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its a tampa kinda day
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File: 1717902064317.png (208.95 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Swallows vs Ham Fighters


File: 1717911834466.png (158.65 KB, 1318x1256, 659:628, u747.png)

score some runs


post lonks


Cum Swallows vs Hamas Fighters? I think I've seen this one already


File: 1717922323653.png (269.82 KB, 1286x2378, 643:1189, ham.png)

i hope you like pitching duels


btw did the guy who committed the error slice open his belly to atone for his actions?


got caught up in conversation and beer drinking with japs amused at a foreigner at the baseball and invited to many after game events am very drunk

the game itself might suck but the fans keep everything entertaining these jap fans are the most autistic bunch ever they have little routines and songs for every single player down to a perfection


do you speak japanip or did they just know enough english to banter with you? i wanna go to the land of anime and suicide at some point but idk if i'll ever be fluent in japanese


you can get by pretty well without knowing nip, at worse you can use a translator app on your phone


whers da pictures


this i want to see some nipponese cuties


any cool sub/side-arm pitchers?
i know nips have a lot more of them compared to >us


p sure the avg nip chick looks kinda busted tbh


it can't be worse than the average burger woman
especially california… 7/10 are amerindian potbelly goblins– costco has turned into a grotesque freakshow


File: 1717985437807.jpg (401.28 KB, 1967x1202, 1967:1202, Muttmerica.jpg)

>costco has turned into a grotesque freakshow
it's like going to the zoo but it's free


didn't take many pictures since these japbros were chatty and drinky
they spoke good enough english
the younger generation does know it now

typically these nips are lifeless emotionless robots but during the baseball they are drinking and loosening up

the typical nip woman is not really that pretty tbh


im p sure thats always how its been
my dad was over there in teh 80s and said they were all boring af during the day but then they get hammered af at night and are fun to drink with


ima fight every ham here


im gonna swallow


>the typical nip woman is not really that pretty tbh
thats your typical womyn tho
most womyn are trash, but at least nips are at a weight that doesn't ooze into your seat on an international flight


why the fuck haven't you posted in /librejp/
you might be able to meet up with one of them for drinks.
it might even be a QT314 gril


nippos are the definition of antisocial


Where in nipland are you? Tokyo?


This week in Tokyo and the surrounding regions
Meetings with business salarymen here


File: 1718088937111.jpg (5.7 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20240611_153414109_HDR.jpg)

shrine of CR in shiba park



>Meetings with business salarymen here
>businessman on /sp/
What kinda memes you selling pal? Maybe you can negotiate a deal and sell sportschan to the nips on behalf of dddudder.


File: 1718093746413.jpeg (49.62 KB, 640x480, 4:3, images.jpeg)

Go to them coon cafes where you can play with a bunch of CRs


I did and one stole my diners club card and made many fraudulent transactions


File: 1718101020042.png (196 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

I think this one has a potential to become a /spee/nimal


File: 1718106913754.jpg (116.04 KB, 540x909, 60:101, coochie.jpg)

so… costco has become walmart then


SR (Snownigger Raccoon)?


they seemed willing to meet up with me if it wasn't some random night in the middle of the work week


File: 1718201645928.mp4 (212.52 KB, 360x262, 180:131, Turtle skate board.mp4)



>meeting people IRL from the japanese section of a militant offshoot sports imageboard which itself is a militant offshoot of the sports section of a filipino offshoot of a faggot operated american clone of a japanese imageboard

do this


File: 1718222076152.mp4 (9.27 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, here ya go slant eyes.mp4)

does librejp lik murrican cartoons?


They have a thread about american anime



they might be qt nip grils looking for a terminally online schizo to date
you never know

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