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It's downtime so I took a look at Atom RPG during this great boredom. For Fallout players (so… everyone who might wonder around here) it will be very familiar.
I run it on Wine and it needs 64bit wineprefix and mscorefonts installed via winetricks. Also something else too since there are certain stuff (like on the chargen screen the arrows which you can choose portrait with) that still doesn't show up.
Created a character and started the game where I had to eat a biscuit. That's it for now.
As a good Fallout clone should the game features lots of talking, rummaging through shelves and other people's personal stuff but has abilities instead of perks I think and they implemented crafting.
To the first blink, it seems breddy gud to be honest. I don't have much time to play but I'll write little reports what's going on with Batu - since I picked one of the Mongol portraits.


File: 1563908211124.png (2 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, new-g-chargen.png)

I acquired a fresher version of the game, so I decided to start it anew.
Oh, on Wine it requires 64bit wineprefix, mscorefonts and d3dx9 to start and work somewhat properly. Also the game built on the Unity engine (judging by that bugfest Wasteland 2, it sounds like a poor choice).
I also made a mistake not showing the character generation. So here it is. I find it great that they made the Character page to look like as an old ID booklet or passport.
As a veteran Fallout player I have some mind to min maxing stats, or at least trying to game the game to some extent. This might be takes away from the actual role-play enjoyment from the game so I may doing this wrong now.
The system is the same as in Fallout under different names. There are Characteristics (Abilities, seven in all), Skills (16) and Distinctions (traits, 2 can be picked). The latter offers bonuses and disadvantages, each, which chiefly alter Characteristics, Skills and derivative stats. Beside that some offer special features of which I can't know their usefulness yet.
I went ahead and decided what Distinctions I'm gonna pick. I evaluated a lot more than before.
Skill points per level depends on Intellect, good to keep in mind. Skill bonuses and minuses of Distinctions aren't really important with high Intellect which gives many skill points per level.
I assume Characteristics are rare to earn in the game (based on previous fallout experience) which means bonus in them can offer lots of advantages. For some extent they can be reallocated, basically can be used as Character Points. Btw, Characteristics max value is 11 and not 10 as in Fallout.
The derivative stat, called Sequence decides who comes first in a battle (probably every turn). It is hard to replaced if it's reduced by a Distinction so I thought I should avoid such perks which lowers it. Ofc the more the better so it should be preferred if one Distinction offers it. But I saw later they really are special cases.
In battle Action Points are also important (how many times a character can act in his turn) but no Distinction seems to change that directly (but via changing Dexterity) The more the better ofc, but since Char Points can be used to increase it, those are more important.


File: 1563908280290.png (2.01 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, new-g-chargen-choices.png)

So I consider those Distinctions worthwhile which ads Char points but don't take from the value of Sequence.
Black Belt - gives 1 Char Point, takes away all firearm skills so it's for melee oriented characters (gives bonuses to related skills)
- Child Prodigy: +3 Char Points for the price of more XP necessary for leveling up
- Technophobe: +2 Char Points for the price of 60 Skill Points from Tech and Crafting - this probably can be balanced with a tech oriented sidekick and/or high Intellect (with the 8 Int it takes 3 level ups to regain those which might be a lot, but might be not)
- Morphene Doctor: +1 Char Point, easier to become addict but maybe drug use can be avoided
- Glutton: +2 Char Points, have to eat more frequently (it seems some/all? basic needs are implemented) but not sure for now if it's a big problem, are foodstuff that scarce so this is a penalty?

