecutors’ claim that Bankman-Fried “wanted to be a hugely, hugely politically influential person in this country,” and that this propelled his financial crimes.

>Bankman-Fried’s sentence of 25 years was about half of what prosecutors had asked for, but still puts him at the high end for sentence length in prominent white-collar fraud cases. Ahead of him is Bernard Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years behind bars for the $20 billion Ponzi scheme he led. He died around 12 years into his sentence. Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who was convicted on four charges of defrauding investors while running the failed blood-testing startup Theranos, was sentenced to a little over 11 years.


guess you could say the bankman got fried


based vpon vvhat exactly, legatvs?


well i'll be. that judge is a shitlib from hell and SBF was givin dems a ton of cash
are we back MAGA patriots?


File: 1711647743383-0.webm (17.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 'Ridiculous': Reporter re….webm)

File: 1711647743383-1.jpg (87.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

>Result of DEI policies
>at the very bottom
Really makes you think.


>kike jewed too hard


white collar prison, but still. wew.
guy lost some big money. big money owned by big ppl
such cases

remember how that one credit suisse guy got lik ~3mos for that whole intl economic crisis that he was only rly tangentially related to?
vary cool, federal prosecutors. vary cool. thx 4 ur service <333


trust le plan


Kikes wish that Jesus our Lord and Savior was a kike.


stfv nerd
yov kids and yovr vvacky new-age bvllshit


Cripplekike 2.0 the electric boogaloo
God tried to kill this nigga and failed wew


I'm your lord and savior
jesus was a faggot who is only famous for being dead


File: 1711650487951.mp4 (12.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sparts bettin.mp4)


File: 1711650944053.webm (11.86 MB, 854x478, 427:239, council btfo by hippie.webm)

city councils are the best place to shitpost, three minutes to say whatever the fuck you want with no consequence


holup i got error posting error


Kike please go and stay go.


wish spee had a hide post button so i don't have to use my adblocker to hide shitters
move to jschan duddr plz


ur god is a faggot and his son is dead
find a tall bridge with no water under it and go join him


File: 1711652824620.mp4 (4.57 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, sauna bus.mp4)

xotzy r u ok?


>hide post
y tho. unless it's ds bs


yah well maybe stop constantly digging tunnels under one of the biggest cities in the world?
that goes for the actual construction workers, as well as the heebs with their weird chomo tunnels too


cuz christcucks are easily b8d
more news at 11


havent seen that here in a hot while, figure heem new spriend to show the ways of spartmanship


lel where tf are they still giving a fuck over da vax?


lmao it is kinda wild how dudder became lik de facto leader of all the random lost IB diaspora simply by virtue of not being a massive fucking sperg
i mean sure, he fucks niggers, but >we all have our moments of weakness




>fucks niggers


Yeah, would be nice to hide (((CIA))) kiddie porn.


Nice compression, but
>9 minute video


actually it's oil drilling


depends on if hes on top or bottom rly
if i kno gay niggas heem def on top tho




wdym? theres not that many posters on this site at all its just some of >us crosspost occasionally only thing duddman leads is himself into bottles of liquor and then a tree with his car while fleeing his gay nigger stalker


fucking black girls is based though
nothing wrong with a lil black sugar


File: 1711664584612.png (229.21 KB, 1001x761, 1001:761, stds.png)

>"black sugar"
yeah nah


jus gotta double wrap dat shit nigga


File: 1711665985927.png (311.39 KB, 403x607, 403:607, 43546.png)

better use this


Only marry a virgin and you will have sex with no worries.


you dont go pick up some ratchet ass black hoe from the hood dunderhead


no those are for mormons
they wear those when they go to temple
totally demonrape-proof
no nephilim, no problems


don't morms also believe that if you stik ur dik in girl but don't move then God can't see you doing it therefore it's not a sin


yah theyre the ones that do that weird shit where the dude sticks his dick in the girl then they lay there without moving while they have a friend jump on the mattress until the guy cums
i think they call it soaking and no i am not making shit up they actually do that and its incredibly funny


File: 1711671684667.mp4 (3.78 MB, 320x240, 4:3, You Can't Touch Mormon Jes….mp4)

i just looked it up after posting that and yeah mormons be waky
how did joseph smith get a single person to believe in these shenanigans


>Finding a virgin
That's either statutory grape or moving to another country then.


