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Zdrastutyi tovarish!
How's it hanging?


>"Hitler considered the Slavs to be inferior, because the Bolshevik Revolution had put the Jews in power over the mass of Slavs, who were, by his own definition, incapable of ruling themselves but were instead being ruled by Jewish masters"
was he wrong? 🤔


Well Germans are incapable of ruling themselves but are instead being ruled by Jewish masters now. So I guess he was right.


a result of the massive eugenics program called WWII that destroyed the entire genetic stock of yurope


B-but the strong survive.


Didn't the Germans end up getting ruled by jews…twice?


all of yurope ended up getting ruled by jews


Slavs are subhumans because they are ruled by Jews.
Germans are ruled by Jews.
Therefore Germans are subhumans.


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theres only 1 first world nation in the entire world, and its called AMERICA
anyone that lives outside it is basically a fucking nigger monkey


File: 1559987121369.png (635.23 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, obongo2.png)


>sharts in your general direction


>no flag
you keep king nigger out of this


Can't keep the king of niggers out of it.


>this is what amerimutts actually believe


File: 1565250942323.webm (7.41 MB, 960x540, 16:9, yankees ww2.webm)



Which one?
There were awfully lot in history.


File: 1565329042907.png (868.25 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

The only war that matters.


literally undefeated


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I love these book covers.


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This is a nice collection. I'm especially liking the alternative-history fiction books. Is there a way to read them? Translations?


They're cheap books for the Russian market, I doubt there are any translations.




>Is there a way to read them? Translations?

You can use google translate, I guarantee that these texts wouldn't lose their artistic quality even after machine translation.


>wouldn't lose their artistic quality
Maybe would gain some.


File: 1566159858160.png (831.82 KB, 609x1200, 203:400, hesburger chairman.png)

do these stories get anywhere near the quality of the illustrations


File: 1566329699988-0.jpg (66.53 KB, 807x357, 269:119, a6dKU9Lezco.jpg)

File: 1566329699988-1.webm (9.47 MB, 450x360, 5:4, stalin-vs-martians-game-t….webm)

They are mostly plain and stereotypical. Quality of illustrations only represent amount of money that publisher would invest in these books, although there always a reader for this. For some reason Russians like to call themselves as "most reading nation in the world", and proud of this, but this is a good example of what people do read. Although I wouldn't say that they are too popular.

These books are from popular "time traveller" genre, when someone from future goes into past (mostly non-voluntarily) and changes history with his skills and knowledge. But really they are hardly are good books in terms of history, or even tech and skills that authors describe. I've read some early works in this genre (in late 90s) and it was meh. Maybe somewhat ok for teen (like me), but not really good.

I guess some of them are slightly ironic and contain parody for time traveller fiction. Stalin in fantasy setting, really?

There was also some crazy (looks like literally) guy who wrote fiction like "Cockroach time traveller", when modern Russian soldier becomes cockroach who advices Stalin. He wrote same about crocodile, bee and bacteria.


File: 1566747711432.jpg (902.59 KB, 1307x756, 1307:756, маленькая-москва.jpg)

Well, I won't start a new thread for this, just now, maybe if Bernd likes similar and want to post then it will be worth it.

Let's take a walk in ~~Chernobyl~~ how do I strikethrough here? Little-Moscow, a ghosttown of Hungary.
Part 1:
and 2:
It seems the channel is about urban exploring, they visit abandoned places. Despite the vids are in Hungarian but maybe for the imagery itself is worth checking for Bernd. Lucky for Bernd, I find the commentary annoying, the dude's style is crap. Also I think they were here once.

This was a regular little town, beside the military purpose facilities (barracks, shooting range, etc) it featured everything necessary for civilian life, from school to playgrounds, shops and services liek hairdresser and movies. The twist is that Soviet crew lived in this place, this was a Red Army base where they stored nuclear warheads, the inhabitants lived like prisoners behind triple line of barbed wires (the middle one electrified for good measures) to prevent information leakage to the outside world. Even today, deserted as is, it is still guarded - but now on the order of the Hungarian govt. - and official permission was needed for these dudes so they can shoot their video. The site isn't visitable by the public otherwise.
The base was set up in the 60's and abandoned on 28th March in 1990. Since then, it's empty. The building was financed by the Hungarian state, built by Hungarian workers, under the direction of the Soviet comrades. The place covers 36 hectares.
In Hungary all in all 5 such places existed that were important bases of the Soviet nuclear arsenal in a way or another. This one was for the safekeeping of 8 warheads (something изделие № 7), in high-pressure storages.

I think I'll write one more post, with some further details.


All right. These guys are retarded. The parts of one vid is littered all around their channel, other videos are inserted between them.
And this one ends abruptly but can't find the 6th episode.


>*feds the golem a kosher cookie*
basado y rojopastillado


*falls under socialist policies*


File: 1573578451698.gif (2.22 MB, 297x229, 297:229, Mussolini.gif)

Fighting the commies on all the fronts I see.


100% WHITE


File: 1662918784040.png (1.86 MB, 2139x1538, 2139:1538, Quotestalmud4.png)


The fuck


in your dreams mutt

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