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Umm hey guys. I was thinking about making a request whenever you get the chance. Could we move this bunker to another site? There's a lot of questionable (read illegal) content being posted here. I report everything but it still stays there.

I don't feel comfortable posting here anymore, to be honest with you


who the fuck are you
>lot of questionable (read illegal)
kek there are literally 2 posts by some obvious bot and only one image in which a girl appears naked and even then you only see her back side
both will be removed as soon as duder comes around
>Umm hey guys.
who the fuck are you
>muh feefees


We are on back endchan now. Both .net and .org runs fine.


Oh this thread actually went through. lol. Don't even remember making it

>who the fuck are you
My name is bernd. Nice to meet you
>kek there are literally 2 posts by some obvious bot
It's not just that though. There's plenty of stuff like that around.
>both will be removed as soon as duder comes around
Whatever you say
>who the fuck are you
I already said that my name was bernd. Why do you keep making the same questions?
>muh feefees
What's a feefee?
Or I could just stay.

Andddddd it's down now


shit happens


Yeah I'll delete this board later today just for you 😘


File: 1585754453932.jpg (13.52 KB, 454x400, 227:200, finnish_nightmare.jpg)

Doooder no.


Uhhhhh what?


File: 1586144598335.jpeg (9.32 KB, 184x184, 1:1, v67tv7.jpeg)

Oh you're back dudds. I thought you were kys'd and dieded due to the corona flu

Welcome back friend

It really does

He trolling you. Hence the 😘


Do emojis work here?

Hmm, let me see what comes out. More than likely for it to be unicode text



File: 1586322056289.png (637.76 KB, 720x960, 3:4, bcba14574d08edd0b519ca29cf….png)


File: 1586323461220.jpg (45.84 KB, 600x452, 150:113, good night .jpg)


I can't post on endhcant/kc even with proxy


How come?
Doesn't load? Do you get an error? You fell into a rangeban?


either erdoğan blocked it or rangeban. I can browse it with proxy but I cant post.


Right now there is something liek 3000 bans in effect, much of them rangebans. You might wanna report in on IRC or Discord (links on the menu bar of the home page), when Odili is awake he can lift bans.
One can appeal only for single IP bans, range bans don't work that way sadly so innocent collaterals can suffer.


Discord would be better to be honest.


Talked to Odili, btw if you fell into a rangeban, he can help.
If you give a time I can log in for that (well if it's in the afternoon/evening).


Had to share this, I'm fucking dying right now! How on earth do these mouth breathers even survive in life? This is so funny it hurts!



What do these retards think will happen if this virus spreads freely? The sniffles? The majority of cases report severe flu like symptoms. What do they think will happen to the economy if everyone got the fucking flu at the same time? The majority of the country staying in bed for at least two weeks of recovery. The mapping of this thing put's it at near r8 potential, common flu is fucking r2 at best. What's more it's unlikely you will get any immunity at all, you keep catching it. What would the government have to gain by crippling its' own economy anyway?

Can some fat-ball explain this shit to me? What's all this hoax shit? Do you mutts literally need to watch someone die in front of them to believe it's a real virus.


silly bong those are nothing but rhetorical questions
you have already made up your mind "this disease is an existential threat. unlike all other flu-like diseases. unlike all epidemics of the past. mankind must unite into a single common purpose and method if ever hopes to survive. poor boomers, poor grandmas, can someone please think of our elders? why must we let old people die? why must we let sick people die? truly a human right violation. if you view it in the right light clearly leaving your house arrest is a crime against humanity. all worthy medics have spoken, and medicine is our hardest science, so scientist have spoken, indeed science itself has spoken and its words were "shut it down". the govmint is staffed with well-intentioned and intelligent and competent technicians and everything it does is justified and just and good because intentions is what matters. besides when was the last time the guvmint did anything against the wellbeing of its own nation. unheard of. etc. etc" sprinkled with assorted pseudoscientific bullshit claims straight from the grauniad and other rags
well what else can one expect from a generation of snowflakes who self flagellate because of the "environmental crisis" caused by "mankind comtempt for dear mother gaia" when suddenly faced with a real though tiny risk? something pretty lose to the above i suspect
so what can i say to you? maybe all i should say is kys lad
btw i did not watch your jewtube video but i can roughly guess the context


Let's not conflate what I said. I never said anything about the elderly, mankind or mother earth. I quite like the Earth but that's beside the point. This virus has a much higher rate of infection than flu, if the majority of a country gets sick the county shuts down anyway.

Also, although a welcomed suggestion and certainly practical, I shan't be killing myself thanks. I will survive as planned, even though I had hoped to be defending against looting nigger gangs by now. What I won't be doing is mixing with a bunch of boomers in public to protest my limited consumption rate and my lack of hair cuts. As for my 'house arrest', my life is no different now to how it was before. I assume you must be missing your regular parties and sex, chad?

Also, the vid is worth it, jewtube or no.


File: 1588086372612.mp4 (8.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, coronaprotest.mp4)

I'm so bored and so greatful you replied, I've even uploaded the best guy for you to watch. This guy is based schizo.


>being this retarded
a purebred Anglo, I see.


I wonder why the Bri'is dude didn't come to end/kc if he was bored.


krautchan.rip is bretty gud


Maybe. But this is end/kc's bunker.

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