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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.


Umm hey guys. I was thinking about making a request whenever you get the chance. Could we move this bunker to another site? There's a lot of questionable (read illegal) content being posted here. I report everything but it still stays there.

I don't feel comfortable posting here anymore, to be honest with you


who the fuck are you
>lot of questionable (read illegal)
kek there are literally 2 posts by some obvious bot and only one image in which a girl appears naked and even then you only see her back side
both will be removed as soon as duder comes around
>Umm hey guys.
who the fuck are you
>muh feefees


We are on back endchan now. Both .net and .org runs fine.


Oh this thread actually went through. lol. Don't even remember making it

>who the fuck are you
My name is bernd. Nice to meet you
>kek there are literally 2 posts by some obvious bot
It's not just that though. There's plenty of stuff like that around.
>both will be removed as soon as duder comes around
Whatever you say
>who the fuck are you
I already said that my name was bernd. Why do you keep making the same questions?
>muh feefees
What's a feefee?
Or I could just stay.

Andddddd it's down now


shit happens


Yeah I'll delete this board later today just for you 😘


File: 1585754453932.jpg (13.52 KB, 454x400, 227:200, finnish_nightmare.jpg)

Doooder no.


Uhhhhh what?


File: 1586144598335.jpeg (9.32 KB, 184x184, 1:1, v67tv7.jpeg)

Oh you're back dudds. I thought you were kys'd and dieded due to the corona flu

Welcome back friend

It really does

He trolling you. Hence the 😘


Do emojis work here?

Hmm, let me see what comes out. More than likely for it to be unicode text



File: 1586322056289.png (637.76 KB, 720x960, 3:4, bcba14574d08edd0b519ca29cf….png)


File: 1586323461220.jpg (45.84 KB, 600x452, 150:113, good night .jpg)

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