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File: 1566664516607-1.mp3 (4.58 MB, 15 Mrs. Mcgrath.mp3)


Here's music:
Fiddler's Green. Germans playing Irish punk folk:
I really fond of their cover of Mrs McGrath

Also I came across a serious puzzle I can't resolve, so I thought I ask Bernd. First the song:
What is a gigi?
How it is generated?
Why Fred Durst is so flustered people talking shit of his way of generating gigis?
Doesn't he realize if he would do it better he would get less criticism?


Also the thighs of that dancer chick in the Fiddler's Green clip are goddamn fine.


File: 1566666591325.jpg (2.24 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, Jacksonville-Fl-Mathews-Br….jpg)

Take em to the Mathews Bridge


What did he mean by that?
On the Hungary Jews were taken to bridges in Budapest in 44-45 and were shot into the Danube. What does Fred wants to do with whom at the bridge?


The mathews bridge is in jacksonville, which is where limp bizkit is from.
they went to my high school.



That's a way less sinister explanation I hoped for.



File: 1566772634254.mp3 (7.51 MB, MATT ELLIOTT - The Kursk.mp3)


>The mathews bridge is in jacksonville, which is where limp bizkit is from.
>they went to my high school.

Really? Sounds pretty cool.

Did you ever hang out with them? What were they like?

I unironically like a few of their early songs


Maybe they were went there in different times/earlier.


>I unironically like a few of their early songs
I've never listened any albums of them so I only know those with video clips. They have catchy parts. When these songs came in the nu-metal era out I was already set on more traditional metal and punk, so I thoroughly shat on them back then.


Nah, they went there like 20 years before me


Dudder is really a teenbro huh.


Edge & Tuff
Srsly not bad. For those who are into it.


nod really feelin id DDD:


I rewatched Blade Runner 2049 yesterday so have this



Watching Last Blood. I'm not sure if this tune reappears in all episodes, but they used it in this one too.


Man, I really need to watch that movie


Please do. I think it's a good sequel and I'm normally skeptic about films that get a new thing after years.

But back to the music. I've been browsing through new retro wave stuff lately and I have to say many of those artists sound very similar, but I bumped into this guy and I think he stands out in an interesting (but still classical) way.
pls r8


I keep forgetting we have different embed here.




That's a long-ish song.


Ok, here:
>oh no i'm not a pirate but a man-o-war, cried he
It's a ship of the line type ship I think.


Btw how can I reach that from balkanchan? I cannot find a link there.


Also that's just a short audio file on loop. Well, it needs to start somewhere…


yes it's just a joke


Where is the second time?



Looking for some nigger music, can anyone recommend? Only the angriest, please. Maybe wog noises with angry MCs or some neck mercing rap?


File: 1581197171587.jpg (15.79 KB, 552x378, 92:63, konptom.jpg)

Wouldn't be that gangsta rap from the early 90's? Straight outta Compton and all that?



I am looking for some angry rapping, possibly jamaican in roots. MF Doom is very chill, I have listened to his MM Food before. Dr. Octagon is also pretty chill.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzmzlBoUfV0&list=PLa7DwXF9n16GSECLv_P4aZgRAmn2clFZv&index=7


I rewatched the original yesterday now.
I think I liked the credit music the most


Vangelis has some cool music.


Some relatively obscure Hungarian metal:


I think they are new guys. I don't think I ever heard of them. Tho great many Hungarian metal bands exist. Metal too. Many times I cannot recall names, just remember a tune or something, then try to force myself to recall the name of the band and cannot.


File: 1581338286701.mp3 (7.5 MB, 01 - Fazer.mp3)

i liked this
here, from me collection


Fine groove.


File: 1581362572142.mp3 (8.7 MB, 01 - Rival Schools - Wring….mp3)

neat, huh?
i like quicksand too, slip is my favorite album from walter's rival schools and quicksand
here, something different


I dunno, that's bland. Liek Hungarian alter.


File: 1581364503067.mp3 (28.48 MB, 05 - Starless.mp3)

huh, interesting
nice song by the way


Moldova needs a ball


Yeah, and I think a couple of missing here which is already done. Liek Romania.


Listened that too. I prefer that song over Rival Schools.


File: 1581409236711.mp3 (16.96 MB, 01 - 21st Century Schizoid….mp3)

yeah, king crimson is amazing


I'm not sure if amazing in a general sense. This song is better than the previous one, for example. But the previous was better than the other band's song.
In this one I hear a familiar riff. A similar was in an Hungarian punk rock band's song.


File: 1581447871143.mp3 (27.36 MB, 01. Perséphone (Enna).mp3)

i only like some of the king crimson, only few songs
but rival schools, quicksand (except last album i like all of them
now, this stuff is one of me favorites, together with isis and like



For me King Crimson (kc, heh) is mostly relatively unmelodic and boring for some reason. From comparable era, Van Der Graaf Generator is better I think.

But of course comparing personal music preferences is pointless because this is too individual.



Blind Myself: Pomogácsok - with official English subtitles.
The song is based on a tale for children from the 80's and which was made into children's program on telly. The boogeymen of the story are the Pomogácsok. I think in the story noone really knew why the Pomogácsok are so bad and what they do, they just envisioned their horrific activities.




Oh no, not culture. I spotted some cute musicianess tho.

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