Alex Jones had an interview with a rabbi yesterday, I don't really care about this and idk if the rabbi in question is even an important one but people are talking about it so maybe someone here will also care
Apparently we can't embed from Jones' website, wtf dudder


sportschan had a fun time in rockford illinois doing a stabby jihadaroo


>how did joseph smith get a single person to believe in these shenanigans
well he was kind of a total hardass outside of his schizophrenia
possibly one of the more prolific injun killers of his day. and he managed to get his guys all the way out to fucking utah safely, which is p fucking far on horse n buggy


his final words were also, supposedly, the masonic distress signal is there any help for a widows son? and his death in general is one of the more confusing and possibly conspiratorial thangs in early settler murrican history
gud luck getting the mormons to talk about that tho. they all try to pretend he wasnt a mason at all, even tho thats totally provably false

and him being such a high ranking mason also begs the question: why/how tf did an otherwise seemingly secular guy start an entire church? was he that cynical? delusional? somethin else? lik wtf?
weird guy


look at the shit people believe in nowadays. people are dumb af and theres always a market for any retarded idea you have if you know how to sell it


>gud luck getting the mormons to talk
asked some higher ups about how the temples are built defensively (most are in easily defensible hillsides, turret slits), dude clammed up the wife goes "i wish they'd just leave us the heck alone" lel
seems weird now bc the church completely 180d and globohomo'd. i get have to consider nogs as human now, but sayin to get fauci'd is dark even if you hold billions in pharma stock
idk how prevalent it is but theres been a schism n some of the lads retvrn'd and call emselves deznat. if you see a mo postin bowie knifes they're prolly chill enough

gud lore posts. p impressive how secretive it still is. scientology etc gets blasted errywhere but most ppl prolly only repeating stuff from the south park fellas




the more serious of the mormons moved to mexico long ago where they're fruitful and multiply unlike the official church with its 0.3% growth rate that's probably going to embrace fags next if they haven't already

tons of different breeding cults all of them super interested in genealogies were established during that period throughout the world there's no mystery about it, one of them stuck around to the modern era of genetically engineered human resources so of course it looks silly


>People are dumb af
People are objectively stupider today than they were 100 years ago thanks to lead vapours from burning lead in fuel that drove "human progress" and microplastics are expected to be just as harmful in the long run. It's more about survivability at the time and >>1614080 I mean his farms just werked during a time of massive crop failures so people didn't give a fuck if he was a loon or the real deal


File: 1711727035770-0.png (4.05 MB, 2293x1449, 2293:1449, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1711727035770-1.png (144.32 KB, 2365x500, 473:100, ClipboardImage.png)

shit's hilarious


>most ppl prolly only repeating stuff from the south park fellas
credit where its due
matt and trey were just way out ahead of the curve, as per usual
that was rly fuckin ballsy. arguably scientology at its strongest, and they lived and worked in LA. in entertainment no less


and lik
idk how they even knew about that shit to begin with
the stuff about the thetons and dead ayyy spirits and xenites or whatever being actual foundations of the religion is NOT entry level stuff for obv reasons. thats only after you give them a lotta money and they get their hooks in you, then theyll start dripfeeding you all that wacko crap


they supported gay marriage years ago. was in slc lik 1.5 years ago it's fucked now, church literally sold out

ya eugenics always existed and always will behind the veil, the recent taboo is dummy ray shit. hell epstein had that whole ranch or whatev