Here I list the potentially fun Distinctions:
- Cannibal: obviously
- Sex Appeal: maybe some possibilities to score? who knows…
- Diplomat: for a more peaceful game? the real negative of this the reduced Sequence
- Savage Hunter: for RP purposes (the 2 Char Point penalty seems harsh for now)
- Lone Wolf: for RP purposes or 1 character challenge, even 1 companion gives the option to specialize, how much will this matter?; anyway one of the two Distinction that gives plus Sequence (+5)… as long as you're alone that is
- Leader: this harms the Characteristics (fighting skills) with every companion, but in return it strengthens those companions; sounds awesome for a peaceful Diplomat, the others can do the fighting while you hang back

Are the following really worth it?
- Shooting Gallery Fan: gives +5 Sequence but takes away one Char Point, maybe paired up with something
- Lucky One: gives +4 Char Points (+5 and -1) by the price of 125 Skill Points, maybe with properly balanced companions and specializing this disadvantage can be negated, could potentially make early game harder until the player starts to pick up followers to help out - this and Child Prodigy offers the most "free" Char Point, but paired up they'd give the hardest early game since that one hampers leveling up

In the end I went for the Child Prodigy and Lucky One combo.


File: 1563908344538.png (2.26 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, new-g-forgotskillps.png)

Forgot to spend the Skill Points. Oh well, will use later according to need (e.g if I need speech I use them on that, if I need lockpick then on that, etc.).

Btw skills.
Characteristics influence the amount of skills the player will start out. By default the player gets 5 freely distributable Char Points. With my choice of Distinctions I started out with 5+7 = 12 instead of that five.
With my choice of distribution of these 12 the skills my character starts aren't that bad, and that minus 125 Skill Points gap - due to the Licky One perk - doesn't feel that much. From the basic stats, my skills differ only in -22 Skill Points. How?
The cumulative skill difference from the original in those Skills which were lowered is -54 points. But the cumulative skill difference in those where I gained is +32. So all in all I start out with 22 Points worse than the original. This explains how I get the final number.
But how so low? As I said skill level depends on Characteristics, but some of them influence more Skills than others. For example Endurance influences only Survival, but here's the complete list I managed to gather (with playing with the character creator because pop up descriptions don't offer the real info):

- Martial Arts
- Melee Weapons
- Rifles & Shotguns
- Throwing Weapons

- Survival

- Martial Arts
- Melee Weapons
- Pistols and SMG
- Rifles & Shotguns
- Automatic Firearms
- Throwing Weapons
- Stealth
- Lockpicking
- Pickpocket

- Speechcraft
- Barter
- Survival
- First Aid
- Technology
- Tinkering

- Pistols and SMG
- Rifles & Shotguns
- Automatic Firearms
- First Aid
- Lockpicking
- Tinkering

PER(sonality and not perception in this case)
- Speechcraft
- Barter

- Gambling

Moral of the story: if I'd put that 12 Char Points on END, PER and LCK, I would have real nice Skill Point shortage on my hand (especially with the low Skill Point per level due to low INT score). So my choice of picking Child Prodigy and Lucky One Distinctions kinda force me to raise DEX, INT and ATT to balance out the Skill Point issue.
Again I might be making a mistake to choose this min-maxing road and not just go with a fun character and enjoy the story even if the character fails during it.
That was what I managed today.


File: 1563908373038.png (1.53 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, new-g-chargen-clothing.png)

Oh I almost forgot. At the end of character creation the game gives the very important choice of picking your clothing. I went with the action hero outfit ofc. But I didn't really get Rambo or john Matrix… I hope there won't be any consequences…


sorta looks like what van buren woulda become


Judging by the little I saw of that yeah, looks similar. A Fallout with somewhat updated graphics.
I'm not sure who were the developers I only know they are Eastern Euros, from an ex-Soviet states, either Baltics or Russians. I gathered on imageboards that they were very enthusiastic back than for Fallout (they have similar obsession with Heroes of Might and Magic 3) and were greatly disappointed first by the Van Buren not released then with Fallout 3… So I guess they decided to make their own.


i'll have to look int it
have you encountered any jank that is often found in eastern yuro games?
if its pretty smooth maybe i'll give it a shot instead of replaying FO1 or FO2


also hows the outdoor cooking been goin


I wrote the next portion of posts and took screenshots, it's too late for me and I'm tired so probably will post it tomorrow. I don't think played 5 minutes combined, kek, so I've no opinion yet. First impressions are good tho.
>have you encountered any jank that is often found in eastern yuro games?
I understand what you're asking but I'm not sure what you're thinking of. Can you give some examples?


