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Zdrastutyi tovarish!
How's it hanging?


>"Hitler considered the Slavs to be inferior, because the Bolshevik Revolution had put the Jews in power over the mass of Slavs, who were, by his own definition, incapable of ruling themselves but were instead being ruled by Jewish masters"
was he wrong? 🤔


Well Germans are incapable of ruling themselves but are instead being ruled by Jewish masters now. So I guess he was right.


a result of the massive eugenics program called WWII that destroyed the entire genetic stock of yurope


B-but the strong survive.


Didn't the Germans end up getting ruled by jews…twice?


all of yurope ended up getting ruled by jews


Slavs are subhumans because they are ruled by Jews.
Germans are ruled by Jews.
Therefore Germans are subhumans.


File: 1559974953786.gif (1.71 MB, 498x240, 83:40, tenor.gif)

theres only 1 first world nation in the entire world, and its called AMERICA
anyone that lives outside it is basically a fucking nigger monkey


File: 1559987121369.png (635.23 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, obongo2.png)


>sharts in your general direction


>no flag
you keep king nigger out of this


Can't keep the king of niggers out of it.

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