File: 1711728186686.jpg (23.31 KB, 474x341, 474:341, OIP.jpg)

apparently their first hookup in l.a. was fuckin scott rudin


that shit had been leaked years prior, go up to any scientologist with a personality test and e-meter and ask them about zenu and watch em get real fukn quiet
they know all about zenu and know it's insane, but they don't say anything about it and deny it cuz they want to work their way out of the shitty street jobs into the bigger positions
lik u kno at work ur boss is up to som shady shit and u know its wrong but you dont say anything cuz somday you want to be in a position to do shady shit too


that is weird
gotta wonder what a guy like that saw in those weird geeks when they first showed up


idk man if someone can tell you they were spoken to by godband wrote it down but then lost the writings and you still believe them then youre p dumb
yah true if youre going west back in those days people would follow anyone if they thought theyd make it and help get their hands on land/gold/silver regardless of whatever the fuck they were spouting but there were obviously true believers too
"people are stupid" was maybe too broad of a statement (even today) but you really can find a cult for whatever you want no matter how retarded and thats probably always been the case


i mean its all in the book
its not like its a big secret
the """secret""" is that its actually believed within the church. that part def wasnt common knowledge till south park btfo them out completely to everyone in the world. so based

and yea its literally a ponzi scheme.
its based on diet-kabbalah, oldskool satanism like the process church, combined w that exposure therapy that was developed in early rehabs like synanon and those weird boarding/correctional schools where theyd rape kids in some fucked up summer camp way off in the woods.
and rons shitty fucking z-list scifi shit too, of course


>that part def wasnt common knowledge till south park btfo them out completely to everyone in the world.
it was made public by splinter groups who opposed the main org in the late 80's as their dear leader died, shared publicly on BBSes and alt.religion.scientology before the world wide web, made international headlines for the first serious international internet censorship lawsuits and first establishment of data havens while the USA was pressuring France, Greece and Germany to stop classifying it as a fraudulent cult in the mid 90's then in the early 2000's it was again a huge deal on the internet when someone was convicted for making a 'cruise missile' joke on usenet

xenu was old news by the time south park 'exposed it' and most netizens had a well founded hatred towards it


so i guess matt and trey BBSboomers confirmed then


they were just off cannibal the musical and scotty was a broadway guy too. always wondered why tom cruise went after him and how they got away with so much, but that tracks


>convicted for making a 'cruise missile'
damn forgot about all that. back when everyone was furious about dab feds gettin library records


>everyone was furious about dab feds gettin library records
tfw living in an pre-patriot act world


folx out here chargin $50 per jump and $100 for a rally BIG jump get that tornado spinnin or some shit


>In 1885, one of the LDS Church's top leaders, 73-year-old apostle Albert Carrington, argued during the hearings before his excommunication that his decade of extramarital sexual relationships with multiple younger women did not count as adultery (a violation of the church's Law of Chastity) and was just a "little folly" because he would only partially penetrate the vagina with just the tip of his penis and part of the shaft (reportedly to less than the total "depth of four inches"), and pulled out before ejaculation.[21]
classic. the bill clinton defense. i smoked but i did not inhale


It's like when a woman says she succ but she don't swallow. Bitch ain't got no loyalty when she don't swallow.


Apparently it's been revealed that the tranny who killed themself after girls beat the shit out of him for spraying water at them was raped by his dad when he was 9. This story gets more and more crazy with every new rendition.


New war in Serbia about to get littttttt
lets gooooooooooo


More like deznutz amirite?



File: 1711745716833.jpg (65.64 KB, 655x791, 655:791, army.jpg)

>u.s. army looking at retirees for service
>Neither age nor disability alone would exclude a soldier from joining, though they'd have to meet health requirements
>“There is no age limitation, although personnel older than 70 are not normally recalled”
hospice laugh stops


heh take that gen z snowflakes


>we can't get the fighting aged population to join
>so we'll try and get old broken and probably heavily embittered dudes to join instead
mite not be a gud idea to do that a lot of those guys wont have much to lose when you take their pensions away and tell them to get back to work and of theyre old enough to be retired out of the military theyre old enough to remember when the military wasnt an overt gay propaganda machine


lel hope that free "college" was worth it !