i think it can be mostly summed up as eastern yuro studios being smaller, having smaller budgets, and consequently usually having less polish the more usual western titles
so gameplay might feel a little off, UI may be odd, strange voice acting, animation etc etc seem to be the most
the first Witcher is like the perfect example of yurojank


Kek, now I know what you mean. Yes, the Witcher 1 is really a good example. There were some cheeky breeky in Stalker too but that wasn't too apparent. W1 is painful sometimes.
Well for now there is no talking, so no voice acting so far. The writing appears to be good. The walking animation… well, there is some skating in that (characters slide on surfaces while they walk, you know what I mean) but not too shabby. UI looks okay and not clunky. Everything else still not tested.


sometimes the jank and awkwardness can make games a bit more fun, or at least more memorable. Too many games these days tend to borrow some popular things, be it control schemes or ideas so that stuff typically ends up feeling rather samey. So an oddball thing like the first Witcher feels a bit refreshing to play because you don't quite always know what to expect.


i think the real problem is western studios these days play it way too fucking safe, looking for the quick and easy cash grab, resulting in putting out the exact same game over and over again. except they keep dumbing it down more and more for the masses. the only improvements are graphical– and even that can be arguable.
what weird small yuro studios bring is an actual willingness to put out a product that isn't dumbed down and overly safe


Those things while - on the third try when I actually played through - didn't bother me I didn't find them endearing.
Every program has its problems just thinking about an big title liek Oblivion and the NPCs' horrible face and facial expressions… and idiotic behaviour.


File: 1564079388645.png (2.05 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 00-start.png)

A little speculation how I'm gonna build this character.
At least one weapon proficiency is always mandatory in these games (I'm not sure if it's well balanced for non-violent playthrough, I think with Fallout 2 it's possible, I remember I read that there's only one or two fights which are unavoidable).
Martial Arts (unarmed combat) is fairly high for melee range and Pistols and SMG's for firearms. While I'm kinda all right with the first, I don't like to rely on pistols or SMG's they have too short range, enemy can close in to kick my butt. It would be advisable to have something for mid and long ranges and make that the primary skill. So Rifles & Shotguns or Automatic Firearms. I think with the former I'll be able to use sniper rifles efficiently but that needs something to cover shorter distances than very long. So though I liek snipers an assault rifle seems to have more utility, and means less weight to haul around (one weapon instead two). Maybe if I have the Skill Point I'll up them both, and ofc it will highly depend on companions, if there's a sharpshooter I'll let him use sniper rifles instead. And ofc this will also be the question of ammunition and it's scarecity.
I rarely consider Throwing Weapons ever sadly, could be fun for a more role-play oriented run, this is a test drive for now and a "how can we make the best out of things" recon.

Picture "just ate an biscuits but I forgot to take a picture at the start so reloaded to do that then I thought I don't need this picture anyway then turned out I have to partition the text I drafted since it's too long and it's good to have a picture to go with these ravings so I use it anyway despite it's unrelated" related.


File: 1564079457525.png (2.36 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 01-cyrillic.png)

For the more civil skills… I find barter and gambling lackluster usually, in the first part of these type of games they would be good to have but they are low and by late game the player usually swims in cash and they are superfluous. Unless some items are only acquirable with gambling, but then save-try-reload-try-reload cheating tactic will come in handy (F5 and F9 are the quick save/load buttons).
Speechcraft is high and I really think this should be maxed out (do percentages over 100 matter in this game?) and good to have it on the main hero (unless RP purposes).
First aid is fairly high, some bumping on it also could prove useful but I'd rather have a companion to max it out and play the doc/medic.
Survival in these games is good for avoiding random encounters, the tooltip says it is also for finding "interesting places" which could also mean more depth storywise, and offer more lore and even loot. In Fallout Tactics only through such random encounter can the player recruit Vault Boy. So in time this Skill might be needed to be picked up.
Stealth outside Fallout Tactics was useless. So won't held my breath for it. The tooltip says it's good for stealing shit from people.
Lock Picking was always a necessity and one might cannot wait until finds a companion specialized in this skill.
Pickpocket… well 25% isn't too awful and there's always the reload tactic.
Technology and Tinkering, I might leave these for a companion.

