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why is communism so shit?


Because communism tried to equalize people by taking everything they owned and made state property from that, while they detached the state from the society and organized it feudalistic style where every official was bound to it's superior in a fidelity chain up to the top dogs who ruled as kings. Those benefited of the system who were loyal to their overlords in this state, whom shared a small portion of the fruits of work of the oppressed laborers with their vassals.
While in real feudalism achievement and talent meant a good way of rising in prominence, here only loyalty mattered, and even common sense was sacrificed on the altar of power hungry jealousy and dogmatic handling of the ideology. This made the the work of the state machine inefficient and squandered the strength and the potential genius of the enslaved masses.


im yet to see a person who's like communism and isn't a brainlet (only exception being finnish commies who are good for mysterious reason)


>who likes


because it stole from the people to give to the (((few)))


Good in theory. Shit in application.


because i hate nigger


based hoholodomor


everyone knows anarchism is the based ideology


i prefer anachronism


its not


Why is shit so communist?


read bordiga


This refers to late stage communism, more accurately Marxism. Initially they all start with mass murder: shooting all the intellectuals and other opponents; random murders by the millions to terrorise the population into submission; and then the next phase of terror where they have man-made famines and gulags; and lastly the feudalistic bureaucracy you describe. Obviously all done by the usual small-hat people. Look up "The Marxist Murderers" on bitchute.


True they have to arrive to the point where they can do that. Although it's more organic, a continuous buildup from the violent takeover, until the system crystallizes and solidify rigid.


It just is


it's just bad

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