File: 1711752301740.jpg (101.82 KB, 564x562, 282:281, 1604168527845.jpg)

this reeks of desperation

they must really not like those war game results when they fire up US vs China + Russia

i know what will fix it !
we need another two maybe three maybe four maybe FIVE more summers of burning down cities and destroying history in remembrance of sacred black people, oh oh oh AND we need more tranny gaysex butt fuck a toddler hour AND more white privilege fuck whitey in every form of media every single day every single hour
THAT is how you get people sold back into the country !


if it only applies to retirees then it was worth it for everyone who got out without sacrificing 20 years
plus that
>they'd have to meet health requirements
bit is ridiculously easy to fake


File: 1711752930015.mp4 (900.21 KB, 270x480, 9:16, CRASHING THIS PLANE.mp4)

all they rly need to do is work a logitech joystick so they can delete abdul/vladimir/yao ling from the other side of the planet with a drone
yeah you see all the trannies and nogs get paraded around cuz DEI is inescapable at this point but there are still plenty of skilled people joining the military cuz they still feel some sense of civic duty for some reason, and the few whities that do get in actually know what they're doing and get put into the critical positions
until they leak classified ukraine documents on a minecraft discord
or crash the gorillion dollar moneypit jet into the souf china sea


>ez to fake
kinda what i'm worried about, them faking people back in
signed before 9/11 on deferred, realized i did a heckin oopsie and went in to piss high af to try and get out. week prior was fun tho. yayo, lsd, meth, drank a beer and put out a damn j in the parking lot. bro's eyes bugged when he saw it, threw it away and told me to go fuck myself


File: 1711757291198.mp4 (681.88 KB, 360x710, 36:71, But now i realize....mp4)

then why bother with recruitment ?

they know that you still need boots on the ground
not to mention that the most likely outcome would not be all out world war 3 but proxy wars in non nuclear nations between US and some "rebel group" backed by either china or russia


was about to say the same thing
theyre clearly desperate for anyone at all
>oh you smoke 3 packs a day, are diagnosed with schizophrenia and are missing 3 fingers on your trigger hand?
>welcome back marine


File: 1711757530272.mp4 (3.92 MB, 812x456, 203:114, subz robot edit.mp4)

the brass is retarded by mandate. saw not a single politicunt get pranked after jabs, j6, etc and think ah yeah this'll be fine
gonna have to emergency hire rajeesh out the ass (for better bonus than enlisted) a year after any war starts to police traitors. not to mention by that time the domestic sitch will be cooked by homegrowns and actual foreign interference.

long ass post but i'm a few deep, anyone know how the domestic patriot tech bro scene is looking? drones and robo coons aside should i be lookin for some of spros art project jam?


its just art bro
just trying to fucking art ffs


>all they rly need to do is work a logitech joystick
then they should be tapping the cowadoodyers, not the fucking boomers


ya wanna safely clear the younguns in fam but idk what'll even earn a DQ without getting ur 2A yanked as a side effect


people steal artistic inspiration all the time, doesn't stop me from blasting zep


Prolly, but equally a lot of boomer fudds out there who can drive a truck or some shit for the backend so they can promote private wannabee into some minor position of authority on the front lines. I mean it's working for Russia/Ukraine right now.


oh im gud

they kept coming into highschool trying to bribe us w free college and gibs so wed go get wasted in iraq for muh freedumbs and demograssee™ for sandland. but i was too punkrawk so id always be rly rude to the recruiters and call em out for their bullshit oilwar imperialism on behalf of israel and walk out and get detention. it was p late in the war, and by that point id already known older kids who had went and came back all fucked up, so i was already waayyy over it.

idk wtf they were recruiting 10th graders for anyways shit was stupid. guess it makes more sense than re-recruiting 70yos


Russia basically won all those outside South America and SEAland (modern Turkey in terms of importance/treatment) with the whole banking stunt, tbh.


