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Let's have a joge thread.
I gathered a couple of Jewish jokes - translated from Hungarian as a proofs that Scot jokes are a category on their own right and not hidden Jew.

- I've two grave problems. - says Kohn to his pal - The one, that my wife is a Jew.
- But you are Jewish too!
- Yes. That's the other one.

Old Schwarz is dying. Weakly he asks:
- Sarah, my dear wife, are you here beside me?
- I'm here, darling, everything will be all right.
- And you my son, David, are you here?
- I'm here father.
- And you my daughter, Rachel, are you here?
- I'm here dad.
The old Schwarz suddenly by his last remaining strength sits up:
- Then who the fuck is down in the shop?

Two Talmudist arguing if it is allowed to smoke while studying the Talmud. They can't agree so they ask the wise rabbi for his judgement.
- Is it allowed to smoke while studying the Talmud?
- No it is forbidden!
- And is it allowed to study the Talmud while smoking?
- Of course it is always allowed to study the Talmud!


- I'm proud to be a Jew - said the wise rabbi once - if I weren't proud I still would be a Jew. Then why shouldn't I be proud at least?

Liebowitz opens a confectionery. Ha put a sign up to the entrance: "No Jews allowed!"
The whole community gets riled up they go and demand explanation from him for this outrageous act!
You meshuggges! Have you ever tasted my cakes?

A capuchin friar and a rabbi sit in a café. Comes the waiter:
- I'd like a cappuccino. - orders the rabbi
- A rabbino for me. - says the friar.
- What's that? - the waiter asks.
- It's the same as cappuccino, but with a little bit more skin.

Jewess visits the rabbi.
- What to do to prevent pregnancy?
- Drink a glass of water.
- Before or after?
- Instead.


A nigger, a gypsy and a jew walks into the bar, and the bartender says: GET THE FUCK OUT


wise decision.


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Found something interesting. It's from 1862, I'll translate which makes sense in English, or at all.

1st column
3. The pigeon which brings the olive branch of peace for next year.

2nc column
1. The quill which is used in Petersburg to write prescriptions for the Poles.
2. The Polish patriot who is so contempt he doesn't participates in demonstrations.
3. The symbol of freedom of speech in Poland

3rd column
1. Unimpeachable tight for which they'll fight revolutions in Münich.
Holy shit this reminded me of the Beer Hall Putsch, this is the reason I'm posting this
2. The flute Friedrich the Great… and Emperor Napoleon.


>less skin


TIME TRAVELLER: What date is it?
GEORGE W. BUSH: September 11th, 2001.
TIME TRAVELLER: Before or after the attacks?



That's not a bad one.

The Székely gets conscripted into the navy.
- Can you swim? - asks the petty officer.
- Why? - comes the Székely back - Don't you have ships?


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