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What do you think happened and why did Bernie win?


I dunno. What happened?


As far as I know;
Today there was a voting in Iowa to decide who will be the Democratic nominee for presidency
Bernie was winning in the pols
Yesterday they voted with an app
Woooops! app crashed, what a surprise!!!!!
We'll have to count votes with an alternative method ::DDDDDDDDDDDD



It's just one state no? I mean I imagine they have to hold this couscous in every state and that will give the result who will they run against Trump.


Yeah, but I think this thing is only voted on ceirtan random states or something like that, I really don't know too much about the american system

found this;
>Feb 3 - Iowa
>Feb 11 - New Hampshire
>Feb 22 - Nevada
>Feb 29 - South Carolina


Ay lmao one of the candidates declared victory without the votes being counted


So, they hold this caucus to decide whom they will nominate to run against Trump. Apparently it isn't held in the same time everywhere, but one at a time. It starts in Iowa.
Also it seems it isn't in every state, which sounds stupid.
The sole significance of this Iowa circus is that the one who proves to be most successful tends to be supported more on the consequent votes.
Otherwise it's a storm in a chamberpot.


Russia tier


I don't get it. Was the app voting not in favour of Bernie?


File: 1580851974503-0.mp4 (2.02 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, riggedcointoss.mp4)

File: 1580851974503-1.mp4 (6.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pete coin flip 2.mp4)

No, the corporate democrats hate Bernie


File: 1580854442437.jpg (97.74 KB, 749x748, 749:748, elections.jpg)


Hah, if you wanna skew the elections, there are much more subtle ways to do this. For example, to find data manipulation in Russian election you need to use statistic methods (there are plenty of articles about it, mostly in Russian though). When you control the counting process, especially electronic (that it fully black box for outsider), you may change numbers silently.

Americans are straightforward people, but changing "wrong" results by app crash is too much even for them. Especially when everyone expect that this will happen, it is too obvious.

Maybe democrats trying to use same strategy as Trump in past - betting on "anti-establishment candidate". Look, the evil corporate guys already bully our people's candidate, please vote for him to make establishment suffer. Please mobilize asap, because they already trying to steal his votes, but WE THE PEOPLE can protect our democracy. Big evil business (also not environmental friendly) HATE Bernie very much - it is written in every (corporate) media outlet now.

Although another reasonable explanation is simple mismanagement. Knowing how software development works, it is pretty realistic. That poor Indian who did all work isn't superman to do everything good, especially when he received only few dollars at the end of outsourcing chain.


It just reminded me of that gubernatorial election in Primorye.



There is interesting article about elections rigging in Russia on grand scale: https://arxiv.org/abs/1205.0741


I hope he wins, so he can win the presidential. US would be the buttgay of all jokes with this name.


Additional information: he really is a fag. Just imagine how seriously would be the US was taken with him at the helm. Srsly, less than Trudeau, or that grannyfucker with his high pitched voice in France.


I thought the Democratic race would be between Sanders and Biden with Biden having the best chance.


File: 1581034494256.png (608.08 KB, 2600x1700, 26:17, What happened in the Iowa ….png)

kc tier


>between Sanders and Biden
It's just Iowa. Tho the favorits are picked here usually.
I think the trend goes toward the ridiculous choices - just look at Trump - Biden is just too vanilla.


I didn't read the article, the author's name the reason I post:
>Frank Furedi
I would bet a 100 HUF that it is actually Füredi, a Hungarian name.



>with placards urging Alibaba to “go back to your cave.”

That's very racis

>“We don’t want Alibaba, Amazon or any other e-commerce here. They are incompatible with the fight against global warming,” added Schreuer said.

Do they really think that buying Chinese-made shit from "European company" is better for ecology than buying absolutely same things directly from China?


>Do they really think
At this point I don't believe they think anything at all.


They still wanking around with that Iowa calculus.


heem lost

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