I called Splatoon "cowadudy squids" and now my brother won't look at me. What do, spro?


beat him


bruh they tried, zoomies and alphas arent taking the b8, its the entire reason theyve resorted to this shit
its gonna be interesting to see how it plays out if they actually try to enforce it. personally if they come for me im going to deliberately be the shittiest soldier imaginable like i'll full on go tranny mode and be incompetent enough to make a real whorb go "wtf are you doing retard?" idgaf if i wind up with tits or worse im not going to make it worth their while at all
i didnt retire tho so idk if tehyd even come for me at first, i think they can more easily go after the retirees because theyre getting gubmint money. either way i dont see them boosting their numbers without enacting a draft which will also be interesting to see play out


Relevant song methinks.


File: 1711760093756.mp4 (924.53 KB, 720x720, 1:1, monkr.mp4)

irl fam, but ily to budy


>i didnt retire tho so idk if tehyd even come for me at first, i think they can more easily go after the retirees because theyre getting gubmint money
thats almost certainly how itll go too
shut off the moneys, all of a sudden ur fucked. oh but hey heres some more money. lace up them boots soldier its time for fucking FREEDOM


>I mean it's working for Russia/Ukraine right now
russia and ukraine may as well be on a different planet, older slavs are actually insane and dont give a fuck about anything because theyve seen some real shit unlike ameriboomers where a small percentage of the under 70s might have fought in nam but otherwise none of them have dealt with anything but sitting on a base grr'ing about commies to one another on gay ass peacetime training missions. unless you count desert storm but so few actually saw any action during that that its insignificant


where did you get this video of my last mushroom trip?


oh shi i lost track of these guys after 2 but still have a cd in my truk
structurally good so far, worth listenin to the rest of stuff?


Are you ready to kill muslims and die for Israel, anons?!


Coverup was pretty decent but the terminator one was kinda shit and they went off the deepend with chink flu.


there was grenada and panama in the 80s if that counts


File: 1711768811755.png (540.78 KB, 852x970, 426:485, Something.png)

Something Something Something Something Jewkraine and Putler.


this stil goin on?


not really as far as number of zogbots that actually saw combat or even heard it goes


also i just remembered there were fuckin trading cards for the gulf war. did any other war have that kind of shit? i know there was the turrist deck of cards for iraq but that was just a regular deck with sandmonkey faces on them not really the same thing


The NATO was always in war with Russia.


File: 1711806526187.mp4 (3.61 MB, 640x348, 160:87, yt snitchin.mp4)


haha wouldnt it be lik so funny if someone tricked ppl into clicking badthink yt vids
hahaha that would be sooooo funnnyyyyy


>wrongthink soon a felony
btw don't use fitbit and the likes. the combination of heart rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation and all other data they collect makes it easy to see when someone was boozing or doing drugs. only a matter of time til they use health and location data to dish out DUIs. health insurance companies are also after this data so they can deny people who are more likely to have health problems


lel i doubt anyone here needed a reminder not to use muh internet-of-thangs memetech bullshit


the smartest thing in this house is my weiner
gonna use all this stuff with the national red flag shit they just rammed thru too


i never really used "smart" tech shit to begin with but id be lying if i said igaf if someone gets a hair up their ass about me and sends in the calvary its only a matter of time at this point. i should just renounce my citizenship and live here as an illegal because they get better treatment than actual citizens (including in the ability to own fuckin firearms apparently) and i wont have to pay taxes
shits gonna burn regardless of their gay shitty laws >we're all past the point of no return and i dont see an effective federal totalitarian regime forming when the states all fucking hate each other and sometimes hate themselves to the point of wanting to split into separate states entirely
it would take a far more competent military and police force to enforce that level of control which the feds arguably never had even at the best of times on their end. theyve almost entirely relied on fear intimidation and propaganda to maintain control for decades which also requires people to give enough of a shit about their lives and society to keep in line, but with the younger generations being either outright defiant or wholly apathetic to anything idk how this psychopathic tyranny would last very long after the geriatric monsters that put us in this situation die off