So to sum up:
I wish to bump Rifles & Shotguns, also Automatic Rifle, Speechcraft and Lockpicking to the max and over if it's possible and necessary (I might read further on this somewhere). It is possible I'll pick between Rifles and Automatic Rifles and stick with only one.
First Aid and Survival will have secondary importance, but might raise First Aid to 50/51 ASAP.
I might put a few points to Stealth, Pickpocket, Tech and Tinkering.
Won't spend a single point on Barter and Gambling. At least that's the plan.
What does Bernd think?

Picrel: aesthetic Cyrillic wall decorations. Maybe the game will help me to learn a bit of Russian.


File: 1564079728614.png (2.66 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 02-alt-highlights.png)

I just realized the username says Anonymous instead of Bernd. That's unacceptable.

All right. Let's familiarize ourselves with controls and the UI.
The control is a little awkward because I would prefer middle mouse button to raise/lower and rotate the camera (the latter can be done with Q and E) but it's the right mouse button, and it's a little sensitive, moves a lot. On the other hand the zoom (scrolling with middle one) is slow and unresponsive. Maybe it's the Wine's fault.
The alt highlights the usable stuff, liek items and containers. There's a fugging roll of TP on the bathroom floor. Will NPC's comment on smelling shit if I don't use it?
Both the ID (Charsheet, "C" key or the human silhouette icon on the top right corner) and the main screen (lower right corner) displays some statuses I see, right now the Hunger. Since the game has TP it will show when the PC has to evacuate his bowles, I have to assume.
The top right corner also features a gadget wich reads A.T.O.M. TEXHO - 418 (TEXHO in Cyrillic reads as TEKNO I believe), the alternative of Pip-Boy 3000 or what was that. It displays status, map and Resting can be done from here (I assume this allows characters to heal while passes time). The map shows the player position at the current location, it's zoomable and movable (right mouse button) as well.
Top left corner offers the menu with the usual saving/loading/exiting options, also settings.

Lower left corner features a thingy that displays what's happened, I would call it log. Next to it with the bulletproof vest silhouette is the inventory ("I"). It lists the items the character is having on him, the equipped items (I see a gasmask there, hm…) and relevant stats which will be altered by the equipment and consumables, no doubt. Radiaton and Poison levels with Hunger are displayed above the stats, with icons.
Now the mission is to eat the biscuits I had to pick up (they run out of soda cans?). It satiates hunger and refills Health a bit. Oh noes! Cannot be used during combat! Hmm, nice crispy… or probably I should go with… stale…
Crafting menu is also accessible from the Inventory. Every shit you want to make needs components, up to four types I see, and the player even can experiment, maybe to find new recipes. I'm not fond of crafting in rpgs, it's usually pointless, sometimes overpowered/abuseable but will judge this on it's own merit.

Huh I noticed that the Crafting screen doesn't have tooltips for the craftable items which was in the older version. So I looked it up and turns out the one I thought to be the older version is the newer version. There seems to be a more recent version I'll try that one.
New game ofc but made the same character. Everything looks okay.


File: 1564079783275-0.png (1.97 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 03-loot-shit.png)

File: 1564079783275-1.png (2.42 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 04-training-camp.png)

Let's finish this UI tour quick. What's left?
Lower bottom of the screen, equipped item/weapon, can switch between the two with the round button. On the right side there is the aim on/off button. Also some info there, HP and Dodge.

