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its a tampa kinda day
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of veri lmao paki btfo


coming for india next budy
USA the new crik SUPER POWER
india will cower in fear of the beaterings given to paki dogs


In the actual crik world this is a huge shock
pak passion burning to the ground with death threats against players and their families

Pakistan the runner up in the last worldc up losing to usa is fucking crazy


File: 1717736332763.jpeg (37.81 KB, 738x415, 738:415, images-1.jpeg)

Reminds me of the time India lost to Bangladesh and got knocked out of the world cup in 2007. They were burning down photos of the criketers and protesting in front of their houses.

Regarding, Pakistan they are the most inconsistent team in criket for the past 10 years. At times they will play really good and make it to the finals or win a trophy and then the next time they will absolutely shit the bed like this. They still have a chance to pass the group stages and for their well being they sure need to do so.


File: 1717736656831.jpeg (30.03 KB, 495x619, 495:619, images-2.jpeg)

>USA crik team
>Full of india/pakistan migrant rejects
no budy india still wins


entire paki team refusing to return to pak
all staying in dallas to operate 7-eleve

confirmed reported by cricinfo


bad year budy


how the fuck does a country win at a sport nobody in said country gives a fuck about
then again the US has done the same with divegrass for years


At least divegrass is known, has an actual professional league, and has billions of obsessive wetbacks gooning to it

criket in usa is as unknown as can be
these players all have day jobs in IT tech support or consulting for accenture and deloitte
they arent professional international criketeers

pakistan losing to them is the biggest fucking embarassment to the country ever


the score is only slightly different. is this streetshitter propaganda?


they did the thing with the wickets not the thing with the runs



explain this to me using baseball terminology. and explain like i'm dudder


File: 1717800143663.jpeg (87.86 KB, 495x619, 495:619, images-3.jpeg)


Australia vs England today

India vs Pakistan on Sunday


dotz better go to india vs pak in jew york


File: 1717978927503-0.jpg (25.09 KB, 658x256, 329:128, Screenshot_20240610_092051….jpg)

File: 1717978927503-1.jpg (262.45 KB, 1080x905, 216:181, Screenshot_20240610_091956….jpg)





T20 doesn't matter


there is probably going to be race war levels of hate crimes committed because of this



File: 1717989526938.png (860.2 KB, 1102x625, 1102:625, lmao india.png)

i hope these translations are accurate


File: 1717992449630.jpg (124.56 KB, 1213x271, 1213:271, Screenshot_20240610_130541….jpg)

Kinda accurate. 'Blackening ones face' is a figure of speech in Hindi, meaning to disgrace oneself.


where does it come from?
is it like a dig at mine workers or somethin? or is it lik way older?


like just literally calling someone a nigger doesnt seem lik it would have much relevance in central asia


so…..being a nigger is globally a bad thing ?


File: 1718056699994-0.jpg (97.4 KB, 1170x848, 585:424, looking-for-translation-pl….jpg)

File: 1718056699994-1.jpg (45.4 KB, 696x176, 87:22, Screenshot_20240611_065535….jpg)

According to plebbit best i could do, there's a similar saying but with the same meaning. There's nothing racist about it.



delet everything after and including the second = and it shud imbed


>There's nothing racist about it.
i mean i figured. idk why or how theyd have a saying even talking about blacks seeing how they dont even have em


tying a guy backwards to the ass of an ass and parading him around the village is p funny
thatll unironically prolly show em


I imagine that putting black shit one your face, ink, mud or even literal shit is akin to dirtying your face, which is embarassing in itself.
On a side note, niggers aren't there in india but the caste system, Aryans and dravidians etc, there is still racism regarding being fair skinned vs dark skinned. Black colored skin doesn't always refer to niggers, racism across the globe is much more deeper and vaired than just muh niggers.


lel dont try to tell that other guy that
everything is niggers because autism


there are some africa tier dark poos tho
having imaginary frens is autistic


>there are some africa tier dark poos tho
must mean theyre literally nigerians then, huh?
braindead faggot lol

try not thinking about niggers for lik a day. i dare you


i didnt say they were niggers you histrionic baby
maybe try not thinking about your gay lust for a made up personality for a day huh?