>according to the data she fell asleep during
gonna lel hard when rape cases are dismissed because the data indicates that it was consensual and not rapey


File: 1711827590938.png (383.39 KB, 720x1012, 180:253, 1711521378093647.png)

Maybe it was already posted here but I didn't see it
Looks like Dotz went wild a few days ago


eh gotta let dotz cook, as the negroidic younglings say


never gonna happen


post the vids ?????????


File: 1711829884953.png (7.4 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

>knockout game but only yt wymn
dotz one-upping the niggers


File: 1711832981661.jpeg (54.66 KB, 1024x947, 1024:947, clearpill.jpeg)

neetsoc larpers are on fent laced copium. da 1337s have to immolate the whole thing over giving up actual power, rally. not lik they dont have multiple lifetimes of resources stolen.
just gon continue being boiled frog tech bs. debanking, deperson, lower ubi mayb. whether u think corpos or gov is the real stronghold, realistically both would need to be captured at once. glhf
if that doesn't play out, viva la favela will be with you shortly.


File: 1711833111659.png (6.24 KB, 203x188, 203:188, ClipboardImage.png)



sus amokus


File: 1711833395493.png (1.6 MB, 1148x1817, 1148:1817, ClipboardImage.png)

do they resurrect now?


just wait til an honorable hollywood executive is falsely accused by some goythot. boom there's your precedent. and in commiefornia of all places


tremp selling allah bless the USA qurans yet?


i mean most of those freaks skated on any and all charges and are still in the biz with zero repercussions. so no memetech needed. even harvey took years before he faced any comeuppance at all.

not to get all feminist an shieet but that stuff happens all the damn time, and most of the time fuckall happens. esp so when its someone famous.
ime at le kewl kid parties, theres never any shortage of weird rape-y dudes with their baggy full of kpins. and neither is there ever a shortage of dumb know-nothing chicks getting too fucked up. its wack, and its why i usually avoid the whole afterparty scene nowadays. shit gets dark, and isnt that fun if youre not a junkie/drunk or a creep.
and its not even like its just grils that gotta watch their ass. creepy fags are a dime a dozen too

metoo certainly didnt help either, cuz now its all-or-nothing for literally everything. its either blindly believe every half-baked obv malicious accusation, or deny everything cuz ur some closeted incel faggot groyper lik fuentes whos scared of pussy. didnt used to be like that


okay nice buzzwords and wojaknigger pic but your vague niggerpill claims doesnt suddenly make all of that shit viable with the state of things. the only one coping are the arrogant faggots that refuse to acknowledge they also have to live in their planned world of shit, no ones gonna be happy except for maybe the truly psychotic and those types arent exactly known for keeping things together


i get why you're a faggot but idk why you're mad :(


File: 1711843088869.mp4 (375.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, videoblocks-gorgeous-young….mp4)

man i was thankin, and they should 24/7 stream active conflicts

lik wtf if they rly wanted a populace that was rabidly pro-war they could have it ez.
>get a buncha drones and bodycams
>set it up as some paid-monthly streaming subscription service
>subscribers can real-time cycle through diff live feeds at-will
>provide simple chat UI to spam heckin twitch emojis
>donate directly to any streamer or side would make modern proxywars a blast
>offer corporate sponsorship deals to top streamers
>allow free-streaming with ads
>premium™ account holders can run superchats over loudspeakers
>set up """3rd party""" off-shore site and host live gambling events that accept crypto or cash

sure some would get shot down, but you could switch to another feed and keep watching. and intelligence-wise itd be a mess, but itd be worth it for the morale-boost and the total shift in public consciousness towards bloodlust. all the jarheads would be chasing that bag trying to become the new #1 top streamer on war.tv

im tellin you guise
the future isnt now, but its soon™


lik everythign i said is already happening. aint my fault


oh i thought u was talking to me
i was about to say im p sure livestreaming war is against most sites ToS
i dont actually know tho


