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How does kc feel about kohlchan? Is it a worthy successor to kaycee?


I dunno if we have a common standpoint, but here's mine:
The site itself seems ok, they have nice features as the Radio and Poster Map - however poster map goes somewhat against anonymity (it isn't accurate, but still). Well, countryballs/flags also goes against it but yeah… Some dudes doing Kohlzine, yet to read for me still, that's also nice.
The userbase is awful in general, very little creativity and they're mostly 4chan crossposters who can't leave behind that culture and parrots the shit they pick up there instead creating their own culture. Way too many degenerate threads.
Tl;dr: some nice stuff, but awful all in all.
I still lurk can be picked up a few things on what's going on in the world - since I rarely read news.


>your threads are more and more filled with fagottry of all variety
>that can't ever be good for >you
it just fills me with more rage against faggotry
hell i even post it sometimes when my blood is boiling and i just wanna ironically unironically rage
i think that its happening more is that the userbase is raging more because faggotry has seeped into every nook and cranny of society, and it seems like all is hopeless


Indy sp is a circlejerk of internet friends for all intensive purposes
Might as well be telegram or an IRC somewhere it's just layers of in jokes and shit posts because the only way it wouldn't be is with heavy handed 4 spee style moderators

At the end of the day indy sp is just about having a giggle and watching sports with your internet friends
Theres no way to really morally align that tbhq


there are some common moral ground that >we all share. Pretty sure anti-Marxism is a share belief across all 5


coal can has died an deaths

regards, coal can refugee


File: 1570832955647.png (33.07 KB, 284x284, 1:1, 503652.png)

It'll be back soon. Don't worry


d-g i hope. it was the only decent AND fast imageboard left


File: 1570925268877.png (224.56 KB, 464x450, 232:225, 1513519128001.png)

It's ded son



We're down again it seems




thats ok
at least we have esspee


sportschan claims responsibility


File: 1573941784787.png (351.27 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, bogdan 1.png)

Actually Bogdan has claimed responsibility


redpill me on bogdan i do not understand kcs traditions and posters


He's the One-Man Cyber-Defense Force of Romania.
Ironically he's an expat or something like this (he might uses VPN's, and when banned he sure uses proxy's and Tor). He did his activities on the late Krautchan for a couple of years at least, and now he posts on Kohl by default. He is also a /pol/tard (on 4chan for sure, probably on 8 too). He posted from a couple of countries (at least balls/flags were persistent for a while, but no real proofs was posted he is abroad as far as I know), Netherlands, US, Sweden and now Finland. The Polish ball on that pic above is more than likely a proxy.
His goal is to silence everyone he perceives as enemy of him and Romania, and ofc everyone who isn't fond of him automatically makes them the enemy of Romania too in his eyes. By default all the Hungarians fall into this category.
His postings are very predictable and himself easily trollable and can go all day posting the same thing over and over again with great persistence. The problem (for him) is that he can't resist to spam the contents of his twisted mind everywhere. So he gets banned. Then he tries to ban evade and comes back to post more, and then he gets banned again.
Since one of his main theme is that "Hungarians are gypsies" and this makes him very recognizable, he frequently gets banned after postings as this. This made him think that there's an ongoing Hungarian conspiracy on all over the internet against him (and therefore Romania too). On the sidenote of this: he claimed that I'm being several Hungarian posters (such as the dude on Ernstchan), or other Hungarian posters are me.


File: 1574613403841.jpg (38.32 KB, 517x460, 517:460, 1566783076144.jpg)

there was a romania autist on 76 chan's /int/
was p baste


kohl's back
Still has *that* content that I don't even want to talk about on banners too. One board is nothing except that. Nothing changed and helmut and the BOs did not learn a thing


thanks for the bstory I saw u guys posting it didnt understand


I would use it if it weren't for the banner content. I like that it has a tor front end but i find what it's being associated with a complete shame. I can't trust the mods.


It's down again


File: 1578170085400.png (73.46 KB, 800x750, 16:15, 1324345508001.png)

It's up again














What's up?


i khown you


I have no owners.




I thought you're using proxy, not Tor.


It's bad


Could be better


Too many BR flags.


ur missing your lil hat in here Brazil


Simply terrible website


It is sehr gut.


It keeps the keins moving away from 4ch in one place, so at least it does something right.




File: 1658802564099.jpg (62.63 KB, 499x634, 499:634, 3e379c2f.jpg)

It's ok. Better than nothing


nigger faggot


atleast more active than this shithole


page kolchan pls


File: 1662505390188.jpg (89.61 KB, 512x512, 1:1, young sheldor alt.jpg)

watch your KOTDAMN MOUTH



you can't say I'm wrong


that's not true


damn he said it
I'm going to rope myself and drop the yearly userbase by %50


Why are you so angry?


are u a chinky oghuz or a sexy anatolian?


because there are very little good imageboards left
I'm filthy brownoid


>Pedo shit
>Pedo-enabling mods
>Use that stuff in banners
Use bernd.group instead of pedokohl, maybe it wont't be so slow and bernds will go to it instead.


they cant handle the banter tbh

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