So next goal was to get out from the building, I had to search for a key. I looted all containers and found a few interesting stuff, most will be good for crafting. Two noteworthy item among these:
1. Camo bandana, when equipped it gives +5 Stealth. So Skills and probably even Characteristics can be boosted via clothing. Good to keep this in mind at Skill Point distribution.
2. A Coin! There was a cup next to the soda machine when I clicked on that he put the cup into the machine and with the coin he filled the cup and drank it. Atomic fizzy drink, the local Nuka Cola, now with the taste of delicious tar!

Found the key and stepped out of the building. It's a training camp what I'll grind through next time to be sure of the features. I won't go in details then I think, maybe I'll write a little tl;dr of that. Probably about some differences compared to F2 and the others.




Are you?


i am


Why in this case?


File: 1564161274834.png (1.19 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, abilities.png)

Perks are called abilities which can be bought with Ability Points, at each level the player gets two of those. Must spend wisely.
They are ordered in kind of a tree structure so if the player want to obtain a real good one he might have to invest in crappier ones too. Well all give some bonus how crappy can they be? I would consider such those which gives only Skill Point bonuses - I want extra utility from an ability which I cannot get with Skill Point distribution or other way, an extra edge to use. That's been said those abilities which gives Skill Points can have a place at balancing out a character.
I see eight path to chose from and specialize into, I took the initiative and named them:
- Mental group: better barter, more Skill Points, quicker level ups; I don't see this useful, for more XP one always can grind, money shouldn't be an issue as always, Skills… depending on INT level and level cap the player might swim in them anyway, and there are companions to balance out things, I already wrote about this
- Health group: better healing, more resistances, negates addictions and poison; this is potentially useful to everyone but might be not necessary
- Defense group: resilience, protection in combat (damage/knockdown resistance, armor and shielding); same as above, tho for heavier armor by the end this might be a necessity
- Ninja! group: agility/desterity and melee combat - I think they should have divided this into two -, dodging, AP, non-lethal effects liek stun, more lethal melee; for melee oriented characters
- Brrrrrrr group: automatic weapon expertise, utility, ease of use, precision and the removal of STR requirement for all(?) weapons; this letter one is great for up to average characters, 5 STR isn't enough for an AK
- Billy the Kid(BtK) group: pistol and SMG specialization (one of these perks might helps with reloading every firearm, not the most crucial); eeeehh, these are just pistols and SMGs… not sure if it's the best weapon of choice
- Sniper! group: rifle spec, night vision, awareness perk, sniping, hunting, better damage and chance; pretty solid all in all
- Gone fishin! group: surbibal, bushgrafd and other utilities; food related stuff including obtaining it, crafting, maintenance, throwing weapons and explosives; whole thing sounds like just to give a little color to the game

I think this part of the game is less polished. The Fallout way of getting perks was better.
Some abilities in these groups are straightforward some has dubious descriptions. Some should have been obtained in another way.
Why do I need martial arts to be better at lockpicking?
There's the Witcher ability which helps killing animals and there's the Hunter which helps to find animals. But they aren't in the same group, I have to buy two from Sniper! and two from Gone fishin! just to reach them (they are third on both branch) those are potentially wasted Ability points! What If I specialize in melee but want to hunt? Then those abilities which I have to buy to reach Witcher are useless to me, I don't want +10 Skill in Rifles and Shotguns…
Eagle Eye: +50% from the current critical chance to hit from scoped firearms - What? Does this mean if I use a scoped weapon (e.g. sniper rifle) I get +50% chance to hit OR +50% chance to score a critical OR the half of the critical chance percentage is added to the hit chance OR something else?
I won't be the fan of this ability tree. I see now.


File: 1564236721215-0.png (2.86 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 01-canteen.png)

File: 1564236721215-1.png (2.29 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 02-how-bout-a-goulash.png)

File: 1564236721215-2.png (2.7 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 03-iron-chef-class.png)

File: 1564236721215-3.png (2.54 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 04-eating-pre-war-mre.png)

Welcome to the Boot Camp, soldier!
As I said, this is the tutorial part, it's skippable by choosing so by talking to the sidekick standing next to the PC. Or right at the beginning in the barrack where this starts. I'm gonna write some impressions and random thoughts. It's no walkthrough.