>reiisghey says "here's your take out chang, numbah won"
>500$ mirv award unlocked
no lel it's too insane to not happen. they'd host their own or tos would be changed.
login with ur digital i.d. and the top strategists (they'd prob give actual stripes next to their handles) get perks and career opportunities or some shit. fuckin hell


File: 1711843959431-0.mp4 (508.02 KB, 640x360, 16:9, upset-thougthful-girl-smok….mp4)

File: 1711843959431-1.mp4 (510.39 KB, 640x360, 16:9, latina-woman-with-lighter-….mp4)

File: 1711843959431-2.mp4 (279.76 KB, 640x360, 16:9, videoblocks-street-punk-or….mp4)

man this is so much better than shutterstock
some of these fucking filenames lmfao


File: 1711844448745.png (74.45 KB, 1561x540, 1561:540, tfw no dotz.png)

this is racism


because theres this thing called middlemen that elites have to use to manage everyone else and so far they keep replacing said middlemen of the competent variety with DIE retards and shit keeps exploding in their faces for it
i know you think theyre fuckin immune to their own koolaid but they have to use roads and planes and bridges too and if the people responsible for organizing all of your transportation are retarded then have fun surviving the eventual catastrophic fuck ups that cone with retards


also im not mad but i am frustrated because these people arent infallible super smart gods theyre just fags with money and power and money and power doesnt magically make someone immune to being fucking stupid and ruining everything for everyone including themselves


File: 1711846669703.mp4 (7.41 MB, 720x900, 4:5, OQUbIicqJcWzGEhQ.mp4)

kiwis wanted by the police for cleaning up a faggot crossing


Don't they know tomorrow is our Holy Day ?
The new Holiday that is not new that we have always celebrated and has always existed and forever was and forever is the Trans Day of Visibility.


dont think a fair bit of what you're sayin but ok completely fallout fap fantasy tier: they do have bunkers and crews of non DIE mercs prob with kidnapped fams or similar leverage tbqh who have no need to even use the heli to bypass the bridge due to years of food, water and land. them's facts.

idk how these freaks think man but reality is things just keep getting more retarded. insanely retarded. not slowin down either so set me hip as to why. u think they're just gonna decide to reverse course one day? at what line?
bc absurdist shitposts for giggles from 10 years ago are in the rearview

legit not trying niggerpill btw. want ppl i lik to make peace and garden up or whatever bc daddy fuhrer isn't coming and rationality isn't around the corner


*also bunkers would only be short term rally. positive at least some of em already have deals set up with vodka or chang, gen silly milley sure was quick to make a call


wtf is this about fallout fap fantasies? im not saying the world is ending im saying the elites are going full actual retard with their own bullshit i aint reading past that because now i think youre just trying to fuck with me cause i know youre not stupid enough to think "oh he dont think elites are literal gods dat must mean he fink world go poopy bye byes"


File: 1711850834038.jpg (1.1 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, R.jpg)

i was tryin to be nice to both ur child like view of the world and insane projections :(


nah youre being a cunt because you dont like that i dont buy your despair crap


>posts wojaks
>accuses others of childishness
lol you're a funny guy


love to be convinced otherwise but you don't engage w a single point
how's it going to turn around? when the heli owners roads r bad?
fedi namefag right?


if i got it wrong here i'll take the L but i know theres a feddit fag here. not lik you joo obsessed abyss staring bastards would admit it
not tryin to kick dust between us but namefags can't get the smell off em


File: 1711855966962.png (467.68 KB, 2568x1037, 2568:1037, ClipboardImage.png)

in other news; psa has bananas deals for easter err tranny day


File: 1711856685968.jpg (144.83 KB, 914x1280, 457:640, 6879860325f27c5fe3d7009c9d….jpg)