File: 1718106478895.jpg (75.34 KB, 660x632, 165:158, hes black.jpg)

>try not thinking about niggers for lik a day
thats quite difficult when encountering niggers on a daily basis online and off. would have to live in some sort of whites-only oasis at this point, which is pretty much impossible. either that or send them all back to africa where they belong


or just get a remote job where you don't have to talk to anyone and have all your groceries delivered by niggers


File: 1718111937767.jpeg (39.42 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images-1.jpeg)

I live in a country of chinks and shitskins, but at least no niggers


India vs USA in New York tomorrow


File: 1718115144515.png (880.14 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1619945386294.png)

telling niggers where you live sounds like a good way to shoot niggers if you ask me


shut up >we're now ironically in a discussion about niggers started by a guy who was mad someone said something about niggers


File: 1718162618984.jpeg (24.32 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images.jpeg)

>discussion about niggers
i hat niggrs
end of discussion, nothing more to discuss, this is a crik thread


i lik criket budy


lets go dotz


so do they just play it in a basedball field or somethin?
where in da sauna is there even enough room?


so whens crik?
and whers stram?
and if USA doms out india do you think this will instigate a paki/india alliance and start WWIII?


File: 1718239224913.jpg (84.34 KB, 987x580, 987:580, Screenshot_20240613_093908….jpg)

They've been investing in criket in USA in recent years so they have made proper criket stadiums and are playing there.

India win, qualify to knockouts. Though closer than expected. USA not bad, if they beat Ireland in their next game then they qualify to the knockout stages.


File: 1718267892940.webm (9.5 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5138999520092226498.webm)


>closer than expected
>if they beat Ireland in their next game then they qualify


wew holy fuck


gud video


>those post credits
fucking lel


this guy /sp/ees


File: 1718335850277-0.jpg (263.33 KB, 703x1175, 703:1175, Screenshot_20240614_122932….jpg)

File: 1718335850277-1.jpeg (385.67 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, GP_AFmWW8AAEvpl.jpeg)

This is the average criket fan n USA




>Pakistan produces some of the best players in the world
Only false thing in this video


he deserves to die of aids for having nigger music at the end of that shit


you deserve to die of autism for being a buzzkill chomo lmao get rekt


lol shut up autist




USA vs Ireland washed out due to rain. Both get a point, USA qualifys for knockout rounds




India vs Canada today
Toss delayed due to wet outfield


usa nombr on
of meny laffrs @ paki


>leafs are improvised toilet paper in the forest
>about to battle poos
whoever wins >we wipe


Washed out due to rain


File: 1718940279962.jpg (99.84 KB, 999x516, 333:172, Screenshot_20240621_122338….jpg)

USA lost to SA but the margin of defeat wasn't that big. Wtf is USA actually a decent crik team?


helo tanks for calering sprotschan tecnecal suprot this is suvanish how can i be of asisters?


please kindly do the needful


all the google, facebook, microsoft, amazon, dell, hp, and ibm employees gonna take a day off work and win the crik world cup


File: 1719204360219.jpg (166.83 KB, 880x709, 880:709, Screenshot_20240624_134500….jpg)

USA is out of the world cup.
Afghanistan beat Australia (lel) for the first time.


taliban numer on


talibros win again


India beat Australia and qualify for semis


File: 1719281543972.jpg (19.62 KB, 523x121, 523:121, Screenshot_20240625_111140….jpg)

englel absolutely btfo usa


fak yu taliban bish. of meny cheatrs lik ausy. nukrs afghanistan NOW


Aus out, Afghanistan in the semis.

South Africa vs Afghanistan and England vs India set for the semifinals


>talichads vs bongs
please please please please please


ofc they did thats where all the most elite paki athletes live after all


First time Afghan have made it to the semis of an ICC tournament so it is pretty historic


>meanwhile pakistan fans


File: 1719458935905-0.jpeg (59.19 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images.jpeg)

File: 1719458935905-1.jpeg (62.88 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images-1.jpeg)

>india in knockout stages


File: 1719545099145.jpg (66.13 KB, 1004x468, 251:117, Screenshot_20240628_122331….jpg)

Afghan absolutely BTFO by South Africa


afghans gonhome and fuck their goat wives as a cope while south africans go home and murder farmers in celebration


File: 1719670161276.jpeg (39.86 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images-2.jpeg)

India vs South Africa in the finals

India won the toss and choose to bat


File: 1719699449219.jpeg (32.61 KB, 549x309, 183:103, images-1.jpeg)



yes budy
india finally did the thing


how will pakis literally ever recover?


jihadaroo at wagah gate
only answer


Indian criket team return to a heroes welcome. They were greeted by PM Modi and the BCCI awarded a cash bonus of 1.25 billion rupees ($15 million).

>tfw you will never lik anything as much as indians lik criket




reunification with india

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