The player can walk around and try things, read instructions and so on. These signposts with Cyrillic captions are clickable and it gives the translation. So this is the canteen. They didn't forgot to add tea and coffee. And someone left a can of tushonka there. Now I do better than Steve himself. What's a chifir? Anyway I heated up the pig meat. Let's put it on a tray. Nice.


File: 1564236748520-0.png (2.82 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 06-mock-battle.png)

File: 1564236748520-1.png (2.17 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 07-equip-companion.png)

File: 1564236748520-2.png (2.16 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 08-babushka-scarf.png)

File: 1564236748520-3.png (2.05 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 09-crafting.png)

All right, had a fistfight with the chaperone in a ring, then fired firearms (Makarov, AK, Dragunov) - with rubber rounds - threw bricks and nades. Shooting just like that doesn't initiate turn based combat.
Then fought mock battle against two other soldiers in the camp. Companions can't be controlled directly however can give directives on spot, live: hold position, defend, act aggressively and such. This is more flexible approach and differs from Fallout 2 where you could set the behaviour of your mate first and he followed that in combat. And since we're talking about NPC management: outside combat items can be traded between them and the player character (their eqiupment can be changed manually!), and can be told to step aside if they are in the way.
Also I know from a reliable source that the player can draft up to four teammates (on the save/load screen there are place for four portraits).
Ransacked a warehouse. I doubt I can bring anything with meself into the Wastes. Too bad, I could have make a babushka very happy and get gecko blini as reward.
Break bottles for XP. An easy way of grinding. I wonder if broken bottle can be sold more than a mint condition empty one, since the former counts as a weapon (later turned out: no). Also broken bottle gives -1 Personality when equipped. Yeah I would find the presence of a dude unpleasant if he would shine a piece of that in his hand under my nose. Nice touch.


File: 1564236809240.png (2.37 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, 10-speaking-protocol.png)

One annoying thing with the controls. If I want to hit something or use an item on something (liek healing the invalid soldier in the medbay with a medkit I got from the doc) the game complains that the target is too far instead just stepping there and do the deed.
After completing the boot camp (during which I gathered about 450 XP, most likely with all successful crafting attempts 500 XP can be reached which is enough to level up for a player without the Child Prodigy trait) a cinematic plays and get some briefing and learn about the background story.
Then while sitting at camp… but that's another story.


File: 1565205275805-0.png (2.6 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, crypto-salesman5-pinecone.png)

File: 1565205275805-1.png (1.92 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, map.png)

File: 1565205275805-2.png (2.66 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, pol.png)

File: 1565205275805-3.png (2.23 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, road-to-communism.png)

This is a really good game, I sink too much time in it.
I don't really find such janks you >>130 asked about, it's really faithful to the Fallout games. Except the setting and cultural references.
There should be a transportation device (car) somewhere to use as a means of fast travel but I haven't come accross it just yet. This makes things tedious because walking around is slow and that sucks monkey balls. However some caravans who travel around the wastes can haul your ass around for a small fee.
Somewhat rebuildable player base is a nice addition.
In question of companions the game is weak. I really miscalculated in the beginning. Too few choices and they aren't that useful, but for now they are essential to hauling around shit. They can fight somewhat not even bad if you equip them properly but their main use is to divide enemy fire and soak up damage.
As of version 1.107 there are some bugs, some are inconvenient (one important ability doesn't work for example), there are some glitches too but for now nothing game breaking.


Good thread I rarely game but this is up my alley I'll check it out in the next few days thanks for the good thread


File: 1565433456865.png (446.04 KB, 660x489, 220:163, boomer oversee.png)

sounds good brother


File: 1565810578418-0.png (2.44 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, aerobics.png)

File: 1565810578418-1.png (2.24 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, a-yoga-pants-in-the-wastes.png)

File: 1565810578418-2.png (2.1 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, gopniks.png)

Some notes, tips and ramblings.