>now hes going on about "namefags" and "feddit"
yah ok i figured i was right not to waste my time with you


shoulda known better than to reply at all after the wojak tbh


im namefag


you and i do this shit twice a year over this and this is the first time you made me ONGRY FUUUCk YOU BLODY
you wanna stick ur ass up in the air to get fucked? fine. go ahead you myopic ostrich. not lik you're capable of understanding anything i say even if you were to read it
and ya there is a namefag here, idk from where tho. they're shifty "people". only reason they're not on reddit is bc they dont get upvotes


apparently ostriches don't stick their heads in the sand
so you're actually worse than a bird


im glad youre mad schizo faggot. youre throwing out an awful lot of accusations at me that arent the least bit true too, i dunno who bothered your bootyhole but i hope they have a nice day for doing so


good now thanks amigo
>hope they have a nice day
same, been awhile. good shit


he asked vary nicely
did anyone explain it to him?


make the new thread already!



File: 1711883519058.jpg (1.7 MB, 2416x3163, 2416:3163, 1678629673853987.jpg)

This is a year old but I just saw it, Aidan called baneposting an alt-right meme


actors are known for playing pretend and demanding awards for it, not their intelligence. if journalists werent a bunch of worthless hacks the interviewer wouldve asked him to explain and then hed prove how much an idiot he is the moment he starts telling us how CIA's power stance is actually a dogwhistle and bane's flight plan is actually the final solution


>superchats to scream "BLOODY BASTARD BITCH INDIA FUK U BLOODY" over megaphones across the himalayas
>donation incentives to lob grenades, artillery, or airstrikes on hohol or vatnik positions
so basically hunger games on steroids
im down for it


now's our time budys


File: 1711906209158.png (1.02 MB, 1000x990, 100:99, Briefcase.png)

why is he mad, that is one of the most pivotal scenes of the movie and sets up bane as the harbinger of chaos, the fourth horseman, the bringer of death, the destroyer of civilization, and CIA is the only one that stands between him and total annihilation of life, society, civlization, and the universe. CIA's death shows how powerful of a villian Bane really is.
also baneposters ignore that bane dies like a complete bitch at the end, catwoman shows up and onetaps him with the batmobile and that's it


thats a p chaotic outcome tho. he demolishes everything and is about to set off a nuke and then rolls a 1 right as hes about to kill bamham


ya except the whole movie is so fukn implausible and takes so many liberties it's insane to think any of it could happen even in fiction
>we gonna trick every cop in the city into raiding the sewers at once and them trap them in it then blow up the bridges so the army can't come in
>then we create our perfect anarchist state where THE PEOPLE run free
>then im gonna nuke em anyways cuz fuck em im still evil
i put it in the same category as the last star wars, so over-the-top ridiculous it's more of a comedy than an action movie


So is Steven Crowder pretty much 100% confirmed homo ?


Buddy 70% of those whorbs are just camwhorbing for clicks. The rest are just stupid whorbs not paying attention to their surroundings, getting lightly elbowed by someone trying to get past her, and then jumping on the next "me too" fad. Maybe 1-3% of them are actual girls that actually got face-punched and that can be filtered by gang affiliations and the like down to a fraction of a fraction, less than the murder rate.


I dunno about homo but he's definitely a faggot with his legal department.


im not saying the movie was even remotely sensible just that a retarded death for bane kinda fits with the rest of the film except the glorious perfection that is the opening scene


no hes at least 156% homo


File: 1711943526173-0.mp4 (838.7 KB, 486x270, 9:5, MSNBC Nicole Wallace has m….mp4)

File: 1711943526173-1.png (159.63 KB, 466x258, 233:129, me scene do not.png)

>“His Daughter, Loren, is a Rabid Trump Hater, who has admitted to having conversations with her father about me, and yet he gagged me,” Trump added.


>tosses papers over shoulder
>goes on rant without the slightest bit of pause or stuttering
so scripted it hurts legacy media rally is dying for ratings

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