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1. Favorite BBQ place
2. Favorite main dish
3. Favorite side
4. About of niggers in the restaurant before you decide not to eat there


1. rosedale and jack stack
2. rosedale brisket sandwich
3. jack stack cheesy corn
4. jackstack- near none
rosedale- a couple


>being a cheesy corn fag
stl is that way, nigger


i meant barbecue beans


jack stack crown prime beef ribs
thats all you need to know


1. Tin Kitchen
2. Combo Brisket and Pulled Pork Sandwih
3. fries, pickles and the qt waitresses
4. Niggers don't go to Weston


anyone been to Q39?


had some ribs from jackstack
GOAT ribs


File: 1551909618869.jpg (652.75 KB, 1600x901, tárcsás-hús.jpg)

1. A pal's backyard. Tho it's not BBQing but frying on a plow disc (discada I guess).
2. Pork medallions.
3. Fried taters and onions.
4. We don't really have niggers. Especially not in our backyards.


kansas city barbecue only


1. outbkac
2. rib
3. onion
4. if niggers aren't there it ain't real bbq


what the fuck


File: 1551917940569.png (23.58 KB, 437x429, 1539474368174.png)


no. no. a single onion? a raw onion? onion rings? what do you mean by onion with your ribs


not him, but i watch Townsend on youtube its a 1700s cooking channel and he makes baked onions its just like baked potatoes but i imagine its a lot sweeter and delectable


I need this video NOW


File: 1552112803923.jpg (23.18 KB, 266x400, Brian Tillman hot black me….jpg)

Ain't none of that taste as good as what's in these pants baby


holy fuck im hungry. what other bbq places are there that aren't the NIGGER 4 that every tourist faggot consumes with 30 photoes on hand?


File: 1552229828281.jpg (15.3 KB, 170x210, Brian14-170x210.jpg)



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