The good news is that the companions don't get hungry, poisoned by toxins or radiation. I don't know if they can get addicted. They don't use food to heal up as far as I can tell so any pills (Kasparamids) and stimulants are advised to pass to them and keep the food for the PC. However food can only be used out of combat so I guess I'll always keep some healing item in the inventory just in case.

The effects of consumables stack, but maybe only twice from the same source. For example some types of booze give Luck +1. Drink two Vodkas and two Moonshines to get Luck +4. Perfume/cologne and joint stacks the same in case of Personality.

Fighting is mandatory and unavoidable as fat as I can tell. The bad news that the game is imbalanced and can't specialize in weapon skills as you wish.
Melee is a must in the beginning due to ammo scarcity.
But doesn't worth overdoing it, because pistols are reachable fairly quickly and by the time you swim in ammo for that you need something with more punch.
This means a rifle, but a good rifle eats more APs than optimal (with aimed shots, and for crits you need aimed shots) so in the end you will want an assault rifle, which beside aimed shots (with crits and double damage with the specialization on the end of the rifle/Sniper branch) also can shoot bursts.
Shotguns theoretically can do lots of damage but most real enemies negate that with armor. Slugs are rare.

10 AP isn't that much. Less is horrible.


Pellets are better if enemy is not super heavily armoured because each one has chance to score a crit. That is really good with unluck optimist trait.


File: 1566398125741.jpg (231.76 KB, 1200x677, 1200:677, starsector5.jpg)

DId anyone of you got memed into playing Starsector? It's breddy gud.


No. Will continue Atom RPG.


File: 1566764406169.jpg (33.86 KB, 445x419, 445:419, erdogan vault boy.jpg)

Here is the theme of Atom Rpg. Also spoilers ahead

I was in the mountain pass of woes bunker, seen a guy that was possibly controlled by a mushroom Things start to get interesting, the story is nice but the gameplay, far behind of the age of decadence, they should rather adopt their system rather than largely outdated fallout 1 combat system. The combat could have been WAY more tactical which would improve the replaying value.

Speaking of soviet themed fallout. If I had to resources and knowledge I would like to make an RPG which takes place on Ancap world. It would be very interesting and memey.


Durr forgot to post the song


I would be fine with a Sharun Returns style combat. Not too serious but more fun than what this game has now.
However sometimes the AI can behave kinda intelligently. Once they used a bombed out building's doorway as a cover. Two guys took place on the two sides of the door. One stepped out, fired then retreated back behind the wall, then the other repeated it. But then I just withdrew so they had to charge forward so they could reach me, then I ripped them apart.
One very good thing: some quests aren't in the journal, or at least in the beginning. You can get some info somewhere and build on it. Liek, with the Beard guy. I spoke with the fisherman at the big lake (not in Otradnoye but west of it), he said all kinds of psychos visit the lake at night. So I visited at night. Some dudes wanted to execute someone and I saved him. He said he worked for the slavers who wanted to ice him because he wanted out, and told it to Beard. So I talked with Beard and told I want in. So he sent me to "his bosses" for an interview. Ofc it was an ambush but I made them draw an ace. And only at this point my journal updated…
Or the shield quest. Ofc I think this one is just a bug, if I'd spoken with the quest giver first it would have started the normal way.


File: 1566813887046.png (1.46 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, russian family values.png)

Excuse me what the fuck?


File: 1566834189089.png (2.77 MB, 1602x926, 801:463, doublethink-hormone.png)

Quite a few fun conversations are going around this game.
I also wonder whom belongs to that bra.
Also my habit of spamming F5 all the tiem.


File: 1566843412627.jpg (101.42 KB, 800x574, 400:287, life in post nuclear war r….jpg)

>Also my habit of spamming F5 all the tiem.
hard to miss

btw I finished the game. I say it's impressive, if the devs had more resources I'm very sure they will make even better job, though there wasnt too many ending possibilities as much as I imagined. still the dev team deserve a praise.

Even the story could turn into novelesque(?) thing and published, the lore is really neat.


I might try that game later because of you guys.

> if the devs had more resources

If they sell it ok they might make a second one. There were many cases with other series and I think Fallout was like that.


I just hate to replay tedious shit over and over, and I'm fond of to try as much dialogue options as I can.
General rule of thumb of saving in many games (rpgs mostly, I got used to this in games with frequent crashings, liek every Bethesda games ever, thank devs there's no crashing in Atom RPG):
1. save on entering a new area
2. save before entering a building
3. save before speaking someone
4. save before fights
5. save after fights
6. save before leaving an area
7. keep unique saves for major choices

They making DLCs now I think.


File: 1566846506240.png (272.69 KB, 1366x1648, 683:824, atom rpg.png)

yeah afaik they'll make trudograd. I wish they make oldschool type of expansion pack, witch combat change and addition of both trudograd and novgorod scientific city.

Mind you despite I praise the dev team they could have make better job when it comes to decisions. For example having to pick certain city such as peregon or KRZ would be nice each should have own benefits etc. This type of things executed wonderfully in the Age of Decadence.

Also look what I found on the internet.

Knowing you leading to this is nice. You'll have great time while playing it.


File: 1566851255907.jpg (82.62 KB, 400x475, 16:19, sorokin-vladimir.jpg)

>that pic

That's pretty fun. Although I wouldn't call Yerofeev or Sorokin unknown. They all hardly translatable though, so Western audience wouldn't get any clue anyway.

Although stuffing something with tons allusions often looks fun only for creator, not for users, who mostly care about overall style/gameplay. Because you end with something like Ulysses that is barely readable for non-involved person.


File: 1566853071609.jpg (530.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, he did it again.jpg)

>they all hardly translatable though

I agree with what you said.

Also they put sam hyde in the game.


>reading the overly excited reviewer
>hmm this reviewer is an idiot but it seems the game might actually have the right "postmodern apocalypse" pov, maybe i should play it
>reading the writer reply
>ok all this dude cares about is countering the reviewer's "forget about understanding this game" so that people keep buying his shit, play plans dropped
>oh but he actually seems to understand his narrative layering process, at least his examples work out, tentatively re-added to to-check-out list
>soviet mental apocalypse, ok
>calling this random internet opinionator a "scholar", is this dude memeing or what?
>grew up on sorokin's books, prolong his life the only way i can, klimov should be remembered as well
>but otoh: "i wrote a prank letter", "worst possible person according to his books"
>wait is he being ironic? is the whole game veiled parody? fuck that
>the stereotype of fluent english from a russian native adds to the negative priors
>prospective game plans: shelved until further info


File: 1566864775755.png (505.37 KB, 372x717, 124:239, portraits.png)



They aren't necessarily hookers. Can be possession not the demonic kind, assault…
I remember peeps posting mugshot collections, with crimes. I believe these couple of pics are from such.


Just bumping the thread to let the bunker know about the dedicated video games board on sportschan >>>/v/
Just in case anyone here wants to crosspost on both boards


would all 3


Maybe they can receive letters. Arrange conjugal visits.


i used to go for conjugal visits but then i took an arrow to the knee




And now you are a guard.


Videogames are for nerds, play soccer instead losers!


Videogames for nerds and soccer is for losers?


Any new games being played?


File: 1655063822530-0.png (978.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, knights-of-honor.png)

File: 1655063822530-1.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, knights-of-honor_6.png)

Nod really. Sometimes I pull out an older title, or toying with the idea to make a campaign for the new Shadowrun games (Returns and the others), but I have no time or intention to learn the editor and scripting.
Maybe will install Knights of Honor. That's a great game.


Got a DL link?

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